11 Ways You Are Sabotaging Your OnlyFans Success in 2021

OnlyFans Tips and Tricks: Why many OnlyFans creators are riding high on the platform while others falter.

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Picture yourself on an island in the Caribbean, you are sipping your margarita and staring blissfully as the ocean tide hits the shore, your only worry in the world is if you put enough sun screen on that day. You certainly aren’t worrying about your OnlyFans page because you’ve done everything possible in the last 6 months to make it a success. Now you are just going to wait for the money to roll in from subscriptions and tips while you enjoy a 2 week vacation in a tropical paradise. Now if what I just wrote seems far fetched to you , it is more likely because of all the things you didn’t do so far in 2021 or because of things you keep doing that aren’t leading to success. In this article I a going to break down the 11 things you are likely doing (or not doing) that is leading you to failure on OnlyFans in 2021.

1. Beating Social Media Dead Horses

Hopefully you are familiar with the expression ‘beating a dead horse’ and don’t think I am unfairly picking on horses here. What this means is that a long time ago (circa 2019) you decided on one Social Media platform that was your ‘jam’ and no matter how many others come along you are sticking to it. What’s discord you say? What’s a Telegram? Wait, Pinterest is becoming a thing again? You couldn’t care less because all your people are on “Facebook’ or “Instagram’ or “TikTok”. Here’s the cold hard facts, if you have been on the same Social Media platform for more than 2 years, just about everyone who was going to find you interesting and possibly subscribe to your OnlyFans, already has. Yes, new people are always jumping onto Instagram, but if a platform has 1 billion people on it, where is it going to find it’s next billion? If you take a smaller emerging platform growing by 1 million followers a day, all those people are new and highly engaged. Things don’t necessarily peak but peoples interest in things does. Unless you’re talking about Breaking Bad, television series tend to peak somewhere in the middle and only the die hard audience sticks with the show until the very end. The same thing can be said of Social Networks, yes those 100K instagram followers are giving you almost the same engagement month after month but are they in ‘zombie’ mode, just clicking away because that is what they are used to? If you are on the same platform you have always been on because it always does well, shift focus to another one now! Trust me the zombies on the other one aren’t going anywhere and you need to reach those new audiences.

2. Being Bored and Boring

I will tell you one thing that seems to creep in when success does.. boredom! You get bored of what you’re doing, the subscribers get bored of what you’re producing and pretty soon it’s time to call it quits. What the heck happened? You forgot that you’re in the Entertainment business. That includes the word ‘entertain’, if your OnlyFans page starts to look more like a billboard for your ego and less like an amusement park you can be sure that your subscribers will be heading left to exit the building. There is a lot to be said about 19th century showman “P.T. Barnum‘ but he understood peoples short attention spans very well. No matter how exciting something is at first, it begins to get old and you need to change things up. The good news is that when you need to change things up, it gives you the opportunity to learn new things and be less bored doing what you are doing. Everyone has a niche on OnlyFans and sometimes that does limit what you can do on the site (along with the terms and services) but that doesn’t mean you can’t liven up your Social Media with what OnlyFans might not allow. If you are bored, it’s likely your audience is bored too. Do whatever you can to avoid both.

3. Mixing up Your Promotion and Marketing Messages

I’ve gone over a lot in the OnlyFans Secrets Podcast that the real key to success on OnlyFans is proper branding and that part of that branding is hitting your potential audience with a lot of the same images and messaging. It may seem like your becoming ‘stale’ to them because they see the same images over and over but it’s actually creating familiarity in their minds. Since OnlyFans is more than just pictures and videos but sometimes a substitute for real life interaction and intimacy: familiarity is exactly what you want. But what happens is while you’re trying to create this familiarity you can sabotage yourself with mixed messages. How does this happen? Well let’s say you’ve been posting pictures on Reddit, Twitter, Instagram etc of a wholesome cosplayer. People are starting to get familiar with you in that light. But you are just doing this to fulfill a niche and one of your fans buys you a very lewd outfit. You think, this is an expensive outfit and my audience will love it. So out of nowhere those subscribing to you see you in this lurid outfit. The marketing message you’ve been building up all this time is shot to heck in an instant. Who exactly are you at this point? A few people might be excited at these lurid pictures but your image is now changed. Are you still the wholesome cosplayer that the customer saw as ‘girlfriend material’? You have to remember that you are your marketing message, the image of you that you portray online is who you are to people, if you’re marketing message gets confusing to people it will be hard to get it back.

