OnlyFans Promotion Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide

OnlyFans Promotion Guide : Last Updated: July 19, 2021 Reading Time: 25 Minutes

So how many people did you hear about becoming Millionaire’s overnight on Tiktok or Instagram in 2021?

Wait, none? But I thought those were the fastest growing and most important Social Media Platforms in the World.

But we did hear about Bhad Bhabie and Bella Thorne making over a million dollars in 24 hours on this outside the mainstream, ‘has to be banned before it’s too late’ platform called ‘OnlyFans’

So if Instagram and Tiktok are so important, how come only Big Brands seem to be spending money on these platforms?

You know where average everyday people open up their wallets and spend their hard earned dollars, $5, $10 and $20 at a time? OnlyFans!

So it only makes sense that content creators are flocking to the site in droves. The big brands will pick up on this soon enough and then we’ll see even money pour in. For now though, you need to understand how to promote yourself on the site and become more popular on it.

Today, I’ll help you out with that.

I created the OnlyFans Secrets Marketing Podcast because I am passionate about Internet Marketing, having spent over 20 years in the field. Luckily I am still young enough to appreciate a great opportunity for content creators when I see one. I am going to go over in this article how to Promote and Market yourself on the platform. How to avoid the common mistakes people make when promoting themselves and how others manage to succeed on the platform when many others fail.

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I’ll start at the beginning but you can skip to any section below:

  1. Why You Should Have An OnlyFans Page and Be Promoting on it
  2. OnlyFans Promotion Definition
  3. OnlyFans Marketing and Promotion Overview
  4. How to Fail Proof Your OnlyFans Promotion Campaigns
  5. Step 1: Find Your Niche
  6. .Step 2: Establish Hours/Budget
  7. Step 3: Setup Your Social Media Accounts
  8. Step 4: Create and Edit Your Pictures + Videos
  9. Step 5: Find Your Best Social Channel
  10. Step 6: Post, Post, Post
  11. Step 7: Interact with Your New Fans
  12. Step 8: Create Your Marketing Calendar
  13. Step 9: A/B Test your Ads and Promotion
  14. Step 10 (Optional): Buy Promotion on Reputable Pages

1.Why You Should Have An OnlyFans Page and Be Promoting on it

The idea of what an OnlyFans Page is and the reality of it are very different things. Did you know that anyone 18 or older can have a Free OnlyFans Page to upload pictures and videos on? You don’t even need to set a subscription price above $0 and people can follow it for free? That means if you are promoting a book, or promoting anything you can have a free Onlyfans page. You can set it up and be anything from ex: to ex: and as long as you are 18 or older and can prove you own the business or are the business you can get approved on OnlyFans. Many people miss the boat on the platform because they just aren’t very familiar with it outside of a few splashy headlines.

OnlyFans Can Be Used to Promote anything from Models to Books

For those with an understanding of how Social Media sites emerge and grow they can see the opportunity that OnlyFans poses right from the beginning. This could be the site where most of future subscribed content originates from. OnlyFans can be used as a crowdfunding platform, a place to introduce new music or as a modeling portfolio. All while having over 100 million people who are already on the platform with their credit cards already in the system and one click from sending you their money. Can that happen on Instagram or Tiktok? It can happen on Youtube but only if Youtube decides to make you an ad partner. You don’t need that on OnlyFans, you just need to provide your fans something worth buying and they’ll be able to buy it all digitally and instantly.

2. OnlyFans Promotion Definition

So what is OnlyFans Promotion? Simply put it is

‘The act of gaining attention or notice of your OnlyFans page, leading to a potential customer following you or providing you revenue on the site”

Richard A. Lewis, OnlyFans Secrets Podcast

I had to go ahead and create that definition myself because it’s such a new concept that few people truly understand it. OnlyFans Promotion is different than most Social Media promotion because the act of purchase doesn’t need to take place off of the site itself.

