OnlyFans SEO Marketing Guide – How to Optimize For Google

Understanding Search Algorithms will be the key to future OnlyFans Millionaire Content Creators

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If you have had any success on OnlyFans you can credit some of it to a Search Algorithm. If you are not familiar with Search Algorithms, they are the rules by which a search engine determines whether you will appear in a search result or not. OnlyFans uses algorithms to determine what creators it recommends to it’s subscribers as well. All of the Social Media platforms have search algorithms, you typically learn this when you search for a hashtag for a post you just made and don’t see yourself come up. So why do some creators come up and others don’t? How can you improve the chances that your content will come up when future subscribers make searches? I will go over how Search Algorithms work and then go over a list of ways you can improve you chances of coming up higher for specific search phrases and keywords.

How Do Search Algorithms work?

A search algorithm for those not familiar is a set of rules that a particular search engine uses to determine what pages or sites rank before other pages and sites. Each specific algorithm is different because they typically have different factors and parameters. Much like the Colonel’s 11 herbs and spices the Search Engines work very hard to protect and keep secret how their search algorithms work. They are also always updating their search algorithms to keep people from gaming the system. Luckily there are some core components that rarely if ever change so you can be sure that if you make efforts in those regards, like the points I am going to share with you in this article, you’ll be doing what it takes to rank well.

Why Would Your OnlyFans Page Rank High Even if it is Brand New?

One of the major ranking factors for Google is the number of links pointing to a Domain. In this case OnlyFans has millions of links pointing at it’s domain. If you’ve ever made a search and noticed that seems to come up for nearly every term it is because it has millions of links going to it’s home page. Those links then link to internal pages of the website making those internal pages sometimes ‘stronger’ than whole websites that are exactly about the topic Amazon is ranking for. Google tries it’s best to modify it’s search engines to move up the little guys, but the fundamentals remain the same. So the moment you create an OnlyFans page, your page is gaining the benefits of all those links going to and all the other pages on the site. So to Google and other search engines what you place on your page is important and will rank well because you are on what is called a ‘High Authority’ website.

Optimizing Your OnlyFans Profile for Google

A High percent of OnlyFans users search Google before going on the site.

Your OnlyFans Profile can and should be optimized for Search Engines. Much like a web page without optimization won’t do as well, a OnlyFans page not optimized will also suffer. Keep in mind that OnlyFans itself has an internal search engine for users to follow you. That means the username and display name that you use can have an impact on whether people discover you on OnlyFans with a search as well.

Your OnlyFans Display Name

Your OnlyFans Display name acts as your Google Page Title. When you create a web page this is often known as a Meta Title. There are rules for keeping your meta title below 60 characters as that is the maximum that Google will display. Since OnlyFans’ Display Name is limited to 40 characters you don’t run into this issue but it does mean you have to be very specific about what words you put in your Display Name. Meta Titles are a ranking factor when it comes to search engines. A Ranking Factor is one of the signals that Google uses to rank one site over another in it’s search engine. So what are best practices when creating a good title for Google?

Put Your Username first, followed by several descriptive phrases in this format ‘Username | Keyword and Keyword’

Example: VampireGirl9 | Busty Brunette Pics

Remember that almost no one on OnlyFans is going to pay attention to the words in your Display Name other than identifying purposes, so you don’t want to ‘sell out’ your whole Display Name and get confusing. You want to make sure your name is FIRST, followed by appropriate keywords. If you are known for one niche item like pictures or videos try to include it in the Display Name. That way when people are searching on Search Engines off of OnlyFans they will find you. A good number of people search specific ethnic and body features as well. You can see below on a search for ‘onlyfans asian’ (which Google estimates gets 1k-10K searches a month) you see only one creator popping up. She is likely wondering how she is getting so many subs every month out of nowhere. As I’ve mentioned before in the blog very few people know the true source of their success and can attribute it to working harder on social media efforts that had nothing to do with their true success. She has optimized her Display name in a way that is gaining her this traffic.

‘Onlyfans Asian gets 1K+ searches a month according to Google and one creator is benefiting from this due to proper Display Name optimization.

So you can see that you don’t need to be a top 1% creator to benefit from Google searches and by using your Display name correctly you can boost your OnlyFans traffic.

Optimizing Your OnlyFans Images for Google

I know what you’re going to say here, I don’t want any of my images from my OnlyFans page in Google Search. They are behind a paywall for a reason and you are very correct about that. Keep in mind though that your banner and Bio image are in front of the paywall and are displayed frequently when your name is searched in search engines. If you optimize it correctly you can be sure that people will see you have an OnlyFans page when they search your image. Also when others use those images it will also mention your OnlyFans.

Use the following format with all of your OnlyFans in front of the paywall images, as well as images on your OnlyFans only social media

Image name Tip: You want to name your image appropriately before you place it on Google. One easy way to do this is to put the image on a free Google Drive beforehand. When you send the image to the Google drive you can rename it and then attach it to your OnlyFans page.

