The Ultimate OnlyFans Marketing Campaign Guide

Create an Effective Marketing Campaign for Your OnlyFans Page Successfully in Just One Hour a Day

OnlyFans Marketing Guides – OnlyFans Marketing One Hour A Day : Last Updated: August 31, 2021 Reading Time: 15 Minutes

For many OnlyFans creators the site is a part time gig and a way to make extra money on the side. With so many options on where to Market your OnlyFans on a daily basis it can likely be overwhelming. I wanted to write this simple guide on the ideal One Hour a Day Marketing Plan for OnlyFans creators. This guide is intended to help you plan out your week and get your Promotion and Marketing for your OnlyFans done in a timely manner building up towards your crescendo of success.

How To Market Your OnlyFans One Hour a Day

So obviously you can’t just do the same thing every single day for an hour without going kind of crazy from boredom. So I am including tasks that you need to do every day but mixing in weekly tasks as well. I am also leaving room for free thought and analysis of your promotional efforts daily that might come up along the way as well. Remember this is just a guide and you can and should adjust it to how your work and life schedule play out. If you need to market for an hour and 10 minutes each day just so you can have a day off along the way to play with your kids or your significant other that’s alright too.

Your OnlyFans Marketing and Advertising Daily Tasks

So I am going to start with daily tasks first. These are things that you need to do every day for 10 minutes to succeed at OnlyFans Marketing. I am going to add tips as well as far as time management savers along the way. Remember if you get side tracked for 10 minutes on every Social Channel you go onto this could take you twice as long or you might not get everything you need to get done. So do your best to stay on task and not get distracted by the thousands of social posts you might see while trying to work.

What Should your Environment Be Like During this Time?

I can’t stress enough that your environment needs to be conducive to your success when it comes to tackling serious tasks like Marketing. If you are the sort of person who can handle one hundred things at once then great, do all of this at the same time you are juggling other things. But if you are a person who needs calm and quiet to get activities done make sure you find a spot where you will be able to concentrate fully on your Marketing. Marketing is not easy and it requires planning and forethought and it is not going to go perfect right out of the gate. Create the kind of environment that allows you to be calm and to take mistakes and setbacks in stride. If you need to listen to music before or after you work on your tasks do that as well.

Your Daily Advertising and Marketing Tasks for OnlyFans

Below Are the Four Essential Tasks you must be doing each day for at least 10 minutes to be successful on OnlyFans. If you skip any of these tasks be sure to make up for it by doubling down the next day.

1. Answer All Your Direct Messages on OnlyFans and Social Media

5 Minutes – Review All DM’s from Fans on OnlyFans

5 Minutes – Review all DM’s from Fans on Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, or your Dominant Social Channel

The clients in your Direct Messages and Comment Sections on your Social Media are your biggest fans and the most likely to spend money with you. I can’t stress enough how important it is to build a solid foundation with these individuals in order for you to succeed. Think of them as the cement foundation to the pyramid of success you are looking to build. If you don’t nurture these individuals on a daily basis you will lose them and you’ll just be on the hunt constantly to replace them.

This is another reason I stress building up one Social Channel at a time because you are going to get overwhelmed jumping from Twitter to Tiktok, running over to check your Discord server etc. You really want to have a main hub to make it easier for you to get back to people on your Social Media in a timely manner. 

Quick Tip – Prioritize your OnlyFans DM’s over those on Social Media. Think of those in your OnlyFans inbox as ‘hot leads’ or the kind of hot sauce that will burn your mouth. You may even want to give OnlyFans and other Social Channels nicknames having to do with heat just to remind yourself the priority and where that Marketing Channel stands. For instance, if OnlyFans leads are jalapenos and Twitter DMs are chilli peppers you want to tackle those first.

Time Tip – Don’t try to answer all the DM’s when you open them up. You will be answering and responding to DM’s for hours especially if a lead ends up being on the same site at the same time as you. Prioritize who you need to get back to and move along. You can get back to them during ‘Free Time” later in the day or the week depending on their priority.