When you promote your Instagram for instance via Instagram Ads, you are attempting to get Instagram to send you people from it’s platform you will then send elsewhere to make a transaction and give you money or follows.

For OnlyFans Promotion, you gain the money from OnlyFans itself, so you need to gain followers on your Social Platforms who will then move to OnlyFans and buy from you. So getting people to OnlyFans is the main goal because they can buy from you on that social platform.

3. OnlyFans Marketing and Promotion Overview

OnlyFans Promotion started out small like the site itself with a few people who were already doing promotion for Premium Snapchat pages starting to promote large groups of models who began getting OnlyFans Pages. There were even a lot of models who would setup cross promotion on sites like Instagram and Twitter. Soon though, the scammers started to emerge on Instagram and took OnlyFans Promotion in a dark direction. They would look for any account that tagged or mentioned OnlyFans and send them unsolicited DM’s (direct messages) promising them exposure on Instagram pages with millions of followers. As you can imagine a lot of these pages may have had the followers but most were either fake followers or followers who would never be able to subscribe to an OnlyFans Page. Even more were likely ghost accounts from people who hadn’t signed into Instagram in years. In fact as late as 2020 PR Week reported that at least 45% of Instagram Accounts are fake. What a minefield for OnlyFans content creators to navigate, many of which were new to Online Marketing. For many creators they were so burned by their experiences on Instagram that they swore off OnlyFans Promotions for good.

onlyfans promo
OnlyFansHero on Twitter leads the way on ethical OnlyFans Promotion

Meanwhile on Twitter which OnlyFans allows creators to directly attach their account to, the prospect of promotion was a bit more fair. Since the OnlyFans community was so strong it was a lot harder for fake Promotion accounts to gain much steam. In the early days of OnlyFans Promotion on Twitter, small fan type pages emerged mainly run by male fans of OnlyFans creators. These pages would run promo tweets that content creators could add their links and pictures to. A page called OnlyFansPromoRT emerged in June of 2020 and gained a lot of traction focusing on just OnlyFans creators as opposed to the ‘SW’ type promos supporters that had come before. Soon this one page also had another brand OnlyFansNewbies which came from a popular hashtag for those new to OnlyFans, #onlyfansnewbies. Both of these pages flourished and new competitors started to emerge but not in a positive way. A promo network called Let’s Discover Me popped up months later with a lot of re-skinned Twitter pages. A res-kinned Twitter page is one that was used for one purpose and then renamed with new graphics to make it look like it had always been about the topic. They setup multiple pages some identifying their network and others not and created fake accounts to retweet creators to make them believe they were getting exposure on Twitter that they were not. Around this time @OnlyFansHero was created, named after David Bowie’s song ‘Heroes’ and intended to provide ethical promotion for creators. With so much fraud issues and at the time now hundreds of small promos popping up it was hard to gain traction for the promo. Overtime @OnlyFansHero brought in innovations such as consistent promos on an hourly basis. Where as @OnlyFansPromoRT only tweeted once a day which made it hard for creators to stand out with hundreds of posts @OnlyFansHero wanted it to be easier for creators to be seen on the posts they retweeted. Eventually @OnlyFansHero began posting every 10 minutes and continues to do so. @OnIyFansPodcast and @OnIyFansNewbs was added as well. So no matter what occurs with other promos there will always be a legitimate promotion on Twitter for creators to utilize.

4. How to Fail Proof Your OnlyFans Promotion Campaigns

1. Establish a Clear Message

What happens a lot with OnlyFans Promos is that there is absolutely nothing defined in the advertisements. You get the usual pictures, a link and sometimes some text about savings. Nothing in the promotion actually captures a clear coherent brand message. Remember that the goal of Promotion is to establish yourself as a leader in whatever niche you are working with. If your niche was ‘Vampire Girl” than all of your promotion should focus around that concept. Here are examples:

  • Vampire Girl is Live On Twitch tonight at MIDNIGHT
  • Vampire Girl will be streaming Halloween night as I assemble my full costume catch me Live on OnlyFans
  • Vampire Girl is celebrating her 21st Birthday by being drenched in Cherry Syrup Live on Instagram

You get my point here. Everything you do should be working towards establishing you in the mind of your subscribers and potential subscribers at the ‘Vampire Girl’.

