OnlyFans QuestionsCategory: OnlyFans PromotionWhat can you do to increase subscribers retention on OnlyFans?
TheyAlwaysLeaveme asked 8 months ago
1 Answers
Richard A. Lewis Staff answered 8 months ago

Retention is one of the biggest challenges for many OnlyFans creators. Typically people subscribe to OnlyFans due to them being curious on what is behind the paywall. Once they have seen what is behind the paywall its often hard to get them to keep paying month after month. Think of it like a subscription to Netflix or Hulu. If you subscribe to these platforms and they don’t provide content you want to see you either stop subscribing or give them another month to show you that they’ll give you something to watch. You may subscribe to a competitor as well to see what they have to offer. In the same way you want to produce content your subscribers want to see. You can never please all of the people and some will need to leave for financial reasons or just because they have lost interest.