11 Success Secrets of the OnlyFans Top 1% of Creators

OnlyFans has an elite group of creators who make a fortune from being on the site.

OnlyFans Creators – OnlyFans Top 1% : Last Updated: July 1, 2021 Reading Time: 15 Minutes

One of the things that OnlyFans has brought to the world is the concept of a model being in the top 1%. Instagram and TikTok models use it as a wink and a nod on their profiles to let fans know they have an OnlyFans page. The concept of top 1% has almost become synonymous with the rise of OnlyFans itself. So I wanted to break down what the top 1% on OnlyFans are doing right so that those who are on the outside looking in can start to boost their numbers as well. If you are familiar with the OnlyFans Secrets Podcast, you are aware that I believe in basic fundamentals that allow success in any business be it online or brick and mortar. This is not going to be a fundamentals type of article, although I might hit on some of those core principals. This is going to be about what the top 1% do via their Marketing channels, Publicity or the way they have setup their OnlyFans Page itself to gain more success over their competitors. We should not fool ourselves into believing that as an OnlyFans creator you are not competing with every other creator on the platform because in a way you are.

So What Are the Top OnlyFans Creators Keys to Success?

1. They come at their OnlyFans Page from a Power Position

We all want power and we all admire those who have it, even if we also hate them for it. Most OnlyFans creators who are in the top 1% embrace that they are the ones in charge and they are making the rules. As they rise in success this becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. No one wants to follow, vote for or subscribe to a loser. The smell of losses never comes off and the creators in the top 1% never have that smell. They exude the confidence that is needed right from the start on their OnlyFans page. If you were to go to anyone in the top 1% you will see that they are using language that makes them seem important and the possible subscriber less important. The only thing that will make the subscriber more important of course is to subscribe to them and thus they will be worthy. It’s hard for new creators to position themselves this way, as they are usually coming from a low power position. When a new creator does attempt this it comes off as sad or mean. This is why you should always come to your OnlyFans page after building up a certain amount of power somewhere else. When someone comes from being an adult star, a successful actor, an Instagram model, a Youtube star etc. they already have built in power from that platform. Some would call this clout, and although 99% of the world might have no clue who they are, that 1% absolutely adores them or they at least feel they do in their mind. When you have power, you get to make the rules, you are the King and Queen and you get to decide who gets to come into the court and who doesn’t.

2. They Dominate One Social Media Channel

It’s almost universal that you will pop onto Instagram and see someone with 1 million followers and pop over to their Twitter and they’ll have 10K or almost nothing at all. This is especially true on Tiktok where someone with be ridiculously popular on there and almost nowhere else. Popularity has a strange way of building up on itself on Social Media and the Internet. You don’t need to be wildly popular everywhere you just need to be pretty popular somewhere. That somewhere can be Twitch, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram or a niche Marketing platform where you dominate. You’ll notice that the top 1% seem to find that one platform and crush it. If you check out some of the top most upvoted pictures on Reddit with creators in the top 1% many of them are only popular on Reddit and have little to no social media outside of that. It doesn’t matter though because they have found a place where they can succeed and get the right amount of attention to grow their OnlyFans page. There have been many articles written detailing how OnlyFans made TikTok girls rich although you can’t mention or link to OnlyFans on the platform. The fame that was created on TikTok made people hunt for these creators themselves to see if they had an OnlyFans page. Most creators in the top 1% don’t waste their time jumping from Social Media platform to Social Media platform. They have their main Social Platform and their OnlyFans. This allows them to get the exact amount of high attention to create success.

3. They Choose Their Lane and they Stay in it

Most people hate it when they are told to ‘stay in your lane’ it makes you feel like you are only good for one thing. This can cause people to try a lot of different things that they are not properly suited for. The one thing that the top 1% on OnlyFans get is that if people are interested in you for one thing, you should try your very best to dominate it. This can very much be the case as I mentioned about those creators who are successful on a platform like Reddit. On Reddit subreddits people are on their for one thing, visual gratification. They want to consume pictures and typically move on with their day. They are not interested in watching your live stream or having a chat about geopolitics.

So for those creators who know they can offer a lot of visual gratification they play the odds that they can consistently pick up some new fans from Reddit on a daily basis. If someone is a streamer on Twitch and they have built their reputation on being funny, quirky, nerdy and entertaining they can find a lot of success on OnlyFans. They might throw their pictures into a subreditt and get almost no response, not because they aren’t attractive but they aren’t the exact concept the people on that platform are looking for. The more time you spend in other lanes the less time you have to spend in the lane that you are successful at. If the Twitch streamer misses an episode to create photos for reddit, they have lost some of the important momentum needed to have a new stream of people see them and then hunt out their OnlyFans page. It’s hard to stay in a lane and it can often feel boring to do so, but you can be sure that those in the top 1% deviate the least that they can from the core audience that produces them their profits.

