What Do Your OnlyFans Subscribers Want?

There are several different Audiences that consume OnlyFans content and here is how you should appeal to them

OnlyFans Success Guide – What Do Subscribers Want – Last Updated: January 15, 2022 Reading Time: 15 Minutes

Why don’t you have more subscribers on your OnlyFans page? This is the focus of all the effort that you put forth in your Marketing Promotion efforts as well as your content creation as a creator. I have written and discussed how to get more OnlyFans subscribers and how to keep them subscribing to your OnlyFans page month after month. If you haven’t checked out those articles and podcasts I highly recommend you do so. This is going to be a more demographic overview of what deep down at the core OnlyFans subscribers want. 

Who Are the Majority of OnlyFans subscribers?

Most people are aware that the majority of OnlyFans subscribers identify as male, this is not news to anyone. People also have the idea that Gen Z is fueling the OnlyFans money craze and that the majority of OnlyFans subscribers are young men. Based on the demographics I have seen from my Social Media accounts I tend to disagree with this hypothesis. I believe that the majority of OnlyFans subscribers are Millennials and Gen X with even some Boomers getting into the action. Most Gen Y and Z people are either too young to subscribe or don’t have a lot of expendable income to put into OnlyFans models and subscriptions. This means that your fans are going to come from a few different demographic groups. Let’s look at them one at a time.

1. Single Young Men

This is a group of people from 18-29 who identify as male and are considered young. This group varies as you have single men who are in college, already beginning their careers or are living off of their parents incomes in some ways. These men can have a lot of disposable income depending on their upbringing but also can live paycheck to paycheck. This is also a group that tends to make highly speculative decisions like investing in kickstarters, cryptocurrency or being lured into online gambling. Due to them being single they don’t have anyone to tell them what to do with their money and with this new empowerment can lead to poor spending habits. Many of these men may have live in girlfriends or partners but they are still not settled and might still spend money on OnlyFans on the side. Young Single men are a prime target group for OnlyFans creators because they often would know creators in their social circles or hang out with other open minded individuals who also have OnlyFans accounts.

2. Older Single Men

This is a group of people from 30-49 who identify as male and are considered middle aged. This group typically has a lot more disposable income because they are firmly in a career. The fact that they are still single at this older age and never having been married could mean they are a lot more mindful of expenses. While this group would seem ideal for OnlyFans usage, you would likely see these kind of men more likely at strip clubs or golf outings than on OnlyFans pages. These men also grew up in a time where Playboy Magazine and the Spice Channel existed. This means that they are not as interested in interactive virtual girlfriends and likely find the idea of virtual anything to be a little silly. While these men have a good amount of income they are likely going to spend it on real life dating in hopes of attracting a partner.

3. Divorced Men

A divorced man can be of any age group from 18-99 and they could be divorced only once or many times. As they are divorced their disposable income has decreased because they are often spending a lot of it on alimony or child support payments. This does not mean that they are good with their money or making decisions about partners and the opposite sex. Especially in the time after a divorce or during separation they are going to be looking for a lot of ‘escape’ from their current situation. These types of men will make a lot of poor decisions in the short term and the dating industry relies on these types of men to pay for dating services that others use for free. OnlyFans is a good place for divorced men to find comfort and solace if only for the short term in OnlyFans pages and buying subscriptions. This is a prime group when it comes to spending money on OnlyFans.

4. Married Men

A married man is anyone who is currently in a committed relationship and this can be directly through marriage or in a very long term committed relationship. While many would consider subscribing to certain OnlyFans pages as cheating on ones spouse, others do not. So you will have some married men who are given a ‘hall pass’ when it comes to OnlyFans because it is simply virtual fun and not real. But for those who are not allowed to go on OnlyFans it acts as a lure which will drive even more men to decide to subscribe. Married men typically have a good amount of money and slight disposable income due to being desirable enough by their mate to have married them. This is typically because they are seen as good providers. So married men will have a good amount of money to spend on the site if they are lured to the site either in secret or because they are in a unhappy relationship.

5. Older Retired Men

One group that tends to be overlooked is that of the Older Retired Man. This is a person who is either still married or has lost their spouse either through death or separation. Older retired men can be anywhere from 50 years old or older. While many of them are not native to the Internet they have used it in some way over the years and are familiar with how to navigate it enough to play games and look at online content. This group while not as interested in the ‘online virtual relationship’ aspect of OnlyFans will appreciate the content that they can get on the site. They also prefer to remain generally anonymous and not promote that they are looking at people much younger than themselves on the site. This group is going to subscribe and not ask for much else from their OnlyFans experience. If you can find a good group of older subscribers you will find them to be an easy group to please and very loyal.

