How to Setup Twitch for Success as an OnlyFans Streamer

Twitch isn’t just for gamers anymore and is a great place to gain fans for your OnlyFans Page

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For those not familiar Twitch is a streaming platform mainly used by gamers to go live in front of their audience of fans. At least that is what most peoples’ perception of Twitch is, but the platform is evolving into a streaming platform that can be utilized by all kinds of creators to gain more fans and stay in front of them consistently. I dove headlong into Twitch to learn how it works and how it can help with OnlyFans promotion. I spoke with a creator on the site, Aurorastarr to get insights on how she has made Twitch a central part of her OnlyFans Marketing and Promotion strategy.

What is Twitch and Where did it come from?

Twitch is a spinoff of the site founded by Justin Kan and Emmett Shear in 2007. After the founding the video game portion of the site became so popular that they decided to launch it as it’s own domain in June 2011. Twitch refers to the concept of ‘twitch gameplay’ or the motion the player makes, a sudden movement or reaction to an event that is happening on the screen

The site became so popular that in June 2014 Amazon acquired it for US$970 million and integrated it into it’s Amazon Prime offerings. According to TwitchTracker , the site averages 2,456,749 viewers a day as of August 2021. 

How is Twitch Evolving?

Although Twitch has it’s roots in Online Game Streams and eSports, people are starting to see it as a place to stream a variety of different types of content. Everything from music concerts, creative content, and even real life streams are becoming popular.

Twitch Channels with the Most Opportunity for OnlyFans Promotion

Known as ‘IRL” categories on Twitch, these are categories that do not involve game playing but do involve live streaming. As I’ve advised previously finding a hobby you are know for outside of OnlyFans adds to your ability to sell people on the down low. Most people do not like being directly sold to and when they see you on a site like Twitch doing something you love they will in turn hunt out your OnlyFans page. There are a variety of IRL channels on Twitch, everything from Painting to Arts and crafts. I am highlighting the channels that make the most sense for OnlyFans creators to get behind below.

Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches

This category is pretty self explanatory, but it includes those streamers who are going live either in a hot tub, pool or on a beach. This was initially a controversial technique that Twitch banned initially. They then saw that there was a benefit to allowing creators to stream this way as long as they followed the rules of the site and kept their content and clothing safe for work. In their own words

“Being found to be sexy by others is not against our rules, and Twitch will not take enforcement action against women, or anyone on our service, for their perceived attractiveness”

Twitch Official Blog

This category is great for OnlyFans creators because it allows you to interact with fans in a more intimate way than just sitting down on a chair or in front of a computer. As I’ve mentioned people are naturally inclined to want to see a person vertical and this category allows you to stand up while interacting with your fans.

Just Chatting

This category is very popular on Twitch, but also very crowded with people streaming and just talking about whatever topic comes to mind. This isn’t a topic where people are particularly talking about games, so most people who succeed here either have the looks to get people to stare at them for hours at a time or they have something interesting to say. For OnlyFans creators this can be a good way to promote yourself overall to a primarily male audience. The only negative might be that people won’t want to participate as much in OnlyFans lives if they know they can just see you on Twitch for free.


Coined in 2010, ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) is a relaxing, often sedative sensation that begins on the scalp and moves down the body. Also known as “brain massage,” it’s triggered by placid sights and sounds such as whispers, accents, and crackles 

ThinkGOogle Definition of ASMR

ASMR has been a quickly growing fad for years within the OnlyFans community and has a place and a category on Twitch as well. Since Twitch is a visual medium , it can be interesting to watch people ‘lick” and whisper into microphones for hours at a time but it seems to be something that people enjoy because they tend to tip and subscribe well to those streamers that appeal to them visually as well as auditorily. Keep in mind that you’ll need to learn how ASMR works to jump into this category. It is an art form and something that you can’t just jump right into despite how it may appear.

