101 OnlyFans Tips and Tricks: The Ultimate Secrets Guide

A Help Guide for Setting Up Your OnlyFans Page for Success and Marketing it Amazingly

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OnlyFans Help Guides – OnlyFans Tips & Tricks Guide : Last Updated: June 20, 2021 Reading Time: 30 Minutes

After well over 100 Episodes of the OnlyFans Secrets Podcast we have delved into a number of topics on ways to improve your OnlyFans Page, Marketing and Success. I have gone ahead and written down 101 Tips and Tricks I hope will help you succeed more on the site. Whether you are new to OnlyFans or are an established content creator on the platform I feel there is something new you can learn from these tips. These tips just scrape the surface of what you can find on the Podcast and in the rest of the blog on this site. Please reach out to me directly if you need promotion or consultancy for your OnlyFans page.

OnlyFans Help Guide: Tips and Tricks for Success

I have provided an outline to the different sections of OnlyFans Tips and Tricks Guide and you can jump to any of these different sections at anytime.

  1. OnlyFans Profile and Site Optimization Tips and Tricks
  2. Social Media Optimization for OnlyFans Tips and Tricks
  3. OnlyFans Twitter Tips and Tricks
  4. OnlyFans Reddit Tips and Tricks
  5. OnlyFans Marketing Tips and Tricks
  6. OnlyFans Content Creation Tips and Tricks
  7. OnlyFans General Tips and Tricks

OnlyFans Profile and Site Optimization

Setting Up Your OnlyFans Page is quite easy to do but success is in the details as they say. In this first section of tips we will go over the OnlyFans site itself. How to best optimize your profile for success as well as the many features that are both highly utilized and undervalued on the site. I have outlined each part of the OnlyFans site and given some feedback on how to best use it for success.

