OnlyFans Hacks & Leaks – 12 Sites That Make it Possible

A Dirty Dozen sites make it possible for OnlyFans Content Creators to Lose Millions Daily

OnlyFans Content – Stolen, Leaks and Hacks : Last Updated: June 25, 2021 Reading Time: 15 Minutes

I’ve heard the groundhog theory a hundred times when it comes to stolen content online, it pretty much states that ‘if you smack one groundhog, another one will just pop up to take it’s place’. The thought being that the need for free stolen content is so great that if you shut down one site another site will just pop up to take it’s place. There have already been sites taken down completely by Creators based on stolen content like ThotHub, a community board and website that allowed users to post OnlyFans creators content on their boards. An OnlyFans creator Deniece “Niece” Waidhofer had lawyers contact to stop infringing on her rights. At the time OnlyFans was receiving thousands of hits from the site a day. Shortly after her lawsuit Thothub went ‘dark’ , i.e. shut down their site and disappeared. The error that likely made was that it’s owners were able to be identified and served with the lawsuit itself. Despite an extensive investigation now a year old by Motherboard about the illicit practice of OnlyFans scraper sites and the vulnerability of the site content to hacks and stolen content databases, absolutely nothing has changed.

So Who Are the Money Men Who Are Profiting from this?

This article is intended to reveal the actual sources who profit from this stolen content, the content creators themselves create with the intent of selling subscriptions to OnlyFans or making profit from custom content that was intended for specific paying customers. It is not just out there on secret file sharing sites being downloaded likely by underage users as we reported about in our article about Discord’s young user base, but is being utilized to sell advertising on websites worth billions of dollars. All of that money is kept by those companies to continue to grow and expand legitimate businesses.

So Who are these Companies? I have broken it down by:

The Purveyors‘ -Those who provide the content unregulated to their consumers to view stolen OnlyFans pictures and videos.

The Sponsors’ – Those who provide monetization via advertising to make it profitable to provide ‘OnlyFans Leaks and Hacks’

The Hosts – Those sites that host the content and turn a blind eye to the existence of it on their servers.

The Purveyors of Stolen Content

1. – Leaked Stolen OnlyFans Content For Ad Profit

If there is OnlyFans stolen content to be had it is sitting on Pornhub was recently sued by a group of people who had their content placed on the site without their permission and possibly at the time they were underage as well. Pornhub has reacted to this by creating measures to assure who is downloading what onto their servers and they are only doing this now because they could be hit in the pocket by a lawsuit. In December 2020 Visa, Mastercard and Discover Card all blocked the site from using their systems to process transactions.

Following this action, Pornhub implemented new safety policies on its platform in December. The new policies ensured that only verified uploaders can post to the site, videos on the site cannot be downloaded, and promised a transparency report, among other changes. In February, the site introduced further measures for verification, moderation and detection.

Moira Ritter, CNN Business ‘Pornhub Sued..’

You can assume that Pornhub (who also owns Youporn and Redtube) has made millions if not billions of dollars from stolen material thrown on it’s servers in the past. This is where the site XHamster is right now. What can you find with a simple search of a creator’s name on XHamster?

  1. Complete edited videos of all of a creators pictures and videos from certain time periods
  2. Custom Videos made as PPV or for specific users of OnlyFans (known as custom content or Pay Per View)
  3. Photo galleries of OnlyFans content set to music.
  4. Spliced Videos of TikTok/OnlyFans videos together (Known as on/off content)

You can be assured that if someone is in the top 1% on OnlyFans all of their material is sitting on XHamster. What I found interesting was most of this stolen content comes from, which is the french subdomain for XHamster. Obviously they are responsible for everything on their domain but they might not have as much control over content that is coming from a different country version of their website or just not care.

2. ( – Leaks of Stolen OnlyFans Content for Profit

Taking the concept that popularized we have, which has the same Forum based concept as Thothub did. This site works a little differently though as it hints at ‘Mega Packs’ of stolen creator content that is being posted in what appear to be forum type posts. They refer to these posts as Thot Packs, and actually charge a VIP membership to their site to instantly access these Thot Packs for $5 a month. The site assures customers through their sales page that “Thot Packs Posted Daily, Almost Always Contain SexTapes & HQ Nudes, 1-50GB Each”. Keep in mind that each of these people spending $5 are not spending it on OnlyFans and what they are buying is 100% copyrighted content created by others. So what is available on this site?