Only a few select people on Earth have perfect flawless looks and a perfect flawless body (you’ll see these 5 people on the top of every Reddit subreddit ‘all time list’. The chances of you being one of them is the same chance of winning the lottery) but you don’t need to win the lottery to be the Queen or King of your niche. You just have to make sure your promotion is always moving in that direction.

2. Use Promotion to Help Establish your Brand to not always be selling.

There is a famous moment in the movie Glengarry Glen Ross where Alec Baldwin’s character gives a speech where he talks about ABS “Always Be Selling”, this mantra seems to permeate everything online and especially when it comes to OnlyFans Promotion. People feel like they need to always be trying to ‘sell’ a potential client right away. The thought process is that most people buy instantly. This is not the case at all as very few people make instant decisions on what they want to buy. Most of your potential future OnlyFans buyers are ‘stalking’ your Social Media pages right now trying to decide if they want to sub to you. Therefore if they’ve likely seen you before because you promote yourself on Social Media, you should use most of your Promotion to sell them further. This doesn’t always mean mentioning money in your ads, but it does mean providing solid ad copy or visuals that continue to build on the niche you are trying to establish for yourself. You should especially utilize your Paid Promos towards this end. Since you can control Paid Promos make sure you promote on days and times you know your potential clients will be online and hit them with a unique marketing message that only you can provide.

3. Utilize Promotion to Introduce Yourself to New Potential Clients

As mentioned most people will not be buying your OnlyFans subscription the first time they see you. This is a sad but true fact, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t embrace promotion. Promotion will help you get in front of those potential buyers for the first time and will start the process moving. Think of promotion like the first domino being pushed over in a long string of dominoes. As long as you continue to provide interesting content (more dominoes) and you don’t end up putting a book in the wrong place that stops the flow, eventually the last domino will fall and it will be on a button to subscribe to your OnlyFans page. That means that the only way legitimate OnlyFans Promos can fail is if you fail to continue your part in eventually closing the deal on those clients.

5. Step 1: Find Your Niche

So you may have noticed that this guide has been talking about the concept of niche’s a lot. Oxford Dictionary defines a niche as: a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service. That basically means you need to find an area of the market that you have a potential to stand out in. If you look at a particular group of creators and 100 of them are in the same niche then the 80/20 principle will apply (20% of them are earning 80% of the income at least). If you have a group of 10 people in a niche you have a greater chance of being one of those 20% as long as that niche is healthy and has revenue coming in. Remember a market with 1000 people making 1 million dollars is equal to a market with 10 creators sharing 10 thousand dollars. So plan your niche strategically and determine where you can fit in.

Questions You Need to Answer to Find Your Niche

  1. What is unique about my look or personality that sets me apart from other creators?
  2. What do I like to wear or dress in that sets me apart from others in a good or bad way?
  3. What experiences do I have in life that makes me unique from those around me?
  4. If my friends were going to use one word to describe me, what would it be?
  5. What persona can I put on that is authentic to my character?
  6. . What is odd or strange to others that I enjoy doing?

Remember when it comes to finding your niche you may have to take on a persona that is a little different that your normal life. A persona is key to establishing your niche especially online because no one can differentiate between fact and fiction when it comes to who you are to your fans. Since your Marketing for OnlyFans will be setup separate from your personal Social Media, who you establish yourself on this Social Media as is who you are to people. Make sure when you establish your persona within your niche that it is authentic to your spirit and something you’ll want to do daily for quite a long time as it will be key to your success on the platform.