Optimizing Your OnlyFans Username
  1. ONLYFANS USERNAME: Keep your username the same FOREVER. You will be promoting it everywhere and if you start promoting one link and then switch you’ll cause brand confusion.
  2. ONLYFANS USERNAME: Pick something simple that you can remember off the top of your head and spell out. You will be telling people your name and won’t always have the ability to copy and paste it. So you’ll be typing it out places. Make sure it’s easy to remember.
  3. ONYFANS USERNAME: Add your niche or identifiers to your user name so people will know immediately what you are about. Age, Body type, hair color etc. all fit easily in a user name without causing confusion.
  4. ONLYFANS USERNAME: Don’t complicate the username with a lot of hyphens (-) one should be the max or no one even yourself will be able to remember it.
  5. ONLYFANS DISPLAY NAME: Change Your Display Name Often – Your OnlyFans Display name is a great way to advertise and to keep yourself interesting. Use it to promote specials, PPV’s, new content on your page, price rates and to display fun messages. It also acts as your Meta Title for Search Engine listings on sites like Google so keep that in mind as well.
  6. . ONLYFANS BIO – Less is more and much like a Google search description OnlyFans cuts off the information after a certain number of characters. So use the first sentence as a banner headline of what your page is about or to promote sales or specials you have.
  7. ONLYFANS BIO – No links are allowed in your bio but that doesn’t mean you can’t advertise in it. Make sure your social profiles are all the same if you can. That way you can tell people to find you @examplename on all platforms or on TikTok, Instagram ect. Use OnlyFans as a part of your networking not as the end point of that network.
  8. ONLYFANS BIO – NO PPV – If you never post PPV (Paid Posts) on your page make sure to let people know this in your Bio. Some people don’t subscribe to pages that charge a subscription as well as for PPV.
  9. ONLYFANS BIO- POST FREQUENCY – Let people know how often you plan to post on your page. It will make people more likely to subscribe to your page if they know you’ll be keeping a regular posting schedule.
  10. ONLYFANS BIO – BEST CONTENT – Make sure to include an ‘About You” section that explains what your niche is, what kind of content you like to post and why someone should subscribe to your page as opposed to all the other OnlyFans pages out there.
  11. POSTS ON PAID ONLYFANS ACCOUNT – Don’t post several pictures in one post as most people will not know to scroll through them. Post your pictures one at a time even in the same photo set. If the picture isn’t good enough to be it’s own post than don’t post it.
  12. POSTS ON FREE ONLYFANS ACCOUNT – Post your pictures in a series of more and more provocative until you reach the PPV post (which is the most provocative). Make sure you order the pictures in reverse time so that the PPV is the last picture in the series.
  13. .ONLYFANS PINNED POST: Make a custom introduction video for your OnlyFans page. Use this as your pinned post when people enter. Subscribers want to hear your voice and to connect with you.
  14. .ONLYFANS PINNED POST: Don’t forget to a Pin your most successful post to the top of your page if you don’t decide to make a custom pinned post.
  15. ONLYFANS PINNED POST: Many Creators create a ‘Tip Menu’ with app’s like Canva that allow you establish what different tips will get subscribers. These tip menus can help you easily send content via DM’s or from other popular apps like Snapchat
  16. . ONLYFANS LOCATION SETTING: [SAFETY TIP] Make Your Location setting the country you are in. There are Sites currently scraping OnlyFans and allowing people to search by location on them. This poses a safety issue as thousands of searches are made daily on Google and other sites by subscribers looking to find OnlyFans creators near them. Many people see OnlyFans as a dating site which is not it’s intent.
  17. ONLYFANS WEBSITE URL: You are allowed one hyperlink (clickable) link on OnlyFans besides your Amazon wishlist. Make sure that you use this URL wisely, sending fans to a site with all of your other links is a good option or another site where you can potentially make income.
  18. AMAZON WISHLIST:[SAFETY TIP]: It is great to have an Amazon Wishlist attached to your account because you can have fans buy you additional items without the 20% commission loss. Make sure that your Amazon WishList is separate from your main Wish list accounts and not attached. People can learn your real name or even in extreme cases if the settings are off your postal address. Be careful to setup a Wish List not attached to your main account
  19. SUBSCRIPTION PROMOTIONS: OnlyFans allows you to create promotions (under EDIT PROFILE- SUBSCRIPTION) This is a great thing to do when you are first starting out. You can create discounts for a certain number of subscribers. It also allows your subscription price to go below the $5 minimum with the subscription.
  20. ONLYFANS SUBSCRIPTION BUNDLES: Another positive subscription feature in the ability to create bundles for several month subscriptions. This allows you to provide subscribers with savings if they buy for a longer period of time. Make sure not to create to many of these bundles as it can confuse the buyer.
  21. ONLYFANS SUBSCRIPTION PRICING- You can price your monthly subscription from $5 to $50. The best way to price your OnlyFans is by looking at other similar creators and pricing accordingly. You don’t want to price yourself so high that you seem too expensive but you don’t want to price so low that it feels like you have low confidence in you content.
  22. ONLYFANS REFERRALS: Under ‘Fans and Following’ you are able to turn on a ‘1 month free for referrer’ option that allows your current fans to promote your link and get a free month if they bring in a new subscriber. This can be helpful if you have raving fans that want to help you promote.
  23. NOTIFY FANS: Under ‘Fans and Following’ it automatically alerts fans if they are in the top 1% or 5% of your followers Remember this is calculated not by How much money those fans gave you but by how much overall interaction they had in your account. You can turn this setting off as well.
  24. THINGS I LIKE: A highly unused feature under ‘Edit Profile’ is “Thing I like”. You are able to link to Amazon, Goodreads, IMDB and Youtube. This is a good way to show off your personality on the site and let your subscribers and potential subscribers get to know you better.
  25. PRIVACY AND SAFETY – PROFILE: Keep in mind under Privacy and Safety you can choose to not show your Activity Status (when you were last online). You also can control showing your FANS and MEDIA on the top banner area of your profile. This information shows in front of your Paywall to potential subscribers and when you are first starting out and don’t have a lot of media or fans you may want to turn these off so people can’t see that information.
  26. . PRIVACY AND SAFETY – COMMENTS AND TIPS: You don’t need to have comments allowed on the posts that you make on OnlyFans. If you have issue with monitoring comments you can turn them off under ‘Posts”, you also can turn off showing the total sum of your tips on a post.
