The Ultimate Guide to Simping and Why Men Simp

Getting customers to simp for you is a key to success on OnlyFans

OnlyFans Success Guide – Simps and Simping – Last Updated: March 11, 2022 Reading Time: 20 Minutes

The concept of ‘simping’ is not new but the term itself is. For those not familiar a ‘simp’ is a person, typically male who provides money or other incentives to another person without receiving very much if anything in return. The concept has taken off in recent years as the Internet has made minor celebrities out of everyone from reality tv stars, to Instagram models, to gamers as well as OnlyFans creators. Many people desire to have more online simps because they simply don’t require the effort that someone in real life would. In some instances a real life Sugar Daddy/Mommy dynamic is time consuming and limits the amount of money you can bring in. So I wanted to look at the phenomenon of simping and try to figure out why people are simps as well as how to bring in more people to ‘simp’ for you and your OnlyFans business.

The Origins of Simps

Why Are People Simping Now More Than Ever?

In the past we lived in societies that made it hard for anyone attractive to get more than a few peoples attention or wealth. If you lived in a town everyone would know who the attractive people were and they would likely end up with one wealthy suitor or be courted by several wealthy suitors and due to societies moral restraints be forced to choose one for long term companionship. If you were not one of those wealthy handsome suitors you would only be able to look from afar and know that if you attempted to get the attention of someone you were infatuated with you might end up being beat up or ridiculed. As social morals have changed and the majority of people live in urban areas where their comings and goings are not the talk of the town it makes it easier for people who would otherwise have no opportunity to interact together, to be able to do so. That has not changed the gulf of desire or attractiveness between the two people, it has only made it so that less desirable suitors can gain attention just for a smaller price. This along with the Internet’s access to someone in a virtual manner allows for an attractive person to attract hundreds if not thousands of ineligible suitors who can now lavish praise and monetary reward on those they like. This gulf is the reason that simping exists, it is a lower barrier of entry to desires that in the past would be a closed door. Now the door is at least propped open enough for people to see but not touch the person of their desire as well as slide in a few dollars through the crack in the door as well. So let’s go over the reasons behind Simping one by one, because by understanding the why of something it makes it a lot easier to profit from it.

Internet Fascination

As mentioned the virtual world of the Internet allows for people to become fixated on someone of their desire that they would have unlikely ever met or ever gotten the time of day from in the past. It also makes it so that someone with no drive or motivation that wouldn’t normally attract such a partner can simply ‘buy’ their way into their lives. As you can imagine this juxtaposition between reality and fantasy is where simping lies. Much like a drug that makes you feel much better than you normally would being infatuated with someone online will give you the same sensations. Studies have proven that our minds often react to dreams and simulated games the same way they would if things were really happening to us in real life. So the dopamine hit that a person gets from interacting with you as an OnlyFans creator virtually, will cause the person to want to get more and more of their fix. So someones fascination can turn into infatuation which in turn will create an opportunity for an OnlyFans creator to make a lot of money off of only a few dedicated people. Think about the times when you were in love in real life, you would do anything to see that person or interact with them. In the real world men are used to spending money to take a person out on a date or to an activity in hopes of wooing them. This same ritual plays out online in the virtual world although the man in this scenario doesn’t get to actually touch you and they understand they will never be able to date or possess you.

People’s Misconception of their Own Appeal/Attractiveness

Yes, most people have ego’s that are unjustified. People tend to rate their own attractiveness much higher than other people rate them, especially people who are delusional. This is similar to the Dunning-Kruger effect, which describes how incompetent people are more likely to overestimate their own competency. As you can imagine people that are delusional will be more open to a virtual world where they are fed the words that they want to hear even if they have to pay for it. You can see how a system like this will feed on itself. Add to that, the fact that most women find men with money to be more attractive overall it lends itself to a huge gap between attractiveness between male and female partners. Often men will see pictures of couples and not realize that the woman is with a less attractive man because of his money or status. This will lead men to believe that they can get that super attractive model and they will often pay to do so. As I’ve stated before most men would prefer to chase after a highly attractive woman they’ll never get than to settle for an average woman.

