How Does OnlyFans Work? Make Money with the Ultimate Fan Site

OnlyFans is the fastest growing Paid Subscription Site in the World

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OnlyFans is a very new site in terms of Internet Age appearing just 5 years ago. It is one of the fastest growing social media sites and one of the fastest growing sites as far as paid members perhaps ever. Not surprisingly people have a lot of questions when it comes to OnlyFans so I am going to break down the questions, provide resources that we’ve created to answer those questions and help you navigate the site for success.

In our How-To Guide we answer the following questions and you can jump to whichever question you need answered.

How to Make Money on OnlyFans

One of the things that fascinates people immediately about OnlyFans as opposed to other Social Media sites is that you can make money from the platform as soon as you get an approved page. Unlike other Social Media sites like Youtube where you have to create content and then be approved to be a Youtube content partner (where they can remove you for a number of reasons with very little warning which is called ‘demonetization‘ ) OnlyFans allows you to earn as long as someone subscribes to you, tips you or unlocks a PPV (Pay per view) item. This makes the site very attractive to Online content creators and celebrities. So how do you make money from the platform? There are several ways.

Create Content on Your Page and attract subscribers

This is the standard way people think of when they think about making money on OnlyFans. If your content is appealing enough people will want to see more of it month after month. Once someone subscribes they are automatically scheduled to renew after 30 days. If the content creator changes the subscription price that will trigger a subscriber to have to approve the price change. If you block the user during the subscription all of your money is returned to the subscriber even if it’s on day 29.

Get People to Tip you

Surprisingly Content Creators earn a large portion of their income from tips. This can come from fans being overly excited about what you create or just trying to get more of your attention. You can post content or messages asking for tips or even incentivize tips for actions like getting to see you on Live Sessions. Either way if someone likes you enough they can tip you any amount up to $200 (if they have been on the site less than 4 months) and more if they are a more established user.

PPV (Pay Per View)

You can create unique posts that can only be ‘unlocked’ via payment If you create a particularly interesting piece of content it can be behind its own Paywall. Be careful as this can sometimes frustrate your subscribers to see something else they need to pay for especially if they are already paying a monthly subscription. You can rack up some serious money though on a Paid or Free Page making your more exclusive content Pay Per View.

Outside Link

OnlyFans profile allows you one outside link as well as a link to your wish list. You can draw attention to the wish list the same way you would a PPV and ask your subs to buy you items from that last. This is sneaky way of keeping 100% of what someone wants to gift you as opposed to the 80% you would keep from the site itself. You can also utilize your one link to link to an outside source or links page where you can earn even more income.

How to Start an OnlyFans: Make An OnlyFans Account Page Easily

OnlyFans Pages are not difficul to make. They are a whole lot easier to create than a website even easy ones like WordPress or Site123. They don’t require any knowledge of coding or web design and can usually be put together in 10 Minutes or less after you’ve been approved by the site.

1. You Need An E-mail and a Password

Currently there is no ‘sign in with’ feature for OnlyFans for Facebook or Apple, but you can easily sign in with your Google Gmail. Otherwise you will need to give OnlyFans a valid e-mail and decide on a password. What has always been slightly confusing about OnlyFans is that everyone starts out as a general user. In order to become a content creator you have to get approved by the site itself.

2. Getting approved to be a Content Creator

OnlyFans needs to make sure that you are over 18 years old and that you are the person you say you are, so that you can create content on the platform. Since OnlyFans allows adult based content this is essential to prevent underage users from accessing the platform. OnlyFans has a newer faster system for approval and ‘instant verification’, although it can stall and isn’t always able to work properly. This can mean up to a 48 hour wait to get your ID and identity authenticated. Make sure that you provide pictures with lots of lighting at this stage so OnlyFans can be sure you are who you say you are. Not doing so can slow down your on-boarding process onto the site. Take this 24-48 hour period to plan and create the content you will need to get started on the site as well as your OnlyFans Promotion Plan.

3. Pick a Good Username and fill out your basic profile information.

I go into more detail on setting up your profile here but it is important to pick a username you will want to stick with long term and describes the kind of content you will be selling on the site. You will be using this URL for promotion a lot and you want your name to convey as much as possible. You are limited to a bio picture, a short bio and a banner image in front of your Paywall. Keep in mind that you do not have to charge for your OnlyFans page, it can be free for as long as you want while you’re setting things up.