  27. PRIVACY AND SAFETY – RESTRICTING AND BLOCKING ACCOUNTS: You can restrict as well as block accounts on OnlyFans but what is the difference? Keep in mind when you restrict someone you no longer see what they post on your account but they are still posting and others can see what they post. A restricted account can still be paying you a subscription amount and you’ll receive money from them. When you block an account that person receives back their subscription amount even if you are on day 29 of their subscription You can also Block by Country (this blocks anyone from seeing your profile in a particular country). You can also block by IP Address, which is typically used to block one person or a group of computers that are creating havoc on an account. Be careful as IP address blocking can sometimes block an entire building or area.
  28. ONLYFANS CHATTING: Under Settings:CHATS You can set it so no one can DM (Direct Message) you without tipping you first if they are following you for free. This can really decrease the spam messages in your inbox and help you concentrate on just those who are paying customers.
  29. . ONLYFANS WELCOME MESSAGE: Did you know you can setup to send a Welcome Message to all of your new fans? This is also under Settings:Chats, and its a great way to introduce yourself to them. You can even make it a PPV (pay per view) message if you are running a free account and want to give people an option to pay right away for your content. You can attach a picture, video or an audio message with your written post as well.
  30. ONLYFANS QR CODE – Did you know you have a QR Code for your OnlyFans that you can download and display anywhere? You can even include your profile image in the center of it. Just go over to Settings:General: QR Code and Download it.
  31. ONLYFANS GOING LIVE – Don’t forget to take advantage of OnlyFans live features. Unlike Facebook Live or Instagram live you can build a price right into the stream. So you can actually set a price under ‘Live Video Price’ before going live.
  32. . ONLYFANS GOING LIVE- Speaking of pricing, you can set a goal for your Live stream as far as tip amounts and if the tips are high enough everyone can get an award that you set beforehand.
  33. GOING LIVE ON ONLYFANS: Before the Livestream you can set who can view it under ‘Availabe to”, you can chose a select group of people, fans, subscribers etc. Make sure to promote your Live beforehand on your page as well so people know you’ll be going live excusively on OnlyFans
  34. ONLYFANS POSTS: POST STATISTICS – Don’t forget to check out your Post Statistics especially on your pinned post. You can use your pinned post as a way of seeing your total views over a longer period of time because everyone is likely to see that post when they login and onlyfans only givs you general stats for a 24 hours period of time
  35. ONLYFANS POSTS: POST STATISTICS – The stats measured are Purchases, Views, Unique Viewers, Likes, Comments, tips and duration. Some of these stats are estimated and OnlyFans Stats aren’t as reliable as say Google Analytics but they give you at least some idea of activity on your pages.
  36. . ONLYFANS POSTS: PAGE STATISTICS: OnlyFan provides stats for the last 24 hours by clicking on the 3 vertical white dots on the right of your banner and choosing Statistics. The give you the number of users, guest , country of origin and your top traffic sources. These can help you decide how well you are converting traffic to your site into paying customers. Make sure to look at these as often as you can as the stats refresh every day.
  37. ONLYFANS DM’s (DIRECT MESSAGES) – Non Targeted Mass Dm’s remain a bad marketing technique unless you have thousands of people following you. You can send personalized messages or set up lists.
  38. SETTING UP LISTS ON ONLYFANS You want to utilize this feature to segment your followers to better target them. The same way someone would create groups of email contacts you want to do the same for your followers. This way you can do targeted Mass Dm’s.
  39. . ONLYFANS DM’s (DIRECT MESSAGES): TARGETED DM’s: When sending out DM’s en mass make sure that you send them specifically to groups of people who will be interested in that material. Each time someone tips on a specific picture or video, buys a PPV etc. place them in a list. This way you can target them with both an initial DM and a follow up DM. Follow Up is how most sales are made.
  40. ONLYFANS MONEY – TIPS – Tips are a great way to add income from any OnlyFans account type. Make sure that you are clear about what followers will get when they tip you. If you are clear about it either in your pinned post or bio on what tips will get someone they are more likely to do so.
  41. ONLYFANS – TWO ACCOUNTS- You can have two different accounts on OnlyFans and you can link them both together by clicking on your bio icon and clicking the down arrow next to your Display name. This allows you to easily switch between your two pages.
  42. ONLYFANS – REFERRAL PROGRAM – OnlyFans still has a referral program although it is not what it once was it can still earn you additional income. You can find i by clicking on your bio icon and choosing referrals. You’ll then see your referral link which you can copy and post on your account Anyone who signs up for OnlyFans and earns income from the site you’ll get a percentage from that.
  43. ONLYFANS – FREE PAGE – I highly recommend that you sign up for a second account and have a free OnlyFans page. This will allow you to get ‘free followers’ who you then can sell PPV (Pay per view) content to as well as request tips from. There is no cost to this additional page and you can use it just like a normal Social Media profile if you like.
  44. ONLYFANS – STORIES – Yes much like on Instagram you can post Stories on Only Fans too. You can even archive your best stories as well. This is a highly under utilized area of OnlyFans but many people will notice if you post these consistently
  45. ONLYFANS – LIKING OTHER CREATORS – When you like other creators on the platform it allows OnlyFans algorithm to recognize similarities between you and that creator. This makes it more likely for OnlyFans to recommend you to that creators fans or similar subscribers.
  46. ONLYFANS – LISTS – Using the lists feature on the account can help you keep track of your best tippers as well as other creators you can cross promote with. Keeping organized lists can help you communicate more effectively with your fans.
  47. ONLYFANS VAULT – Did you know that all the content you ever post on OnlyFans whether on your wall, live streamed or in the DM’s is saved in your Vault? You can delete under performing content in your feed or wall and re-purpose it at a later time since it will always be saved in your vault.
  48. ONLYFANS- VAULT – LIVE STREAMS – Your Live Streams are always saved in your vault and you can post them on your feed directly by selecting the Vault Media option. All the comments that were asked and answered are also saved in the Live Stream video as well.
Pricing Your OnlyFans Page

