What is OnlyFans? What is an OnlyFans Page and Who Uses it

Over 100 million users have an OnlyFans account but what is it used for?

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What is OnlyFans Used For?

OnlyFans was started to allow content creators to set a monthly subscription rate for the content that they created. In a way it was meant to be a ‘Paid” version of Instagram that also allowed adult type content.

What Models and Content Creators Use OnlyFans for:

Before OnlyFans there were few places that content creators could monetize their content without having to find advertisers to support it. OnlyFans allows for a subscription and tip based model for content creators which allows them to make money from the content they create. For most content creators they use OnlyFans to profit from the content that they make on a monthly basis. OnlyFans becomes their end destination for all of the OnlyFans Promotion that they do on Social Media websites like Twitter or Reddit.

OnlyFans Content Creators Can Do The Following on the Site:

  • Post Pictures, Video and Audio Free for Subscribers
  • Set Pay Per View Items that can only be viewed after a user pays a certain amount
  • Go Live on OnlyFans and answer subscribers questions
  • Post Polls for their Subscribers
  • Post Text Messages on their wall for subscribers to view
  • Direct Message Fans on the Site

What Subscribers Use OnlyFans for:

There are over 100 million users on OnlyFans and the majority are not content creators They have either joined the site because they are a fan of someone on the site and want to view their content or they joined because they are interested in the content that exists on the site. The majority of subscribers to OnlyFans pages are men and a lot of the content consumed on OnlyFans is adult oriented. The subscribers enjoy that they can both get the latest content from creators without the restrictions that other Social Media sites place or content as well as being able to interact with their favorite creators in real time.

OnlyFans Subscribers Can Do The Following on the Site:

  • Subscribe to their favorite Content Creators on the Site
  • Post Comments under Pictures and videos posted by creators
  • Direct Message their favorite creators to talk to them
  • View Live Cam Sessions from OnlyFans Models and creators
  • Watch Videos from their favorite creators
  • Tip those creators who’s content they have enjoyed.

What Does OnlyFans Mean?

OnlyFans can be defined as either the website OnlyFans.com, or as the concept of someone having an ‘OnlyFans” meaning they have an OnlyFans page. The site itself has many independent models on the platform who all utilize it. So when someone says they have an OnlyFans, it means they have a page on that website.

What is an OnlyFans Account?

An OnlyFans account is a separate page on the website OnlyFans.com that is run by an independent content creator. Each Model or content creator has their own unique web address on the site. If the model was named ‘OFMODEL499’ their URL would be http://onlyfans.com/ofmodel499. That would be the account that a user would subscribe to if they wanted to see the content on that page. By subscribing to that account they only have access to the content on that account page. There is no way to subscribe to all of OnlyFans itself, as you can only subscribe to individual accounts. Even if you are not a content creator with a paid subscription page you still have an Account on OnlyFans. Each user has an account with its own username even if you do not advertise that account. You are assigned a default username as a subscriber and thus you would also have an OnlyFans account.

What to Post on OnlyFans?

If you are a content creator you have several options on what you can post on your OnlyFans Page. The majority of Posts are pictures and videos on the site. You are certainly not limited to that on your page. Here is a list of all the things you can post on OnlyFans.

What Do People Post on OnlyFans?

  1. Videos – These are videos you either import to OnlyFans or take via the website that can be posted on your wall either for all to see or as a PPV (Pay Per View Item)
  2. Pictures – These are pictures that you can take via OnlyFans or import from your phone or computer. These can only be pictures of you unless the other person in the picture also has an OnlyFans creator account and is verified.
  3. Audio – Highly underutilized but you can post Audio Messages on your OnlyFans page. These can be good for introducing yourself to people on the platform. You can also do PPV voice messages that can contain exclusive content.
  4. Live Cam Streams – You can post your Live Cam streams from your vault to your OnlyFans page after it is over even if you don’t save the stream. You can post it for free or make it a PPV for your fans
  5. Polls – You can setup polls for you fans which can help make your page more interactive and fun. You can also learn about your fans and what future content they might want.
  6. . Text Posts – You can post text messages to your fans letting them know about your life, upcoming content or specials you have coming up.
  7. PPV (Pay Per View) items – All of your media types can be setup to be behind a paywall that require a certain amount of tips to be opened.

Who Created OnlyFans?

Who Owns OnlyFans?

OnlyFans was created by a company called Fenix International Limited in 2016, the CEO of that company is Tim Stokely. It is a London, England based company.

So In Conclusion, What is OnlyFans?

As we’ve learned OnlyFans is a site that is similar to a standard Social Media site in that users can post media and text to their pages. What separates OnlyFans from other Social Media Sites is that that you pay for exclusive content and you can provide your users paid exclusive content they can subscribe to as well. You can also choose to put all your content behind a paywall or have a free OnlyFans page and charge for Pay Per View content as well. This makes OnlyFans one of the most easily monetized options for content creators.

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