Benefits of Going Live on Twitch for OnlyFans Creators

On your profile you can include a link to your Socials which can include your OnlyFans page.
  1. You Can Post Your Social Links on the site under a LinkTree which can include your paid OnlyFans at the top.
  2. Twitch allows for real connection with you and your audience, which is key to getting them to subscribe to your OnlyFans page.
  3. They can subscribe to you on Twitch and you can make money from Twitch as well.
  4. You can’t show anything ‘provocative’ on Twitch, therefore they know they only have one place they can see everything they want to – Your OnlyFans Page.
  5. You get them used to your brand and spending money on you.
  6. Gives your brand an “Event” feel
  7. You become more than just someone in distant pictures and videos

Tips for OnlyFans Twitch Content Creators from Aurorastarr

Every time someone subscribes on AuroraStarr’s Page she does several squats in the water as a reward
  • Take advantage of smaller Niches. Stream on Channels that have less creators in them like Hot Tub Streamers because it will be easier to get noticed
  • High Investment can mean a High Yield. When you have to spend a decent amount of time and money to provide a quality streaming experience very few people will make that much effort allowing you to stand out a lot more. This means you are likely to profit more because there will be a low supply of quality streamers.
  • Invest in Your Product if you Expect People to Invest in you. Setting up a good video stream often involves several computers, effective lighting, good sound equipment and that’s before you even add you props like a hot tub or other equipment. People will appreciate the extra effort you make to have your stream in HD and high quality.
  • Most of the people watching Twitch are Males and most of the most popular streamers are Male. It is a prospect rich environment and one that is welcoming as long as mutual respect is involved.
  • Keep to a Schedule and Stream Often – It isn’t just about streaming, it’s about creating a community as well. If you don’t stream often or on a schedule you’ll never get to the point where that community is created. Also the more you stream, the more likely you are to gain subs on Twitch as well as on OnlyFans.
  • Your Twitch streams are like a moving advertisement for your OnlyFans without you ever having to push your OnlyFans. When you go on ‘break’ put up the banner asking your fans to check out your Socials. These socials are on a Linktree or similar link and they’ll do the rest of the work for you. With Twitch being a SFW platform it just is one long tease for those who want to ‘see more’
  • The honest truth is that is helps to be attractive to succeed on this platform especially if you’re going to do Hot Tub Streaming. People will pay more attention to your body and your looks on a platform like this. It might not be for everyone who doesn’t want to have their body ogled all the time but if you are comfortable with that then it can be for you.
  • Twitch and OnlyFans combined can make you enough money to make a full time living from. If you are able to gain a group of followers and fans on both platforms it can be a very lucrative job. The more effort you put into your content on both sites the more likely you are to be successful.

What Can Be Learned from Successful Twitch Streamers

Twitch viewership has been rising every single year with 3 million plus people viewing streams all day long. Courtesy:

Twitch is not a new concept but this may be the first time that it is being utilized to really grow on a separate platform like OnlyFans. There are a few fundamentals you can learn from successful streamers on the Platform.

Make Them Laugh, Make Them Cry, but Make them Feel Something

We all have limited time in our day to devote to things. For many people they put on Twitch while they are working or doing some sort of other activity to keep themselves entertained. People tend to be loyal to things and people that make them feel some sort of emotion. We all have a favorite YouTube Channel that we watch consistently even if we aren’t shouting it out to our friends because that person entertains us in some way. Make sure that you are entertaining and utilizing all your skills and personality when you’re on the platform.

Show Up to Work Consistently

I know this is advice I give on just about every platform but I have to stress that it’s very important when it comes to a streaming platform like Twitch. There are just so many people on there trying to get eyeballs on them that if you are too inconsistent with your streams fans are just going to move onto the next person. I remember being amazed when my son introduced me to gaming streaming on YouTube just how often the successful creators were posting videos. I could guarantee that if we looked up a game to watch like ‘Outlast” that Markiplier or the RadBrad would have a video up about it. That’s the kind of thinking that you want your fans to have. That they know you’ll be on Twitch and that you’ll have something to say about the latest game or fad out there.

Prepare for Things to Go Wrong and be able to Adjust

I am sure you can attest to things never seeming to go as planned in life. The great thing about things going wrong or mistakes happening is it actually makes you more relatable to your fans. Think about people that everything always seems to go right for, are you really sitting around rooting for them to succeed even more? But just because you know things are going to go wrong doesn’t mean you know how to prepare for them. Keep in mind that you could spend all your time getting something ready and then you go live with it and it just breaks. What do you do then? You prepare with a backup plan and you go right to it. Let everyone know what happened but show them you still have a way to entertain them anyway. Be the kind of creator who can adjust and you’ll always find a way to succeed.