  1. Thot Packs: Containing massive amounts of stolen video and picture content from various OnlyFans creators that can be purchased for a monthly membership fee.
  2. The ability to reply to forum posters to receive links that contain videos and pictures of stolen OnlyFans content from creators.
  3. Forum for People to trade and distribute Stolen OnlyFans content freely among each other and receive accolades from other members for doing so.
People can buy a membership to the Thotbook site so they can more easily access OnlyFans stolen content and hacks

3. – Leaked OnlyFans Content Forum

This site has the same stolen OnlyFans content throughout it with individual pages for different creators. This system is particularly nefarious because it allows whole collections of stolen pictures for each creator to be stored and easily seen and watched. Google also picks up these individual pages based on the OnlyFans creators name, which means anyone looking to not pay to subscribe to an OnlyFans content creator just needs to make a simple search and find their whole folders worth of stolen content.

Both sites have a very similar scam going where they have the user download a program called TezFiles in order to download large files. This program runs through a site called, which offers 75% commission to those who get others to download Tez Files (which itself is $10.83 a month). So it appears that these sites are gaining income from affiliate commissions even if they are not charging for membership to the site.

This site is the most bold of them all even using stolen content pictures as Avatar options for the users.

So what can you do on this site?

  1. View leaked and stolen OnlyFans creators content on what they call the ‘Only Thots Forum”
  2. Download large creator packs of various OnlyFans creators Videos and Pictures.
  3. Share Stolen content freely with other like minded thieves on the forums
TezFiles is a service stolen content sites use to earn Affiliate income from those who subscribe to it to get more space to download OnlyFans stolen content

4. XVideos – OnlyFans Leaked Videos for Profit

As mentioned, PornHub has done a very good job of removing content that is leaked from OnlyFans by simply removing the term leaks or OnlyFans leaks from the titles of their videos. If people can’t find the videos and view them then they don’t cause a lot of monetary damage to OnlyFans creators. Xvideos is another site where you can easily search the name of popular creators and their OnlyFans videos and pics come up instantly. The site is very easily discovered in search engines like Google as well making it very easy for those looking for stolen OnlyFans videos to find exactly what they are looking for. While not nearly as bad as the ‘thot pack’ like sites for the amount of content one can get access to for free, a site like Xvideos is the easiest and laziest way to see this content totally for free. Xvideos also tends to fly under the radar as it’s not as popular as the other adult video platforms.

5. – Stolen OnlyFans Gifs

This is likely one of the stranger ways that content is being stolen on the Internet and distributed. The domain, which resulted in a Guinness Book World Record by being sold in 2011 for a staggering $13 Million dollars never really had any real reason for existence in a crowded marketplace. But then they stumbled onto making gifs out of every single clip of sexual acts recorded online. They continue to do this to this day and can be found on every single sex based image search on Google. They have decided that they also have the right to create gifs out of Behind the Paywall content on OnlyFans, which of course they have little to no right to do. There is nothing in the law that states they can sample copyrighted material in this way but it has not stopped them from doing it.

So you can be sure that has taken upon itself to create a gif of your OnlyFans content and at that point it is distributed anywhere and everywhere someone decides to post it.

The Sponsors of OnlyFans Hacks and Leaks

6. – Providers of Video Ads for OnlyFans Stolen Content

What an annoying but pervasive site this is in the world of Adult Entertainment. This is the site that pops up as a supposed live streaming webcam session on every free adult site known to man. Sadly this site helps keep stolen content profitable by paying for any eyeball that might decide to watch anything on an adult related site. This encourages content to be leaked and stolen because the people who host it know that they will be able to get some sort of monetary gain from it. It also allows adult sites to look the other way at what content is being put on their site because their only goal is more and more views so that sites like this can pay them on a per impression basis.

7. – Providers of Ad Revenue to OnlyFans Leaks

I first encountered when we worked to remove a Promo from Twitter that was preying on OnlyFans creators and attempting to steal content and get them to sign up to this site. It was obvious that the entire venture was setup just to get people to go to StripChat and sign up. This site is similar to Jerkmate in it’s annoying tendency to pop up everywhere in hopes of gaining new users. StripChat is new and therefore very aggressive about getting new viewers and earning market share. This site is perhaps without its own intention supporting stolen content across the web.