OnlyFans Social Media Optimization

One of the most important ways to become successful on OnlyFans is to master the art of Social Media Marketing and Promotion. With billions of views a day Social Media is the biggest marketing force currently on the Internet. I have reviewed the most common Social Media sites to promote OnlyFans on and some of the best tips and tricks for each one.

OnlyFans Twitter Promotion and Setup Tips and Tricks

Twitter Pinned Post

49. TWITTER – PINNED POST – This is the most important post on your page. It will be the most retweeted (due to Twitter etiquette) . You want to make sure this post has your OnlyFans Link in it. You should put your best picture or introduction video onto this post. Videos get the most interaction on Twitter.

50. TWITTER -ONCE NUDE ALWAYS NUDE – Keep in mind that if you post one nude picture on your account it will eventually become a ‘Sensitive Content account’ Only those who have their settings set to see it will not get a warning, this will decrease your followers and decrease the distribution of your tweets. It will also likely remove you from Twitter search. It’s advisable to have a SFW and a NSFW Twitter so that you can appear in Twitter search and search results.

51. TWITTER – HASHTAGS – Many new creators jump right in with multiple hashtags on their posts. Hashtags are commonplace on Instagram and rarely hurt you on that platform. On Twitter they can become a poison pill. If you post too many hashtags you can be Shadowbanned and have your posts removed from search. You should limit your posts to 1 hashtag max and preferably zero hashtags eventually. The only benefit to hashtags is that they help your tweets if popular stay in search results longer. You can accomplish the same goal just by placing the words without hashtags in your tweets.

52. TWITTER – RT GROUPS – Retweet (RT) groups exist on Twitter among more successful OnlyFans creators. You want to make sure you join an RT group that fits right for you and they will help you gain exposure via RT’s. You do not want to RT more than 5 tweets in a day as you can have your account limited or throttled by Twitter for abuse. Do not get in RT groups with a lot of creators, it’s better to be in ones with 2-3 other creators who you know will always retweet your material.

Twitter OnlyFans Marketing Mistakes

53. TWITTER – SW TRAINS – An SW (s*x work) train is a post that helps OnlyFans and SW accounts grow quicker. These posts can be found daily on Twitter. You simply add an emoji as a comment to these posts and follow those who like your emoji. This can be helpful in the beginning for growing your account but keep in mind that follow limits exist on Twitter and if you follow too many people you can get in trouble and reach follow limits.

54. TWITTER – FOLLOWING – You want to space out your following of other people over periods of time. Twitter’s bots look for activity that seems automated. If you follow more than around 20 people in an hour, Twitter believes you might be an automated program and they will limit you from following anymore. If you consistently reach these limits you can be removed from search results or be shadowbanned for breaking Twitters rules of over excessive following. They are trying to prevent too much follow for follow abuse on the platform by doing this.

55. TWITTER – LIKING – Many people on Twitter ‘Like” posts that they enjoy, but typically likes are not the most helpful metric. You want to concentrate more on Retweets than likes because few people check their likes but you will get exposed to someones entire audience with a re-tweet. You should follow up a like with a comment if you are looking to get someones attention.

56. TWITTER – COMMENTING – Comments on Twitter are a double edged sword. For many ‘flame wars’ (arguments) arise on Twitter it the comments. I’ve advised on the Podcast to avoid responding to negative comments on Twitter as many people are just trolls and it can end up hurting your reputation long term. Utilize comments to compliment other creators and gain follows and possible retweets from positive interaction. You can also comment on possible subscribers pages but be careful not to look too sales driven when commenting and never comment with your OnlyFans Link unless instructed.

57. TWITTER – PROMOS – There are a lot of promotional sites on Twitter for Content creators to participate on. The top two being @OnlyFansPromoRT and @OnlyFansHero. You want to drop your link and picture as comments on the tweets that they send out because hundreds of thousands of people view these posts daily. This will give you additional exposure. If you want your own individual Promo you can DM these sites or information. Most legitimate promos do not solicit. If you are contacted via DM for a Promo the site is likely a scam. If you are told you will receive a promo on 5-10 of the top promos on Twitter that is also likely a scam as they all do not work together.

Getting Followers on NSFW Twitter

58. TWITTER – FOLLOWERS – Follower numbers are important only in as much as the people following you take action and engage. If you attract followers who will retweet your posts that is helpful. Also those followers who engage in anyway are more likely to see the posts that you post each day based on Twitter’s algorithm. So if you get a lot of followers but have no engagement, it will cause a ripple effect of a dying account. If you get followers who highly engage they will bring you in even more followers and your account will grow.