6. Women

Another group that is under-served but interested in OnlyFans content is women. Women can subscribe to OnlyFans pages for a number of reasons. They might do so because they are attracted to the visual content that is produced on the site either by women or men. They may subscribe as well to support content creation and the empowerment of sex positiveness. Women also have the same desires as men for connection and erotic content. While it doesn’t make sense typically to gear your whole campaign towards women as they are a small group compared to men when it comes to subscribers it is important to remember that women also subscribe to OnlyFans pages for a number of reasons.

So What Do Single Young Men Want from an OnlyFans Page?

Single young men are the audience that most people think of as the people most likely to consume OnlyFans content. As young men are the most native to being online or on their phones for both work and play it is a natural fit for them to also be interested in OnlyFans Pages. This group can be only interested in visual gratification (i.e. pictures and videos to consume quickly) or may want a deeper connection with their OnlyFans creator. Typically though you can assume based on age that a creator will be treated with God like status from this age group then from other demographics. This is the same group of men that in the 1970s through 1990s would hang centerfolds or half naked women posters on their walls. To this age group and class many of these women are highly unattainable. They don’t have the wealth, looks or status yet to attract a person of high attractiveness or life experience. Thus they are buying their way in to previewing such a person for a fee on OnlyFans. So when you look to attract this kind of audience keep that in mind that you want to appeal to their desires of someone highly unattainable. You want to make sure that all of your content is top notch and that you picture poses appeal to the younger male gaze, typically with you on top and them on the bottom. You want to drip feed content to this audience so that they are always wanting a bit more from you. Typically if a male in this age group transfixes on you they will not likely get sick of your content anymore than someone would get sick of worshiping a Goddess. Your attention refuels them and helps them continue on with their existence. So Young Single Men typically want the fantasy of interacting with someone attractive and experienced, if you line your content up with this kind of experience you will be able to keep this demographic coming back for more for a very long time.

So What Do Older Single Men Want from an OnlyFans Page?

Older single men are more mature and typically are not as easily impressed as their younger counterparts. This means that they are unlikely to put OnlyFans creators on as high of a pedestal and instead are going to be looking for a return on the investment they put in. This group will be looking not only for value but also for the amount of dedication to content creation coming from their favorite OnlyFans creator. This group is the type that shops at nicer stores, eats at better restaurants and looks for quality over quantity in a lot of things they do. So they are going to be looking for a content creator that creates a good amount of quality content and does so consistently. While they are not going to be needy about your time, they are going to want to see a good amount of interaction with fans. This will show them that you are someone who is going to continue to have an OnlyFans page month after month. What this group wants more than anything is stability as they have been single for a long time and likely have had many failed relationships. This group does not want to see that as well in their OnlyFans creators, they don’t want something that will start off hot and heavy an then completely disappear. So the best way to attract and keep this kind of client is to be the kind of OnlyFans creator who has a good amount of content already on your page and is consistent with creating new content and interacting with your fans.

So What Do Divorced Men Want from an OnlyFans Page?

Divorce and Separation are a very difficult time for men and for women. Studies show that the majority of divorces are instigated by women which puts men oftentimes in a position of losing love and intimacy without knowing what to do to replace it. Divorced men are thus in a unique position when it comes to their interest in OnlyFans pages. There interest might be short lived while they pull the pieces of both their personal life and their romantic lives back together. They may also be in a position of desperation to fill a void that they have been left with which could lead them to make impulsive financial decisions in the short term. This is good news for OnlyFans creators because many will subscribe to a lot of different OnlyFans pages in hopes to interact or just view the content that is provided there. They might not be as discerning as other subscribers and they will likely tip much higher in order to get the attention that they are currently lacking at home. So as an OnlyFans creator the best way to approach Divorced and Separated men is to provide the fantasy partner that they are lacking at the moment. This will likely be the time when they will be ‘shopping’ for particular niches or even looking for a creator that looks or reminds them of the partner they just broke up with. You an OnlyFans creator may feel more like a counselor when talking to them than as an Idolized goddess but that is what this group of men need. So overall the best way to attract and retain this type of client is to promote yourself as much as possible so you will be seen by them when they are in an impulsive mood to spend a lot of money

So What Do Married Men Want from an OnlyFans Page?

