Fan Sites and Only Fans Are the Future of Marketing

The more you look at where Marketing is going and not where it has been, the more you’ll notice that it’s easier in the current world to launch a personal brand than a corporate one. Where the 19th Century gave us industrialists, showmen and robber barons, the 20th Century gave us large corporations, conglomerates and super mergers. So we have to look and see what the 21st Century has already given us, billionaires Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian and Elon Musk. Personality is back because the means of exploiting your personality is easier than ever. This is the age of Influence where being unknown 2 years ago and being a mega celebrity millionaire isn’t an impossibility and really it isn’t even that hard to do, just ask Mr. Beast or Charlie D’Amelio.

This gets me to my point on why Fan Sites and Platforms like Only Fans are the future. If influence is shifting from large corporations to people, it means that the power is shifting as well. More and more marketers realize that getting in good with a corporation makes you look like a sell out, but getting in good with an Influencer makes you not only seem edgy but also like you are keeping up with the times. In other words when the robot revolution hits in a few years, no one is going to order a Coca Cola Robot but they will order one that looks and talks like Beyonce’. In the middle of this shift all those people who used to have to beg and scrape at the feet of corporate overlords to become famous (from musicians, to models) Now can make themselves famous even if no one at the ‘top’ deemed them worthy of it. With sites like Only Fans, you now can monetize your influence and that means as you pull yourself up you can profit at the same time.

I have personally been at the start of the Internet ecommerce revolution and I know how quickly the power can shift. Just ask all the major retailers Amazon put out of business how serious they took the site in the beginning. Right now people look at sites like Only Fans and see a fad, but I see a trend. That’s why I decided in 2020 to start the rebranding process on SEO Bounty from a successful Internet Marketing Company to a successful Fan Site Marketing Company. Where you are on Search Engines, Social Media is still important but the real importance in the future will be Personal Brand. Personal brand is why you watch some peoples Youtube channels and ignore others. It’s why corporations buy advertising and personal brands get eye balls for free. You can tell where the trend is going by who is getting paid and who is doing the paying. Is Kim Kardashian a Billionaire because she paid other people to promote her or did she get paid? Why did she get paid because in 2021 people are more interested in being her fan than in being a fan of mega corporations.

SEO Bounty is now here to go on the next revolutionary ride when it comes to Marketing. We will be providing the tools for the next Charli D’Amelio or Mr. Beast because they are the future. We will be helping with our 20 years plus of experience to help grow the Fan Site Revolution and make sure it is the trend we know it to be.