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The Most Up To Date OnlyFans Stats and Data

Cultural shifts happen fast and what was shocking and controversial one minute can become casual and normal the next. The emergence of the Paid Social Media site OnlyFans is one of those cultural shifts. OnlyFans has democratized and monetized fame in the last 3 years in ways that very few people saw coming. With hundreds of thousands of people joining OnlyFans daily, it is now one of the most popular sites on the web. For many in the public they are baffled by the site’s popularity and many are curious as to how it works.

In this report we will go over the important stats and statistics to help you understand this new emerging site and what makes it tick. For those who are considering joining OnlyFans as a creator check out our 33 Marketing Tips for OnlyFans and listen to our Free Weekly Podcast ‘The OnlyFans Secrets Marketing Podcast‘ on Apple and Spotify.

Here’s a list of OnlyFans Statistics you need to know about in 2021

1. How Many Users are on OnlyFans?

According to CEO Tim Stokely the Site OnlyFans.com has 120 Million Registered Users.That means the site was quicker to 100 Million users than Facebook which didn’t reach 100 Million Users until 2009, 5 years after it’s founding while it only took OnlyFans 4 years to achieve the same milestone.

OnlyFans Growth was spurred by the world wide Pandemic starting in 2020 which caused people to spend more time at home in front of their computers and smart phones. Even after the pandemic began to calm in the West, OnlyFans has now taken a hold of the pay per subscription market and continues to expand rapidly bringing in by some estimates 500,000 new users a day from all over the world.

2. How Many Content Creators are on OnlyFans?

According to the CEO of the company OnlyFans has surpassed 1 million content creators. It is unknown if they are eliminating those creators who close their accounts or whose accounts are dormant but with the fast growth of the user base it makes sense that OnlyFans would only continue to add new creators looking to cash in on the ready made audience the site provides.

Content creators range from models, to musicians, fitness experts and even popular celebrities. The site continues to make headlines for celebrities and brands jumping onto the site for what many see as a quick ‘payday’. With celebrities boasting of making a million dollars or more in a day. With each of these stories in the media OnyFans continues to attract thousands of new content creators daily.

3. How many daily visits does the Site OnlyFans.com gain daily?

OnlyFans is a site with an insane amount of traffic considering that the majority of it doesn’t come from search engines but from referral sites and direct traffic. Only Fans Ranks #394 globally and #209 in the United States according to Amazon owned Alexa.com. 40% of all of OnlyFan’s traffic comes from the United States . It has 174 million monthly visits with 5.5 million daily unique visitors.The site averages 4 page views per visit, with users spending on average 6 minutes on the site.

4. Where Does OnlyFans Traffic come from?

For those looking to succeed on the platform it’s important to know that the #1 Social Media site for traffic coming into OnlyFans is Twitter. 20% of people come in via Google with Youtube, Instagram and Linktr.ee rounding out the top 5 according to Alexa.

20.2% google.com

9.84% twitter.com

6% youtube.com

5.69% instagram.com

5.13% linktr.ee

OnlyFans in comparison with a site like ManyVids.com relies a lot less on search traffic for it’s success. While ManyVid’s has 23% of it’s traffic coming from Search, OnlyFans has only 14%. This means that OnlyFans relies more on it’s brand than search to continue to grow.

5. How much has OnlyFans Paid Out to Content Creators

According to the Financial Times, OnlyFans took in 2.36 billion in revenue ending in November 2020, which would mean in that time period alone they would have paid almost 2 billion dollars to content creators on the site. Content Creators earn 80% of all commissions on the site. This can end up being a lot of money especially if you are able to gain a few thousand subscribers to your page. Some examples would be:

$10 sub X 100 subscribers = $1000/month – 20%($200) = $800.00 for the content creator

$20 sub X 1000 subscribers = $20,000/month -20% ($4000)= $16,000 for the content creator

6. How many sites link to OnlyFans?

According to NeilPatel.com the website OnlyFans has over 17,000,000 webpages linking back to it. That has helped its growth. When the site was first starting out they had a very attractive affiliate program that offered high commissions for the lifetime of the content creator. As the site grew they pulled back on those incentives but many of those links still exist. Content creators are also very interested in gaining revenue from the site so they have no issue putting links to OnlyFans anywhere they can find a place to put them. These links help not only as referral links back to the website but also to help with their SEO Rankings in Google and other search engines, helping them dominate search terms over their competitors.

7. Rapper Bhad Bhabie overtakes Bella Thorne as the Queen of OnlyFans earning 1 Million Dollars in her first 6 hours on the Platform

According to Variety, Bhad Bhabie (Real Name: Danielle Bregoli) racked up an impressive $1 Million Dollars in 6 hours on the Platform. Variety reported:

A post late Thursday on her Instagram account included a pic that apparently showed her total haul from OnlyFans at just over $1 million, including $757,526.08 from subscriptions, $267,675 from DM payments, and $5,502.35 in tips. “Not bad for 6 hours,” she wrote. “We broke the f*ck out of that onlyfans record.”

