How to Successfully Setup Your OnlyFans Sales Funnel

Setting up an effective OnlyFans Sales Funnel can help drive more traffic and sales to your page

OnlyFans Success Guide – Setting Up Your Sales Funnel – Last Updated: January 15, 2022 Reading Time: 15 Minutes

I have discussed many times that ideally OnlyFans should act as the last stop for your Marketing and Social Media Promotion efforts. But how do you setup your OnlyFans sales funnel in the most effective way? I am going to discuss the types of sales funnels that you can setup as well as the ideal way to create effective sales funnels for OnlyFans.

Why Setting Up a Sales Funnel is Important

Sales Funnels help you organize your profitability by leading your potential buyers down the rabbit hole you wish them to take. If you don’t create a sales funnel then they are more likely to veer off the path and never give you any of their money. Here are several advantages to setting up a sales funnel.

Focuses Your Revenue Stream to the Highest Profit Areas

Without a Sales Funnel you can imagine a scenario where potential clients are finding your brand online and then ending up at several different end points, some of which are profitable and others that are not. Think of it like a maze you would draw in class when you were bored that would have one entrance and one exit and a lot of dead ends along the way. You don’t want to get potential buyers in a maze and lead them to a dead end. They may just give up and never come back. With a Sales Funnel you can build one maze but with zero dead ends and an exit that always leads them to your OnlyFans page or other profit center. Sales Funnels also allow you to send 100% of your clients to the same most profitable web site which will in turn maximize your profits.

Makes every post you post everywhere important

The daily grind of Social Media posts and OnlyFans promotion can sometimes seem endless. Especially if you don’t see a cohesive connection between what you are posting on some sites and apps. How can a post on TikTok help when it’s just of you talking about my favorite cosmetics you might think to yourself and eventually just abandon the platform. But with a Sales Funnel you know that all your effort on TikTok are part of a greater strategy to get people into your funnel and towards the end goal. So when you post on Facebook or Instagram or even a new social media platform with not a ton of followers yet, as long as you work them into your sales funnel you will know that even the smallest posts can have a huge impact and make you more money in the long term.

Allows you to switch out the end of your funnel as needed

As you know if you’ve been in the content creation industry for a while, rules change and so do companies and their terms of service. One day a company could be a great place to post content and get a lot of great feedback and a few months later the site could be dead or have brand new rules that prevent you from posting the kind of content you were succeeding with. This means you’d have to switch your content over to another site, platform or app, but what if you had made everything contingent on that one site to succeed? You’d now be looking at starting back over from scratch. That is not the case if you build a sales funnel because you can pretty easily switch out the site you want to lead everyone to at the end of your funnel. This gives you a lot of flexibility to move to platforms that offer the most flexibility and the highest profit. With a sales funnel you don’t have to worry about constantly starting from scratch or having the rug pulled out from under you by a big company and their arbitrary new rules.

Makes SFW sites an ally and not an enemy

Most OnlyFans creators are creating NSFW content on a regular basis while most major social media sites with very large audiences try to be as SFW as possible so as to make the most money and attract the most sponsors themselves. This means that in many ways SFW platforms like Instagram and Facebook can feel like the enemy at times as they limit the kind of content and promotion you can do on their platforms. This is not the case if you look at these kinds of sites as allies in driving people along a path from your SFW content to your more racier OnlyFans content. Each of these bigger Social Media sites audiences are now part of your greater strategy to drive traffic into your funnel and eventually out the other end to your paid content pages.

Keeps Your Marketing Efforts organized and focused

When you build a Sales Funnel you are creating a system for success. This system needs to be organized and focused in order to succeed. If any one part of the funnel is weak or broken it could stop your sales flow and hurt your bottom line. This means that you will need to get serious about organizing yourself with a Social Media, Content and Work Calendar to make sure that your sales are not affected. By building your Sales funnel piece by piece you will also be able to tell those areas that are the most effective at driving positive traffic into the funnel and those areas that might be a waste of time. This means you are going to be highly focused on those areas that provide the most conversion and performance. Many times your Marketing can feel haphazard and all over the place when trying to build up your online brand and success. You’ll be able to tell if your efforts are paying off because you’ll be able to measure the results at the end of your funnel each month. You can even add new sites to your funnel to see if they improve your sales and subscribers. This in turn will help you create an effective and viable marketing campaign for your OnlyFans page.

How a Sales Funnel Works

For those of you who followed my podcast and article on building a Thirst Trap for TikTok you may remember I discussed the need for a sales funnel in regards to TikTok because it is a SFW platform and thus you need to move your fans from that site to your intended profitable site. That is the essential nature of a funnel to move your fans from a platform that might have low profit potential to one like OnlyFans that has the potential for high profit. 

How to SetUp a Sales Funnel

In order to create a sales funnel you have to identify the core elements that will go into the funnel. You need a starting point as well as an intended end point and one or even several paths along the way depending on your goals.

