How Much Money Can You Make on OnlyFans?

This is a question I get asked a lot from people who are thinking about starting an Only Fans. The answer is pretty simple, your earning potential is unlimited. The reason that I state it that way is because Only Fans is a purely capitalistic enterprise. Besides being an adult and having a bank account there is almost zero pre requisites to starting an Only Fans. You can be young, old, skilled, unskilled, disabled, a person or a brand and you can be on the platform.

In the Past

So even in the recent past of the Internet, the only real way to make any money online was by starting your own website, building traffic to it and then finding a way to monetize that website. That means you had to put up a large investment upfront and hope for the payoff later. When I first started in Internet Marketing in 1998, I helped work on a jewelry ecommerce platform. Before any jewelry could be sold the owner of the site had to pay for “Model Shoots”, professional pictures to be taken of each item, a complete ecommerce software system, etc. This was before he could even get the site online and start marketing it against the other 100 jewelry startups that were hopping onboard at the same time. The barrier to entry was great and thus only a select few people could possibly profit from the Internet.


With sites like Only Fans, you don’t need to invest in anything to get started and the site itself already has users signed up who will be interested in buying subscriptions to your page. What that means is that the only amount you need to hand over is 20% to the platform itself and you keep the rest. You don’t have to sit up at night worrying about whether the server on your site can maintain traffic capacity or any of the other technical issues a website faces. Nor do you need to pay for anything unexpected. No mater what goes on you have a fixed cost of 20%. This allows you to plan your expenses be it promotion or production equipment in a way that is long term.

So How Much Can you Make?

Obviously every day we hear in the news about a new celebrity that jumps on Only Fans and makes $1 Million dollars in a day. As I’m sure you know they make this profit because they have in some way built a large audience who already knows who they are. So there are two different answers to this question.

Those With Social Following Already

If you already have a large following somewhere be it Instagram, TIkTok, Twitter or Personal Fame you can measure your ability to make money based off of that. So if you have 1 Million followers on TikTok you have to determine how many are adults. How many are active followers? How many are Fans? How many are Super Fans. I’ve talked in the Only Fans Secrets Podcast many times about moving Fans to Super Fans. A Super Fan is someone who follows and supports everything you do. If you moved to a monastery and took a vow of silence, they would find the address of the monastery and send you a postcard once a year. These are people who will follow you from one platform to another and give you their hard earned money. So If you have 1 M followers, you can estimate super fans as .05% of those people. So you have 10,000 possible people who will go at least checkout your Only Fans. Of those 10-15% conversion rate you’d have 1,000 people ready to sub to your Only Fans. Numbers may vary here but overall that’s a great start. It’s how celebrities make 1 Million in a day. So even a person who a few million followers could look at making 10K or more a month on Only Fans just charging $5 or $10 per subscription.

Those with No Significant Social Following

This is where things get complicated. For those of you who don’t have a large following, you are looking to build your following at the same time as you build your Only Fans. I am sure you can see the issue with this because you are always going to be chasing your tail so to speak. Like drinking half a liquor bottle and filling it back up with water in hopes no one will notice. As I’ve advised before, you want to work on your Social Media presence first and then move yourself along to Only Fans. If you are nobody on Social Media you are going to be nobody on Only Fans. But if you are able to promote and build up your following you can expect to start our making $500 or so your first month and then building up from there. For those who have greater success of the platform they can obviously make more. For those creators I have discussed this with, it’s typical if you’re going to have success with the platform to make a few hundred dollars in your first month or two and start to build up on that.

In Closing

We went over a few different concepts but overall your ability to earn on Only Fans has a lot to do with the Influence you currently have. You can also build up your Social Influence while building up your Only Fans and make a good amount of money while doing so. Either way if you create content around things that you love, then the money will follow.