OnlyFans Instagram Promotion: A Guide to Growth & Scams

Despite seeming like an ideal place to promote an OnlyFans Page, Instagram Promotion is wrought with challenges

OnlyFans Promotion Guide – OnlyFans Instagram Promotion : Last Updated: August 6, 2021 Reading Time: 12 Minutes

Instagram seems like a natural place to find success and profit for your OnlyFans page. It is a visual medium where users look at pictures and videos on a daily basis. Instagram is also one of the most popular websites and app’s with billions of downloads and a ranking in the top 10 of all websites currently. So it would seem like a place where OnlyFans creators should find tons of subscribers and interest in their page. Unfortunately Instagram ranks typically far behind every other major Social Media Platform as a way to gain OnlyFans subscribers. In this article I am going to go over the reasons for this, ways you can still benefit from the site and grow your OnlyFans with it, as well as helping you avoid the many scams that occur on the site daily.

How to Promote Your OnlyFans Successfully on Instagram

The key to success on Instagram for OnlyFans is to grow your profile and followers to a point of relevance. Unlike Social sites like Twitter and Reddit, there is no real place where OnlyFans creators can post and interact effectively with each other. This lack of community is one of the core reasons why scams are prevalent on the site and why it is hard to promote your OnlyFans on Instagram. That doesn’t mean you can’t grow your Instagram page and possibly gain OnlyFans subscribers but it does mean you have to do so all on your own.

Amouranth’s Instagram Profile is a Case Study in Silo Growth that Helps Promote Her Broader efforts from Twitch to OnlyFans

The Silo Method for OnlyFans Instagram Promotion

The fact is almost nothing you do on Instagram outside of building up your own page is going to get you very far on the site. You can pay for promotion on someones Instagram page but it will likely lead to nowhere. This is because each of those pages is it’s own silo as well and the paid pages typically have a majority fake followers and what followers they do have come from countries where $5 is a substantial amount of money. So under this system how can you still thrive and be relevant on Instagram? Below I will go over the method to grow your Instagram page into a powerful Silo.

How to Build Up Your Instagram Page to Get Noticed

Here are things that are essential to success for building an effective Instagram page for your OnlyFans account. Keep in mind that you can also use some of the techniques described in my article on building your TikTok OnlyFans Thirst Trap Profile. But as I mentioned in that article very few people separate their personal lives from their Instagram page making it almost impossible to center it strictly around possible fans viewing it At this point I don’t suggest getting multiple Instagram pages because Instagram just doesn’t have the kind of pull it once did to devote that much time managing two pages, one for your personal life and one for your OnlyFans

1. Post for a Large Audience Even Before you have one

This may seem counter-intuitive but you shouldn’t wait until you have a large audience to start posting like you have one. There are many theories that say you are to post 20 or so posts rights off the bat on Instagram so that your page is totally filled when someone comes onto it. In my opinion this leads to sloppy posts hurried along just to get posts onto the page. In my opinion a better solution is to post a quality picture each day for two weeks making sure that they get proper attention from you both in their description and presentation. Plus if you already have some current followers they won’t be inundated with 15 or 20 posts out of nowhere. When I say post like you already have a big audience, I am saying that you want to take the time and attention for each post. That doesn’t mean posting ‘Stories’ right away that no one is seeing it means presenting what you do have in the best way possible.

2. You can Use Your OnlyFans Profile as Your Link

Although many people are scared to use their OnlyFans profile on their main page, it is possible to do so. The exact rules just state that you can’t use a link that will take someone to a page that has adult or sensitive material displayed on it. So if your OnlyFans Bio is clear of explicit words and your pictures in your banner wouldn’t be considered adult in nature you can utilize your OnlyFans link. Keep in mind that this is still risky and Instagram can just decide randomly that what you have is explicit and remove your profile altogether. You also would have to constantly remember this when editing your OnlyFans profile and I feel most of the time optimizing for keywords on OnlyFans is more important that trying to keep yourself from ‘offending’ a Facebook brand site. So in that case you can always use a linktree or allmylinks type of link instead that would feature your OnlyFans link at the top of the page.

3. Follow Similar Profiles

You might think I am saying to follow similar profiles in hopes that they will follow you back and grow your Instagram follower account, but that is not why I am suggesting this. I am suggesting you follow these accounts as recognizance work for emulating what they are posting as well as looking to see who is commenting under their posts. Following profiles that are similar to yours is key to success on Instagram. You will be able to see how those profiles are attracting new followers, what hashtags they are using and also who is following them on a daily basis.You want to mix up who you follow between more established pages and pages that are somewhat new. You don’t want to follow only pages that have high follow counts because it can be hard to see what is going on on those pages.