59. TWITTER – FOLLOWER COUNTS – Keep in mind that although Twitter has a lot less dead followers than Instagram (45-50%) there are still accounts from the last two decades sitting around with hundreds of thousands of followers who no longer sign in or use the platform. If you see an account with 200K followers and they post a tweet and it gets 1 like, that is likely the case. Be suspicious of high follow accounts with zero engagement. These accounts could be ‘reskinned’ to be OnlyFans promotions or Content creator accounts.

60. TWITTER- RETWEETS – Retweets should always be your main goal when it comes to Twitter. Re-tweets are like free advertisement to everyone who follows the person’s account who re-tweeted you. If you keep getting retweets on your posts it can be a domino account which snowballs. This the fastest way to grow your engagement and follower counts. If you need to incentivize retweets do so, it will pay dividends.

61. TWITTER – RETWEETING HIGH FOLLOW ACCOUNTS: If you plan to retweet accounts of very successful OnlyFans creators in hopes that it will somehow help you, it won’t. There is zero benefit to do this It also doesn’t make a lot of sense to retweet creators in your same niche who may be more established than you. It would be like asking someone out and them saying “Yes, I’d love to go out with you, but would you like to see my other three friends who are also equally if not more attractive than me”. It’s great to be generous with your retweeting but don’t shoot yourself in the foot.

62. TWITTER – BIO AND BANNER – More people get their accounts taken down by Twitter for posting nudity and 18+ material in it than anything else. Much like OnlyFans you cannot post anything adult in either your banner or bio picture. The reason is because these are images that are seen across the network regardless of settings. So you are potentially exposing people who are under 18 to this material in your banner. Keep that in mind and keep your banner and bio images Safe for everyone.

63. TWITTER – FLEETS – Twitter has 24 hour stories that you can post easily on the platform by clicking on the + sign on your user profile picture. You can upload pictures and even specials that you are running on your OnlyFans that day or week. The only negative is your can’t add links to these but you can let people know they can visit your bio for the direct links. Your profile picture ends up with a ring around it letting people know a fleet is available and tons of people actually view these because they are curious on what you posted.

64. TWITTER MEDIA – Remember that you Twitter Media stays forever on your Twitter account under the ‘Media’ folder. If you’ve posted pictures that are now exclusive to OnlyFans you may want to check your Media folder and clean those pictures out. Keep in mind that pictures and videos on Twitter are also searchable via search engines and your pictures and videos could be on display for free under Google Images and Google Videos.

65. INSTAGRAM – ONLYFANS HASHTAGS – OnlyFans hashtags disappeared for almost a year but are now back in some cases. The best way to see if an OnlyFans Hashtag is active is by searching the hashtag and seeing if any recent posts appear. If there are recent posts than Instagram is not blocking that tag. If you search the tag and you only see posts from over a year ago don’t use that as a hashtag. Make an independent list of active #onlyfans hashtags and only use those on the platform.

OnlyFans Reddit Promotion and Setup Tips and Tricks

66. REDDIT – PROFILE – Don’t neglect your own profile when promoting on Reddit. Many people click on your profile after they see your posts to see even more posts of yours. Make sure that you have a pinned post at the top with your OnlyFans link easily clickable.

67. REDDIT – BIO – Your bio should exist to direct people below to your pinned post and mention what kind of content you provide on that page. Don’t put links in your bio as they are not hyperlinks and no one will copy and paste these onto a browser. Instead use the bio to mention the sites that you are on and direct them to your pinned post below.

68. REDDIT – PINNED POST – This is the most important post you’ll ever make on Reddit. Make sure that it includes your link to OnlyFans. Do not make this pinned post an image that you place a comment below with a link. This is too many steps for most people and others won’t even know you’ve placed the link below. Reddit calls these ‘sticky posts’ but most people think of them as pinned posts. You can actually pin multiple posts to your profile but if you do so make sure that the one with your link is at the top. If not unstick all your sticky posts and make sure the one with your link is at the top.

OnlyFans Reddit Marketing

69. REDDIT – POSTING IN SUBREDDITS – Make sure that the picture you post in a subreddit has to do with the subreddit at hand or you will quickly get banned from that subreddit. Meaning, if you post in a tattoo subreddit make sure your tattoos are visible in the picture. If you don’t have tattoos, find another subreddit. The key to subreddit success is being on point with the content that people in that subreddit want to engage with. For OnlyFans subreddits you can post any particular picture you like but remember those subreddits get thousands of posts a day so it’s a lot easier to be known in a more niche subreddit.

