How to Earn More Money By Keeping Subscribers on OnlyFans

OnlyFans is built around getting and then keeping subscribers long term, but it’s not as easy as it sounds to do

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Getting OnlyFans subscribers can be a difficult task and once you have them you want to do everything that you can to retain them. I have gone over many times how to get OnlyFans subscribers on your page but in this article I am going to focus on keeping subscribers once you get them. There are many thing that you can do to improve your chances that most will keep the re-bill on. In most instances making sure to bring them consistent value will keep them coming back for more month after month.

How to Retain OnlyFans Subscribers

So you’ve managed to get your OnlyFans off the ground and have ten to fifty subscribers and you keep working month after month but the numbers never seem to tick up much. Every time you get a new subscriber a few others fall off. Does this sound familiar to you? It’s what happens with most OnlyFans pages and to most businesses. No matter if you are selling an OnlyFans subscription or a magazine subscription you are going to encounter what are called retention issues. I am going to discuss the ways you can increase your retention rate with your current subscribers so that when you get new ones your OnlyFans page will grow and not be consistently shrinking or at a stand still.

1. Competitive Pricing

I wanted to start with pricing because it will always be an important factor when it comes to people initially subscribing and continuing to subscribe. There are a lot of techniques that will get a subscriber in for a low price and then jack the price up a lot after the first month. While this will always be good for getting people to subscribe, it will be a killer to your retention rate. The reason being that you will likely have months of content for them to see as soon as they subscribe and then you will only be updating a fraction of new content to your page each month from what they’ve already been given access to. If you were given a beta of a game and told it was 90% of the game but now they wanted $59.95 for the last 10% you’d balk at that. In the same way when you give out a ton of content in the beginning and the subscriber knows they will basically be paying a full amount each month for another 10% worth of content it can come off as a non appealing bargain. So what do you do about that? Well you make sure that your page is competitively priced each month. Don’t let the amount of your first month offer, say $5 be three or four times that to subscribe the next month. Try to keep it close to the initial offer as possible as far as price. If you are going to make the price a lot higher you need to have justification to do so. Remember you are trying to sell people new content each month on a subscription basis. So in the end you’re selling them that months content each month, not your overall content. Yes they have the opportunity to go back and look at all your previous content but they likely did that when they first subscribed. What is your new content worth each month? Is it worth $5, $10, $20? Be realistic with what you’re selling and you’ll find that you get more subscribers willing to stick with you month after month.

2. Discounts

The whole discount system for most OnlyFans pages are totally messed up because creators are desperate to get people to subscribe in the beginning and forget about the long game. Ideally the discounts should be going to those who are willing to stick with you and subscribe to your page month after month. Those are the people who should be paying the lower prices but because of high OnlyFans competition the discounts are going to the people who least deserve them, namely subscribers who sub for one month and then turn re-bill off or people who just want to subscribe to see the months or years worth of content you’ve produced. These are not typically your loyal fans and it’s a shame that it has to be that way. It takes a brave creator to offer discounts to your loyal fans because you’ll feel like you are going to lose money because they would subscribe anyway. But keep in mind that you are not the only game in town and that they can always lose interest especially if they don’t feel cared about. Wouldn’t it be better to offer your most loyal customers the deepest discounts for subscribing long term just for them? Long term subscriptions get you the money right now and people’s life habits change. Today’s loyal customer could become tomorrow cow towed husband or boyfriend who no longer can subscribe to OnlyFans pages. Try to save your discounts for your most dependable clients and subscribers and you’ll find your retention rate go up.

3. Gifts

You should never be beyond bribing people to stick around, if its good enough for corporations and politicians it should be good enough for you as well. Gifts are technically bribes to keep someone happy and coming back for more and there are a lot of different types of gifts you can give your fans that really cost you nothing. Do you have an old PPV that has run it’s course, give it away as a gift to new or returning subscribers. I would even advise giving something free to everyone who subscribes to you every month. If you really want to get creative you can theme it to the month, holiday or time of the year it is. Very few people will take the time to actually give out gifts past the initial free offer for signing up which will help you stand out. Remember that since it’s content that you will be giving them its an inexpensive way to keep people interested and engaged with your brand on a consistent basis. If you decide to get another account on a site like Fansly, you can give a gift on OnlyFans to everyone signed up to both accounts as a reward. You should always be rewarding your most loyal fans with gifts. Just make sure that you reserve your very best content for paying customers and don’t give too much away by being too nice or you could hurt your custom content sales.