4. Post Content and Decide on Pricing

During your 24-48 hours you’ll want to be deciding on what content you want to post on the platform. You’ll also want to think about how much you should be charging for a page. There are a lot of pricing strategies but I recommend doing some research on Twitter and finding similar creators in your niche and pricing based on the median of all of those creators. Make sure that you have a decent amount of content to start. Remember potential buyers could be scared away by your small amount of content and never return. You want to make sure to present as much good content as possible because even though they cannot see your content itself, they can see in your top bar the amount of pictures, videos and likes that you have on your page. This gives them a good idea if they want to subscribe or not.

So how to sign up for OnlyFans is a pretty easy concept in the end. You need to create a login e-mail and password, click on the authorization link that comes to your e-mail and you are ready to use the site. After that it’s just a matter of adding your credit card information to the site so that you can start subscribing to creator content.

How Much Can you make on OnlyFans?

The amount of income you can earn on OnlyFans is only limited by the amount of fans you can get onto your page who then take actions such as subscribing, tipping or buying PPV (Pay per view content). OnlyFans does not limit your ability to earn income, if anything they make it as easy as possible to do so. They don’t limit the numbers of pictures or videos you can upload to your page either. They make their site free to use for creators and they don’t charge any fees unless you actually sell something. So as far as your earning potential, it is unlimited. So if you are looking for the answer to how do you get paid on OnlyFans, it’s a matter of creating solid content that people want and getting them to pay for it.

How Much Does OnlyFans Take?

As mentioned, OnlyFans only takes money when you earn money. They take 20% of all transactions on their website. It’s important to remember that they cover the high fees associated with high risk credit card transactions. If you were to attempt to setup a similar site you’d be looking at 10-15% fees just for your credit card processing. OnlyFans covers all of this on their end and allows you to just concentrate on what’s important, creating quality content that your subscribers will want to pay money for. You get to keep 80% of all your transactions including subscriptions and tips. OnlyFans has a minimum payout of $20, so you’ll need to wait until you accumulate that amount to receive funds into your bank account.

How Much do People make on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans does not release individual earnings per content creator for obvious privacy reasons. But some creators are so famous or they like to brag about what kind of earnings they have made. Here are a few creators with resources to the articles describing their earnings.

  1. Bhad Bhabie – 1 Million Dollars in 24 hours on OnlyFans
  2. Bella Thorne – 1 Million Dollars in 24 hours on OnlyFans
  3. Andrea Vasile Stage – 1 Million Dollars in 2020 on OnlyFans
  4. India Love – 1 million Dollars in 24 Hours on OnlyFans

We did our own research and found that 80% of creators are making 20% of the earnings on the platform. GQ quoted a OnlyFans Model who did her own research and found

Fully half of OnlyFans’ more than 1 million creators net no more than $100 a month. Earning $750 puts you in the top 10 percent.

GQ – The Future is OnlyFans

So how much does OnlyFans pay content creators? It pays 80% of whatever you as the creator bring into the site as far as revenue is concerned. If you earn nothing for the company, than they pay you nothing back.

How to Make a Paid Post on OnlyFans

One area that can be confusing for new creators is the Pay Per View post or Paid post on OnlyFans. It is very simple to get this kind of post created and posted onto your OnlyFans Page.

  1. Click on the Add Post Button on your home page as you would for a normal non Paid post
  2. Add content such as a picture, video or audio that you’ve created from your phone or computer.
  3. Once you’ve added the content you can add information about your post letting people know that is a paid post in the written area.
  4. Now you want to click on the icon that looks like a price tag with a $ on it.
  5. Once you click this you can set a price for the post
  6. 6. You can also set a fundraising goal for the post by clicking the $^ image.
  7. After you’ve set the price you can now click on post and it will appear on your OnlyFans wall as a paid post and only those who pay the price will be able to view the content.

How to Use OnlyFans

OnlyFans is a generally easy to use platform for both content creators and subscribers. After signing in you are able to see those accounts you subscribe to on your feed. You can see all that you have posted by clicking on your home button and viewing posts. All posts that are scheduled to go out in the future are listed under “Queue” It’s a pretty straight forward kind of site. The only issue most people have is that there is no app for OnlyFans, as it contains adult material Apple and Google have rejected the app from their stores, so you typically have to use it on your mobile phones browser. Although the site is very mobile friendly which allows you to utilize it’s features very easily.

How Much is OnlyFans?