70. REDDIT – UPVOTES – For Reddit Upvotes are very important because it determines how many people will actually end up seeing your post. Most users have their settings to either ‘Hot” or ‘Top’ and very few have it set to ‘New”. So those posts with Upvotes will end up being seen a lot more. This has caused some people to manipulate upvoting to push up their posts. You should not engage in this as there are a lot of subreddits to post on and it’s better to try to find a medium or smaller subreddit where you can gain traction and popularity,

71. REDDIT – MODS – The people who control a SubReddit are called Mods (Moderators). The bigger the subreddit the more likely it is to have multiple Mods. One thing to keep in mind when posting is that a small number of people control the majority of the subreddits you’ll be posting on. So if you get flagged by a Mod on one subreddit they may be a mod on 20 others as well. This is why it’s important to follow the rules of the subreddits you are posting on. You also should avoid automated Reddit posting software and services. These services will convince you that they will keep you from being banned by Reddit but you will likely by flagged by Mod’s as a spammer.

72. REDDIT – KARMA – You will do best with your promotion on Reddit if you become an redditor. When you post something that gets an upvote (like a post or a comment) you will get what is called Karma from that. The more karma you accrue the more doors on Reddit open up to you. Certain subreddits have minimum karma limits as well as Profile Age limits. If you want to succeed on the platform you should choose other communities besides picture posting ones for models to participate in. You will gain followers naturally and thus gain more support on the posts that you make.

73. REDDIT – POST TITLES – Don’t neglect the post titles when you post your pictures on Reddit. Good post titles will help increase your upvotes and get your picture more attention. Statements tend to get more upvotes and questions get more comments underneath. This Guide to Reddit Titles for OnlyFans Creators is pretty genius and worth a read.

Discord and OnlyFans

74. DISCORD – SERVER – You can setup a group on Discord known as a server. This is free and you can have your fans on this server where you can offer them incentives and sell to them. Discord servers are not as restrictive as OnlyFans pages and provide a highly male target group to promote to. Keep in mind that Discord has a lot of people on it who are under 18 so you will need to monitor your Discord server closely.

75. PINTEREST – PINS – Pinterest is highly under utilized for OnlyFans as it is a purely visual site that allows direct links on every pin. For any photos that you are using for promotion that are not NSFW, you should be ‘pinning’ them on Pinterest. They also will be picked up on Search Engines like Google that love Pins. Make sure to fill out the ALT and description sections with information about the image which will help people find it on Google and Pinterest search.

76. PINTEREST – BOARDS – You can create a Board for just about any topic you like and fill it with your own pictures and pins! So if you want to target your niche you can make a Board about it, this will make it easily seen on Pinterest and Google search. Then you can fill it with your pins and increase your exposure. As mentioned you can add links to all your pins which can go to your linktree or directly to your OnlyFans page. I would not send pins directly to any pages that how direct NSFW material.

OnlyFans Marketing Tips and Tricks

Marketing and Branding are essential tools in the success of any business or website. You want to apply some of the same rules you would for any business to your OnlyFans Page. Having good solid Marketing and Promotion for your OnlyFans page will put it on the proper path towards success. I have outlined some useful tips and tricks for your Marketing efforts on and off the site below.

77. MARKETING – LINK PAGE – Most OnlyFans creators setup an AllmyLinks or Linktree page. This is done so that they can promote multiple sites that they are on with one single link. Since I recommend you have a Free and a Paid OnlyFans page having a link like this will allow you to display both links and any other sites (including your Social Media) that you want potential fans to find and follow you on. It also is good for placing links in places where an OnlyFans link might be looked on as spam or advertising.

78. MARKETING – CONTACT LIST – The key for success for most businesses online is a contact list. Unfortunately OnlyFans doesn’t allow you to see the contact info of who is subscribing to you on the platform. It is always a good idea to try to get e-mails, snapchats, instagrams etc of those who are your fans so that you can market to them regardless of their continued use of OnlyFans. If you are able to market to them directly then you have more control over your income. Most sites like MailChimp offer free e-mail service for small accounts, so you can reach people with a consistent marketing message and keep yourself at the front of their mind.

Snapchat and OnlyFans

79. MARKETING – SNAPCHAT – Yes, you can utilize SnapChat to promote your OnlyFans but you have to make sure to follow the app’s rules. Never post a link directly to your snapchat in your Snap Stores or you can get banned. You can post pictures that include your OnlyFans link and unless you have someone following you who has nothing better to do than report you, you should be fine to do that. Never use your personal Snapchat for your work on OnlyFans. Create a new Snapchat for promotion so in case it does get taken down you will have lost nothing from the experience. Note your users screen names in a document so you can easily add them back if your username gets taken down or you forget your login info.

Best Days and Times to Promote Your OnlyFans

80. MARKETING- WHEN TO POST – Many people are unaware of the best times to post on Social Media. Most Social Channels have specific times of day and days of the week that work best for them. You can find a guide to this here or check out the episode of the OnlyFans Secrets Podcast where this is discussed.