2. Schedule Posts on Your Top Social Channel for OnlyFans

10 Minutes – Schedule Your Posts to Go Out on Your Top Social Channel

Notice that I am using the term Schedule Posts and not ‘Post’ on your Social Channel. Say the hour you have to get all your Marketing done is 7 am to 8 am before you go out to work. Is that the hottest time for Social Posting online? Likely not and even if you do happen to hit a hot social posting time, are you going to be rushing around trying to start your Marketing each day at that time? What if you’re just not in the mood at 6 PM to post but that’s when you get the most engagement. Spend your time scheduling posts on your top Social Network for your top fans, they never get sick of seeing you. 

Quick Tip – Almost All Social Media Platforms now have built in post scheduling this could mean you have to utilize it on a Desktop computer and not your phone but most have schedulers. There are also a ton of ‘Free” Social Posting services and I use that term loosely because they all are going to eventually try to get you to pay for their services.   One rule of thumb is that if something is free and still wants your Credit Card or Paypal information you’re likely signing up for a free trial you’ll need to eventually pay for. Regardless you will save a lot of time and effort this way and you’ll be able to stay in front of your fans a lot more at the hours they are online.

Time Tip: Don’t be scrambling every day for a new marketing message at the moment you are going to schedule your posts. This is not the time to be coming up with new Ad Copy ideas, this is the time to post. You should already have your pictures and ad copy lined up to post. If you aren’t prepared with those things you are going to be spending a lot of your time you should be posting ‘figuring things’ out.

3. Building Up Your Next Social Channel

10 Minutes – Research and Follower Growth Projects for your Next Social Channel

Depending on what stage you are at with your next Social Channel this time can be spent on any number of activities from researching the channel itself to creating content and posting on that channel. Remember this is not the channel you are scheduling posts on, when you post on your new channel you want it to be deliberate and be watching it like a hawk. You want to be taking the time to study other creators, emulate their posts, come up with creative ideas for your content etc. This 10 minutes should be spent on one of the following:

  1. Adding Followers to your Account who may be interested in you or your content
  2. Following People who follow you on your main Social Account
  3. Doing Test A/B Postings on this Channel to see how your content does
  4. Creating Content Directly for the Channel to Test
  5. Commenting on Creators or potential fans content
  6. Studying or learning the Social Channel via Podcasts , Blogs or YouTube videos

Quick Tip – Don’t feel like you need to get this Social Channel up to speed with your other Social Channel quickly. This is your growth channel and it will take a while for it to take off. Think of this as an insurance policy in case your other Social Channel goes through a rough patch or you end up losing clout on that channel. You can move your primary efforts over to this channel and then start working on a new one as your secondary channel. Don’t forget to experiment and be creative on this channel and to try to emulate others who have had success.

Time Tip – Nothing you are doing in regards to this channel is a waste of time unless you forget to record the data or don’t learn from what you are doing. So when you are working on this channel and you post something make sure it is intentional and that you measure it completely. If something fails make a note of that as well so that you don’t run the same basic tests again and again.

4. Posting Promotion on Twitter and Reddit

5 minutes – Posting on Reddit

5 minutes – Posting on Twitter

Twitter and Reddit are your best hopes for gaining new OnlyFans subscribers hands down. They don’t require the need to build up huge amounts of followers like Instagram or Tiktok to get yourself noticed. They both have active communities of both creators and subscribers who are always looking for new OnlyFans pages to interact with. This means dedicating 5 minutes each day for both platforms to post on. You can utilize the same pictures but make sure that whatever twitter promo or reddit subreddit you are posting to fit well with those pictures and links. You want to make sure to include your OnlyFans link on every Twitter promo and to go back after posting on Reddit to drop your link in the comment section.