4. Quick Buck Hustler Route Backfires

For a lot of people on OnlyFans, they are looking to make as much money as possible on the platform as quickly as possible. So what happens is that they get on and try to do whatever they can to make that money. They can present themselves as Financial Dom’s when they are not. They can present themselves as money hungry and spend all their time talking about money and $10 unblock fees and a lot of other things on Social Media that makes most people reviled towards them. Once they’ve run through all the people they can find who think that is entertaining they are now left with the majority of people who find them now untouchable. If you go hardcore with the ‘Money is everything’ routine online, you can never come back from it. You will have to deep six all your Social accounts and start over again. If you are truly someone who wants to be a Financial Dom, than more power to you. Do know that if you take this route and it’s inauthentic then you will be looked on more as a hustler than a content creator.

5. Starting Your OnlyFans too soon

If you think about most businesses that start websites, do they start the business first and then start the website or vice versa? We all know that a business is started, like someone has a product or an idea, they help or produce a few things for friends who like it and then they start a website. So you have the essential keys of a business figured out before you begin. 1. What product I am selling? 2. What the demand is 3. What people are going to pay for the product. For many OnlyFans creators it acts more like Fire, Ready, Aim not Ready, Aim and Fire. What I mean by this is that you start a page without any knowledge of any of those 3 factors. You just start and hope that it will all fall into place. For many OnlyFans creators it does fall into place somehow, but for most they fail. They fail because there has been no time before starting the page where they were able to formulate how to succeed. Many OnlyFans creators I have spoken to who are succeeding spent several years selling content online before they got on the site. They didn’t bring those people they sold content too to OnlyFans but they understood HOW and WHY people were buying from them. They understood how much was too much to charge and how much was too little. They also knew their customer and what kind of customer liked them! They were used to adapting to change, all of this comes from a little experience outside of OnlyFans. If you don’t go that route, you are likely going to experience your learning curves on OnlyFans and that means you’ll need to ride out the bad and good experiences on the platform and let it teach you. If you are willing to learn and adapt you’ll succeed but not until you get a few setbacks along the way.

6. Always Looking at the Most Successful OnlyFans Creators

It’s natural to compare ourselves to others, especially those who seem very successful. The big issue with looking at other creators who are more successful on the site is that it doesn’t come with proper perspective. One of the big factors is time, not just the time that successful creator put into succeeding on the platform but the time that has gone on between when they started and right now. Every day that creator had an opportunity to gain followers, subscribers and attention that you didn’t isn’t seen when you look at your success versus theirs. So when you are constantly comparing yourself to those creators who are making 1K, 10K, or 50K more than you a month on OnlyFans it doesn’t help your journey. There are positive ways to look at other creators that I have mentioned on my Podcast including benchmarking (looking at where that creator was at the same stage of development as you) and looking at their successes and failures and trying to emulate their successes but with your own brand message. If you are getting up every day and looking at the Model on Instagram with 1M followers, you will never feel ‘good enough’ and it will take you away from your focus. It would be like starting your first day in Freshman orientation and wondering why they aren’t handing you your degree yet. Focus on what you need to do now to succeed and there will be a time when others start to look up at your success and wonder how you got there.

7. Forgetting Customer Service

This is likely the reason why many OnlyFans accounts go from big earnings to next to nothing only a few months later. People don’t realize as soon as you start selling something you are now in the customer service industry. That means the customer is always right (unless they are breaking terms of service of the site). As I’ve mentioned before I see many creators on Reddit spending their time complaining about their customers, as sure as day turns into night those customers won’t be with that creator very long. If your attitude is that the customer ‘owes’ you something you are going to lose out every time to a creator who is customer service friendly. This means engaging with your clients, even the ones you don’t like that much. Do you think Amazon and Walmart like all of their customers deep down? Of course not, some of them are downright rude to staff or to the company itself and ‘you can never please all of the people all the time’ as Abraham Lincoln says. But if you don’t even try to please your customers, why do they want to even engage with you let alone continue to pay you month after month?