Be good at What you Choose to do

Unless your gig is being Conan O’Brien and being the ‘Clueless Gamer’ all the time and people tune in just to see how much you don’t know, make sure whatever you choose to stream whether it’s a game, your artistic skills or your ability to look good in a bikini for 6 hours that you knock it out of the park. People tend to follow people who look good doing what they are doing or are great at what they are working on. We as humans like to admire people, especially if they are good at something we wish we could be good at ourselves. If you’re teaching something make sure to be a good teacher and if you’re going to show people how to master a game, take the time to learn the game forwards and backwards before going live with it.

Learn to Stand Out

As I mentioned there are a lot of people on Twitch doing hundreds of different things all at the same time online. If you pick a particular category on the platform make sure that you stand out in some way. Go onto Twitch and take a few screenshots of the top creators each day in the category you want to dominate. Pick out what is unique and interesting about them that might be getting them to the top. Yes there are some people who have built huge followings and so it might not be apparent what they did to get there right off the bat, but it is pretty likely they stood out in some way. Notice what they are wearing, what physical attributes they have, how they speak etc. All of these things could be helping them stand out on the platform and gaining them new viewers.

Treat Twitch Like It’s a Business

Lastly, don’t forget that a lot of the people on Twitch are partners and affiliates of the site and rely on this for their income. This means that they are going to be investing a lot of time, energy and money on their product. If you want to succeed on the platform and draw people to your OnlyFans page you are going to have to provide the same level of quality that others are as well. Not to mention that you want to keep up with your statistics and progress as much as possible to see ways you can improve and gain more fans. If this is a side hobby for you and someone else’s full time job, you can expect them to be treating it like a business and you likely should as well. That means A/B testing your visuals, mixing up what games you play and working hard to promote your Twitch streams on your Social Media.

How To Earn Money From Twitch – Affiliates and Partners

So Twitch is kind enough to have two different programs setup for those who are on the site and have found success streaming. These programs allow you to setup subscriptions for your fans on Twitch much like you have currently on OnlyFans.

Twitch Affiliate Program

Affiliates can earn on Twitch by accepting subscriptions from their viewers. Affiliates will have access to all subscription options: $4.99, $9.99, $24.99, and the Prime free subscription. Affiliates also get one global subscriber emote for all subscribers, with the options of adding two additional for $9.99 and $24.99 subscribers.

Twitch Affiliates

You can also earn money from what are called ‘Bits to Cheer’ which fans buy to cheer you on as well as a percentage of any games sales made from your pages.

To Qualify You Need:

50 followers and over the last 30 days

500 total minutes broadcast, 

7 unique broadcast days

An average of 3 or more concurrent viewers

Twitch Partner Program

The Partner program is for the most elite Twitch Streamers. This program also allows you to earn revenue from subscriptions and bits just as in the Affiliate program but allows you to also earn a percentage of the ad revenue played during your streams. 

Ads: Partners earn a share of the revenue generated from any ads played on their channel. Partners can determine the length and frequency of mid-roll advertisements through their dashboard.

Twitch partners

They also give you a lot of custom options as far as emoticons and the amount of video storage space that you can use on your previously streamed videos.

To Qualify You Need:

Stream for 25 hours 

Stream on 12 different days 

Average of 75 viewers (concurrent viewership excluding hosts, raids and embeds)

Both the path to Affiliate and Path to Partner exist within your dashboard interface on Twitch, so you’ll be able to see as you progress towards both.

So Is Twitch a Good Place to Grow Your OnlyFans Audience?

Twitch can be a great place to drive traffic to your Social Page and OnlyFans Page as well as AuroraStarr is doing with her Linktree.

Honestly for those who are willing to put in the time and effort this is a great place to build a fan following for your OnlyFans. It has a lot of benefits including the ability to earn from the site while building up a fan base on a primarily male based platform. It has the added benefit of not being an Adult site so those who subscribe to your OnlyFans are not going to be looking for anything ‘extreme’ or hardcore in your content. They are used to seeing you in a safe for work environment unlike if you were on an Adult Streaming site where expectations could be very high as to the nature of your OnlyFans content. Not only that but as I’ve talked about previously OnlyFans is a Fan Club site and not an Adult Site. It makes more sense to interact with your fans for hours on Twitch and then let them privately interact with your content on OnlyFans afterwards. It’s a great way to build up customer loyalty and to be consistently gaining new fans.

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