Endless selection of Mates/Partners

One big difference over the last 20 years has been the absolute endless selection that most people now have when deciding to choose a partner. Yes, big cities have existed for a long time with hundreds of thousands if not millions of people. But even in those big cities people typically stayed in certain areas of the city designated for their ethnic group or social class group. If someone was looking for a partner they might take the recommendations of their family members or a small circle of friends. If someone was in a small or medium sized town there might be only a handful of people their age to couple with and the social pressure to get married and have children was much higher than it is today. Now people can download an app and within minutes have thousands of potential mates and partners. What a huge change that has been in such a short amount of time. I did a whole Podcast on how I believe OnlyFans to be ‘swipe left Tinder’, meaning a place where all the men who get rejected on a daily basis on Tinder for not being in the top 1% of the most appealing men go to still interact with attractive women. Imagine being rejected that much all the time by the opposite sex, it can be exhausting for some people. So they decide to go online to sites like OnlyFans where they can simp and get the woman’s attention who wouldn’t look twice at them on a dating site.

Pandemic and Self Isolation

While simping was certainly going on before the pandemic in 2020, the self isolation that the worldwide Pandemic caused certainly made the concept a bit more appealing. Many people had thought that virtual relationships were a joke beforehand but they became more popular and sometimes the only way people were able to interact with each other. So handing money over to strangers for virtual video chats or content became more popular and more socially acceptable than ever. Self isolation due to the pandemic left many people with no options but to simp for someone online as they had no other outlet for their passions. This has continued even as the pandemic has ebbed and flowed in severity as now that people are able to go back to normal dating they have become hooked on the dopamine fix that very attractive OnlyFans and online content creators have given them. Once someone finds something or someone that they like they tend to stick with that person due to the pain of rejection they might get from someone in real life once they leave their isolation.

Hook Up Culture and a Single Male Epidemic

Hook Up Culture has emerged from online apps and dating sites that value looks and visual attraction over almost everything else. This has created a group of men who cannot compete on dating apps because they are not attractive to the majority of those looking to ‘hook up’. You can imagine this leaves a large segment of the population single and frustrated. With a lot of studies saying that most women find only 10% of men dateable or attractive on sites like Tinder it’s no wonder there are so many single men. These single men still have wants, needs and desires that they want fulfilled. This is where online simping can fill the gap for them while they are single. For most men they won’t be single forever and simping provides them entertainment between relationships. For a small group of men though they have given up on dating or don’t really want a relationship at all. These men prefer online streamers, cammers, and OnlyFans creators. This creates a large opportunity for those creators who can provide girlfriend like experiences online as well as spicy content. The trend towards staying single for men is only growing as they see there are ways to get intimacy online, without having to commit to anyone in particular.

Why Do Men Simp?

So now that we know why the phenomenon of simping has taken off in the last decade we need to get to the core of the individual males and why they themselves decide to become simps. In order to maximize your effectiveness as a content creator actually understanding the psychology of your customer is very important. It will help you find new simps as well as keep those simps around that currently buy from you. So let’s review some of the key causes of simping.


I mention loneliness first because it seems to be the fall-guy in every youtube video or article made about why OnlyFans is so popular and why men simp. It is certainly a factor but it is over simplistic to say that it is the whole reason why men decide to simp for online creators. Men can have times of loneliness and decide to buy things they might not otherwise purchase. I’ve talked about how men are the primary buyers of dating App subscriptions and without them those sites would likely not exist as very few women are willing to pay to find dates. As I discussed when talking about the different types of OnlyFans customers men can find themselves in lonely situations after a divorce or breakup and be looking to fill that hole temporarily with online content. But after a certain point people are not making the decisions based on loneliness but more so in order to keep something in their lives that they like. So it is hard to plan a marketing strategy long term around the concept of lonely men because that is something that can change quickly. You won’t be able to keep a long term simp who simply subscribed to your page due to loneliness between relationships.

