Having a passion for pay per click (PPC) marketing is a corner stone of SEO Bounty’s services. We have experience with every pay per click search model from the orgins of Goto.com to the emergence of Google Adwords. This gives us a distinct advantage in understanding the complexities of paid search. We know that not all companies benefit from paid search in the same way. Some companies are in need of locally targeted traffic; others are in need of a complex and organized multi-level pay per click campaign.

Either way, we are dedicated to helping companies utilize this technology in a way that emphasizes return on investment and retention of new prospects and clients. We believe that any pay per click management plan should have three features.

1. It should be built out with forethought about the purpose of the account (traffic, lead generation, new client awareness, or branding)

2. It should be built out with monetary goals in mind. All accounts should have a goal of money spent before starting out on the campaign. PPC is not about wasting time or money but about finding the right mix to increase site traffic and conversion.

3. Profitability should be the main goal of the account, either in the short term or the long term.

When you put all of these factors together, you can see that PPC management should benefit the client’s goals and objectives.

Our Team of SEO consultants and specialists have been working hard for clients for over a decade. Let us guide you to discover the right SEO Service that will drive qualified traffic to your website.