How to Get OnlyFans Subscribers – 25 Ways to Gain Subs Now

The Art of Gaining OnlyFans Subs in a Competitive Market

OnlyFans How To Guides – How to Get OnlyFans Subscribers: Last Updated: June 8, 2021 Reading Time: 15 Minutes

How to Get More OnlyFans Subscribers

Whether you have been promoting your OnlyFans for Years or only a few weeks the fundamentals of success on OnlyFans is the same. As I described on the 100th Episode of the OnlyFans Secrets Podcast there are base fundamentals to OnlyFans Success.

The issue is that there is no one way to gain OnlyFans subscribers but a myriad of different techniques that all are effective. I am going to break down the key components to gaining fans on OnlyFans.

OnlyFans is a FAN Site and Not an Adult Site.

Many new content creators and some more experienced creators sometimes forget the core purpose of OnlyFans. It is not a site dedicated to any one concept except for the concept of ‘FANS”. Think about that for a moment, there are many sites that are online that sell Adult Content or Promote pictures of Models but have any of them taken off like OnlyFans? The answer is no, because OnlyFans subscribers are subbing because they like the person whom they are subscribing to. That person is providing unique content that they enjoy and want to subscribe to every month. If they just wanted pictures and videos they could do a simple Google search and find millions of them. I will let an OnlyFans skeptic speak to this point.

You could look at dirty pictures all day every day for the rest of your life and still never see them all, so I don’t understand why people subscribe to OnlyFans Pages.

Joker, The Better Bachelor YouTube Channel

Keep in mind that this is what people think OnlyFans is, not what it actually is. If you believe that you can gain fans on OnlyFans by competing with the millions of adult images and videos that are FREE online you are never going to gain new subscribers. They are not buying Adult images, they are buying YOU.

2. Think like a Stripper, not like an Adult Star

Why do men typically go into strip clubs? The answer is usually because they are going to a bachelor party, or they want to hang out with a few guy friends and drink beers and look at beautiful women. But that’s not the end of it, the real question to ask is Why do men go back to strip clubs? Do you know when an exotic dancer makes a lot of money, when she is able to get regulars who come in and see her again and again. Now think of OnlyFans as a virtual strip club and it starts to make more sense. You can go into a strip club and see a downright gorgeous woman who is not making very much money and quits after a week. Meanwhile a woman who has more standard looks is absolutely cleaning up day after day. She is making that money because she figured out a while ago that the people she can make real money from are buying ‘connection’ not nudity. If you want to increase your subscribers you want to increase the number of people viewing your OnlyFans that connect with you in some way. An Adult star makes money up front from a video shoot, then that video is distributed and money is made. Whether that video does well or not is not the concern of the Adult star because she already got paid. For many people they think of OnlyFans the same way, that they make content, put it out on the site and wait for the money to roll in. The issue is that you are not an Adult Star just because you are on OnlyFans, and you are really no one unless your Fans make you someone.

3. Don’t Neglect Your Social Media

I’m sure you’ve heard the concept of organic growth before. Or in other words would you rather eat a tomato grown naturally or with a ton of artificial pesticides? Think of trying to get people to notice your OnlyFans without growing your Social Media like buying unnaturally red tomatoes. If you work hard on your Social Media channels and are interactive there than people will be more likely to subscribe to your OnlyFans. There is a number of reasons for this that go beyond just the amount of views you get on these channels. Sure you get the benefit of being seen and adding followers to your channels if you post consistently and interact. But remember that you are selling a Fan Club subscription basically to someone and if they see you are popular on Social Media, they will be more likely to want to be in that club. When you jump on Facebook Groups and you are looking for a group on Vegan Cooking, do you join the group that has 2 members or the one that has 20 thousand? Of course you join the one that has 20K, and why do you do that because Social Proof is powerful. There must be something about that group that got it to 20K and you also want to be somewhere everyone else is. If your Social Media pages are dead, if you don’t work them, it lets people know you likely won’t post much on OnlyFans and its a signal that you really aren’t that worthy of being a fan of.

