How to Make More Money with a Free OnlyFans Page

Creating a Free OnlyFans Page That Can Make You Money Without the Worry of Retaining Long Term Subscribers

OnlyFans How To Guides – How to Make Money with an OnlyFans Free Page : Last Updated: July 24, 2021 Reading Time: 15 Minutes

What if I told you that I feel the future of OnlyFans is the Free OnlyFans Page? Hear me out for a second before you scoff at this notion. All businesses go through phases and in the initial phase what is being offered is unique and special so people flock to the concept. Then you have mass acceptance of a concept and almost a flood of people trying to cash in on what was originally a unique idea. At this point the number of Free OnlyFans pages are slightly less than that of Paid Subscription OnlyFans pages. The way I see the future playing out is in reverse. The majority of OnlyFans pages will be Free. On those pages Creators will create large followings and offer PPV (Pay per view) content to their most die hard fans. There will still exist VIP pages but creators will have learned to maximize the potential of the mass audience to profit. 

Even if the future of OnlyFans doesn’t look exactly like as I’m predicting, it is obvious that it is harder to sell someone on something they have not seen before, namely what is behind your paywall. If you have a name already then it is a lot easier to get someone to subscribe to your page. But what about those who are brand new to the site? They are left with two not so pleasant options, one is to create a page with a subscription price that is low enough that people will say “well I’ll take a shot” or to give away most of what’s behind your paywall in content reveals just to get someone to see the value of paying a higher amount for your subscription. But what if there was a better way? What if you could have your cake and eat it too? What if you could prepare yourself for the high supply, lower demand OnlyFans pages of the future while still making a good amount of money? I say you can and it’s by building a Free OnlyFans Page Money Making Machine.

How to Setup a Free OnlyFans Page That Also Makes You Money

The great thing about a Free account on OnlyFans is that it is the default setting on the platform. Until you decide to add a subscription Price to your account it will be designated as $FREE in your settings. You don’t have to make any changes to the pricing structure on the page itself. What you do have to do is change your mindset behind how you set up your page as well as how you market the page.

How To Setup Your Free OnlyFans Page

Some forethought needs to go into setting up your Free OnlyFans page because you need it to be in line with your set goals. For most OnlyFans pages the goal is to get Subscribers to pay you for what is behind the Paywall Page. It becomes a lot less important to sell them with your OnlyFans home page and it becomes more important to sell them after they click on the ‘follow’ button. Since they will be ‘following’ you much like someone does on Instagram or TikTok for Free, you will need to highlight why they want to follow your page. You can follow some of the rules for optimizing your OnlyFans page to convert better as well. But the focus needs to be on enticing them to follow your page for free. You want to use some of the same techniques as far as highlighting in your Bio and Banner what will be on the page once they follow you. Keep in mind that you want to entice them as soon as they come onto the page to actually engage with it. 

How to Get Immediate Engagement on Your Free OnlyFans Page

1. Make Sure there is plenty of content to be seen right away

As soon as someone follows your page you don’t want them being met with one or two posts. This is the moment to really engage with them and if there is nothing there it is likely you will have a hard time gaining back their attention. Remember since it is Free it can be seen as disposable, so you want to get into their mind and grab their attention as soon as possible. This means a good amount of mixed content needs to be on the page for them to engage with. You want to pin your most important content to the top of the page so that it can be seen first as well.

2. Utilize Pinned Posts to Sell a Message

Keep in mind that you can pin posts to the top of your OnlyFans profile. This is a good way to tell a story with your free page that lends itself to a financial payoff for you at the end. As I’ve spoken of before, you want to have a video at the top of your page that introduces you or your greatest niche asset to viewers. Remember that you only have maybe 30 seconds to really sell someone on you and your content. You want to use as many ‘sales hooks’ as possible during this time. You want to use teasing videos and content that never fully reveals everything they want. This starts with making sure your top pinned posts are alluring and getting them going down the right path.

