11 Top OnlyFans Promotions on Twitter You Can Buy Now

Twitter has a good amount of quality promos for creators but it’s a matter of knowing the right ones to buy.

OnlyFans Promotion Guide – Best OnlyFans Twitter Promotion : Last Updated: June 23, 2021 Reading Time: 10 Minutes

OnlyFans Promotion is very popular on Twitter because OnlyFans has always suggested Twitter as a way to promote creators pages. OnlyFans relies on it’s content creators to promote themselves and that has allowed the site to grow by leaps and bounds over the last few years. During that time many OnlyFans Promos have come and gone, with many being determined to be be Scam oriented or attempting to solicit content out of creators. I wanted to provide a list of trusted OnlyFans promo pages that creators can count on. Before I start, I want to give the criteria that must be met in order to be on this list ad be considered one of the trusted OnlyFans Promos.

Criteria for the OnlyFans Promotion List:

  • OnlyFans Promo page must include a way to promote your OnlyFans for free via Tweets
  • OnlyFans Promo must offer a paid shoutout option for Creators
  • OnlyFans Promo must not discriminate in any way on it’s promotions by excluding Creators
  • OnlyFans Promo must post at least one non Paid Promotion Daily
  • OnlyFans Promo must not make false promises to creators (Prizes never paid out, RT for RT’s not fulfilled)
  • OnlyFans Promo must not be re-skinned from another Twitter account unrelated to OnlyFans or Model Promotion
  • OnlyFans Promo must have a proper use-case as described by Twitter’s Rules to prevent it from being removed from the site
  • OnlyFans Promo must not engage in use of fake retweets, fake profiles or other manipulation to inflate numbers.

The Top 11 OnlyFans Promos on Twitter

OnlyFans Hero posts Promos every 10 minutes creating the equivalent of a ‘Live Promo on Twitter’ allowing people to know which of their favorite content creators are online on their OnlyFans at that moment.
  1. OnlyFans Hero Promo (95k+) – visit the OnlyFans Promotion Page

OnlyFans Hero is the most popular OnlyFans Promotion on Twitter garnering a staggering 30 Million impressions every month. With each tweet gaining thousands of impressions every post. The page also offers Paid Shoutouts for OnlyFans and other SW creators. OnlyFans Hero is also the main hub of the network of twitter pages that number at almost one dozen unique Twitter OnlyFans Promotions.

Post Frequency-

150+ Posts a Day

Cost for Promo/Shoutout – $10/shoutout $20/full network promo

Monthly Follower Growth- 17K/month

OnlyFans Promo RT only posts once or twice a day but gets a good amount of likes on each post

2. OnlyFans Promo RT (150k+) visit the page on Twitter

OnlyFansHeroRT is one of the oldest OnlyFans Promotions on Twitter. It also ran OnlyFansNewbies which was popular when OnlyFans saw it’s massive growth in the summer of 2020. Since then they have stopped original tweets on OnlyFansNewbies and just tweet one or two times a day on the main site. The site could be a lot more effective if the owner wasn’t so hands off on the account.

Post Frequency– 2+ Posts a Day

Cost for Promo/Shoutout Unknown but does provide Promos

Monthly Follower Growth- 15K/month

OnlyFans Podcast posts Promos for Creators as well as Updates on the OnlyFans Secrets Podcast

3. OnlyFans Podcast (50K+) visit the OnlyFans Podcast Page on Twitter

The OnlyFans Podcast promo originated as a way to let more people know about the OnlyFans Secrets Podcast. After about 50 episodes of the Podcast it began running daily promotion tweets for OnlyFans creators as well. After a few months it had grown into one of the most popular OnlyFans Promotions on Twitter gaining thousands of new followers monthly.

Post Frequency– 15+ Posts a Day

Monthly Follower Growth- 10K/month

OnlyFans Newbs is a Promotion dedicated to those new to OnlyFans.

4. OnlyFans Newbs (20K+) Visit the OnlyFans Newbs Twitter Page

OnlyFans Newbs came about because of an OnlyFans Secrets Podcast episode in which the Podcast was trying to draw attention to a fake copycat version of OnlyFansNewbies that had arisen in the absence of tweets from the real OnlyFansNewbies account. After that the Promo continued to fill the gap left for new creators on the platform. It started to grow rapidly and is now one of the more popular OnlyFans Promotions on Twitter. It is focused on promotion for new OnlyFans creators.

Post Frequency– 10+ Posts a Day

Monthly Follower Growth- 7K/month

Sugar Baby Date Promo Focuses on both OnlyFans and Tippers

5. SugarBabyDate (25K+) Visit Sugar Baby Date on Twitter

As OnlyFans creators often are looking for monetary support in the same way as Sugar Babies are, Sugar Baby Date runs a daily free promotion to match those looking for content with those looking to buy it. OnlyFans creators can add their links, pictures and also their cashapp or venmo links for OnlyFans subscribers to spoil them or leave them tips on their OnlyFans page.

Post Frequency– 1+ Posts a Day

Monthly Follower Growth- 5K/month

Free OnlyFans gives a free shoutout daily to a random follower.

6. Free OnlyFans Promo (18k+) Visit All Free OnlyFans Promo on Twitter

This Promo is unique as it gives a free daily shoutout to a random follower with every post that the site makes. It does not include a picture with the post which makes it unlikely someone will actually follow the account but it is a nice gesture none the less. It does feature a referral link on the profile page with the intent of soliciting models to sign up and then be promoted although it doesn’t appear anyone takes them up on that offer or they don’t follow through as there are no individual promos displayed on the page that we can see.