4. Don’t Defeat Yourself

Remember in middle school when a certain group of guys and girls were on the dance floor and the majority were sitting on the chairs or around the drink table unwilling to go out and ask someone for a dance? While most of us were those kids who were too intimidated to jump out on the dance floor, you are not that kid anymore. If you don’t actually go out and do something to gain fans, you won’t. You have to look at OnlyFans as a war, a war over the same people and one you are going to win. If someone you wanted to dance with is dancing with another guy or girl, go tap on their shoulder or wait until the dance is over and jump in. There is a saying ‘it’s not personal, it’s just business‘ and it’s this fact that you need to understand to get more subscribers. You want to tell yourself that your page is the best one out there and that the person who is subscribing right now to other pages needs to sub to your page. How will they know you are a great dancer if you aren’t tapping them on the shoulder? You need to tap a lot of shoulders to be successful on OnlyFans and that means getting rejected for a lot of dances. Again, that’s not personal, it’s just business and you can’t defeat yourself by being too hard on yourself about rejection.

How To Get Subs on OnlyFans Daily Task List

  1. Choose Your Best Pictures and Videos for Promotion the Next Day
  2. Schedule As Much of your Promotion Content for Posting the Next Day
  3. Respond to comments and likes from the previous days posts
  4. Research New Post ideas for the next day
  5. Look for those responding on Social Media to Similar Creators
  6. . Send Freebies, not just a link daily
  7. Respond to your DM’s
  8. Check out the Activity on Your Free OnlyFans Page
  9. Respond to comments and likes from today’s posts
  10. Create New Content

How to Gain Subscribers on OnlyFans

Where are they hiding? In Plain Sight.