8. Not Engaging with Your Fans

As we all know there are only so many hours in the day and most of us try to use them as wisely as possible. If someone has decided to not only engage with you on OnlyFans but give you money as well the least you as the creator can do is engage back with them. You should never be too big or find yourself too important to jump into your comment sections. Whether that is on OnlyFans itself or on Social Media channels. If you find it hard to engage with people in comments you can always engage via polls, or questions you ask your fans. Now you are finding out about what makes them tick. As I pointed out in the OnlyFans Secrets Episode ‘OnlyFans Polls That Get Attention‘ it’s imperative to your long term Marketing strategy that you understand the wants and needs of your fans. The best way to do that is by asking them questions, getting their feedback and leaning as much as you can about the people who give you their money. This is a win/win for you because the customer will feel heard and cared about and you’ll know more about who to target with your future OnlyFans Marketing and Promotion efforts. If you’re not interacting with your current subscribers someone else will and it’s hard enough to keep retention rates high on the site without you forgetting this crucial step.

9. Dropping off the Face of the Earth

Yes, OnlyFans is a part time job. There is a natural human tendency to start something, put a ton of effort into it and then stop completely when it doesn’t do exactly what you thought it would. Potential subscribers have no idea if you are that sort of person and that’s why it’s hard to get started on the platform. If someone can just as easily subscribe to a site with hundreds of videos or pictures it’s hard to get them to take a chance on you. So when they do, don’t drop off the face of the Earth for long periods of time. Make sure you have enough content ready to post daily for the month always. If you plan on going on vacation for a few weeks use OnlyFans post scheduler to make sure posts are going out. People don’t expect you to live on OnlyFans and no amount of extra content will keep a subscriber around if they are not an ideal client. But you don’t want to work very hard to get subscribers and then drop of the Earth for long periods of time. If you live a busy life with several jobs besides OnlyFans it can be hard to spend as much time as you like on the site but remember you have a certain obligation to your subscribers. How long would you continue to subscribe to Netflix if they decided they didn’t need to drop any new series or movies for a few months?

10. Biting Off More Than You Can Chew

So you got on OnlyFans and then started a Twitter, Instagram, Discord Server, Reddit account and got a TikTok for good measure. Now the money will start rolling in right? What is most likely to happen is that you will have very little time to devote to any of them. Large Corporations barely have the time to devote to all those Social Channels, so how can you be expected to? Oh and don’t forget when you’re on all those channels, producing content that can make your OnlyFans Page look like a Ghost town! Not only that but content needs for everyone of those Social Media and Marketing Channels are totally different. Nothing worse than actually using the suggested ‘Post this on Twitter, Instagram , Facebook and Reddit’ please never ever take an app up on that offer as you’ll look bad on each and every one of them! So how do you avoid biting off more than you can chew? Simply use my advice to Only Build Out One Social Channel at a time. Pick the social media channel that your skills match up with best and work that channel as hard as you can. If a social channel feels like ‘work’ it likely isn’t the one you should be starting with. It should feel like the channel you finally get to express yourself on. That doesn’t mean you won’t need to produce a lot on that channel and work hard on it, just if you feel miserable on the channel it will show in your production. Get big enough on that channel and then you can move on to your next most comfortable channel but don’t overwhelm yourself.

11. Pricing Yourself Out of the Market

Price is still one of if not the most important factor when it comes to both Marketing and success in business. OnlyFans has changed a lot just in the last 12 months. You need to do actual research to figure out how other creators are pricing their material in your niche. You need to be aware of what your content is worth, how many other people are in your niche and what they are charging. If you are just starting out I believe in the concept of being the median price of all your niche competitors. According to Investopedia:

The median is the middle number in a sorted, ascending or descending, list of numbers and can be more descriptive of that data set than the average.

Median Definition, Investopedia.com

The reason I believe in the median as opposed to the mean is because you are trying to look competitive without looking desperate or cheap. This also gives you the best idea of what people are already paying for what you are offering. If you are outside of this range with your pricing potential subscribers will either think you are way off the mark or will think you are going to offer them a lot more than your competitors are.

Conclusion: Remember Success is Earned Not Granted

In business your success is rarely granted to you, even large brands fail abysmally all the time despite their clout. Subscribers expect you to earn their business and their money. No matter how much other content creators on OnlyFans are making right now you can be sure that if they stopped producing quality content their fans would disappear in droves. Provide your fans with an experience and a product they can’t get anywhere else, treat them and their money with respect and you will be rewarded for it. If you work hard to avoid the issues above you’ll also be on the right path to succeed on OnlyFans for years to come.

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