Desire for a High Status Woman

Yes, women are still objectified in Western Society. That isn’t any news to most women but it might be if you put it as a point blank question to men. Men are not going to admit that an attractive woman is a status symbol to them like a luxury car or a designer suit. That doesn’t make it any less of a reality and for men online looking to simp for you, it will be because you provide them some status. I know that could seem ridiculous when you think about it because most of your fans are not part of your life and you would have no interest in meeting any of them in real life. But even a virtual ‘trophy’ girlfriend for many men can provide an increase in self esteem and worth. All men desire an attractive woman and if they are currently with someone they deem on par or below them in looks they will seek out a new partner online or in real life. So know that many men are going to give you gifts and attention regardless of their relationship status. If you are a high status to them then they will do what it takes to ‘obtain’ you or your attention. Don’t be fooled that the gifts or money they are giving you is not also benefiting them or they would not be doing it.

Erotic Satisfaction

To be blunt, many men simp to women because it gets them off in some way. I’ll let you interpret my words there however you like. We all know that men are very visual in nature and so therefore the content that you produce will likely cause them to give you money. Remember that them watching your content is giving them an intimate connection to you. While that might seem odd since you’re not part of that firsthand experience, by making the content or recording that video you are there with them wherever they need you in that regard. Once they’ve had the content everyone else has had they are going to seek out their own custom content by engaging with you more. Now you are no longer a passive participant but an active one. In order for you to become an active participant though they need to cough up more and more money. This is where most ‘simping’ begins, the moment where the man decides that the content you make for the general public isn’t enough and he needs more erotic content from you. This he feels will heighten his erotic experience and so he will end up becoming more than just a fan but one of your simps. Don’t understatement peoples ability to imagine you into scenarios due to the content that you produce online. By making that erotic content you are inviting them into a very personal and private realm of fantasy. Once they want that fantasy to become somewhat more real, that is when you have hooked them and can really gain a simp for the long term.

Obsessive Compulsive Activity

It is a sad fact that many people have addictions and bad habits that they find hard to break. One of those is ‘Porn Addiction’ which can be just as devastating to someones life as being addicted to gambling or to drugs. Think of some simps as people sitting at a slot machine in Vegas just pulling that lever over and over again until all of their money is gone. I will say that you should not actively pursue this kind of person for moral reasons as a fan or a simp. But among your fans right now you may have some of thee types of obsessive compulsive addicts. 


Lastly there are people who are just going to become absolutely obsessed with you and everything you do. I am not going to sit in judgment of fans of things because we all enjoy something a little too much at times. But when it comes to Simps, the actions you take by creating online content and by interacting successfully with your fans can have some of them following you from platform to platform on a daily basis. These are people I call Super Fans, and they are often your biggest boosters and supporters. Many of them are infatuated with you though beyond a healthy level. Most of these types of infatuations are actually fun for the men who participate in them as they truly enjoy watching and interacting with you as an OnlyFans model. It’s important to know though that the reason they simp for you is because they are emotionally attached to you in some way even if you don’t even know their names.

How Do You Get More Simps?

So now that we know the reasons why simping has become more popular than ever, how do we turn that knowledge into an increase in profit and subscribers? I am going to go over some key ways you can increase the number of simps that you attract to your OnlyFans business.

Build Up Your Personal Brand

Big Brands, have Big Simps. Think about how Apple can get people to wait in line and pay hundreds of dollars more than their competitors on a new version of an iPhone. Most of the time that new version has barely any real upgrades but people are there to shell out their money anyway. This is because the bigger your reputation the more people’s common sense seems to fly out the window. A good way to get more simps is to build up your overall brand as much as possible. As I went over in ‘How to Brand your OnlyFans’ building a brand takes time but it has so many advantages. Even though you won’t be able to give your simps as much personal time as you grow bigger it will be made up on by the sheer number of simps that you attract. So if you are looking to increase revenue make sure to work hard to build up your brand as big as you are able to handle.

Expose More People to Your Content

No one can become infatuated with you if they never see your content. That is a fact, which means that you need to be putting your content everywhere where simps might live. Some creators are a bit hesitant to put their content in certain places where people consume it basically for free and I understand that. There is a lot of risk to putting free erotic content on sites like Reddit, Twitter, Discord and Instagam. What if they see your content and then never decide to buy anything, you’ve basically worked for free. But here is where a lot of smart creators have gained huge followings just by posting and then eventually deleting erotic content from these platforms. If someone is on a Reddit subreddit and they are really into a particular type of creator and they never see you, they can never be your simp. So you want to do your best to expose people to your content on every major Social Media and Internet web site that you can. You also want to zero in on sub groups that will be most likely to enjoy your content and thus become a regular buyer later on.