Top 10 Places Your Next OnlyFans Subscribers are Hiding

  1. In Your DMs – Besides the obvious spam, what person is most motivated to get to know you and become a fan of yours if not someone who boldly reaches you to in your Direct Messages. I hear a lot about how DM’s are a wate of time, which is good for you if you realize thats not true. I have established a 3 minute conversation rule (you give someone 3 minutes and then politely let them know you are off to work, school, babysitting etc and won’t be able to talk the rest of the day and politely drop your OnlyFans link). Do you not have 3 minutes for a potential subscriber? If someone pushes you past the point at which you’ve said you need to go, then you can always block them.
  2. In Your comments – After Direct Messages the next most bold group of possibly interested subscribers are the people who comment on your posts. I know what you’re going to say here, the majority of the comments are lewd or crazy thirsty people. That may be true, but you should be able to weed those people out quickly, the ones who just comment on everyone’s pictures. You want to go ahead and deep dive into their profile as well to really figure out who you are dealing with. I advise not commenting back to their comment always but going onto their profile and commenting about something they posted. That will show interest and begin to build connection and remember OnlyFans is about connection.
  3. Liking Your posts – It’s hard to keep track of these people because you end up getting so many likes on a post, some of them can be from fellow creators as well. So why do I say this group is rich with potential subscribers? Mainly because there will be several people who will never be bold enough to DM or comment but will LIKE every post you make daily. The only way to spot them is to actually look at your posts on a daily basis. Eventually a pattern will emerge and you’ll note a few super fans who like everything you do. Why not send them a free trial link to thank them for being a Fan! You can also comment on their posts as well which could draw them into a conversation.
  4. Liking Similar Creators Posts – As I’ve mentioned before, competitors in your niche are rich with opportunity on Social Media. The Super Fans of creators with high OnlyFans subscriber counts don’t stop liking and engaging with their Social Media just because they subscribed to their OnlyFans page. So these people are still out there for you to easily see across all of Social Media. If they are interested in your niche, again let them know you exist with a comments, DM or a free trial link. Let them know why you wrote them though so they don’t feel like it’s just spam.
  5. Behind a Hashtag You are Ignoring – One thing is nice about Social Media, for those who aren’t advertising the hashtag is the calling card or flag people put up in their posts to let people know what they are all about. Since non advertisers aren’t concerned about crazy Social Media Bans like you might be , they hashtag endlessly. When they do so they reveal what they are into in their posts. If you have a niche on OnlyFans (which you should) you want to create a list of 10 hashtags your potential fans would be posting. This doesn’t mean create posts with those hashtags in them. It means ‘searching’ those hash tags daily for new people to follow and interact with. No only will you potentially gain a follower, you could gain a like minded soul as well.
  6. . On a Social Media Channel You Haven’t Explored Yet – New Social Media Channels are popping up daily and some won’t look like a Social Media channel at first. They might just look like an app or a community site but they are constantly evolving on a daily or weekly basis. This isn’t meant to overwhelm you but you inspire you to not see a limited pond of opportunity but a whole ocean. There are also bigger social media channels that might evolve on their perceptions of OnlyFans that gives you new opportunities and a reason to revisit them. If you’ve hit a dead end with your Marketing start exploring what’s hot now and you may find an opportunity that no one else has tapped into yet.
  7. Watching Your Videos Without Knowing You Have an OnlyFans – If you are on TikTok, YouTube or just posting clever videos online likely someone is consuming that content each day. Chances are they don’t know you have any OnlyFans page because of a lot of the restrictions on video type sites. Make sure that when you make videos you embed a URL line for a links pages that you have like linktree or All my links. You can do this easily by just having it as a small image in the bottom right corner. Something like ‘Find me on linktree @yourname’ can go a long way because people will go to the ends of the Earth to find your info if they are ‘into’ the content you produce.
  8. Crushing on You in Secret – This is one of the hardest type of fans to secure because they will do everything they can not to reveal themselves to you. They are going to be lurkers, those who read and watch things you post but never reach out. How can you draw these people out that are basically secret super fans? I recommend making an offer ‘They can’t refuse’, something along the lines of ‘I’ve created exclusive content for my crushes and I’m only sending it via DM to all those who like this post’. You want to make sure that they have to do the least possible to get more of you. Don’t let this type of potential subscriber go under served since if you can get them on your OnlyFans Page they will become one of your biggest spenders.
  9. Subscribing to a Cheaper Page – Everyone is generally cheap or broke, or both. Rich people are usually rich because they are frugal (the rich way of saying ‘cheap’) or don’t overspend, people of moderate means have to ‘watch every penny’ and broke people aren’t typically broke they just overspend. So when someone says, don’t mess with that person they are ‘broke’, they usually are because they spent all their money. So every one of those groups is a potential buyer of your OnlyFans page. They might even be subscribed to a creator who is similar to you in niche but is cheaper. Ideally this is the group you want to offer free trials to, because they are going to subscribe to someone afterwards, so the logic would be you want to get them to switch to subscribing to you.
  10. Subscribing to a More Expensive Page – As I went over in my OnyFans Secrets episode “Why You Should be Charging More for Your OnlyFans Subscription‘ people feel better about spending more on something and feel by doing so that it has more value. So you could have a potential subscriber who feels your OnlyFans page is actually too inexpensive and thus must not be of high enough quality for them to subscribe to. If you have established yourself as someone who is producing quality content it may be time to look at the price of your OnlyFans page and determine if it is high enough. People might be assuming that they aren’t going to be getting the same quality from a competitor when you in fact have a much better page for potential subscribers.

How Do you Get Subscribers on OnlyFans? By Retaining Your Current Subscribers

How to Retain OnlyFan Subscribers

You have to remember that you won’t need to gain as many new subs if you are able to keep the subs you currently have. Retention of OnlyFans Subscribers is key to any long term success on the site. As it is always easier to keep an existing subscriber than to get a new one.

