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SEO Services Customized For Your Needs
We know the SEO needs for each business are not the same. Therefore, we tailor our packages for each client.  We propose services we feel will best benefit you only after speaking with you and learning your unique needs. We strive to provide effective, affordable SEO services to companies of all sizes.

What Are SEO Services and Why Are They Necessary?
The goal of search engine optimization (SEO) is to have your website ranked higher than your competitors in search engine results. If someone searches a search engine like Google for services and products you provide, you want your website to come up on the first page of results. Websites that show up on the first page are not there just by accident. They are there because the search engine feels they are the most relevant sites. To ensure your site is the most relevant for search engines, your website and your Internet presence must be strong.  That’s why SEO is necessary, and that’s what we do for you. We implement strategies that strengthen your website and your Internet presence to increase your search engine rankings.

The Importance of Link Building
There are many elements that determine a website’s search engine ranking, but the number of high-quality links continues to be the most important. The more quality, reputable websites that link to your site, the better your search engine rankings will be. This is because search engines need a way to determine how relevant your site is. It’s important to understand that not all links are good for your SEO. Some link-building tactics are considered unethical by search engines and can actually harm a website’s search ranking. One of SEO Bounty’s core principles is to ensure our client’s link building strategy is ethical and effective.

Keyword Research and Selection
The most important step in SEO and PPC is to correctly determine the keywords your target audience uses to find the types of products or services you sell. Therefore, we perform careful, customized keyword research for each of our clients. This process ensures your campaign is highly-target and reaches the right people.

The SEO and Pay-Per-Click Relationship
For some businesses, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising can produce an immediate, profitable increase in website traffic. We are experienced PPC managers who can help you get the most ROI out of your PPC budget. However, over time, it can become expensive for you to continually out-bid other companies who are vying to purchase the same ad space you are. That’s why organic SEO is extremely important. When you strengthen the relevance of your website and your Internet presence through organic SEO, your search result rankings increase and you remain highly visible to searchers for a longer period of time.

SEO and Social Media Marketing
SEO and social media marketing make a great team. Companies with a strong blog and an engaged presence in social networks benefit from strong “social authority,” which search engines consider when determining how relevant a website is. Blogs are extremely valuable for strengthening the SEO relevance of your website as well as your Internet presence. Engaging in social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can help your SEO and contribute to valuable branding and customer relationship management.

Local Optimization
Local business optimization is important for small businesses that count on their local patrons. People now search the Internet for businesses more than the Yellow Pages. If you don’t have a strong local search presence, you may never be found by people searching for your products or services. Strong local search marketing strategies include optimization of a company’s Google Places and Google Maps pages. It also includes ensuring your website is listed in popular business directories such as Yelp and Local.com.