3. Create a Goal of Your Page

If your page is rudderless and has no goal then you won’t be making very much money with it. If it is set up to have a specific goal then everything that is posted on this page should lead your potential buyer towards this goal. Whether it is to get them to buy your PPV content, tip you on a specific post or move them onto your Paid Only Fans page or wish list, it needs to be set up with that goal in mind. I’ve talked about Funnels before when I mentioned the OnlyFans Tikok Money Funnel and how important it is to set up a maze with only one real exit for your fans. Your Free OnlyFans page should be set up in the same way. You need to base everything on the page around one action and make sure that you are going to convert a lot of people to take that action. You can even mix things up on a regular basis as far as content is concerned but you don’t want to move off of that one action you want your fans to take.

4. Keep Your Page from Being Cluttered

Remember this is not your Paid Subscriber OnlyFans page, it doesn’t need to have tons of media and content shown at the top so that people will go behind the paywall and subscribe. If anything, large amounts of media and posts can be a distraction on a Free Page. You want only the essential amount of media here. This could mean one picture, a video, a PPV video and a picture after that. That could be all that is needed on the page to get the action you want the user to take. If you clutter the page with anything other than that then the message is lost. You also don’t want to put other creators ads or banners on your page because this can cause someone to leave your page. The last thing you want when it comes to a converting page is to have someone exit the page in any way.

How to Post on Your Free OnlyFans Page

As we just discussed, the name of the game when it comes to Posting on a Free OnlyFans page is ‘strategic”. Think of your OnlyFans page as a landing page that is fully optimized for one thing, conversion. It’s not there to impress anyone with all your random pictures, that can and should be done outside of the page in your Marketing. When posting on your OnlyFans Free Page it should be done in a way that tells a story and gets people to take the action you want. Here are some examples of conversion funnels for your page.

Video Only Series That Leads to Payoff

As humans, our minds absolutely hate it when we don’t finish something. This is why a song will stick in your head for days after you hear it because you likely only heard a bit of it but never heard the end of the music. Use this psychology when setting up your perfect video payoff series on your page. Start your video series with a teaser message describing what is about to go on on your page with the videos displayed. I would recommend a total of 3-4 videos with the fourth video being the payoff video that reveals what the user wanted to see from the very beginning. Magicians don’t start their show with the grand illusion; they save that for the end and so should you.

  • Video 1 – Introduction
  • Video 2- Revealing of Outfit
  • Video 3 – Display of props or what is likely to happen soon
  • Video 4- Pay Per View Video with the Reveal

Picture Tease that leads to video Payoff

Again, this should be stylized so that you are showing what is going to happen in the video but this time you are using pictures. The pictures can be snippets from the video or be prepping for the video itself. It’s important that you pin all of this correctly of course and that the video is not the first thing they see. Make sure that each picture has a caption letting it be known it is from the video you are going to have at the end for only exclusive viewers. Be clear about what is on this video as well. There is no need to make anything a surprise, let the user know what will be happening in the video specifically. If you list out what will be seen in the end video with the pictures even better. Also make sure to post these individually and not as a group.

  • Picture 1- Setup of the scene
  • Picture 2- Action from the Video
  • Picture 3 – More enticing Action from the video
  • Video 1 – PPV Video of what has just occurred.

Tease, tease, only on VIP Payoff

This one is a little more difficult to pull off and I will say it’s taking them off of the page they are on and trying to get them to sign up to another page which although it doesn’t seem like a stretch can actually be a difficult hill to climb. In this way you would set up your Free Page to show snippets of the story with the only way for them to reach the end would be to subscribe to your Paid OnlyFans page. Now this seems like a no-brainer but let me explain why I prefer the other techniques to this one. It messes with the natural flow of nature. Think about if you were eating at a restaurant and enjoying your meal and the waiter said now we do have an amazing dessert but you’re going to need to get up and go eat it in the dessert room. You’re already sitting down, you think to yourself how good that dessert really is anyway, I think I’ll just call it a night. Yes, the person is on OnlyFans but now they are thinking I’ll need to leave this page, subscribe, then try to hunt out what I wanted on yet another page and what if it’s not right at the top? This technique can still work but I always believe it’s better to get someone to take action right there and then on your free page.