4. Great Client Service

Much like any other business people are going to expect to be catered to in some way. If clients are sending you DM’s that are never answered they will notice this. They will also notice if you are active in the comment section of your own posts on OnlyFans. When they leave a tip or a comment do you send them a thank you? When they ask a question or make a request for custom content do you get back to them in a timely manner? All of this will matter when it comes time for them to hit the re-bill button or continue subscribing. Most people are pretty understanding that you are a busy person with a life but when it comes to money people can get a bit more demanding than they would with a free service. If someone is giving you their hard earned money they are going to expect something from it. It is correct that what they are buying is a subscription to your page with access to your content and you can look at it like that is all you need to do and provide them. But for creators who are highly successful in building up their OnlyFans subscriber base they know it’s the little things that really keep subscribers coming back for more. So if you take time to support your fans on OnlyFans they will take the time to support you right back.

5. Exclusives

Your OnlyFans page must contain content that people can’t get anywhere else or what exactly is the point of people subscribing to it? You also have to let people know that the content they are seeing on your OnlyFans page can’t be seen anywhere else or they won’t know. With so many other fan sites out there as well as free social media content they could make the false assumption that what they are seeing is available in several different places. One thing that will keep people subscribing to your OnlyFans is if you provide consistent exclusive content that they cannot find anywhere else. You also need to label the content in such a way so that everyone knows. One good way of creating exclusives is by giving your fans options in your posts on what content they want to see each month and then creating it for them. Your fans will know that the content is just for their eyes and for your OnlyFans page. You can also offer exclusive gifts to long term subscribers as well to keep them active on your page.

6. Poll Your Customers

Your fans like hearing from you and they like knowing that their opinion matters to you and there is no better way to accomplish both goals than to poll your fans consistently. Your fans are your customers and much like big brands take customer surveys (often found on large receipts at the store) your OnlyFans customers should be polled as well.  This will let them know that you value what they want to see on the page above anyone who might just be stopping in for the first time. It also helps build the concept of a community which is very important for your brand and your long term success. You can poll your fans on what outfits you should buy, what type of content they want to see posted and even questions about current events or hobbies you all share together. Don’t forget this important tool in interacting with your fans that OnlyFans provides on your page.

7. Keep Your Page Current

This likely goes without saying for creators who dedicate hours to updating their OnlyFans page and content on a weekly basis but for many creators they simply forget to add new content to their pages. If it has been more than one week since you posted on your OnlyFans, it has been too long. I believe you should be posting at minimum 3 to 4 times a week to be successful as far as keeping your subscribers happy. If Netflix failed to have any new shows for an entire week people would begin to wonder what they are paying for. You never want anyone wondering what they are paying for or looking at the latest post from two or three weeks ago and deciding it’s time to turn that re-bill off and subscribe to a creator who is more consistent. Of course crises can happen as well as vacations. So you just need to always be keeping your fans updated on any short or long breaks that could occur on your page. Rule of thumb would be if you’re going to not be posting for over a week to let your fans know with a message on your timeline. It’s ok to take breaks to prevent burnout but if breaks become a habit your fans will notice and it will start to affect your bottom line when it comes to subscriber money.

8. Interact with your Fans

Not all OnlyFans subscribers are looking for interaction and I’m asked quite a bit how to make fans more interactive than they are. As someone on Reddit once wrote ‘some people just like to look at pictures and go to sleep afterwards’, if that sums up the majority of your subscribers then you are lucky. For most people OnlyFans is more than just a site with pictures and videos but a chance to interact in real life with attractive people and individuals they are fans of. This means that what your OnlyFans subscribers are buying in some cases is ‘access’, that being access to your real self as opposed to just pictures on a screen. So it makes sense that for a lot of these fans they want you to come off your high pedestal and interact with them at some point. I’ve talked about the fine line between becoming too accessible previously, but in this case you want to try to interact with your fans whenever you are able to. If someone asks a question that is creepy or disrespectful and you decide to flame back on their flame this does not count as interaction. You want to only deal in positive interactions where you can relate to your fans or thank them for something they have done for you. The more interaction you make on the page the more likely the page will become interactive overall with comments and questions. This will be a great environment for new subscribers to find when they come onto your page and make them more likely to keep subscribing.

