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We’re ready to help you achieve your Search Marketing Goals at an Affordable Price


What is the difference between Afforable SEO Services and regular Search Marketing Services? The answer is the efficiency of the campaign that is run. We look to make sure that you are utilizing your Search Marketing budget in the best way possible. With so many chooses from Organic, Paid, Social and Content Marketing.. it’s easy to spend in places you don’t need to. When you call SEO Bounty you can speak directly to the owner who has 15+ year experience working with online budgets of all kinds. Just because your budget doesn’t match that of a Fortune 500 company it doesn’t mean you don’t deserve personalized and quality service. How can SEO Bounty save you time and money?

Here is what we evaluate:

  • Is your web site optimized for your keyword goals?

  • Are you spending the right amount of budget and time on the different areas of Search Marketing?(Organic, Paid, Social, Content)

  • Are you suffering from a penalty or other issue that is keeping your other Marketing efforts from paying off?

  • Are you under utilizing local marketing?

  • Are you over utilizing Google Adwords at the expense of other marketing areas?

  • Are you maximizing every dollar you are spending online?

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    What Our Clients Have to Say

    “SEOBounty has no doubt helped us increase our search rankings for key terms within the golf industry. Knowledgeable in the latest SEO tactics as well as honest and open with the work they did, they’ve proven themselves to be a valuable partner for our SEO efforts.“
    Brian Schwank, Rock Bottom Golf
    We turned to SEO Bounty when we saw unfavorable trends in our organic traffic. SEO bounty did a great of job seeing what it would take to improve our rankings. Then they executed a plan on time and on budget. We saw site wide improvements in traffic and rankings… we are very happy with the results.
    Matthew Higbee, President,
    Within a month of hiring SEO Bounty our new patient calls were increasing. More importantly these were the patients we were trying to reach; dental phobes, small children, patients needing surgical procedures.
    Our practice is now busier than ever and in no small part to Richard Lewis and SEO Bounty. If you’re looking for a dental anesthesiologist and pain free dentistry on the Internet you’re sure to stumble across Advanced Sedation Dentistry, and that’s just the way we want it.
    Len Futerman,