Quick Tip Twitter – There is a lot to be said about where to post when it comes to Twitter. As I personally manage one of the largest promo networks on Twitter I am in a unique position to give advice. I would of course want you to drop your links and pictures under all pages associated to @OnlyFansHero , but my advice is to broaden out your posts on as many different and legitimate OnlyFans promotion posts as possible. I am of the opinion that once a Twitter promo post hits 100 responses it is going to hard to get noticed on that particular tweet. So you should be adding your pictures and OnlyFans links to both new and more established OnlyFans threads. Many potential subscribers are going to be more likely to look over their favorite promo post daily so you want to try to maximize your time by hitting as many people as you can with your posts. 

Time Tip Twitter – Several Promos are very popular and their responses fill up very quickly. Twitter will often times keep the earliest response at the top and it also tends to get the most initial likes and interaction. You should setup alerts with Twitter to let you know when certain accounts post a tweet so you can post a reply with your OnlyFans ad before anyone else or at least quicker than other people who will just notice it after its been retweeted and most of the eyeballs have already been on it and moved on.

Quick Tip Reddit – Reddit has as many NSFW subreddits as Leonardo Dicaprio has had girlfriends under 26 years old. It is absolutely impossible to post on all of them and you really shouldn’t attempt to try. I would suggest doing a simple rotation technique when posting on Reddit. Find 30 or so subreddits that you feel you can post successfully on and rotate between five or so a day each day. Then go check your OnlyFans referral site stats to see if you get a spike in traffic from Reddit each day. If you notice higher spikes when you post to certain subreddits add those subreddits to be posted to daily. It’s impossible to know where your pictures will get the most attention unless you actually post to different subreddits. Attention is not always just upvotes as well. If someone really likes your pictures they might just jump to your profile and then over to your OnlyFans. I have said before that likes are peoples way of saying ‘Thanks for this Free Thing” this is the same when it comes to upvotes. That might be all the action that person takes while you really wanted them to go look at your OnlyFans page. So post in a lot of different places and monitor what happens on OnlyFans when you do, don’t just pay attention to Upvotes.

Reddit Time Tip – As I’ve mentioned it is a bad idea to use Auto-posting services on Reddit like Fancharm unless you are dealing with a throwaway account. If you care about your marketing you will save time by eliminating subreddits that aren’t effective, not by spamming every subreddit and hoping for the best. This will maximize your time by keeping you focused on the subreddits that work best for you. You also want to make sure you have Reddit setup on your phone to allow alerts so if someone comments on your Reddit post you’ll be able to get back to them as quickly as possible.

Weekly Marketing Tasks for your OnlyFans

10 Minutes – Complete One of Seven OnlyFans Marketing Tasks in Rotation

Below are the weekly Marketing Tasks you want to get done to have success on the site. This means devoting 10 minutes one day a week to making sure this task is done effectively. I would suggest doing these specific tasks when you were most in the mood for them.

Commenting on Social Media with Fans

Interacting with your Fans or Social Media is important because it humanizes you to them. Remember being on OnlyFans is being part of someones life and routine not a Goddess on a Pyramid living high up on the clouds looking down at everyone. You want to be slightly out of reach but also familiar at the same time. This can be done by devoting 10 minutes each week to going through and commenting on Fans posts both on your Social Media and theirs.

Posting three times a week on Instagram

Even if Instagram isn’t one your main Marketing Channels it is still an influential channel and one that many people will certainly check out as many fans will think of it as your Free version of OnlyFans. It gives people an idea of what kind of content they might expect on your OnlyFans and also shows them whether or not you can keep a schedule posting online consistently. For this reason it’s important to post consistently on the platform.

Weekly Mass DM Creation

I am not a huge fan of Mass DM’s on OnlyFans as I tend to think they get mostly ignored but they are none the less part of an effective Marketing Strategy. Anything that let’s your fans know you are engaged with them or on OnlyFans is a net positive. This also allows you to promote PPV or whatever you might be offering as far as content that week. Depending on if you have a small or large audience on the platform you can always find a way to customize it enough that it can get noticed. 

