OnlyFans Can Do More To Stop Stolen Leaked Content

OnlyFans’ whole Business Model revolves around Creator Content and it can do more to stop it being distributed for Free Online.

One of the biggest searches on Google in regards to OnlyFans is ‘OnlyFans Leaks’ or ‘Leaked OnlyFans’. While OnlyFans has basic safe guards to protect against stolen content on their site, like the inability to save pictures or videos directly or take screenshots there are multiple ways around this that many users have learned to exploit.

How Do Users ‘Steal’ and Download the Content?

At this point most users of sites like OnlyFans are savvy and are native Internet users. They are aware of the tricks to get around most software that prevents direct downloads of material from a website. As I pointed out in my blog ‘Yes, Your OnlyFans Stolen Content is Likely Sitting on a Discord Server Right Now” there are currently thousands of OnlyFans pictures and videos being distributed for free on sites like Discord and are very easily found by simple Google Searches. The methods by which someone can screenshot or capture images from a cell phone go from the very easy (like downloading a screen recorder software in the App Store for Free) to more sophisticated, like scraping the site directly.

GitHub Distributing OnlyFans Scraper Software

For those not familiar with GitHub, it is an open source community where over 65 million developers share web utilities and ‘shape the future of software together‘ as the site says. So it’s a place where primarily men (as most developers worldwide are male) share software with each other that can help them with their development projects. These men also have found the time to create a very easily found and popular OnlyFans scraper. You can find this scraper here and easily with a Google Search (I found this just by searching ‘OnlyFans’ and only going a few pages deep into a Google search). So this is not hard to find. Also the main developer isn’t exactly trying to hide what he is up to being known under the moniker of ‘Digital Criminal” with the Scaper App being found here:

This software Called ‘OnlyFans DataScraper (Python 3.9.X)‘ is very sophisticated and allows users to pretty instantly scrape all of the content from a Content Creators page directly to their computer. As I obviously didn’t download it myself I can’t confirm if you can utilize this on a smartphone or not but overall it makes it easy to download everything a content creator has ever made into a folder on your computer. Also as a OnlyFans model you would have no way of knowing that this was happening. As it states on the page itself asking about whether models will know.

Generally, models will not know unless OnlyFans tells them but there is identifiable information in the metadata folder which contains your IP address, so don’t share it unless you’re using a proxy/vpn or just don’t care.

DigitalCriminal, GitHub

The creators of this git have very little fear of OnlyFans cracking down on their activity.

I was very concerned looking at this a week ago that it might be able to scrape information of those accounts a user was not following or subscribing to. I reached out to a CyberSecurity expert in Washington, DC about whether the software itself could be used to get content from pages the user has not subscribed or followed.

It requires that user authorization token, so only what the user already has access to. Unless OF screws up, but their entire business is literally content distribution, so I’d hope they have safeguards. 

Cyber Security Specialist

So although the scraper is allowing people to download content directly and then distribute it, it at this point does not allow all content from the site to be stolen.

Google Chrome Plugin

Here’s where things get even easier for someone who doesn’t have the developer skills to setup a full scraper and get all of the material from an OnlyFans page. A Google Chrome plugin exists that has been downloaded over 100,000 times that allows users to directly download anything that is on OnlyFans. For those not familiar with browser plugins it allows you to activate the ability to add a download button to material on an OnlyFans account and thus bypass OnlyFans protections against downloading content. So for anyone with the ability to do a simple Google search can find this plugin and start downloading whatever OnlyFans creator accounts they have access to.

A Possible Business Nightmare Scenario for OnlyFans

It occurs to me and I am sure it would to anyone who is familiar with Crypo currency, digital wallets and the future of the web that someone with a bit of know how and smarts could use a scraper like the one on GitHub to amass an almost duplicate copy of the OnlyFans site simply utilizing a few thousand users and create OnlyFans on another domain completely paid for by Crypto that would give someone access to all of OnlyFans for a small monthly fee. This could be going on right now without anyone realizing it. In fact if someone was creating something like that, they could be storing all the user content on the site that ever existed. So if you deleted your OnlyFans account, your material would still be stored somewhere else and people could be paying for it way into the future. If that is the case they could potentially then have more content than OnlyFans does itself at some point. Wouldn’t it be interesting if a company emerged in the future with all the stolen material OnlyFans was negligent in stopping being stolen and competed directly with them? Why would someone pay $20 a month for one Model subscription when they could pay $20 for 100,000 models content? I mention this as a nightmare scenario but also a real one. The fact is that OnlyFans is being negligent allowing these sort of scraper and plugins to exist at the detriment to both their creators bottom lines and their own.

What OnlyFans Needs to Do Right Now

  • Enforce the copyright of their brand name and request a takedown of these scrapers and plugins based on their name. It won’t stop people from using other names for these applications but it will make it harder for people to find them.
  • Use some of their profit to purchase or partner with a Company like Rulta to provide Free Copyright protection and shield for all their creators. Buying a company that deals with DMCA takedowns will signal that they are serious about protecting their users and signal to bad actors that they will be prosecuted not by small content creators but by a high powered attorney and company.
  • Remove Users who use scrapers or any software that allows downloads of any kind from use of their site. If people are aware that they could be removed from the site for using these sort of technologies than they would be a lot less likely to utilize them
  • Talk to Major Brands like Google, Discord and others about helping to prevent the spread of their material on their platforms. While creators voices might be small, the voice of a large corporation speaking out to other large corporations can make a huge difference.

What Can You Do to Stop Stolen Content?

Whether you are a creator on OnlyFans or a fan of one of those creators, it is important to remember that the content you are seeing belongs to someone. They took the time out of their day to create it and if you see it out on a server or on a website you can do the following.

  • If you see content with the watermark on it and it’s not coming from an account from that creator you want to report that picture to the site it has been posted on.
  • If you see content that is on a Social Media account you follow that has the OnlyFans watermark you want to contact the account to see if they have permission to use it.
  • If you are on a site, forum, or anywhere that promotes stolen OnlyFans content don’t contact the site. Contact the host of that site. The reason being that a site cannot exist without a host provider and host providers have very strict rules they need to follow when it comes to content. They will likely ban the site from using their host and cause the site disruption.
  • If you see content that looks like it’s stolen, contact the content creator directly via OnlyFans or their social media. They won’t always have time to reply but if they are a small creator they likely will reply and that will help them request a DMCA takedown of the material.

Why Even Try When People Will Always Find a Way to Steal?

There is always the argument that since people will always find a way to do bad thing that you shouldn’t even try to stop the behavior. Although it’s correct that no matter how much you do certain people will always find a way around the system. Right now though, its like OnlyFans is leaving the door wide open and so people who would otherwise not come in and ‘steal’ feel emboldened to do so. OnlyFans is doing the bare minimum it needs to do to stop this kind of behavior. As a company OnlyFans reported $390M in revenue last year, obviously that isn’t all profit, but they could take some of that and protect the core of their business.

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