Todd Spangler, Variety, April 2, 2021

This is an impressive haul for an only slightly well known rap artist who’s main fame derives from her appearance on the Dr. Phil show. The previous record holder for fastest to $1 Million dollars on OnlyFans; Bella Thorne was able to achieve the amount in 24 hours but received a lot of backlash among content creators for the way that she utilized the platform. OnlyFans is used by over a million content creators to earn both extra income and as their main source of funds and many resent big name celebrities who come on the platform just to exploit it for financial gain.

8. OnlyFans Creators keep 80% and can be tipped up to $200.00 on the site.

OnlyFans creators keep a large amount of their earning from subscriptions and tips. They keep 80% while the platform keeps 20%. Contrary to what has been advertised in the media about Bella Thorne destroying the tipping system on OnlyFans, a creator can still be tipped up to $200 by any one subscriber. OnlyFans changed their rules after a number of chargebacks and they now allow any member who has been on the site for less than 4 months to tip up to $100 while those in good standing and being on the platform for more than 4 months can tip a creator up to $200.00. Users also have a limit of a $500.00 spend per day, with some users being allowed to spend more.

9. According to the Financial Times OnlyFans is paying out roughly 6 Million Dollars a Day to Creators

With the exception of celebrities having one day million dollar payouts on average OnlyFans is paying all creators roughly 6 Million Dollars a day based on the estimates the company is reporting for earnings in 2020. It is likely that this number is much higher for 2021 as the sites popularity continues to grow. This shows that people aren’t just utilizing the site for Free Pages and content but are actually talking with their wallets so to speak, in supporting the website.

10. Twitter is the Home Base for All Things OnlyFans.

OnlyFans has 603,000 Followers on its Twitter account with 160,000 followers on its customer support account. Twitter is the one social platform that OnlyFans connect users directly to through the site. This has led to Twitter being the home base for all things OnlyFans related. Currently Twitter’s largest Promotion page is OnlyFans Hero which has nearly 100,000 followers and the OnlyFans Podcast which has 32,000 followers. Most OnlyFans creators have Twitter accounts with some creators having over 1M followers including Amouranth who has 1.1 Million Twitter Followers.

False OnlyFans Statistics

Unfortunately with OnlyFans being a new site there are very few resources available for OnlyFans information. Therefore some outlets have used information that cannot be verified. One outlet InfluencerMarketingHub has a popular post that claims research done by a site called xsrus.com in an article titled The Economics of OnlyFans as factual. This article is highly suspect as it was not done by any serious company or journalist but by a random Blogger with 708 Followers on Twitter and even in his analysis he states all of his data was assumptions based off of scraping the site. What is quoted as fact in InfluencerMarketingHub which appears in thousands of Google results read daily are this:

Average Earnings from OnlyFans is $180/month
Top 1% of Accounts Make 33% of the Money
Most Accounts Take Home Less Than $145 Per Month

These Statistics are FALSE and should not be used as the basis for any statistics about OnlyFans. This research from April 2020 is outdated and the person responsible states this in his analysis

Because many accounts don’t have their number of fans available, I had to estimate it. I calculated the number of likes per post, and chose to use that as a proxy for number of fans. This is likely an underestimate; Jem Wolfe has over 12,000 fans, but this number isn’t publicly available on her page. In contrast, she only has 6920 likes per post. You can multiply the number of fans by the subscription price to get monthly revenue. Many accounts didn’t have one subscription price but several, depending on promotions or length of time subscribed. I set the subscription price for all of these accounts to the minimum, $4.99.

xsrus.com The Economics of OnlyFans


Those were the 10 OnlyFans Statistics You Need to Know in 2021. OnlyFans is an ever evolving website and will likely make a lot of changes to its core business practices over the coming years. At SEO Bounty we will continue to follow the growth of the site and report on it. If you are a content creator and need promotion or consultancy for your page please contact us. If you are reporter or journalist, feel free to reach out to us as well about OnlyFans, the OnlyFans Secrets Podcast or any quotes you need for articles about OnlyFans.


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Frequently Asked Questions About OnlyFans

How Much Can Someone Make on OnlyFans?

The amount of money a creator can make from OnlyFans depends on their current Social Media presence or outside fame. As most content creators have a small following outside of the platform they can be limited in the amount of money they can make. For many this means increasing their social media popularity so that they can earn more money on OnlyFans. If someone does have a large Social Media following then they can get some of those individuals to come and subscribe to their OnlyFans Page.

Do OnlyFans Creators only make Money from Subscriptions?

No, OnlyFans creators typically make the most money from subscriptions but they can also earn income from PPV (Pay per view content) and tips. They also can connect Wishlists like an Amazon.com wishlist to their account and people can buy them gits as well. Most OnlyFans creators have a link like a linktr.ee or allmylinks which they setup so people can see all the sites that they are on. So OnlyFans can act as a referral to their other ventures such as Twitch streaming.

Do you have to show your face in order to be on OnlyFans?

In order to register on the site as a creator you need to provide ID to the site that shows you are who you say you are. After that there are no rules that say you have to show your face on the website in pictures or videos. Many people make money from OnlyFans with face coverings and not showing their identity.

Does OnlyFans have competitors?

Yes, OnlyFans has a group of competitor websites that either existed before it became popular or have popped up since. These sites include JustForFans, Pocketstars and AdmireMe. Twitter is looking to get into the paid subscription model in the future with the concept of Super Follows as well and could end up being a direct competitor.

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