6. Step 2: Establish Hours/Budget

Without proper accounting a good Promotion can’t get off the ground. That is why it’s important that you establish the amount of time and effort you plan to put into the development of your ad copy whether it be written or visuals. You also need to determine the budget you plan to put forth for the promotion. Contrary to belief most Promotion and Marketing does not pay for itself right away. If that were the case all any company would need to do was put $1 out in marketing and expect to always get $2 back from the effort. Al Ries states in the book The Immutable Laws of Marketing by saying:

More money is wasted in marketing than any other human activity.

Al Ries, The Immutable Laws of Marketing

That’s a pretty bold statement, but it speaks to the general fact that most people blindly market something without Establishing the amount of budget it will take to actually impact a marketplace. In some cases too much money is spent and in other instances too little. Most potential clients need to be hit with a Marketing message 5 to 6 times before taking action. Contrary to what many sleuths on Reddit might tell you that all of their customers saw one picture of them and then immediately subscribed to their OnlyFans, this is highly unlikely. This is the same thought process that led the Music Industry to panic about Napster in 2000, even though record sales peaked during the entire reign of free music. When people get free MP3’s of music they are more likely to experience more and more artists, fall in love with those artists and then spend more money to get their albums. So if someone found AC/DC for the first time via free Napster downloads, listened for a month and then walked into a Tower Records in 2000 and bought 3 AC/DC CDs for $60. Tower Records could come back and say ‘We convinced the customer to buy that day with our ad for $5 off each CD in the newspaper ad we ran”. But that had zero to do with the sale, the same way that someone seeing your 10th post on Twitter or Reddit and finally taking action on Tuesday would convince you that.. ‘see I don’t need to interact with my customer it was that hot picture I posted”. Promotion and Marketing are a long game and you have to make sure you have the time, energy and budget to devote to that long game.

7. Step 3: Setup Your Social Media Accounts

If you’ve read this far you know where I stand on Social Media account success. It’s not about how many accounts you have but being on the right accounts for your target audience. But I will go into each major account and give it’s positives and negatives for OnlyFans Promotion.

OnlyFans Twitter Promotion


  • A very active content creator community.
  • Legitimate Promotions available because most OnlyFans Promo accounts have been created from scratch by creators
  • A constant new supply of OnlyFans creators and subscribers signing up to the platform
  • Twitter is friendly to OnlyFans and NSFW Content as long as it is marked that way
  • A low amount of ‘Fake Profiles’ compared to other social channels (Twitter is always and actively purging fake accounts or bad characters from the platform)


  • Twitter’s policing of bad OnlyFans Promos like is lax, even when accounts are reported.
  • Creators can not promote via promoted tweets limiting the ability to grow quickly
  • Tendency for popular OnlyFans creators to only retweet other large creators keeping newer creators at a disadvantage to be seen

Instagram OnlyFans Promotion


  • Large audience of over 1 billion accounts making it the second largest social network
  • Picture based platform that lends itself to visually being able to be seen if you create great photos


  • Most studies estimate that 45-50% of all Instagram accounts are fake.
  • Large amounts of Instagram accounts from countries that are highly unlikely to subscribe to OnlyFans pages but will like content.
  • Rampant Promotion fraud from several accounts based in Asia that either claim be able to promote on High Follower accounts or use accounts with millions of fake followers to claim high levels of exposure for OnlyFans creators
  • Unfriendly to OnlyFans creators with many OnlyFans hashtags banned and with most people using link sites instead of their OnlyFans link due to unfriendly attitudes towards NSFW sites.

Reddit OnlyFans Promotion


  • Reddit has a ton of subreddits devoted to OnlyFans Creators and different niches (inked, busty, petite etc.) so there is always going to be a place for you to post your images for free promotion.
  • Reddit allows for you to have your own profile where you can pin your OnlyFans link to the top of your profile via a link
  • Reddit is typically friendly to OnlyFans and many creators are on the platform both promoting and giving tips of the trade.