  1. Identify Your Starting Point

Your starting point should be a site with a heavy amount of traffic or where a good amount of your fans congregate. As mentioned this is typically a SWF platform that might not be friendly to OnlyFans or content that you make on that site. Depending on the rules of that site you may need a secondary funnel page to send your fans to or you may not. Keep that in mind when choosing the start of your funnel. Remember that the least amount of steps possible to your OnlyFans page is ideal.

  1. Secondary Gateway Page

Depending on start of your funnel you may not be able to send people directly to your OnlyFans page. This is where a secondary gateway page becomes handy. For those not familiar with sites like Linktree or AllMyLinks, they act as places where you can place all of the links you have across the web in one location. What is good about pages like this is that they are not banned by SWF Social Media sites typically. Since to those sites they are just lists of links and don’t contain any adult material on them. These act as great bridge pages for your sales funnel and you should use these wisely. There is nothing that says you have to list tons of links on these pages (you can just list one.. Your OnlyFans page) or that you can only have one of these pages (You can make several and customize them as needed)

  1. Identify Your End Goal Page

While for most creators this is going to be your OnlyFans page, for others this might be another content site that you sell on as well. But even more so this should be the page that is most likely to convert for you as far as sales are concerned. If you are a newer creator it might make sense to funnel people to a Free OnlyFans page at this point where you sell custom content. If you are a more established creator then it may make sense to send people directly to an OnlyFans Paywall subscription page. Make sure to follow your own sales funnel as well after you set it up to go through the same steps your fans do and make sure that they are being sent to the final goal page that is most likely to have fans take action. If all you do is post bikini pictures on Instagram there should be some correlation between that and your OnlyFans page. If they hit your final Goal page and don’t see your face or bikini pictures they may just click back not being sure they are going to get what they want. Be as clear as possible about what is contained on your OnlyFans page in the description on the page that OnlyFans provides. These simple conversion strategies on your End Goal Page will make a huge difference when it comes to sales.

How to use a Sales Funnel to Make More Money on OnlyFans

So now that you understand the benefits of having a sales funnel, how can you use it to make more money on your OnlyFans? Ideally in every situation you’d be able to just send someone your OnlyFans link and they’d know exactly what it means. But if you really think about it your OnlyFans link unto itself doesn’t help you sell anything. It doesn’t tell anyone what you look like, how much your subscription price is, how much content they get when they subscribe, if you provide PPV or not, etc. So every time you send someone your OnlyFans links its a crap shoot on whether they will click on it at all. I’ve gone over before making your OnlyFans landing page as conversion friendly as possible but what if they never even bother to click on the link? What would make someone click on your OnlyFans link and be ready to buy as soon as they get there? A well constructed sales process does and that can be done with a good sales funnel. Let your sales funnel establish everything you want a potential client to know before they even get to your OnlyFans page. You can help them answer a few important questions before they hit your page namely  1. Does this person have additional pictures and content I’m missing out on? 2. How much would I need to pay to see this additional content?  3. Is this offer only good for a limited time?  You see where the possibilities are endless when it comes to a sales funnel to move your fans from non paying ones to paying ones and thus increasing your profit monthly.

The Benefits of Buying a Domain Name for Your Sales Funnel

I would like to go over one thing that I feel is very cost effective and can really help with your sales funnel and that is a vanity domain for your brand. Now I know a lot of you might be thinking that you don’t want to have to run a website or deal with anything like that on a monthly basis because you are not super tech savvy. Well a domain is not a website, its simply a name you can buy to re-direct people to wherever you want them to go. What I mean is that you could buy a vanity domain and have it go directly to your OnlyFans page if you so chose. But for the purpose of a sales funnel you’ll want to use something like LinkTree or AllMyLinks page. What’s great about this is that almost all Domain operators will allow you to re-direct to one of these pages for free. Most domains have a yearly cost of $6-10 dollars these days as long as they are a .com name. That’s very cheap marketing to have your own custom domain and you can utilize it in your sales funnel in so many unique and clever ways. As long as you avoid utilizing any adult pictures on these pages you can also use this custom domain on all SFW Social Media. I highly recommend this as a smart cheap investment for your Marketing efforts. 

What are the different types of Sales Funnels You can setup?

There are obviously an endless amount of sales funnels that you could setup for your OnlyFans but I am going to try to go over ones that are most effective.

The Reddit Sales Funnel

Most of your traffic from Reddit is going to come from your Profile Page. I’ve reviewed before how to create a sticky post at the top of your profile with your links as Reddit does not allow hypertext links in your actual profile description. Ideally your funnel would look like this:

Reddit ->  Custom Domain/LinkTree  -> OnlyFans Page

But could also look like this:

Reddit -> OnlyFans Page

The Instagram Sales Funnel

Instagram is another popular site that is strictly SFW. Many creators have the experience of losing their Instagram page completely for placing an OnlyFans link on it or the wrong image. Good luck every getting a hold of anyone at Facebook to get it back if that happens. While you can use your OnlyFans page as a link in your profile you have to keep the content SFW on your landing page as well which decreases its effectiveness as a sales page which isn’t worth it. So your sales funnel for Instagram should look like this:

Instagram -> Custom Domain/LinkTree  -> OnlyFans Page

The Tiktok Sales Funnel

Tiktok has a huge amount of traffic and if you are going to be popular on the platform you need a way to get people effectively to your OnlyFans page without ever mentioning the site. In most cases you can utilize an AllMyLinks/Linktree kind of page to let people know about all the links that you have. So your sales funnel for TikTok should look like this:

Tiktok  -> Custom Domain/LinkTree  -> OnlyFans Page

The Twitter Sales Funnel

Twitter is one of my favorite places for OnlyFans promotion because it allows for NSFW content behind a sensitivity wall which makes it easy for people to decide as grown adults what content they want to see. This means that your sales funnel on Twitter can be very direct or send people to a sales driven custom page. So you have two options for sales funnels on Twitter.

