OnlyFans App – Why is there No Only Fans Google Android or Iphone iOS App?

So you may remember a time when there was an Only Fans App for iOS but not on Google. Sadly at this point in 2021 there is no app on either of the two major players in the App World: Google Play or Apple iOS Store. Why is that and will there ever be an Only Fans app available widely again?

Since Only Fans contains a high amount of adult material on it, Apple has banned it’s App from the App Store. Typically it is hard to find any apps that are adult related on either platform but there are exceptions for Adult 18+ games which the App stores list as ‘Mature’ or over 18 material. For a while Only Fans was able to get around those rules and be seen as a Social Media site that contained some nudity and 18+ material but as the site evolved and became primarily a site for 18+ material Apple decided to remove it from the Apple Store.

There have been some arguments that this is unfair because Apps like Reddit and Tumblr have apps in both the Google and Apple Stores. This is short sighted because although Reddit does contain a large amount of 18+ material the primary purpose of Reddit is not to distribute such material. That being that Reddit itself has NSFW subreddits but the majority of the subreddits are general audience. It would be counterproductive to ban Reddit because it allows that material The same can be said for Twitter. Both have sections in their settings that allow you to choose to see 18+ material and the settings default to NOT letting you see such material. As far as Tumblr it used to be very 18+ heavy but after it’s purchase by Yahoo, they eliminated that material from the site, thus making it friendly for all audiences.

The only way I could see Only Fans being allowed in either of the main two app stores would be by adopting a similar ‘settings’ system which would block all 18+ material in the beginning unless someone chose to see it. Only Fans is so heavily invested in 18+ material that they might have a hard time making a system like that work. For most people they simply utilize browsers on their phones in the same way they would an app and view the Only Fans website. Only Fans doesn’t likely see the benefit in overhauling their entire site just to get into App Stores.

So it is unlikely in 2021 or 2022 that we will see an Only Fans Android App or Only Fans Apple App. Until then we can just utilize it’s features on browsers on our phones.