  • Mods or Moderators control subreddits with a sometimes iron fist. Each subreddit has different rules which make it hard to plan a cohesive marketing plan.
  • Some subreddits actively ban OnlyFans links, profiles with OnlyFans links and Reddit is notorious for being slow and hard to navigate at times.
  • There is no way for anyone to run actual preferred promotion on the Platform. Upvotes control exposure which is typically dominated by a few exceptionally attractive or skilled creators. Upvotes are also sometimes manipulated.
  • Autoposters are common on Reddit now in the NSFW space due to companies like FanCharm which encourage subreddit auto spamming and Dming techniques.

TikTok OnlyFans Marketing


  • Huge Audience that is highly engaged with short videos daily.
  • Large amounts of engagement even for niche video content
  • Time on site is huge with Android Users spending 13.3 Hours on Tiktok a month


  • Tiktok is an all ages type of platform meaning it discourages any videos it deems to be erotic or promoting adult activities.
  • OnlyFans link in a profile is banned and Tiktok generally does not want anyone promoting other sites on Tiktok through content

8. Step 4: Create and Edit Your Pictures + Videos

As I am sure you realize the Internet and especially OnlyFans is a very visual medium. If you create garbage pictures and videos no one is going to pay attention to your Promotions no mater how good your offer is. It’s essential to create pictures you are going to add to your promotions that are high quality. Here are a few essential tips to do just that.

Be Aware of Your Phones Camera Settings

  • Don’t rely on Auto-mode
  • Tapping on the phone will sharpen the focus
  • You are able to change Focus, Exposure, White Balance and ISO
  • Match the white balance to the environment you are shooting in
  • Outdoors – Cloudy, Daylight Indoors- Flourescent and Incandescent

Set Your Resolution High

  • The higher the resolution the betterothe quality
  • Get as close to the camera as possible
  • Better to crop your photos than to zoom for high quality
  • High Resolution pictures take up more storage
  • Use Back Camera, not front camera for higher quality resolution
  • Back camera is equipped with more megapixels
  • You can get lenses for a camera phone to further improve quality

Lighting is very important

  • Try to take pictures in natural lighting as much as possible
  • Avoid Backlighting as it does not look as good
  • Utilize Side Lighting for Texture and Depth
  • Don’t use flash, adjust cameras Exposure and ISO levels instead

Other Picture and Video Taking Tips

  • Invest in a Tripod or MonoPod which will allow you to frame your pictures better
  • Learn Basic Photography Composition Rules such as Rule of Third, Leading Lines, Scale and Framing
  • Look into Third Party Apps that can enhance your phone camera capabilities even further

Keep in mind that it isn’t just about picture quality when choosing pictures and videos for promotions. The pictures and videos should fit with the tone and purpose of your ad. In most cases you should take a picture or video specifically for promotion. Posing in specific ways that will make room for promotional text that you add to the pictures you use. Making specific promotion videos can also help you because the potential buyer can hear your voice and see how you are beyond just a photo. This will help personalize you more and that is where people succeed on sites like OnlyFans.

Get An App for Photo/Video Editing

There are a number of reasons why you need to downloaded an app for picture and video editing. I will go ahead and list the benefits of one:

You need to be able to size your pictures and videos to meet the needs of multiple Social Media platforms – Ever social media site has different dimensions that they require images and videos be formatted to. If you create a video for Youtube, Twitter and Tiktok it will need t be resized for each one of those. With editor software this can be easily done and your media won’t look odd when moving it onto a new platform.

You need to be able to upload in different video and picture formats – A site like Reddit only accepts GIFs, while youtube uploads as mp4s. Your phone might create a video as a totally different format than that. Someone might want a sample video on Twitter via DMs (which is a GIF) but then when you post a tweet as a video it needs to be an MP4. The best way to deal with this is to have a video editor that can adapt to all these different types.

Adding Text to your Images and Videos – Sometimes you want to add words to your images for advertising purposes. You may also want to add your OnlyFans link or name to an image. The easiest way to do this is with an application that has a lot of quality text options. The better your text looks the more professional your ad copy will look as well.