8. Chaturbate – Banner Advertisers on all Adult Content including OnlyFans Rips

Of all the sites that cause stolen content to be distributed on the list I will say that Chaturbate is the least nefarious. Before there was an OnlyFans, chaturbate was around as an outlet for performers to earn money. It has been around since February 26, 2011 and has been a favorite of cam girls everywhere. The one issue is that with its success it has the money and the influence to promote its banner ads just about everywhere. Very few industries still rely on banner ads in any significant way as they are a very old school style of Internet Marketing. But because of the super high volume of views that adult sites get there are very few other ways to monetize for adult site owners other than using banner ads. Adult Banner ad networks still exist and one of their primary supporters is Chaturbate. That leads as mentioned to it being easier for adult sites to gain revenue from vast amounts of stolen OnlyFans content as long as they can serve up banner ads on them.

The Hosts of OnlyFans Leaked and Stolen Content

9. Google – The Search Engine for Stolen OnlyFans Pictures and Videos

It’s a pretty simple statement to make that if these OnlyFans stolen leaks and hacks sites were not able to be found on Google no one would ever know they existed. No one would have found thothub or famousinternet girls and it would be difficult to find free Discord servers filled with stolen content as well. Google is the hub by which all of these problems originate. From Google Image search which has almost zero copyright protection for creators to Google’s search algorithm which is not setup to filter out stolen content sites. This in turn creates a huge incentive for people to create these sorts of sites because they know that if they fill the sites with enough content (especially in a forum format which Google sees as harmless) they will continue to gain thousands if not millions of views a day for free. That concept of free is very important because everything they are getting on these sites is free to them from the free leaked content to the free search traffic. It’s like in the movie Goodfellas when the mob ‘busts out a restaurant’, they take everything from the front and sell it out the back, it’s all profit because it cost them nothing to begin with. So the major incentive for these stolen, leaked and hacked OnlyFans websites to exist is Free Google traffic.

10. Discord – Servers Filled with OnlyFans Leaked Videos and Images

As you may recall I wrote an entire blog article on how easy it is to get free stolen content on Discord servers. Sadly not much has changed in the month since I wrote that article although the main server that I discussed in the article has since been removed ,it is still easy to find stolen OnlyFans content on the site. The site is also setup in such a way to make it nearly impossible to know how much stolen content is kept gated behind private servers that only some people are aware of. As I mentioned in the article there are active Reddit subreddits that provide details on how to find stolen OnlyFans content and even rewards within the Discord servers themselves to those who provide the best stolen content. It is still easy to find these servers via Google as well so they will continue to exist until Discord itself takes more action to protect not only OnlyFans stolen content but from minors seeing that kind of content.

11. CloudFlare – The Web Host for Stolen OnlyFans Content

As I’ve mentioned in my Podcast as well as on this blog, the host of the stolen content is most responsible for the content because it is found on their servers. As the Internet is regulated in order to host and provide Internet services you need to be in good standing. One company that seems to be at the heart of most Hosting of stolen OnlyFans content is a company named CloudFlare.

Both of the current culprits mentioned above Host with Cloudflare. With a simple ICANN Lookup you can search this information yourself. Registry Info



  • Registry Expiration: 2024-03-20 05:07:13 UTC
  • Created: 2019-03-20 05:07:13 UTC Registry Info



  • Registry Expiration: 2021-12-18 14:10:38 UTC
  • Created: 2020-12-18 14:10:38 UTC

Cloudflare was also at the heart of the OnlyFans creator lawsuit against as well.

“But we are just getting started. We will hold Thothub’s members and the companies that enabled its piracy accountable for the harm they caused. We will continue to chase down online pirates, and we will ask courts to enforce existing law so that companies like Cloudflare must enact reasonable and effective repeat infringer policies to prevent sites like Thothub from flourishing.  It’s time to end the era of online copyright lawlessness.”

Brett S. Rosenthal from law firm Reese Marketos – Vice Article – Thothub Goes Dark Following Lawsuit

So a year after the lawsuit absolutely nothing has changed for Cloudflare as it is just business as usual with stolen OnlyFans content rampant on their servers.