  1. Don’t Forget TLC – TLC stands for Tender Loving Care and it can mean the world to keeping your current subscribers happy and retained. It doesn’t always mean individual attention as you may be uncomfortable about that for a number of reasons. What it does mean is that you want your subscribers to feel cared for beyond just a business relationship. Many of the top brands in the world understand this from Apple to Starbucks. There are a lot cheaper version of a smartphone and coffee but people continue to buy from those companies because of how the brand makes them feel. Make sure that your fans feel the same way about your brand, the brand of you.
  2. Give Freebies – I’ll tell you one thing, I still love McDonalds even though I don’t love their food. Why do I? Well because when I was a kid you could get a happy meal and it came with Free Toys! So when I was a kid I asked to go to McDonalds instead of Burger King. Do I enjoy Burger King burgers more, absolutely, they are flame broiled but they didn’t have the freebies I wanted. In the same way you should be constantly looking to give your fans ‘free things’. Was the happy meal toy probably baked into the cost of the product, likely it was but it felt free to me and that’s what matters. 
  3. Engage One on One – While this may be difficult for some content creators to do on a daily basis, the more one on one interaction you have with fans the more likely they are to stick around for the long term. I’ve said quite a few times that what you aren’t willing to do on your page to interact, someone else will and they will steal your fan right away from you. The only real difference between your page and someone else’s page is how you and your page make the subscriber feel. Part of your task as an OnlyFans creator is to elicit those feelings better than your competitors can.
  4. Go Live – It can be hard to find time to go Live on OnlyFans on a busy day or week but I feel this really sets dedicated creators apart from those who see OnlyFans as a part time gig. Using Live features are also great for your bottom line as well since you get tips from your time online. If you reward your best fans with a Live Show once a month it creates a great sense of community that is hard to match otherwise. It will also make it less likely for subscribers to leave because they will be interested in what you are going to do on your next live show. This kind of live show is also exclusive to OnlyFans since it’s one of the only platforms where ‘anything can happen’
  5. Offer Custom Content – Obviously creating custom content can take a lot of effort and be time consuming. It also sets you apart from other creators because your subscriber will know he or she can get custom content through you exclusively on OnlyFans. Any area where you can offer something the subscriber can’t get anywhere else will help you in keeping them engaged and on your OnlyFans account. This also helps with making your page feel more personalized to that particular subscriber. Once you’ve made custom content for someone they are likely to remember you fondly or above others who they’ve only seen general content from.
  1. . Comment on Your Subs Social Media – Taking things outside of OnlyFans isn’t for everyone, but most of your subscribers have their own Social Media as well. Interacting there can sometimes establish your connection with a potential subscriber a lot more than just being on OnlyFans. You should always use Social Media created just for your OnlyFans work and not your personal social media accounts to do so.  By showing interest in your subscribers beyond just the site itself, it shows a real interest and dedication to your work and their experiences with you. This kind of rapport can keep the subscription set to auto renew for a long time.
  2. Send Surprise DM’s – Sending out exclusive DM’s especially with pictures and videos in it can really help you keep your subscribers happy. This is another place where you can both establish greater connections and show appreciation for them as a subscriber. You may also want to personalize the DM itself by including their username or information you know about them based on their tipping habits.
  3. Celebrate Occasions – Don’t forget that subscribers want to be appreciated for the time they’ve spent with you. If someone has subscribed for over a year, send them a thank you DM or a freebie. If you notice they have something special going on in their life, congratulate them on it. Also making your page festive based on Holidays or seasons is also a good idea because it shows that you are committed and keeping your content fresh and updated.
  4. Make Sure Subs Know What’s Coming Next Month – Who wants to miss out on something that’s just around the corner? Make sure that your subscribers are aware of what content is coming in the next month. If you alert them that they will be seeing some exciting content coming up they are unlikely to decide now is the time to unsubscribe. Make sure its always something they haven’t seen before or generally get excited about. If you have historical tip records try to align it with the content that has gotten the most tips in the past.
  5. Make Your Page Fun and Exciting – Don’t forget that you are in the business of entertaining people. If your page has become a bore or worse yet a giant poster board for your ego, you can be sure subscribers are going to start leaving in droves. Make sure your page is fun, exciting for your subscribers month after month. Yes it is of course going to be hard work to come up with new and interesting ideas for your site but that’s part of the job and it will make you a much better content creator because of it.

The Key To Getting More OnlyFans Subscribers

In the end, getting more OnlyFans subscribers comes down to your dedication to making yourself more known on Social and Marketing Channels. Then capitalizing on your brand recognition to provide quality content and engagement on both your OnlyFans Page and Social Media. Once you have subscribers you don’t want to take them for granted, you want to provide a fun, exciting and rewarding experience for them. This will allow you to increase OnlyFans subscriber retention and increase your overall number of paying subs.

Of course if you need help gaining more subscribers and followers you can check out our Guide to OnlyFans Promotion as well as reach out to me directly @OnlyFansHero on Twitter or email

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