Additional and Hidden Watermarks – Apps’s are great for helping you add Watermarks to your images and videos before you add them on OnlyFans. Or what if you have a video or image that you are going to sell custom and never put on OnlyFans to get a watermark? You can use these programs to add watermarks for you. You can also add custom hidden watermarks so that you know if a picture ever leaked who or where it came from.

9. Step 5: Find Your Best Social Channel

The key to online success is not dominating all the social media channels. It’s Dominating one successfully and the stats prove this.

How many Charli D’Amelio vides are on Youtube? How dominant is PewDiePie on Tiktok?

The facts back it up that Fame on the Internet is the process of getting really big on one platform and branching out from there. This is a message lost on many OnlyFans creators who attempt to start a series of Social Media channels but never work any of them properly Here is a step by step guide to choosing the right platform.

  1. Evaluate your own strengths as a creator. There are three core strengths. Visual, Verbal and Written.
  2. There are three core types of Social Channels, Video Channels (ex:Youtube, Tiktok) Community (ex:Reddit,Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) and verbal (ex: Clubhouse).
  3. You need to match your best skill set with the Social Channel that matches with your skill set.
  4. Once you have picked that skill set you need to create your profile or double down your current engagement on it.
  5. Begin to look at yourself as an influencer and content creator on that platform.
  6. . Set the pace in that Channel by creating engaging videos, starting discussions, providing value to those on the site.
  7. Make sure people don’t see you as just a walking advertisement but as a valued source. If people see you as a library of information they are going to feel comfortable following you because they know you can eventually bring value to them.
  8. Once you have a big enough following reach out to those who are new or struggling and lend them a hand, you will build a solid reputation. if someone asks for content that doesn’t yet exist, create that content yourself.
  9. Lay the foundation for your next Social Media Channel (sign up with a similar username but don’t do much else other than sign up)
  10. Once you are a trusted source, ask those who follow you to check out your next social media site you are building. Ask for feedback and help if possible.
  11. Your next channel should be complimentary so you can share the same sort of content so you have two places now to put the same material but in different ways
  12. Look to branch out to your second skill set area, so that you are always growing your audience,
  13. Do not forget your original Social Channel, this is the fuel for your whole project and you need to continue growing it daily no matter how many other channels your start.

There is a step by step guide to creating a social channel that will help fuel your success on OnlyFans. Unless you have fame from off the Internet, it is the best way to market yourself.

10. Step 6: Post, Post, Post

Just to give you an idea of how much posting goes on online in a day, Twitter has 100 million tweets go out daily, Youtube gains 1 million hours of new content daily. A popular subreddit on Reddit gets thousands of posts a day. So if you are going to stand out online and get your OnlyFans page noticed, you need a combination of quantity and quality. There is a lot to be said about making sure that your posts are high quality, that will of course get you more attention but a decent ad posted 1,000 times a day is worth as much as a spectacular ad posted 1 time. You have to get in front of people and you have to get in front of them a lot. Here are my recommended daily and weekly posting numbers for your main Social Channel. You may scoff at these at first but you can trust that people succeeding on these platforms are meeting these numbers daily.

Twitter – Minimum Posts a Day – 10 , Best Range for Success- 20-50 posts a day Fast Growing Account – 100+ posts day

TikTok – Minimum Posts a Day – 3 , Best Range for Success- 4-7 posts a day Fast Growing Account – 10+ posts

YouTube – Minimum Posts a Day – 1 , Best Range for Success- 2-3 posts a day Fast Growing Account – 5+ posts

Reddit – Minimum Posts a Day – 10 , Best Range for Success- 20-50 posts a day Fast Growing Account – 100+ posts

Instagram – Minimum Posts a Day – 5 , Best Range for Success- 6-10 posts a day Fast Growing Account – 20+ posts

Blogging- Minimum Posts a Week – 1 (2000+ Words) , Best Range for Success- 2-5 posts a week (2 2000+ word, 3 700+ words) Fast Growing Blog – 10+ posts a week

Live Streaming (twitch, instagram, facebook etc.) – Minimum Hours a Day – 1 , Best Range for Success- 2-3 hours a day Fast Growing Account – 5+ hours a day

There was a time when social media posts were special, when Psi’s Gangnam Style reaching one billion views was unheard of, now Ed Shereen has three 3 billion+ viewed Youtube videos all by himself (four if you count people thinking ‘Passenger’s Let Her Go’ is also Ed Shereen, including Youtube itself when you do a search for his name). So that is why one of the keys to success online right now is posting a lot! Don’t be shy, no one else is.

