33 Ways to Promote Your OnlyFans in 2022

OnlyFans Marketing Guide– 33 Ways to Promote Your OnlyFans – Last Updated: February 12, 2022 Reading Time: 10 Minutes

So you’ve signed up to OnlyFans and are ready and eager to promote your page and start making bank? But you’ve heard the undercurrent that OnlyFans isn’t welcome on all websites, that some of them even consider an Only Fans link to be ‘spam’ or worse. You also worry about putting your OnlyFans link in a place that might not be age appropriate or get your link removed or even worse have your page taken down. One of the main reasons why I created the Only Fans Secrets Podcast (Listen on Apple, Listen on Spotify) was to help those new to Online Marketing with where and how to promote and market themselves and their Only Fans Page. So let’s get right down to the 33 places you can promote and market your OnlyFans Page right now.

The 33 Ways to Promote Your Only Fans Page in 2022

  1. Setup Your Twitter Page – Yes, its essential to your success on Only Fans.
  2. Look for other Creators on Twitter – Easy to find them, do searches for ‘SW Train’ you’ll see other creators. Twitter is a great way to network with other creators who have fans you can promote to.
  3. RT for RT on Twitter – Use this sparingly but it can help you gain traction when starting out to share retweets with other Only Fans Creators
  4. Start following People on Twitter – Some will follow you back and that will increase the likelihood people will share your posts
  5. Create a Pinned Post on Twitter – Make it something people will want to retweet and something you’ll want others to see when you do. (Yes, I did a whole Podcast Episode on this (Your Twitter Pinned Post for OnlyFans)
  6. Comment on other peoples posts on Twitter – Yes both creators and subs notice these comments.
  7. Add your pictures and links to Only Fans Promo Posts on Twitter – There are hundreds of posts every day on Twitter for Creators new and old to ‘drop their links and pics’ for potential subscribers to see them. Try @onlyfanshero where you can post free hourly.
  8. Try a Paid Promotion Post on Twitter. (Mention this blog and get half off your first promo on @onlyfanshero ). You can also order OnlyFans Promotion from us directly here.
  9. Setup a Reddit Profile – It’s easy and takes 5 minutes. Just make sure to gain ‘karma’ before trying to post on some subreddits. Fill out your profile with your OnlyFans info but keep in mind there is no hyperlink allowed in bios.
  10. Create a post and pin it to the top of your Reddit Profile with your OnlyFans Link (you can’t include the link in your profile)
  11. Join Subreddits appropriate to your niche – You want to post in places where people are going to be most interested in you. That could mean physical attributes or the lifestyle you choose to live.
  12. Follow others on Reddit– They’ll get an alert you followed them and they’ll go check you out
  13. Follow and Post on OnlyFans Subreddits – There are specific subreddits your can post on that are just for onlyfans creators like r/onlyfans101
  14. Create a Snapchat just for OnlyFans Promotion – (Pro Tip: never include your OF link directly in a Snap Story)
  15. Create a TikTok if you don’t have one – Create Videos focusing on a Hobby. Keep in mind that TikTok is not friendly to Only Fans links and just the word ‘OnlyFans’ in a video is enough to get it removed. Check out our guide on how to build the Ultimate TikTok Thirst Trap.
  16. Create an Instagram if you don’t have one – Focus on Non OnlyFans related pictures. This site is not ideal for OnlyFans promotion
  17. Utilize Only Fans Competitor sites to promote your OnlyFans – (Pro Tip: A large amount of OnlyFans traffic comes from ManyVids)
  18. Create a LinkTr.ee or AllMy Links Page – You can easily promote your OnlyFans Link even on Family Friendly sites like Instagram and Tiktok.
  19. Let people know about your OnlyFans from Tinder and Seeking Arrangement – Pro Tip: Don’t mention it on the App’s themselves. Once you have off-site contact info send them your link. As using the link on these sites can get you banned from most dating platforms.
  20. Mention that you have an Only Fans to friends, acquaintances and even ex bfs and gfs – As long as it’s not ‘awkward’ they may be cool helping you out in your venture.
  21. At Work – Do you have a job where you talk to potential subscribers where mentioning it to them won’t get you in trouble (dancer, entertainer, etc.) let them know about the site while you work. Warning: Don’t mention it at a job place that may be unfriendly to the site as many people have gotten ‘let go’ after employers or fellow coworkers have seen them on the site.
  22. Current Clients – Make sure to market to people who are already clients or fans from other similar platforms.
  23. Cam Sites – Do you participate on Cam Sites? Let your current fans know about your Only Fans Link.
  24. Podcast or Video Channel – If you currently podcast or make video content online on any of the different platforms reach out to your fans and let them know about your Only Fans Link.
  25. Streaming – Whether you stream as a gamer or cook, if you have a streaming channel let people know about your page. Check out our guide to using Twitch to Gain Fans on OnlyFans.
  26. Online Forums – Do you participate in online forums about a topic you are passionate about? Don’t forget to drop your Only Fans or Linktr.ee link into your profile so people who are curious can check you out. You can also start your own forum or server on Discord. Check out the positives and negatives of using Discord here
  27. Instant Messengers – Don’t forget that IM (Instant messenger) programs are great for letting people know about your OnlyFans Page. Whether its Facebook Messenger, Kik or WhatsApp. If you have fans who are interested in you, you should let them know about your page.
  28. E-mail Signature – Drop your Only Fans link in your email signature. If you e-mail a lot privately don’t forget that you can let people know you have an OnlyFans every time.
  29. Cross Promotion on OF known as SFS (Share for Shares) – Only Fans recently tightened the rules on these (5 per 24 hours) but they are still a good way to let someone else’s OnlyFans audience know about yours.
  30. Your Website or personal site – If you currently have a website like ours (You’ll see our lock logo at the top to click directly to our Only Fans Page) You can link and let people know about your page. You can even buy a custom domain and have it re-direct automatically to your OnlyFans page.
  31. Get in those DM’s (Direct Messages) – Every day someone is hitting you up in your DM’s trying to get your attention, While a lot of it is spam, don’t forget to clean it out because there can be jewels hiding in there.
  32. Only Fans Page Comments – Don’t forget to market yourself and your content in your OnlyFans comments. As well as sparingly in your Only Fans DMs (Pro tip: Subscribers are deluged with messages in their DM’s and rarely look at them. It’s better to interact in the comments where both people get an alert)
  33. Personal Blog – If you’ve been blogging or writing for a while and you have articles people are devouring. Go back and add your Only Fans Link in them so people know you have a page now. You can also include the link in your Blog bio.