4. Follow People Who Like Similar Profile Pictures

Remember that your goal is to build your own profile on Instagram and get it popping with activity. The best way to make that happen is to concentrate on just following those people who engage with profiles similar to yours. This means that you don’t want to just follow people who are following other accounts, you want to specifically start with following and commenting on accounts that spend a lot of time liking and commenting. The reason I suggest this is because when your pictures go out onto the people who are following you’s feed, it’s important that they see you have activity. Typically people are more likely to like your pictures if they have 50-999 likes. After the point of 1,000 people no longer feel as needed so they tend to end up liking less. If you can get your pictures into that healthy 500-1,000 range it will not only help you get more engagement but start to appear higher up on the hashtags you are targeting.

5. Like Other People’s Pictures

People like being liked and they especially like it when you interact with their pictures. Keep in mind though that typically people with low like counts on their pictures are more likely to notice your like on Instagram. Once someone is getting hundreds or even thousands of likes on their posts they won’t notice your like. This is why you want to target pictures that are posted of people who get less than 50 likes. For many men on Instagram any like they get on a picture is noticed and these are the people you most want to be interacting on your page. So don’t forget to follow people and like their pictures as well, it will get noticed.

6. Post with Hashtags

Hashtags are a tricky subject when it comes to social media and especially so when it comes to Instagram. Unlike on platforms like Twitter, Instagram is not going to penalize you for hashtags unless you go absolutely nuts with them. Most studies have shown that 6 hashtags is ideal for any post on Instagram. But people also tend to like and interact with posts that have a lot of hashtags on them. So how do you solve this problem? One trick that pros use is to post their Instagram post and then be the first person to comment on their post. In your comment you can ask for feedback about the post and also include all the hashtags. This is as good as including them in the description on the main post and it removes the clutter that adding a lot of hashtags can add to a post.

7. Pick Several Themes to Post on

One trick that people use when posting on Instagram is to pick 3 or 4 themes and post on each one daily or semi daily. One theme can obviously be beautiful pictures of you but you can and should have other themes about things you are passionate about. Hopefully these should tie together to show what kind of personality you will have on your OnlyFans page. But if you are always just posting pictures of yourself you limit the amount of outside exposure you’re going to get. As I’ve advised before it never hurts to have a ‘male centered’ theme thrown in there as long as it’s a hobby or interest you genuinely share with men as well. You can even plan out ahead of time what your posts will be if you have a theme. You can find images online and place them in different folders on your phone and then you’ll always have something fresh to post on your Instagram even if you don’t have new pictures of yourself.

8. Interact Under Your Pictures and Videos

Don’t forget that Instagram is a social site and people will want to interact with you on your posts. As I mentioned before you want to go ahead and be the first person to post a comment under your posts to get the conversation going. As a question or let people know in detail why you are posting this particular video or image on your feed. When someone asks you a question do your best to answer them within 24 hours after you posted. When people see that comments have been made they will likely decide to comment as well. This is a place where you can also tag other people on instagram and they will likely see it in their notifications drawing them into the conversation where they will hopefully follow you as well.

9. Follow the Newest Followers on Competitors Pages

You should never just go through and follow every person that is following one of your competitors or a fellow OnlyFans creator but it never hurts to follow those who might find interest in your page. Luckily Instagram tends to show the newest followers to a particular page as soon as they get them at the top of the follower count. You should have 6-8 Instagram accounts that you rotate through on a semi-daily basis and be following all those new people who follow your competitors daily. Don’t forget about Instagrams’s follow limits as you don’t want to be hitting those limits all the time or you might be seen as spam by Instagram. I recommend following 10 accounts , waiting a few hours and then following 10 more. Keep things as spaced out as possible so that Instagram doesn’t think your a robot and penalizes your account.

10. Post two to three Times Each Day

I’m sure if you’ve read anything about Instagram account building you have seen this advice. Posting frequently is key to the growth of your page and most people aren’t doing it. It’s hard to come up with 2 or 3 posts every day, but think about all the opportunities you gain to grow when you do. As I mentioned this won’t be as hard if you establish 3 or 4 themes for your page, each time someone sees a post in that theme they are going to know it’s from you. This also keeps your content from getting old and someone deciding to unfollow you. You want to make sure you are an asset on their Instagram feed and they are interested to see what you post each day. I would make sure you posted at least twice a day and not just posts and pictures of yourself but other things that will make your account interesting and worth following long term.

The OnlyFans Insta-Scam Promo Process

Instagram Promotion is filled with Pages Claiming ‘4 Million Network” that typically result in no growth of Creators OnlyFans Pages

A Few things make Instagram the perfect place for OnlyFans scams to go on unchecked:

  1. Instagram is owned by Facebook and they consider OnlyFans Links to be worthy of removal and they do not approve of promotion on their pages of OnlyFans
  2. Instagram has hundreds of millions of Fake Accounts that serve as a way for Scammers to represent their Follower counts as much higher than they really are.
  3. Rampant ‘Bot’ commenting occurs which allows Scammers to target potential OnlyFans creators via their posts especially if they use hashtags or mention the term OnlyFans.
  4. Instagram is slow to terminate promo accounts especially if it is not apparent that they are breaking Instagram rules.
  5. Instagram is used primarily by newer Models and those not very savvy in the way of Internet Marketing and Promotion.
  6. There are no established OnlyFans communities on Instagram that could help warn creators about bad accounts.