Format should be : username-onlyfans-keyword-keyword.jpg

Yes, we are once again placing appropriate keywords in your profile. We are doing this for two reasons. First the name of this image will be read by Google bots when they crawl your page. As I used the example of ‘asian onlyfans’ above. If you were to name your image vampiregirl-onlyfans-asian-videos-pictures , Google is going to associate that information to your page and it will be a ranking factor. Secondly, inside google image searches Google will use that as a factor for what it ranks in google image search results.

OnlyFans Bio Optimization for Search Engines

Google is using Amouranth’s Bio as the Meta Description because there is no appropriate meta tags on Creators Pages on OnlyFans

It is important to keep in mind that typically the display information you see in search results is a ‘meta description’ that is planned and written out by the pages creators. This meta description is meant to improve the chances that a searcher will click on that search result. For OnlyFans the Bio typically acts as the meta description because it is the first information on the page. Google uses the first information on the page if the meta description is inadequate or not present. Since OnlyFans does not have an option for content creators to change the meta information, you need to think of your bio as what will be read by a potential searcher underneath your page. While meta descriptions are not a search engine ranking factor like a Meta Title is, in this case because it is the text of the page, it is a ranking factor!

Typically this is why a meta description is created because it is hard for the text on a page to try to serve two masters, one the potential searcher and the person who is on the page reading your information. For OnlyFans creators it has to serve three masters, the third being the potential person who you have either brought in via social media or has found your page via OnlyFans to try to convince them to subscribe to your page. That is a whole lot for one simple bio to do!

As I’ve talked about previously on the OnlyFans Secrets Podcast, I feel it is important to hit your subscribers with a definitive message in the above the fold area. A quick summary of 20 characters that lets them know who you are and what kind of content you provide. The good news is that this is the same thing you should be doing with your Bio to make it search engine friendly. So the Bio should be setup in the following way:

Hi, I’m (Username), I provide (Keyword, Keyword, Keyword )and I’d love to have you check out what I provide. (CALL To Action Statement )(for search engines), I look forward to talking to you soon.

OnlyFans Bio Optimization Breakdown:

  1. We start with a personal message, remember OnlyFans at its core is a Fan Club and about personal connection.
  2. Introduce yourself so people know they are at the right place. You don’t know how they found you and you don’t want someone to think they are at the wrong place.
  3. Add Keywords that describe what you are, what niche you fulfill and what content will be on the site (asian, blonde, busty, exotic, videos, pics, live streams etc.)
  4. ‘I’d love for you to…” make sure you let them know that it’s about them and you want something from them and it makes you happy that they will be doing it.
  5. Call to Action Statement This is good for both search engines and potential subscribers. Your call to action should be strong. You’ll want to research the best one for you.
  6. . ‘I look forward to talking to you soon ‘– End back with connection and that they will be able to talk directly to you once they subscribe and get behind the paywall

At this point you have now written a bio that serves all three masters, 1. New people just finding your page 2. People who know who you are from the world or your marketing efforts 3. People who may decide to click on your bio via search engines.

Ways to Improve your chances of appearing in OnlyFans Search and Recommendation Results.

Create a Detailed List of Keywords for Your OnlyFans Page

With the emergence of independent OnlyFans Search Engines, OnlyFans’ 100 million active users searching on the platform itself and hundreds of thousands of Google searches related to OnlyFans , it’s imperative that you know the target keywords that are best for you. You can do this yourself typically by searching for popular hashtags and related searches on Google. You want to keep a spreadsheet of these terms and utilize them on your OnlyFans page as well as your Social Media. If you need assistance with creating your list feel free to contact us and we’ll do the keyword research for free for you.

Place Keywords in the Most Optimal Places on your OnlyFans Account

The more important the places on your account the more likely you will gain benefit from a keyword. With your username, display name and bio being the most likely to bring in search traffic. You can also place these keywords in your posts as well since Google will pickup the words that you type on the posts.

Place Keywords in your OnlyFans Images

Make sure that your keywords are contained in the images you post on your main page in front of the paywall. You also want to utilize this technique when posting images on Social Media, especially if they are meant for advertising your OnlyFans page. This increases the chances the images will be seen on platforms outside of the social media site you posted them on

Get A Free Account with OnlyFans

This doubles your opportunity when it comes to keywords and optimization. Your username is a helpful ranking factor and one you can often find difficult to change. If you have a free account that gives you the opportunity to target a whole new set of keywords with your display name and bio. You can even optimize this page specifically for a higher volume keyword that people search that you other account has not been able to rank for.