Additional OnlyFans Promotion Tips for 2022

Here are the top sites to use for promotion for your OnlyFans right now in 2022

  1. TikTok – Tiktok has the most eyes and the most people who are used to consuming content constantly online. Although TikTok bans OnlyFans links it’s important that you build an audience on this platform and find ways to let them know about your page.
  2. Twitter – Twitter remains the one major Social Media Network where sensitive content has a place to exist and to shine. Nowhere else can a ‘spicy’ picture get thousands of likes and be retweeted to constant new audiences on a daily basis. Most Social Media sites are a closed loop, but twitter is an open one meaning each time you post you can expose yourself to hundreds or even thousands of new potential fans.
  3. Reddit – Reddit remains an important site because of the thousands of 18+ subreddits and the millions of people who visit them on a daily basis. These subreddits can give you exposure no matter what your niche or body type. While a site like Twitter might favor certain types of pictures and videos a place like Reddit allows creators with smaller niche appeal to be seen by thousands of people who would be interested in their content.

Most of the lists I’ve seen for Marketing your Only Fans are slightly outdated or meant to be ‘safe’ but this is the real list of ways to Market your Only Fans in 2022. You of course can decide to be as aggressive as you want with your Marketing and if any of the above listed cause you any ‘safety’ or ‘security’ issues as far as your private life is concerned please disregard those you are not comfortable with. As I’ve mentioned many times on my Podcast Safety and Security are the top priority when it comes to OnlyFans. If these tips are helpful for you, please let me know via @onlyfanshero on Twitter.

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