Become More Than Just a Pretty Face

So what makes someone decide to buy a ton of content from one creator and only a small amount from another? In most cases it is because the first creator took the time to become more than just pretty pictures and erotic content to their fans. They took the time to interact with individual fans, build their fans into a community and share more about their hobbies and interests with their fans. In short they established themselves in the mind of their fans as having a high value. If all you are doing is posting pictures and videos to your OnlyFans page and hoping for the best you are unlikely to attract quality simps. Keep in mind that quality attracts quality, so someone who is established and has money is going to be attracted to someone else who seems established and doesn’t ‘need’ their money. It doesn’t matter if what you create is the illusion of success and status and it’s not really real yet. It just matters that you establish yourself as more than just an amateur creator of pictures and videos. This will make potential simps stand up and take notice of you.

Make Your Fans feel like they are part of your Life

One big aspect of simping is that it is part of your fans lifestyle to be into you and your content. These super fans will follow you from platform to platform liking and commenting on your different posts. You want to make sure you give these fans something to actually comment on. When you post on Safe for Work sites like Tiktok and Instagram make your posts about things you are interested in or places you have gone that you enjoyed. You don’t want to give too much personal information away while doing this but just enough to make your fans feel like they are on your life journey with you. When you are on NSFW sites like Twitter, Instagram and OnlyFans make sure to spice up your content with interesting titles and descriptions. Remember that you are wanting to engage with a broad audience on a personal level without having to actually engage directly with each fan. There will come a time when you will interact directly with a simp but they will need to pay extra for that privilege. Your posts across all of Social Media should be aimed towards the goal of attracting more people into the ‘Cult of You’ and that is going to require more than just consistent picture posting but really making your content interesting and engaging to potential fans as well.

Set Your Value and Stick to It

Many creators end up giving away too much of their time and effort on lost causes or time wasters. In order to attract more high quality simps you will need to make sure that your content is not seen as bottom basement and has a lot of value. You can build up your value by offering high quality content both visually and substantially. If people see your brand as high value and you as very popular you will attract more fans who will seek to possess more of your time and content. It may take time to build up your brand value and you may need to start at a low price and build yourself up, but don’t be afraid to increase you pricing over time. If people see that you see high value in yourself and your content, they will treat it and you in the same way.

Study Other Creators with Large Followings of Simps

I have talked about the concept of emulating successful creators before. As I’ve mentioned this is not copying others as that is wrong, it is more studying what your competitors are doing in hopes of attracting the same level of success. If you see a successful creator who gets lots of upvotes, likes, comments and retweets from obvious super fans, you are going to want to look and see how they are accomplishing this. Remember that once someone is successful you are likely coming in on their success on like Chapter 10 of their book and journey. So don’t directly assume what they are doing now got them to where they are. You’ll want to go back and try to follow their success journey from the past if possible. But looking at what other successful creators have done to build up a simp army will help you in crafting solid strategies to attracting those same type of individuals.

Be Your Authentic Self

My last bit of advise when it comes to getting more simps is to always stay true to your authentic self. People want a real experience with someone online especially if they are to really engage with you and your content. People will be able to tell quickly if they are being conned just so that you can make a quick buck on them. If you move into niche’s where you don’t fit in or belong just to make money everyone will figure it out quickly and it will hurt your brand more than help it. Every action you take in both your OnlyFans promotion and your overall marketing and branding should revolve around what you have and what makes you special as a creator. That doesn’t mean you can’t learn new skills along the way to attract more fans, but make sure you are doing it for the right reasons. Staying authentic to yourself also has the added benefit of making it more likely you’ll want to create content because it will feel natural and good to do so. 

Will Having More Simps Make you More Money?

Simps should be a part of your overall content creator marketing strategy because they are such loyal customers. Keep in mind that simps can sometimes take more of your effort and energy than a standard fan because they see you as more of a part of their life. You certainly can make more money from someone simping for you than a standard subscriber who may subscribe to a lot of different creators and not be focused very much on your or your activities. Overall if you are able to utilize some of what I’ve spoken about to increase the number of simps you have as fans you will likely increase your overall income on OnlyFans greatly.

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