Twitter -> Custom Domain  -> OnlyFans Page

It also work like this:

Twitter -> OnlyFans Page

The Facebook Sales Funnel

Facebook sadly is still a very used and popular site despite all of its obvious problems over the last few years. Facebook is also very public and tied to everything you do so if you do decide to promote your OnlyFans page in any way on here expect everyone you know to know about it as well. Facebooks’ rules are obviously very similar to Instagrams in that you can use links as long as they don’t take people to anything that is considered sensitive material. So your Facebook Sales Funnel should look like this.

Facebook -> Custom Domain/LinkTree  -> OnlyFans Page

As I mentioned you have the option of directing a Custom Domain directly to a page on a site like Linktree or AllMyLinks. But there are strategies to making these pages optimal for use in your sales funnel. First you want to establish the role that these pages will have in your sales funnel. These pages might seem small but if you look at the page views for some major OnlyFans creators they sometimes have millions of views on their Links pages. So making sure these pages are effective in your sales process is key. So as far as use in your sales funnel you’ll want to look at the following strategies of optimizing these pages.

If you are only planning on having one Links page you’ll want to make sure that you organize this page properly. The end goal of your sales funnel should be the first link on your page. Think of your page like a search engine, the most clicks are going to go to the first result no matter what it might be. While a lot of time is spent on adding special colors, fonts or even pictures to certain links the real energy should be spent on ordering your links correctly. This means likely placing your OnlyFans link at the top. You will also want to consider whether your strategy is to drive more people to a free OnlyFans page. If this is the case then you’ll want to put that link at the top of the page.

One thing that can drive me nuts when I go to a links page is when there are like 20 sites on these pages. Who is going to dig through all of these links really? I mean it is impressive that you have niche pages for people to possibly view but it’s a lot more important to limit the number of links on the page so each one gets attention. There is a concept of ‘above the fold’ on websites that should be applied here as well. This means that all the links someone has to scroll down to see will likely get a lot less attention then those above the fold or before someone needs to scroll. This would be the same for a mobile phone user as a desktop computer user as well. Ideally you’d want to limit the number of links on the page to just the few people can see before having to scroll. If you have too many links for that then you should utilize the strategy I will mention shortly in that you’ll want to have several of these links type pages.

As I mentioned these links pages are 100% free unless you decide to upgrade them typically to get additional stats or features. For most OnlyFans creators though their page will be free. So why not just have a page just for your OnlyFans premium links or just for your OnlyFans page to begin with? You can just have one link or even link to your two different OnlyFans pages and even mention custom content on these pages. This is a great way to add a links page to your funnel without sidetracking people from moving along the sales process.

One thing you’ll want to do if you have a Links page and you want is to be effective in your sales funnel is to remove underperforming links. Many links pages seem to have been created one time and then forgotten about as you’ll see a graveyard of dead sites and dead links on them. This is taking away from your end goal of getting people to click on and subscribe to your premium content pages. The more clutter there is on your page the less likely people are to be able to find what they are looking for. So you’ll want to regularly clean out and update the links on your page to make sure you aren’t doing a lot of work to get people into your funnel and then letting them slip away by clicking on an outdated or unhelpful link.

Having Custom Pages for Different Social Media Sites

As you now understand that your links page is more than just a pretty page, but something that can make or break your sales funnel and success, you may now want to start customizing these pages themselves. How you decide to customize them is up to you but there is no reason you can’t have specific pages created for sites like Instagram or Tiktok. If someone is coming from Instagram you don’t really need a link to your Instagram on that page do you? So you can create a page customized with just your other Social Media they don’t know about and your paid social media as well. You can create one for your premium links or just your free Social Media links. Making custom out pages for specific sites will make your Sales Funnel an even more streamlined process.

So Is a Sales Funnel Important for your OnlyFans Business?

A Sales Funnel is likely one of the most important things that will determine the success or failure of your content creation business. While Sales Funnels don’t make sense for a lot of content creators (like a stand alone YouTuber or TikTok creator) because they are mainly just trying to build up an audience on that platform using that platform, it is a totally different game when it comes to OnlyFans. The reason is because you can barely use OnlyFans to become popular on OnlyFans. You have to use all the other sites and apps to grow your OnlyFans business. That means that you want to send a potential buyer on the trip you want them to go on and do the things you want them to do. The only way to control that process and make sure it is as effective as possible is to create a great sales funnel with as few leaks as possible along the way.

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