Working on SFS with Other Creators

SFS or Share for Share is a popular way that creators on OnlyFans help other creators be seen by their audiences. This can require building relationships with other creators which I highly recommend to begin with. Being part of the OnlyFans community gives you insights and being friends with fellow creators is valuable. When you find creators who are in the same niche as you they will likely have similar types of fans. It is a good idea to hunt out SFS opportunities as they are typically free and both parties will be able to benefit from the added exposure that it brings to an OnlyFans page.

Responding to Low Priority DMs

Remember earlier when I talked about leaving some DMs hanging there. Well this is the time to go back to those lower priority DMs and message the person back. Maybe they seemed like spam but you weren’t sure and didn’t want to investigate their profile then. Well give yourself time during the week to go back into your DMs both on OnlyFans and on Social Media and respond back to those who you were not able to get back to right away while you were answering your more important Direct Messages during the week.

Creation of TikTok Video or Slide Show

As you know from my articles on Creating a TikTik Thirst Trap , I believe all OnlyFans creators should have a presence on that site due to its huge popularity. That means you should be looking at creating at least one TikTok video a week or combining some of those Instagram pictures into a creative slideshow for those coming to your page. Remember all your TikTok needs to be is a more video based version of Instagram for it to be effective for OnlyFans promotion. So make sure you take the time out each week to post something on this platform.

Following Others on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok

Make sure that you are proactive on your Social Media not just reactive. That means taking the time out at least once a week to start following other people on your Social Media. That could mean following back the people who followed you on platforms but also it means investigating people who are following similar creators to you and following them back as well. You also want to follow people who are more successful on the platforms you want to excel at so you can watch what they are up to and how they are posting. Either way you want to take at least 10 minutes each week and follow people.

Free Time and New Tasks for OnlyFans Marketing

10 Minutes – Free Time to Explore New Tasks and Analyze Marketing Efforts

The last 10 minutes of your hour should be utilized for New Thoughts and self examination of the effectiveness of your current Marketing Methods. Each day you should be exploring new thoughts and places to Market your OnlyFans page. You should also be examining the techniques you are currently using to make sure they are still effective. If that means abandoning your second major social channel for another one this is the time to think about that. You can drive as fast as possible to your goal but if you miss an exit along the way and don’t take time to reflect you won’t realize it until you are way off course. That is why one of the keys to effective Marketing is examining the efforts that you have made so far.

Quick Tip – Make sure that you take the time to look at individual issues you may be having in your Marketing and don’t just examine the whole thing as a failure. Inevitably your Marketing efforts will have setbacks and you will be tempted to look at the whole and see it as not working. A better technique is to break down each individual aspect of your Marketing effort and determine which ones are working and which aren’t. Many times you’ll find a small part of your Marketing is doing 90% of the work or gaining you 90% of the sales. This isn’t a bad thing at all, it’s actually good to find this out. You then can pull the plug on the other 90% that isn’t working and zero in on what is. Most Marketers never do this for fear of losing out on a very small sliver of sales and that can be your key to success.

Time Tip – Don’t let this time be taken up by other concerns or over runs from your other daily Marketing tasks. If that happens double your time on this task the next day so that you make sure you don’t start straying further and further from your goals. Quiet reflection and analysis is one of the most important parts of your Marketing effort and you need to make time for it.

Can You Get All Your OnlyFans Promotion Done in Just One Hour a Day?

I won’t say that this isn’t a pretty tight schedule and that you might still have over runs here and there. But in my opinion this is the most effective schedule for having success with your OnlyFans Marketing on a Daily and Weekly basis. For many people they end up lost in the weeds on on Marketing Channel spending all their day on it and never seem to have time to expand out their Marketing efforts. I wanted to create this guide so that you’d see it is possible to promote yourself on many different platforms and in many different ways in a short time each day. I know that not everyone is as passionate about Marketing as I am and they just want to try to get the task done each day as quickly as possible while being effective and making a ton of money with it in the process. This is a great way to achieve those goals and to help you stick with a Marketing campaign on a daily basis towards your road to success.

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