12. OnlyFans – The Source of Leaks and Stolen Content

Sadly I have to name OnlyFans itself as one of the major reasons behind the endless amount of stolen and leaked content you can find online. Although OnlyFans states that it ‘content protection is a top priority, it only takes a person like myself 5 seconds to find all the stolen content of a creator with a simple page one Google search. I don’t need to go into the dark web or put my site at risk on old school warez hack sites, I and anyone else can find stolen content everywhere you look. In most cases the only reason that I can’t find a creators OnlyFans content is because they have hired a company like Rulta to clear the content themselves at their own expense.

Way back in 2018 the website ManyVids a competitor of OnlyFans put in safeguards to prevent any of this from happening to those who submitted videos on their website. They used two software programs called DMCA Force and DigiRegs which as their website states does the following:

DMCAForce and DigiRegs differ from other protection platforms because they will digitally imprint every single active vid on ManyVids with a unique fingerprint ID and then frequently and automatically scan the entire world wide web for this fingerprint. If they find MV content somewhere where it shouldn’t be, they’ll automatically issue a DMCA takedown notice on behalf of the copyright owner.

Many Vids anti-piracy protectioN –

Wouldn’t it be amazing if OnlyFans had something similar to that in place? I’ve mentioned the dedicated team that OnlyFans claims to have who’s job it is to protect creators content is very reactionary and not proactive in anyway. I have stated this before but OnlyFans needs to:

  1. Contact hosts and demand sites like Thotbook or FamousInternetGirls be taken down.
  2. At the minimum request to Adult Video sites that the term OnlyFans can’t be used in titles of Videos (these companies already have these policies in place for similar terms)
  3. Reach out to Google and make consistent DMCA takedown requests against the next thothub type sites that pop up over time
  4. Implement security measures similar to ManyVids that properly encodes videos to prosecute those that distribute the content.

Why Stolen OnlyFans Content is more than just a Monetary Concern

As Mentioned there are safeguards against someone using a site like OnlyFans. People under 18 are denied access to the site but there is next to no safeguard to prevent children from viewing pages on scraper sites like Unregulated stolen adult content does not care about who is viewing it or why. The only purpose of this content is to generate ad revenue for the purveyors. The advertisers benefit from the growth of their ‘legit’ sites from advertising on pages with stolen content and can claim they had no idea it was even happening. The hosts only act if contacted by a lawyer or a news article is written calling them out for their general lack of oversight. At every turn someone else passes the buck on who’s responsibility stolen content is. Yes, OnlyFans creators are likely losing millions of dollars a month to these sites but there is a greater issue of this content being consumed by groups of people who OnlyFans creators never intended to be seen by.

Why is it up to Creators to Protect Their Own content?

Sadly as mentioned it seems that the onus is put on Content Creators to protect the content that they hand over to a site like OnlyFans with the assumption of security. The creators have to end up hiring DMCA take down services, placing additional watermarks on their content and being worried that their content is being leaked and distributed all over the Internet without their consent. It would be nice to know that this was truly one of OnlyFans biggest concerns and as always they should take the steps that I’ve outlined above to end stolen content from being distributed at will on a daily basis online.

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  1. Princess Leia on July 3, 2021 at 3:10 pm

    So I’ve been listening Onlyfans Hero podcasts these past few days and got in touch with him. He’s been a tremendous help, taught me things I’ve never knew. Today as I was listening to one of his podcast about “Onlyfans leaks 12 sites that makes it possible” I figured I would look myself up on Google and sure enough I’ve seen stuff I didn’t wanna see. So Onlyfans hero told me a site that will take my stuff down so I went to it, I am on a 3 day trial and I’m loving it so far. I never knew these sites existed and never knew my content was out there for free. I’ve learned a lot is all I can say. I appreciate Onlyfans Hero.

  2. Richard A. Lewis on July 4, 2021 at 2:31 pm

    Thank you so much for the kind words. I am so glad you were able to find some of your leaked material online and work to take it down. I know how hard OnlyFans creators work and it’s a shame that you have to take time out of a busy schedule to do this kind of ‘take down’ work yourself. I am hoping with more articles like this that OnlyFans will take more direct action against these sites that profit from your stolen content. Thank you for taking the time to reach out to me as well and I am glad I could help.