Everyone has heard before that Search Engine Optimization is an investment in the future of your website. Much like other types of investments though it get be a boom or a bust. At SEO Bounty we believe SEO is as needed for a website to grow as oxygen is to a plant. We add value to the website in the following ways:
1. Improve the Authority of the Web Site- Google establishes that a full 70% of Ranking Factors come from Off-Site Factors. What SEO Bounty does is help improve these factors in a diverse and distributed way. This is how Google prefers if to be done and we follow Google’s latest trends to make sure clients are receiving the most balanced approach possible.[break]
2. We keep up with trends that will shape the effectiveness of your website. As Search Engines are always changing, SEO Bounty makes it a point to inform our clients of what they need to do to keep up with these changes. We become your pocket consultant.[break]
3. We help enhance your Social Media in the right way. Many people deliver Social Media that is done for the purpose of their own egos but does not fit into an overall strategic plan for a website. SEO Bounty evaluates each website to see what Social Networks and experience would work best for their site and which their clients or customers would most interact with.[break]
4. We target keywords that make sense based on your goals. Is your goal to gain more business? Brand yourself against a tough competitor? Go after niche keywords to start gaining market share? We look to you for that information and then find the best path forward to reach those goals.

In the end SEO is an Investment in your website because it enhances the amount of people who will find your site and enhances their experience once they are on the site.