Ways to Improve coming up in OnlyFans Search Engine Sites like

Dozens of OnlyFans Search Engines have popped up seemingly overnight to fill the gap left by OnlyFans. Image courtesy:

There have recently been a lot of OnlyFans Search Engines popping up because of OnlyFans lack of what many creators feel is an adequate way to search and find creators. So people have turned to secondary sites that now search and scrape information off of OnlyFans. The positive about these sites is that they are not OnlyFans leak sites. They simply provide a way for people to find creators using keywords and the factors that are on their bios. Here are ways to help your profile appear for these types of sites.

  1. Keywords – These types of sites only have access to what is in front of the paywall of your page. Meaning they are basically searching your display name and bio for information. You want to make sure that you have as many appropriate keywords as possible in your bio information. The most common bio searches are for 1. age 2. location 3. physical features 4. interests. Make sure you have that information in your bio so that when people search for creators your page is more likely to come up.
  2. Location – Although it may seem odd, many subscribers search by location because they enjoy supporting creators near them. This could be because they are nice or likely because they have the hopes of meeting in the future. Obviously meeting is against OnlyFans terms of service but that does not stop people. For safety reasons I would put your location as a mid to large size city that isn’t near you at all. You don’t want to miss out on the people who might subscribe to you but since safety is always first you don’t want to put your actual location.
  3. Include a Popular Age – No one can use OnlyFans unless they are over 18 but there is nothing that states you need to give your actual age or date or birth to people following you in your profile. Obviously do not use any fake information to get on OnlyFans if you are under 18 and do not post content on it if you are not 18 or older. That being said, If you are above 18 it does not hurt to use a popular age. In my episode on the most popular non celebrity OnlyFans accounts on the OnlyFans Secrets Podcast, I noticed that almost all of the popular creators claimed to be ’19’. There are certainly ages that do better on the site with searches than other. So put whatever age you feel is most appropriate.

Ways to Improve coming up on Social Media Marketing Searches

As you may know not all OnlyFans content is allowed on all Social Media Platforms. So you have to be careful what you post and where you post it at all times. Many Hashtags are banned on some sites like Instagram that are perfectly fine on sites like Twitter. That being said you still can utilize any Social Media Platform to show up in search results. Here are a few tips to make that easier.

  1. On NSFW Social Media make sure to have two accounts, one for nudity and one not for nudity – Typically Even NSFW sites have limits and will limit your results in search engines to general audiences. So you could be posting a harmless picture and it is now being flagged as NSFW because your whole account has been flagged. Keep this in mind when posting on these platforms. You will get in a lot more search results if you keep the two types of accounts separate. It does no good what you post or how you post it if you’re totally excluded from anyone seeing it in search.
  2. Make one post for every hashtag or keyword you are Attempting to Target – Nothing is worse than seeing a post with 15 hashtags in it or even 5. Your eyes typically ignore all the words on there as they move into just one giant blur. Once you post something it’s engagement is what will determine if it sticks around and gets even more engagement. So if you’re looking to target a keyword, place it once in a prominent way with either a solid picture or clever words around it. This will help it get more attention and make it come up in search results for a much longer time.
  3. Most Social Media is gone before you can even view it these days – Keep in mind that whatever you are posting beyond your followers who engage you is likely very disposable. So you want to make sure to let your followers help you push things up in search results on social media. That means the best way to get others to see you is to provide ‘red meat’ to your loyal dogs that follow you. Give them what they want with a little dab of what you’re trying to target and both will succeed.
  4. Don’t target hugely popular keywords – I know it’s tempting to charge right in and target the keyword you know everyone is searching all the time. A better way to do this is to target similar keywords that have your target keyword in them. So if you’re looking find people who search for ‘hot girl’, target ‘blonde hot girl’ ‘new hot girl’ ‘fun hot girl’ etc. You’ll likely get some traction on one of those secondary keywords and if you do end up getting one of those posts to go viral, you’ll still get ‘hot girl’ as a keyword and be more likely to rank for it.
  5. Don’t be afraid to re-purpose content until you find what works – A lot of people take one piece of content and slap words on it and if it doesn’t work out they blame the content and start all over again. Perhaps it wasn’t the content but the keywords you were targeting? Why not use the same photo, video, audio etc and try new words and keywords with it until something starts to stick. It is a lot less effort and when you do find what works you can always go back and delete the under performing attempts. You may also have some moderate successes that will allow you to rank for other keywords as well.

So How Can You Get More OnlyFans Subscribers Using Search Engine Marketing?

The key to gaining more OnlyFans Subscribers from search results and search engines like Google is to focus on optimizing your page for keywords that you have content on and that your potential subscribers are looking for. Remember you can rank for all the keywords in the world but if the potential sub comes to your page and you don’t have the content they want they will just bounce off anyway. So it’s key to only optimize for keywords that are reachable based on your popularity but also ones you can make a profit from.

If you do need help gaining more subscribers and followers on OnlyFans you can check out our Guide to OnlyFans Promotion as well as reach out to me directly @OnlyFansHero on Twitter or email

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