So How and Why Do Instagram OnlyFans Scam Promos Exist?

I will go ahead and setup a How to Be an OnlyFans Instagram Scammer Tutorial as that will be the best way to understand how they are setting up these pages and promoting them.

How to get 1 Million Followers on Instagram so You Can Scam Only Fans Creators

  1. The Hard Way – Setup several different accounts and begin posting numerous stolen pictures of scantily clad women from all over the Internet.

Name these Pages after specific types of Models and use lots of hashtags so that people in countries where adult material is outlawed (like India) will follow you. Remember there are 1.4 billion people in India alone, it will not be hard to get 100K followers on many of these accounts just from that county. Build them up over time and then present them as a ‘Network’ of Model Sites. 

  1. The Easy Way – Broker with people who create random Instagram pages that they then sell on online marketplaces. Take over these accounts with 100K or even 1M followers and present them as active accounts that many people are following. Rename some of them to have OnlyFans in the title and present them as Authentic Promo Pages. Then use bots and automated DM software to reach out to 10K+ accounts a day in hopes that someone anyone will buy your package.

Now all you need to do is respond when someone messages you back and repeat the same messages over and over again with the intent of just getting the to send you their money. This is very similar to the many phone scams that come from Phone Scam Centers in India. No doubt many of these scams are coming from off shoots of these types of places.

OnlyFans Promos on Instagram are always ‘videos’ because this will only show the view cunt and not the ‘likes. Lack of likes show that the viewers weren’t actually engaging. You can see lack of comments as well despite 32K viewers.

People Don’t Buy Random OnlyFans pages from Instagram!

No matter how many of your friends might tell you how they became popular on Instagram and then their OnlyFans page blew up that does not mean there is any casual OnlyFans community or marketplace on Instagram. A Marketplace must be nurtured and created from the ground up. On Reddit you have hundreds of subreddits dedicated to OnlyFans and Model topics where potential OnlyFans buyers can click right through to OnlyFans profiles. This is similar on Twitter where promos are setup and pictures can be shared and retweeted and gain you OnlyFans followers. No such community exists on Instagram and likely never will. If by some miracle a private OnlyFans Promo exists on Instagram it is not going to need to solicit you to buy promos on it.

Instagram Scams Have Soured Thousands of OnlyFans Creators from Promotion

Many creators now believe that promotion does not work when it comes to OnlyFans because of the scams being perpetrated by Instagram scammers. They might also believe that they had something to do with the failure of the campaign because a ‘5M network’ saw them and no one did anything or took any action on their page. This isn’t even a case of where you’re being seen and people just didn’t like you, this is where you’re being told 5M people saw you and really about 5K did and of those 5K none of them have an OnlyFans account.

Fiverr and Google’s Role in All This

Typical Fiverr Instagram Promotion for $5 that is pretty much worthless.

Sadly the nefarious reach of Instagram scammers goes beyond Instagram itself onto Google via sites like Fiverr. Not content with just marketing their scams on Instagram they have moved to easily being found on Google searches and especially on a site called Fiverr. I have talked about my experiences with that site and why I blame them for continuing to provide oxygen to these scams for their own greedy profit motives. Sadly OnlyFans creators new to the site looking to promote themselves for over a year have mainly found nothing but scams from either affiliate motivated sites (sites trying to get you to sign up to OnlyFans and make them free money) or complete scam Instagram pages that swear to get them seen by millions.

Fiverr sellers reviews are just filled with person after person saying they got nothing from the promos.

Things Are Changing and We’re Leading the Way

OnlyFans Hero Promotion has been working hard to block out the scams online. We recently began to dominate Google Paid Search so that our promotion is seen way before someone might encounter a fake Instagram profile or Fiverr on Google. Unfortunately there is little to be done when it comes to Instagram. If there was a way to make a legitimate promotion on Instagram I’d be the first person to be jumping on there to get subscribers for OnlyFans creators but there just simply isn’t.

Is Instagram A Top Tier Site when it comes to Promoting your OnlyFans?

In the end I would recommend Twitter, Reddit and TikTok before Instagram as far as good places to grow your OnlyFans page. That doesn’t mean it isn’t possible and that Instagram cant be part of your success when it comes to OnlyFans. It’s just that Instagram poses a lot of challenges from not being particularly friendly to OnlyFans creators, banning pages randomly, not allowing links of any kind on posts and having the most active scam promotion networks. These are all huge detriments when it comes to promoting yourself on the platform. As opposed to a site like TikTok who has some negatives but a ton of positives that make it worth jumping through hoops for, that can’t be said for Instagram. One last point is that while most Social Media platforms are pretty even when it comes to use by gender, Instagram is much more popular with women overall. Since most buyers of OnlyFans pages are men and they tend to hang out on Reddit, Twitter, Twitch and TikTok, you should use your Instagram page for what it is, an outdated billboard on a fading platform.

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