11. Step 7: Interact with Your New Fans

One of the keys to success on OnlyFans is your ability to interact with your fans once they are following you on the site. Your promotion should not end once they start subscribing to your page, but your promotion should just be getting started. One of the big issues OnlyFans creators face is retaining client or subscriber retention. Here are a list of ways to always be promoting yourself to your subscribers while at the same time helping retain them for the long term.

Don’t forget to hold their hand – If someone has never crossed the street before you’ll see the more experienced person grab their hand and walk across the street with them. After that the person feels more confident in crossing the street by themselves. In the same way many people are new to OnlyFans and the concept of subscribing to a creators page. They are used to receiving everything free on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Thus they need you to guide them along this path. Don’t forget to frequently remind people that you are appreciative they are subscribers, that you have extra perks to offer them and that you also sell other things they can buy.

A Freebie can a long way – When someone subscribes to you, you should reach out to them and thank them. Don’t give them the freebie right away though or it will seem impersonal. Send them a message asking which of 3 freebies they’d like and when they choose it make sure to include something clever about it so that they know you’re paying attention to them. Most people go through life being unheard, you listening in this instance will give them attachment to you as a creator.

Listen more than you talk – Bartenders get a lot of amazing tips and they don’t get it because they serve beers or wine better than a waitress does, they get these tips because they are typically known to the patron and they listen to that patrons problems. At that point the person feels an obligation to ‘help out the bartender’. If you are talking at your subscribers on OnlyFans and not listening to them you are not building this kind of rapport. This is the kind of rapport that get tips and makes you more money. You should be informing your fans about your life but remember to also listen about their lives as well.

Make your page as interactive as possible – I am a believer in making your page interactive even if it seems like none of your fans want to interact. It can be frustrating putting out polls and making text posts no one responds to. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t reading them and it doesn’t mean they aren’t seeing the effort you put forward. If a good majority of your subscribers just want to consume your content quietly, that is fine. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make your page fun. If you had a website you’d make that page as fun as possible and not concern yourself as much with the interaction because you wanted to sell fun!

Respond to you comments – I can understand not wanting to sit in your Dm’s all day, they can get crowded and people can text unfortunate and sometime unpleasant things. I do believe though that you should respond to the comments on your posts, even with a heart or a quick thank you. These are the fans that really want to get your attention and they are doing so in a public way. They might not be extroverts and this might be the easiest way for them to write back and show you affection.

12. Step 8: Create Your Marketing Calendar

If you’ve never created a Marketing or Social Media Calendar before, now that you have an OnlyFans page it is time to start. 

Essential Parts of the Calendar

Is it going to be a Daily, Weekly or Monthly Calendar?

This is important because it determines how you setup your calendar. You can also use this calendar for content creation as well.

How many Sites are you going to target?

This is important because if you target a lot of different sites you are going to need to color code the different sites or establish each one in some way that it stands out on the calendar.

Are you going to just have daily goals or monthly ones as well?

Some content takes a long time to create, like videos and blog posts. You can’t just pop out a 20 minute Youtube video out of nowhere or create a solid blog post or guide overnight. You may have to space out production on those and establish weekly or monthly completion goals. You can also give yourself an hour a day to ‘work’ on particular content.


Set a realistic Content/Marketing Calendar when you first create one. Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many tasks. If the first calendar you create looks like too much, scale it back. You can always add more to it as you go along.