Many content creators would like to think that married men aren’t the ones fattening their pockets on OnlyFans for moral reasons but in fact many of them are. Married men are in a unique position because they either have accepting partners who are fine with them looking at OnlyFans pages or they do not. Either way they are likely going to partake in online content in some way behind their partners back. There are many men who have happy marriages who just simply will subscribe to OnlyFans pages for the fantasy aspect of it or because it is risque and exciting. Typically these men will subscribe to one or two of their favorites creators and leave it at that. For married men who might be deeply unhappy in their marriages or have spouses that treat them badly or even cheat on them, OnlyFans is a decent alternative and escape from this reality. You would see a married man in this circumstance act more like a Young single man and subscribe to many different OnlyFans pages and tip in order to get as much attention as they can from their favorite models on the site. People who are unhappy in relationships tend to look for anything to help alleviate the pain of them especially if there are reasons they cannot get out of the relationships (kids or familial obligations etc.).  So in order to attract married men to subscribe to your page you’ll typically want to appeal to them the same way you would young men, that is give them impulsive based content to purchase and make your page a pay to play area that rewards high tippers and those fans that pay the most attention to you. While morally it may be wrong for men to subscribe to OnlyFans pages when married in some cases, it is not up to you as a creator to police their actions. You are fulfilling a helpful role in many cases as there is a big difference between virtual content and actual real life physical cheating.

So What Do Older Retired Men Want from an OnlyFans Page?

Older retired men are a group often forgotten about when it comes to OnlyFans promotion and marketing because they do not typically exist in the same areas of Social Media that you might find their younger counterparts. But this is a group that has a good amount of expendable income each month due to retirement funds and social security. While that might not sound like a good way to spend your older years to you, many older people have disabilities that prevent them from socializing in the real world the same way you might be able to as a younger person.  So it’s best not to discount this group when it comes to who you want subscribing and following you on OnlyFans. Typically this group is going to desire the least amount of interaction of anyone because they are used to consuming content in an older way. This is a group that would have had to go into an Adult Movie Theater in the 1960s and 1970s just to see what is available 24/7 now online. So they are not going to be looking to interact with your content as much as to consume as much of it as possible. Most older men don’t have the unfounded fantasies of younger men in that they won’t be trying to date you in real life or fall in love. This group is just going to want to see content that reminds them of what they liked in their earlier years. Many of these men are also open to older content creators. As I’ve talked about before many of the most popular OnlyFans creators are quite young at 18 or 19 years old. While some older men might be into that age group they are also more open to creators in their 30s and 40s as well. So the best way to attract this group is to provide consistent content and typically a lot of it for them to consume on a regular basis.

So What Do Women Want from an OnlyFans Page?

While the most attention is paid to getting men to subscribe to OnlyFans pages there are also women who subscribe as well for a myriad of reasons. There are certainly women who subscribe to men’s pages on OnlyFans the same way the opposite sex does. There are certainly a lot of attractive men both gay, bi and straight who post on OnlyFans for women to subscribe to and enjoy their content. Then there are obviously lesbian and bi women who would subscribe to female OnlyFans pages as well. Many older professional women have the same kind of disposable income that their male counterparts do. As more and more women have high incomes from their own careers and success they also need the kind of stress relief that a site like OnlyFans can provide. There are also going to be creators who are going to subscribe to your pages either because they enjoy your content or are looking for ideas on how you are succeeding on the platform. The best way to attract and keep female subscribers is to provide consistent high quality content on a regular basis. If you are interested in women and you are female you want to make sure to state that somewhere in your profile so that other women won’t be too intimidated to contact you for custom content or you talk to you. The more interaction you have with someone the more likely they are to tip and stay loyal to your page. So make sure you let women know they are welcome on your page and you encourage their participation and attention.

So What Do OnlyFans Subscribers Want?

This might be the first time you really thought about the different types of OnlyFans subscribers and how they each come with their own different wants and needs. Obviously there are always exceptions to the rules I’ve mentioned, for example you can have a very mature young single man who wants long intellectual conversations over a vintage wine, but typically as mentioned this group will want attention and lots of it if they subscribe to your page. It’s important to know who you are likely to attract based on your own characteristics and if you are attracting the wrong types of subscribers to your page you will want to make the changes needed to move your content and page in a different direction. Overall most OnlyFans subscribers want consistent content and a creator who is somewhat available to them. Obviously just creating content can be tiring enough when you likely have other jobs and responsibilities in life but if you want to succeed on the platform you will take the time to target the demographic that fits best with your page and try to give them exactly what they want.

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