9. Have Positive Energy

As the old saying goes you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. People who are likable on their OnlyFans and in their fan site promotion will end up with more subscribers overall. It might seem edgy to be aloof or sit on a throne like a goddess on your page but it will likely not help you grow your page into being in the top 1% of all creators. If your page has positive energy it will also likely encourage those who are your fans to interact in a positive manner as well. People tend to want to subscribe to active pages that make them feel good. It is part of your job as an OnlyFans creator to make people feel good from the content on your page. You can go along way in doing that by keeping your energy good in your comments and replies to fans. As well as posting positive uplifting messages and polls that keep people in a bright and cheery mood. There is enough to get people down out in the real world so making sure your page is positive will allow you to keep more subscribers.

10. Keep Subscribers Up to Date

As mentioned when I was discussing letting fans know when you were going to go on a short break or vacation it’s important that your fans always know what’s up when it comes to your page. You don’t need to give them too much detail about your private life (ideally you don’t want them to know much of anything about that for safety reasons) but if your outside life is going to effect your time on OnlyFans then it does become their business. You also want to keep your fans informed on anything having to do with your subscription rates, upcoming specials, custom content etc. Don’t just spring changes on your fans, make them a part of the decision and you’ll find no matter what you have to tell them they will be more receptive to the ideas. If a person chooses not to keep up to date with you that is on them and you can always point out if someone complains about a change on your page that there is tons of comments and posts letting fans know. A creator who keeps their fans informed will find that they keep a lot more subscribers and make more money on the site as well.

11. Make It Fun from the Beginning

They say you can never make a second first impression and it’s true. If you want to keep your subscribers around make sure that the page they subscribe to is full of fun content and interaction from the jump. When they sign up and subscribe make sure they get a fun intro DM possibly with an added bonus attached. Don’t be afraid to send out a custom thank you message for each new subscriber yourself as well welcoming them to the page. Make sure that your pinned posts at the top are welcoming and exciting and get them interacting with you and your page right away. This is your big opportunity to make an impression on someone and become more than just another pretty face. Don’t waste that opportunity at the very beginning to stand out from the rest so if in the future they have to make a decision on which content creators to keep supporting and which to stop supporting that they have a certain fondness in their heart for you and don’t put you on the chopping block. These sort of decisions are made every day by OnlyFans subscribers and it is often the small things that make the biggest impact on whether they keep subscribing to you or not.

12. Remember Their Names

When it comes right down to it one of the most important ways to keep your clients is to remember who they are. Yes, once you have hundreds or even thousands of OnlyFans subscribers this can start to get difficult but the average OnlyFans creators has less than 100 subscribers making it pretty easy to notice your fans by name. A lot of people are anonymous on OnlyFans but their accounts and spending habits are not. You should be able to identify those fans who are most loyal to your page and mark them for extra attention and interaction. When someone has been subscribing to your page for months or even years you should do your best to make them feel as special as possible. If they are anonymous but you can easily find out an interest or hobby that they have bring it up to them in the DM’s or comments. Spend time asking how others are doing and talking about them and your fans will remember your kindness and that you are fan focused and not just all about yourself. If a fan has the choice between subscribing to you who they have had conversations with and feel a genuine connection to you and someone else who doesn’t take that time to get to know them they will choose to continue subscribing to you.

So How Do You Keep OnlyFans Subscribers Around Long Term?

In the end the most important factors when it comes to keeping OnlyFans subscribers is to build a fun page, have a customer centered spirit and provide quality content on a consistent basis. It can be hard to stay consistent on your OnlyFans and not everyone wants to spend a lot of time interacting each day with virtual strangers. So try to take from the list those areas that you can improve upon and are strengths of yours. In the end there is no way to control what your subscribers do and you should not consider yourself a failure it fans tend to unsubscribe after a month or two Remember that it’s common for most creators to only get 50% of fans to keep their re-bill on. But if you work hard on your page and follow the steps I mentioned you can be sure that you will keep the right fans subscribing for the long term.

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