Time out how long it takes you to create specific types of content before you create your first calendar. You want to have some idea of how long it will take you to do specific tasks.

Don’t forget to give yourself time to create ad copy in your calendar. It’s not just about posting but A/B testing, creating good ads and visual images. If your whole calendar is just about posting and interaction you could overwhelm yourself from the task of content creation.

13. Step 9: A/B Test your Ads and Promotion

A/B or Split Testing is a way to determine what Ad or Promotion does better. You can then utilize that Ads to convert followers and subscribers at higher rates.

How Does A/B Testing work?

  • You create two different versions of the same piece of content
  • You change one single variable
  • You Show these two versions to two similar sized audiences
  • You analyze th results over a specific period of time
  • Version A is your control Content and Version B is Your Challenger Content

Some Common Promotion Variants

  • Position of Call of Action image in Ad
  • Wording of the Ad
  • Design Changes – colors, position of pictures
  • Call to Action wording on the button
  • No Text at all
  • Using different pictures
  • Including different numbers of pictures (1,2, or 3)
  • Changing the price int he Ad
  • Limiting the time period of the Ad

Step by Step A/B Testing for OnlyFans Promotion

  1. Pick One Variable to test
  2. Identify your goal
  3. Create the ‘control’ challenger
  4. Split the sample audience (equally and randomly)
  5. Determine Your Sample Size
  6. . Decide How significant your results should be
  7. Run one test at a time
  8. Test at the same time (running at different times can always change the results)
  9. Give the Test enough time to work
  10. Ask for feedback from users
  11. Take Action Based on Results you find

The benefits of A/B Testing for your OnlyFans page include an increase of traffic to the page, higher conversion rates for those who do come to the page and a lower bounce rate (those who click right off your page)

14. Step 10 (Optional): Buy Promotion on Reputable Pages

If you’ve made it this far I’m highly impressed by your dedication to become a success on OnlyFans. OnlyFans Promotion is hard work and for those who are successful on the site they are often looking for even more ways to get their name and page out there in front of potential buyers. If you decide to do so, you have to be aware that unfortunately there are a lot promo scams that exist. People are looking at the thousands of creators on the site as people who are not super savvy when it comes to marketing and promotion. As I’ve detailed in numerous articles on this site, you have to be careful on who you give your money to for promotion.

It was my goal to create a solid legitimate promotion on Twitter for OnlyFans creators. Despite some issues Twitter is the most reliable Social Media site for bringing in new OnlyFans customers. It does not have the high fake profile issues of Instagram, the near impossibility of being noticed like in reddit subreddits or the total blackout nature of Tiktok where anyone mentioning the site can be banned.

I created a series of OnlyFans promotion pages all with their own purpose in accordance with Twitter rules. I’d love for you to check them out. They Are:

  1. OnlyFans Hero – This is the grandfather of promotion pages and the most active OnlyFans promotion page on Twitter. It gains 1 million impressions a day and there is a tweet on the page every 10 minutes for creators to drop their pictures and links on.
  2. OnlyFans Podcast – This is the Twitter Page for the OnlyFans Secrets Podcast It has gained a large following because of the Podcast but also runs promotions daily as well.
  3. OnlyFans Newbs – This page was created in response to a page that was attempting to gain free content from creators. I wanted to create a safe page for New OnlyFans creators since no one at that time was providing new creators a place to post daily. The page is only a few months old but already has 10K followers.
  4. SugarBaby Date – I noticed that there was a large amount of SugarBaby’s on Twitter but they had nowhere to promote themselves like OnlyFans creators do so I created this page for their promotion.

I am also working on additional pages to promote different groups and demographics on OnlyFans and the total network is currently the largest on Twitter with over 300K followers , 90% of which gained within the last 8 months.


This guide was intended to give you everything you need to get started with OnlyFans Promotion in less than an hour.

If you need help feel free to reach out to me directly for Only Fans Marketing and Promotion. I’ll be happy to review your page and audit it for any issues I see as well as promote it.

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