  • Video or Picture Tease
  • Link to VIP OnlyFans Page Where they can see more

Fundraising – Why I’m Not a Fan

One thing that is supposed to be popular on OnlyFans but I am not a huge fan of is fundraising goals. I am not saying you can’t use this technique as it can be highly effective in raising funds and specifically long term over several days or even weeks. The problem is it might require people to check back again and again on a free page and they are unlikely to do that. But the main reason I am not a fan of this is it takes away your power position with your fans. Asking or begging for money in any way is slightly pathetic and no one is ever aroused or excited about someone pathetic. Think about the person in the world you are most attracted to right now and then think of them sitting in a hospital bed. Are you still as attracted to them as you were or did your natural instincts of caring and pity kick in? Once they do you start to lose interest and you don’t ever want that to happen with your fans on OnlyFans. So yes you can make money from tip raising goals but it seems a lot of work when you can just set your page up as a money making machine right away.

Pro Tip: Never put your money making PPV or Tip worthy content too far down the page. You don’t want to give people 10 pictures before you start asking for their money. You want them hungry for more not satiated with the meal you just gave them for free and then you start asking for them to pay for dessert. So make sure whatever system you set up involves a story with a conclusion they need to pay for.

How to Promote Your Free OnlyFans Page

One great thing about a Free OnlyFans page is it uses the #1 word in Marketing, that being the word ‘FREE’. I mean what does someone really have to lose if they follow your page for free? A few things to keep in mind about your Free Only Fans Page before you start marketing it.

Some people will never ever buy anything from you and live off freebies

There are some people who just go from place to place getting whatever is free in life consuming it and move on. You can’t waste your time thinking about these people or trying to convert them. You are not setting these sales traps for them, they should be ignored. It costs you nothing to have them on your page so don’t worry about it.

People who pay for subscriptions then expect everything else free after that

Some people would say ‘but isn’t it better to get someone to come in and give me their $5-$10 right away’? For a lot of people they just go from OnlyFans page to OnlyFans page just looking for the cheapest ones , consuming the content and then turning the auto bill off. Yes you have their $5 but what else do you have to show for it? Meaning that for a lot of people they will pay their $5 and want the moon for it. On the other hand if someone buys a PPV on your Free Page, that’s all you owe them and that’s all they will expect from you. 

Once they are inside your world you can sell them

Sadly for most people they can’t get subscribers on their OnlyFans page and they end up giving up. It becomes a total win and stick around or lose and go home proposition. They market themselves at a price when they are competing with a lot of creators who have figured out they can market a Free page a lot easier and then sell people once they are inside their world. If you go to a market and someone is selling apples on the street right in front you are unlikely to buy them but once you go inside and the person has an official stand you’ll start buying. These can be the exact same apples but the fact that you are now inside a place where it’s all about selling food makes you more open to buying. The same can be said about a Free OnlyFans page, once you get them inside your page they are going to be more likely to buy.

People have a tendency to feel bad about getting something for Free

Most people know the difference between earning something or being handed it for free. When you get something for free most people tend to be generous to that person afterwards. So if someone comes onto your OnlyFans page and consumes content for free they are likely to be more open to buying more from you. It’s in most people’s natures to reward giving behavior as the expression goes ‘one good turn deserves another’

How Do You Market a Free OnlyFans Page?

When you are Marketing a Paid OnlyFans page you are attempting to entice people that what they are seeing now is nothing compared to what they will get behind your OnlyFans Paywall. This is not the case when it comes to a Free Page because you really don’t need to convince anyone of anything other than they like how you look or what you offer. The main thing is to tell them what your Free Page isn’t because so many people use their free OnyFans pages to spam other creators’ links and their worst content. 