4. They Do Not Obsess about any Number Unless it has a $ Dollar Sign in Front of it.

For those who utilize the pound, euro or yen, this also applies to you. As you know the concept of top 1% derives from the amount of money that a creator earns each month, no other factor like subscriptions or likes counts. So for OnlyFans creators in the top 1% it is all about the money. For many creators they worry about the number of likes that they have or the number of subscribers who have decided to keep auto-bill on that month. These are important things to look at certainly but for the top 1% they are looking at what moves they can make to increase their monetary yield each month. This means coming up with creative ways of setting up PPV for fundraising purposes, making it more in their fans favor to tip them and maximizing their marketing efforts towards earning more income. For most in the top 1% they are likely gaining 80% of their real income from super fans who just can’t get enough of them. Most systems always break down to the 80/20 principal. Although a lot of creators earn a large portion of their monthly income on OnlyFans from subscribers, those fans who buy everything they produce at a premium help them stay in the top 1% of earners. Obviously these fans didn’t just jump on OnlyFans and become obsessed with a creator, it likely happened from what they were doing off of the site first, as we’ve discussed. They might follow every live stream on Instagram, Tiktok or Twitch and now be on their OnlyFans page as their biggest supporter. Those in the top 1% are always looking at what to do to make more money from their Super Fans.

5. They Post Quality Photos and Videos at High Resolution

One universal fact when it comes to the top 1% on OnlyFans is that their pictures are of the highest HD Quality possible. Do you know why that is the case? No one can drool to blurry pictures. No one can picture themselves with you or fantasize about you when they can’t see you clearly. The more well developed the pictures and videos you make are the more likely that someone with subscribe to your page or tip you. At it’s heart OnlyFans is a Fan Club site with a million different fan clubs all operating at the same time. If someone tires of one creators fan club they will move on to the next one. This is why it is so important to put your very best material out there at all times. This also applied to marketing efforts as well. When you post a blurry picture or a dark video on your Social Media, no one can envision themselves there with you experiencing what you are. They also are a lot less likely to interact with the photo or video. Ask yourself, when is the last time you upvoted, liked or retweeted a low quality picture? Remember when you want people to share your social media posts, what they share reflects on them as well! So they are most likely to share and post high quality visuals and those in the top 1% know this, so they spend a lot of time and effort making sure the lighting and pixel quality is at the highest level possible.

6. They Believe in Quality over Quantity

This goes back into the concept of gaining a certain yield from each product that you put out onto OnlyFans itself. If you make a lot of low quality material and flood people with content then what you produce will begin to have an air of the basic. What top 1% creators understand is the law of supply and demand. If you have high demand if you pull back the supply even more you will get people who are absolutely salivating for you to produce something else. They will wait patiently and if you decide that you want to charge a premium for it even over what they are already paying, you will see them come to you with credit card in hand. Think about the concept of exclusive nightclubs, by the time you get to the front of the line or are ushered in they can pretty much charge you any entrance fee they want. Who is going to bicker at that point on the cost, the person feels ‘exclusive’ and important. The top 1% also understands the concept of making people feel ‘VIP”, in this case a Very Important Pocketbook. But none of their fans will care about the cost once they have been made to wait for the next picture or video. For the few people the top 1% lose who want ‘more and more content’ they will gain a lot more who will wait for exclusive content. Remember that there are thousands of free images and videos out there likely even of the top 1% themselves, but OnlyFans offers ‘gated exclusives’ The top 1% understand this and dole out their content slowly and purposely. They try to maximize all the content that they produce and get as much profit from it as possible right away. They know that content is cheap and disposable once it’s not exclusive and as we’ve talked about before will likely be leaked within day to OnlyFans Leak sites.

7. They make a lot of money from Tips and PPV.

When Bhad Bhabie Launched her OnlyFans page we got a rare look into what someone in the top 1% actually makes and how they make it. She was so excited to reveal her record breaking money haul that she gave insight into the breakdown of her earnings on the first day. According to Variety she stated that ‘her total haul from OnlyFans at just over $1 million, including $757,526.08 from subscriptions, $267,675 from DM payments, and $5,502.35 in tips.”. While we can’t exactly say that all accounts will mirror this kind of haul it does tell us that creators can earn an additional 25% of their income from outside of subscriptions. People in the top 1% on OnlyFans understand that it is not all about subscriptions. People are finicky, they also tend to subscribe just to see what’s on a page and then not renew the next month. You can finesse your subscription packages to 3 months or 6 months with savings and people rarely bite. A lot of people have commitment issues and like to be able to change their mind at any time. What doesn’t change it’s mind is a tip or a PPV purchase. These are instant gratification and they aren’t something you have to worry about keeping someone happy long term with. The top 1% know that money in hand is always better than money owed. If you give people long enough to hold onto their money and not give it to you they’ll do exactly that. Tips and PPV give the top 1% that extra monetary advantage they need to stay on top.