So how much does OnlyFans cost? It’s a confusing question because many people are used to ‘Plans’ or “Packages’ on a website but OnlyFans is different. Each creator on OnlyFans has their own page and you need to subscribe to that page individually to see the content. Think of it like having to subscribe to Disney+ as well as Netflix if you want to see the content that both provide. OnlyFans subscriptions can be as low as $5 (or lower with a discount) and as high as $50 per month. You can of course spend more than that on the website via tips or buying Pay Per View items on the page. You are able to spend up to $200 a day on the site if you have been on it for less than 4 months and $400 a day if you have been on for less than 4 months. So how to subscribe on OnlyFans is pretty straight forward, you find a creator who’s content you enjoy and you subscribe just to their page. So if you are looking for how much is an OnlyFans subscription, it is not one single payment but the possibility of multiple payments to as many content creators OnlyFans pages as you like.

How to Use OnlyFans for Free

If you are a content creator you can always use OnlyFans for free. You can create a Free account and upload content to it and utilize it as a Free hosting platform for your content. OnlyFans is betting that you’ll want to use their paid features to earn money once you have a page, but it is always free. As a user of the site who is not a content creator you can always use OnlyFans for free as long as you only follow Free Pages. There are thousands of Free pages on OnlyFans that you can subscribe to and never pay a cent. You can follow people on the site and interact with those free pages, even DMing creators if they have not set it so that only subscribers can DM (Direct Message) them. So you can use OnlyFans for free until you are ready to put down money to see a Paywall subscription. OnlyFans at its core is a free site that has premium pages you can subscribe to if you choose to do so.

How to Make Money on OnlyFans As a Guy?

So how much do guys make on OnlyFans? It isn’t common knowledge that thousands of male creators are currently doing quite well on the platform. They are able to make as much if not more than what the women on the site make.

Obviously the majority of subscribers on the platform are men, but a good percentage of men also enjoy viewing and paying for male content as well. If you post on OnlyFans as a male and promote it correctly you can also see quite a bit of money coming in. You can sell PPV and get large tips on the site the same as women do. So the answer is that men and guys can make large sums of money even thousands of dollars a month if they work hard and produce content that subscribers want to see on the platform.

How to Get OnlyFans Subscribers

OnlyFans is a very popular website boasting over 100 million members, most of which subscribe to at least one OnlyFans page. This means there is a lot of opportunity to get them to subscribe to your page and consume your content regularly.

How do you Get Fans on OnlyFans?

Is there a secret formula to get fans on OnlyFans? There is not, but there are best practices that will help you get more fans on the site.

  1. Post Consistently – The Best Way to show potential subscribers that you are worth subscribing to is by posting regularly on the site.
  2. Promote Your Message to the Right Audience: A great steak chef doesn’t want to promote themselves in a Vegan Magazine, even though they are a great chef it doesn’t matter because the audience is off. In that same way you want to get your pictures and ad copy to those most likely to be interested in the content you have to offer.
  3. Don’t Be Shy about Engaging: If you aren’t already known to your audience the best way to do so is by engaging them on their turf. Follow people online and comment on their posts, tag them, engage in conversations and ask for feedback.
  4. Network with Other Creators: Those who have gone before not only have helpful tips but a network of likely subscribers. Learn to network with other creators and they will share you with their audiences. Once you grow big enough you can do the same for others.
  5. Start Posting Samples of Your Content: No one will know what you are about unless you start posting on both your own Social Media Channels as well as getting posted on community sites and other peoples pages. Sites and apps like Twitter, Instagram, Discord, Telegram and Reddit give you a lot of opportunity to get your name out there.
  6. 6. Put Your Link Wherever it’s allowed: Don’t be shy about letting people know you have an OnlyFans page. For those places that don’t allow an OnlyFans page link, get a linktree or page. You can even leave breadcrumb hints on those platforms that don’t allow OnlyFans, letting people know you have a Fan Page and get in your DMs or email you to find out more.
  7. Start with a Free OnlyFans Page: Being behind a paywall can sometimes make it hard for people to decide if they want to join your OnlyFans. This can be solved by creating a Free OnlyFans page and promoting it so people can see what you are all about. After you’ve built up enough fans you can then convert it to a paid site or offer them PPV (Pay Per View) content to buy.

So how to get subscribers on OnlyFans is more complicated than you may have imagined. But those are a few ways to gain fans on OnlyFans.

Of course if you need help gaining more fans you can check out our Guide to OnlyFans Promotion as well as reach out to me directly @OnlyFansHero on Twitter or email

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