So your Marketing Message Should Contain the Following

1. Images To Show Your Looks and Personality

Right now all you are trying to do is sell them on the concept that you are appealing to them in some way and they want to see more of you. This is typically how Reddit OnlyFans Promotion works on subreddits A person sees your picture and they desire to see more so they look over your Reddit Profile in hopes of seeing as much of a ‘free sample’ of your content as possible. They only need to like you enough to click on your Reddit profile and that is all someone will need to be enticed by you to click on and follow your Free OnlyFans link. Remember they are going to consume your free content on some platform not in your control either Twitter or Reddit, perhaps even Instagram. On these platforms your ability to make money is ZERO. So why not get them to come into a page where you can actually get them to spend money on you?

2. A Simple Hook That Gets them to commit

A hook as I’ve talked about before is simply a way to get someone to be ‘pulled into’ what you are selling them. The same way a fish is put on a hook seeing a yummy worm, you want to think of what would be the most enticing ‘wiggly worm’ you can put in front of your potential followers. You should always put your strengths at the forefront of whatever bait you are putting out there. That means if you know you are appealing to a certain demographic or you have assets that people can’t stop staring at, put them out there a lot. Again you don’t have to show all of the goods unless you are comfortable doing so right away. Just make sure that whatever you put out there is enough to get someone to take the initial action you want from them which is getting onto your OnlyFans page.

3. Make Sure You Are Fishing in a pond filled with Fish

Remember that you are giving away a free page to get people who are already on OnlyFans to follow your page. These are people used to the concept who might be spending money on other creators and now you have lured them into your lair. This will be impossible to do if you spend your time Marketing to people who don’t have OnlyFans pages. Contrary to the belief out there that you need to find every nook and cranny where guys might exist and invade those spaces with marketing messages and promotion, from a practical standpoint it makes no sense. Much like they say that people who listen to Podcasts will want to listen to another Podcast and you probably won’t get a lot of people from Youtube to go jump on and listen to your Podcast since they prefer getting their entertainment visually. The same can be said for OnlyFans subscribers, the time you spend fishing in lakes is hopes of catching one giant elusive fish, someone who is on OnlyFans will have subscribed to a couple different creators that day. This is even more important when Marketing an OnlyFans page that is Free. You don’t want to spend time trying to convince someone to get an OnlyFans when 100 million people already are on there.

4. Let them Know That Free Really Does Mean Free

If you have to create a totally new LinkTree or AllMyLinks Page to promote your Free OnlyFans Page do it. Especially if you plan to market it on Tiktok or Instagram you don’t want to have a link that someone goes to and there are 10 pages including your VIP page on it. The person will see that your intent is to suck them dry of money and they’ll know the hammer will eventually drop. You never want the customer to be reminded that they might have to pay you when you’re offering something free. That means the only link you want them to see is either the Free link to your OnlyFans or a page link that just has your Free OnlyFans Page on it with lots of cute emojis. 

5. Make Them Aware That This is Exclusive

Let it be known in your advertising what this page contains. If as I mentioned above you’re setting up a funnel, let them know that there are 3 videos on the page FREE that can be found nowhere else of you. What is on your Page is exclusive and certainly worth checking out. You want to make sure they know that this content can’t be found on Instagram, TikTok etc. and isn’t just a rehash of something they have seen before. What you’ve created is exciting and new and slightly out of your usual comfort zone and they can only be found on OnlyFans. Not only that it’s totally Free and you made this just because you love your fans so much!

So How Can A Free OnlyFans Page Be a Money Making Machine?

As I’ve described this is a whole new way to look at a Free OnlyFans Page. I am not expecting everyone to jump right out and switch their Free Page up but I will say that the harsh reality of a majority of OnlyFans pages being free is coming. Once there is so much adaptation of the platform everyone new coming in will start doing whatever they can to make money and thrive. This will likely make the older subscription model a bit of a dinosaur that established creators will cling to until the bitter end or until the subscribers start to fall off drastically. Remember that people have short attention spans especially when they have heavy wallets. No casino ever survived by letting someone go back up to their hotel room while on a winning streak, they always find a way to get you just liquored up enough to give them back all their money and more. This is also a technique for the small creators to adapt and begin to compete more with the bigger players. Whenever you can make older systems seem obsolete the more likely you are to succeed. If you create a proper funnel with your Free OnlyFans page you can make an amazing amount of money from it.

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