8. They Only Promote others in the top 1%

The truth is
I don’t stand a chance
It’s something that you’re born into
And I just don’t belong

Beverly Hills Lyrics – ‘Weezer’

Human beings are naturally clique’ oriented, no matter how much they might want to deny it. Once you are in an upper echelon you tend to only hang out with others in the same status. OnlyFans top 1% creators are no exception to this rule and they tend to only share those creators who are also in the top 1%. When they do share those lower than them on the totem pole or new creators they tend to charge them for the honor to do so. This creates yet another revenue stream for them (Sometimes making those creators pay via Tips on their OnlyFans page which will keep them firmly in the top 1%). Typically this is done because as I mentioned earlier: who you share on Social Media reflects directly on you. So top OnlyFans creators will typically look for other creators with high quality pictures and videos or who have similar fashion sense as they do. They also will want to get as much exposure from sharing someone as they get themselves so they’ll look for other people will a large following. This typically keeps newer creators from being able to rise to the top out of nowhere and pose a threat to the high status of those already in the top 1%.

9. They Clearly State what people will see and get on their OnlyFans Page

“Ok guys so now you can subscribe to my only fans! Yes I’ll be putting by BTS from “WAP” there ! And my day to day content,” she captioned a video of herself announcing her Only Fans account. “Also any rumors floating around. NO I WONT BE SHOWING P–SY , T—IES AND A– .LINK IN BIO…It will be a place for only me and my fans.”

Cardi B OnlyFans Announcement , Distractrify

Those in the top 1% don’t try to confuse their audience and are typically very clear about what they will be getting on their OnlyFans Page. As many in the top 1% come from some sort of media background they are used to being clear about what they will and won’t do in front of the camera. This creates a lot of comfort and security in the potential buyers of their OnlyFans pages. They also know to state what exactly people will be getting when it comes to their subscription and how often they will be posting. For many new creators or creators outside of the top 1% they don’t typically make enough money on OnlyFans to not be burdened with all that life might be throwing at them. For those in the 1% they are used to a comfortable income from the site and are able to plan how much of their time and energy should go toward their page. This certainty allows them to plan months ahead while most creators who are not making as much income from the platform are only able to plan days ahead or perhaps a week. When the potential subscriber sees all of the content and potential content they will be getting from the top 1% creator it helps them get ahead and be more likely to earn an OnlyFans subscribers business long term.

10. Their OnlyFans page is not the center of their Universe

Without beating a dead horse here, one of the big things you’l notice about those in the top 1% on OnlyFans is that they have a lot going on in their life besides an OnlyFans page. They are likely as I mentioned very active on one more more social media channels that they devote a good amount of time to. They are doing events, gigs, shows, live streams etc to keep their fan base satiated. They also tend to have OnlyFans as a good amount of their income but if it dried up totally they would still be able to survive due to all of the other areas they are involved in. OnlyFans top 1% creators don’t have OnlyFans as the central part of their business plan. It is one of many channels that they are utilizing to maintain their fame and fortune. Having an OnlyFans page for many in the top 1% is an extension of their larger brand and the page fits into the image they are wanting to portray to the world. One of the big things that OnlyFans does seem to provide is making a creator seem ‘edgy’ even if they are not providing adult material on the site. There are certainly some creators in the top 1% for which OnlyFans is their major platform but as the site has grown it is going to become less and less.

11. They Make You Gawk

Before Hulk Hogan sued and took down a site called “Gawker” , it was a highly successful business where the site would report on those things that like a train wreck you can’t look away from. The last key to success for those in the top 1% is that they always seem to make you gawk in some way. When you look at what they are up to, wearing, talking about or doing, it is interesting and you want to watch. When it comes to celebrities on OnlyFans they are usually those that don’t mind being the absolute center of attention in every room they walk in. If OnlyFans had existed in the 1990s you can be sure that Dennis Rodman would have had one. So if someone is in the top 1% they likely make you feel some strong emotion either to want to walk towards them or run as far away as fast as you can. Either way though you are going to talk about the event afterwards. Those on OnlyFans in the Top 1% understand that in order to be successful on the platform you need to be interesting enough that people are either talking about you or the content that you are producing and they can’t help but take a second or even third look at what you are up to.

So What Are the Keys to Success to Getting into the Top 1% on OnlyFans?

For most OnlyFans creators they don’t have the goal of getting into the top 1%, they would be perfectly happy just to be in the top 5%. But for those who are looking to make serious income and money from OnlyFans they need to utilize OnyFans full potential. They need to look at it as an extension of their larger brand and work towards maximizing the income they get from each of their fans. It’s important to remember that people respond best to a quality presentation from someone who is dressed the part. Making sure that you produce quality content while keeping yourself interesting on and off of OnlyFans is the key to getting into the top 1%.

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