Post Frequency– 1+ Posts a Day

Cost for Promo/Shoutout FREE (if chosen at random)

Monthly Follower Growth- 1K/month

OnlyFans Girls is a promo just for those who like women OnlyFans models.

7. OnlyFans Girls (10K+) Visit OnlyFansGirls Promo on Twitter

Another promotion that relates back to a popular hashtag that was used a lot in 2020 on Twitter as OnlyFans grew. That being #onlyfansgirls, which would be included in posts for those people searching for new creators to subscribe to. Now there is a promo specifically for OnlyFans girls to post their links on daily. The account is pretty new but has been growing rapidly over the last month

Post Frequency– 1+ Posts a Day

Monthly Follower Growth- 3K/month

OnlyFans Pride Promotion is for creators who identify as LGBT+ and their supporters.

8. OnlyFans Pride (18K+) Visit LGBT Friendly OnlyFans Pride Promo on Twitter

OnlyFans creators who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual or Trans now have a place to promote themselves as well to those who are interested in their content. There had not been a place for this kind of promotion until this OnlyFans promo emerged. So now OnlyFans creators int he LGBT+ community have a place to post OnlyFans Promotion daily.

Post Frequency– 1+ Posts a Day

Monthly Follower Growth- 1K/month

Is She on OnlyFans offers a free submission for promotion as well as a paid promo that includes an OnlyFans link.

9. Is She On OnlyFans (100K+)

For those who do enjoy 18+ pictures and videos of women, Is She On OnlyFans is a good promo for them to check out. This promo features a lot of different OnlyFans Promotion but also allows you to do Nude promos which is rare for OnlyFans promotion pages. You can be featured for free with just your Twitter handle or pay to have your OnlyFans link included with the promotion.

Post Frequency– 10+ Posts a Day

Cost for Promo/Shoutout $15 (with OnlyFans link) FREE (With editorial review) with Twitter Handle

Monthly Follower Growth- 1K/month

OnlyFan Guys is a Promo just for the Men of OnlyFans to promote themselves on.

10. OnlyFans Guys (2K+) Visit Male OnlyFans Promotion Page OnlyFansGuys

One highly under served population on OnlyFans are men. Although men make up 20% of OnlyFans creators they often don’t have a place to promote their OnlyFans on Twitter. With the OnlyFans Guys promo they can now add their OnlyFans links and pictures and be seen by those who are interested in subscribing to male based content.

Post Frequency– 1+ Posts a Day

Monthly Follower Growth- 1K/month

OnlyFans Promo is a popular promo that posts hourly promotion for creators to post on.

11. OnlyFans Promo (35K+) Visit OnlyFans Promo

OnlyFans Promo is basic OnlyFans promotion that is open to all creator types. It was created to offer hourly promotion to OnlyFans creators as many promos that were popular at the time only ran once or twice a day. With it’s hourly promotion formatt his account has grown rapidly and is one of the fastest growing OnlyFans accounts for creators to promote on.

Post Frequency– 40+ Posts a Day

Monthly Follower Growth- 10K/month

OnlyFans Promos to Avoid

Let’s Discover Me Network – As I discussed in a previous post this network of Twitter pages was using deceptive practices while promoting on Twitter. It appears that after the reporting of this on the OnlyFans Podcast many of the fake accounts were re-skinned (The process of re-naming account on Twitter) to random OnlyFans Promo names (including OnlyFans Boom, OnlyFansSpike etc.). All Twitter pages created way before OnlyFans even existed. They even appear to be promoting a promotion called FanFluent which they say is coming out in July in order to attract even more attention. Let’s Discover Me is highly suspect but continues to draw in a lot of creators to their promotions because they now claim to have over 30 promos. None of these Twitter pages follow Twitter’s rules on unique use cases so it’s beyond me how they continue to manage to be on the platform.

OnlyFans Secrets episode on Let’s Discover Me

SW Promoter – Although SW promoter has managed to accrue an impressive 50K followers on his account he has displayed as reported by many SW’s highly misogynistic practices towards creators as well as making cash prize contest offers to follow his other accounts which were never fulfilled. He typically is trying to sell referral links to sign up as a cam girl on his page so he appears rather harmless although he has attempted to manipulate creators in the past for his own gain.

Which OnlyFans Promotions Should You Buy?

One final note on Twitter Promotion for OnlyFans is that you should try to promote to the best promo that has the kind of subscribers that will be most litley to be interested in your OnlyFans page. Most OnlyFans promos can be generic which is fine but there are a growing number that are specific to certain fan bases and I feel those can give you a lot exposure. I do feel a network worth of pages is better for you overall because it will expose you to a larger potential group of both fellow creators and subscribers.It is important though that OnlyFans Twitter not become like Instagram where lots of fake repurposed pages attempt to lure in OnlyFans creators with large follower accounts on pages that are not organically filled with people who actually have interest in OnlyFans.

If you are an OnlyFans creator who needs help gaining more subscribers and followers on OnlyFans you can check out our Guide to OnlyFans Promotion as well as reach out to me directly @OnlyFansHero on Twitter or email richard@seobounty.com.

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