81. MARKETING – NETWORKING – OnlyFans has a great creator community and many creators are looking to network and help each other out. Although there may be a few people who are only out for themselves or their own success, finding like minded creators can help you with the day in and day out grind of marketing and promotion. You also can introduce each other to your individual audiences which is mutually beneficial. Just make sure the relationship is symbiotic and not parasitic.

82. MARKETING – COMMENT ACQUISITION – Buyers are lurking in everyone comment sections, especially other OnlyFans creators. It never hurts to follow those who are commenting on others pages and then comment on their pages. Never comment on someone else’s post because that can be seen as bad form. You can of course DM those buyers and talk to them on their own pages. This can be done best on Social Media but can also be done in OnlyFans itself, but that is a bit harder to do because people don’t notice responses as much in OnlyFans.

Sales Scripts for OnlyFans

83. MARKETING – SALES SCRIPTS – I highly advise you take the time to write a Sales Script for your Marketing efforts. This is a script that you can utilize to effectively sell potential clients in your DM’s. It also helps you limit your time with time wasters because a sales script will end wasteful conversations quicker. Sales scripts are used by professionals in all industries and you can modify and edit the script along the way to make it more effective.

84. MARKETING – HIGH SUPPLY, LOW DEMAND – For most people who succeed on OnlyFans, they identify a market by which the supply is not exceeding the demand. If you are not getting the amount of subscribers you think you should be getting its because you are appealing to a saturated market. It may be time to switch markets so that you can earn more income.

85. MARKETING – HOBBIES – Many OnlyFans creators succeed because they have hobbies or interests that are appealing outside of OnlyFans. These hobbies allow them to be seen by many more potential customers through a variety of different sites. If you have a hobby that is appealing to a male audience and you have an authentic voice to bring to it I highly recommend you explore this hobby fully and then bring those fans over to your OnlyFans page.

OnlyFans Social Media Bans

86. MARKETING- SOCIAL MEDIA BANS – Nothing ruins your day more than working hard on your social media account and then having it removed for a violation. Each Social Channel has its own rules but a few thing to make sure to avoid are the following. Avoid any public 18+ material (This includes banners and bio pictures), don’t do anything so much that you appear to be an automated bot, don’t spam links in places they don’t belong and read the rules of the sites you join on what links you can and cannot place.

Your OnlyFans Reputation

87. REPUTATION – COMMENTS – Some people fail to realize how important their reputation is to their success online and on OnlyFans. Before you post any comments, get in the middle of any flame wars or arguments with other creators or subscribers keep in mind that almost everything can be seen or re-posted. Even if you are having a private DM conversation people will screenshot them and then post them. Take a break and think before you comment on anything that can hurt your reputation or chance of making a sale in the future.

88. REPUTATION – IMAGES – Much like words, images can also haunt your reputation online, It is a common practice to screenshot conversations you have with people on OnlyFans and Social Media and share it with the world. Keep in mind that potential subscribers can see this activity and it will lose you their trust. They might not be the type to say mean things but they will worry that you might screenshot private conversations with them. It just isn’t worth it to your long term goals of success.

Content Creation and Production Tips and Tricks

Quality Content Creation is the key to any successful OnlyFans page as well as making sure that you create it on a consistent basis. Below are some tips for making sure your content is as high a quality as possible while maintaining the rules of OnlyFans itself.

89. CONTENT CREATION – LIGHTING – It’s very important that the pictures you create be as clear as possible. Using proper lighting plays a big factor in that. When taking pictures make sure to have a lot of light and a proper light source. Try to avoid backlighting as that can add unattractive shadowing to your pictures and videos. Using natural lighting can enhance pictures but that isn’t always possible with OnlyFans rules against certain outdoor photography. Also avoid flash as much as possible.

90. CONTENT CREATION – RESOLUTION – Resolution of your pictures and video is also key to your success. The higher the resolution the better and the higher quality your content will appear to your fans. When taking pictures get as close to the camera as possible, don’t zoom in with your camera but crop the pictures later and always use your back camera and not the front camera as the back camera has more megapixels.

91. CONTENT CREATION – CUSTOM CONTENT – Yes, people on OnlyFans like it if you make them custom content and you can sell it to them. I recommend setting out a day for custom content creation and advertising for fans. This way you can say ‘Custom Content Thursdays’. People will get it in their head that that is the day you’ll be providing customs and they’ll get their orders in for it. That way you aren’t constantly distracted with custom orders while you are trying to market yourself.

92. CONTENT CREATION – VOLUME – You should always be focusing on creating quality content but it does count for something if you have a good amount of content for people to subscribe to. It shows potential buyers that you have been creating content for a while and will likely still be doing so in the future. The psychological aspects of this makes it worth while to produce as much content as you can from content sessions. Just make sure that you maintain a certain level of quality as people will notice if the quality of your content declines.

93. CONTENT CREATION – CREATE A CONTENT CALENDAR – Much like you should have a Marketing Calendar, you want to create a content creation calendar as well to make sure you are consistently providing enough content to your fans. You can set it up so that you front load a lot of content creation at the beginning of the month, freeing up your time for Marketing efforts the rest of the month.

General OnlyFans Tips and Tricks

Below are some general tips and tricks to help you navigate your time being an OnlyFans creator. These tips don’t fall into any specific category but will assist you in being successful on the site as well as in the broader OnlyFans community.

OnlyFans Content that Gets More Likes

94. ONLYFANS ENGAGEMENT – LIKES – On OnlyFans Likes are displayed at the top of your page as a total for all to see. It is important that you create content that people engage with. To get a higher amount of likes you want to increase the emotions of your viewers. The best emotions for likes are ‘Surprise’ and ‘Anticipation” as well as curiosity, amazement, astonishment and uncertainty. The more you understand your fans the more you’ll know which of these emotions you want to tap into when posting. You can also listen to our Podcast title “Create OnlyFans Content that Gets More Likes”

95. ONLYFANS SPAM – Under OnlyFans new Anti-Spam rules you have to be careful on how much you promote your own links as well as other creators. You are now limited to Sharing other creators pages to 30 per 24 hours and you can only post Free Trial links in OnlyFans 3 times a day. You can also now be reported for your Mass DM’s, so if you do too many spammy Mass DM’s do try to draw up business for PPV or your links you can be reported for that.

OnlyFans Marketing on Udemy

96. ONLYFANS – EDUCATION – For those who want to learn OnlyFans Marketing there is an Udemy course that we set up just for that. It goes over getting started with branding and promoting yourself on the platform. You can typically get it for less than $10 but if that price is above your head please reach out to me here and I’ll send you a free link to the course.

97. ONLYFANS – CONTENT OWNERSHIP – You own all of the material that you create on OnlyFans. When you sign up to OnlyFans and agree to the Terms and Service, you give OnlyFans a license to use your content. You still maintain 100% copyright to your material on the website.

98. ONLYFANS – WATERMARKING – Your pictures are automatically watermarked based on the default settings of the site. This watermark contains the URL of OnlyFans.com. You can watermark your content before you post is on the site as well. Typically OnlyFans places the link at the bottom of the picture which is easily cropped out. You can use software to place tiny text watermarks on the picture that can’t be seen with the naked eye.

99. ONLYFANS – DMCA CLAIMS AND COMPLIANCE – DMCA is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and it protects content creators from having their copyrighted material places on websites without their consent. OnlyFans has a DMCA compliance team that can assist you if you feel your content is being distributed or displayed without your content. You can also hire companies like Rulta to help you get your material removed from the web.

100. COMMUNITY – ONLYFANSADVICE – OnlyFans Advice is a place for creators that has some nuggets of wisdom but is generally as it says a place to vent frustrations. Although supportive it generally can suck away important hours you should be working on your OnlyFans page directly. It promotes such false concepts as “Answering DM’s is a waste of time’ ‘Twitter Promotion doesn’t work’ “You can’t learn anything from non OnlyFans creators who aren’t welcome here” “Most OnlyFans buyers are problematic’ and ‘don’t ever ask general questions because they’ve been covered a thousand times’.

101. HEALTH – BURNOUT – Don’t forget to take breaks both in your content creation and in your Marketing. Burnout can seriously effect your ability to create good content, interact well with fans and be able to keep your consistency of purpose for your work. Make sure to take breaks during your day, exercise, go outside and get sunlight, meditate or do whatever you need to to stay focused and refreshed.

50 Only Fans Tips and Tricks


ONLYFANS PROMOTION – GUIDES – There is a 14 Part Guide to OnlyFans Promotion Free along with many other articles on the OnlyFans Marketing Blog that you are reading right now. You can also get a ton of information on how to use OnlyFans features on the OnlyFans Blog as well.

ONLYFANS – PODCAST – There is a Podcast just for OnlyFans creators called the OnlyFans Secrets Podcast and it’s devoted to promotion, marketing and issues that face OnlyFans creators. There are over 100 Episodes of information to listen to. If it wasn’t answered in this OnlyFans Tips and Tricks Guide it will be answered there.

Are there More OnlyFans Tips and Tricks?

OnlyFans Secrets Podcast has Weekly Tips and Tricks with a new episode every Monday.

We will certainly have more tips and tricks for you as the site OnlyFans.com evolves over the years. We may even come back and revisit this list in the future and make adjustments and add even more tips as things change. As of right now though these are the key tips and tricks for OnlyFans to help you succeed on the platform.

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