Ready Set Scam: The Rush to Steal OnlyFans Creators Money

It’s been a very important goal of mine in the last 6 months to investigate anything that smells funny in the OnlyFans Community. Sadly like the smell in Jerry’s car in that famous Seinfeld episode no matter how much you work to clean things up the smell lingers. Even worse it seems every day new people seem to pop up due to OnlyFans popularity and to take advantage of OnlyFans Creators. The latest example of this is a site called “Ready Set Cam”, I first encountered this site while answering questions on Quora. I saw an answer that was highly rated from someone named “Max Anderson”, what was strange about the response was that the headline under his name said ‘Head of Cannabis Education (2016–present)“. I thought that this must be a fake person with a fake picture who was simply answering by proxy for a larger company. In another post it stated he was ‘Founder & Head of Cam Girl Education (2019–present)‘. I can certainly respect someone who wants to educate and teach people how to be better at their trade. His responses were getting a lot of upvotes and views on Quora so I wanted to investigate what was going on.

I first started with Max Anderson to make sure he was a real person and then that his identity was not being stolen. What I found out about Max Anderson is that he is an entrepreneur at the same time as being what appears to be a world traveling adventurer. He also somehow is the Director of Product for a Nasdaq listed Corporation called The Porch Group (NASDAQ: PRCH). I’ll admit even as an entrepreneur myself my head was spinning. I was able to determine that yes, Max Anderson was the person behind because his Twitter links him to a sites like cannarecruiter and productiongrower , all sites registered in Washington state the same as ReadSetCam and connecting him as both A Cam Girl Educator as well as the Cannabis Educator. Before I go into Max Anderson more I want to explore ReadSetCam, because don’t worry it’s also a bizarre site.

So the first thing to know about ReadySetCam is that unlike SEO Bounty, this site is dedicated strictly to Adult Entertainment Marketing. I only point that out because people have different approaches to how they see OnlyFans. I see OnlyFans as a Social Media platform where Adult Material is allowed, similar to Reddit and Twitter. This site sees OnlyFans as an extension of the Adult Web Camming industry and instructs creators on how to build a large Adult Web Camming audience and then convert them to OnlyFans subscribers. To me this is one way to peel an apple but not the key to OnlyFans success. So I will take words directly from Max Anderson on Quora that I find highly suspect.

I’ve helped grow 20+ OnlyFans accounts to over $10,000 in monthly earnings, with several of those account now earning $50,000+ per month. – Max Anderson, Founder –

I can’t exactly prove this statement as false, but anyone with a basic grasp of OnlyFans creators and earnings would know how few creators make $10K a month, let alone $50K a month. Now, if a company really had helped you achieve $50K a month in income you should have flocks of creators singing the praises of your company. Instead one of the most suspect aspects of this site is the ‘reviews’

After providing Internet Marketing for over 20 years, I’ve learned a few things about fake reviews.

  1. First there is never a bad review placed.
  2. Nothing ever gets all 5 stars
  3. The Reviews are usually placed in bunches on the same day or series of days
  4. No one identifies themselves or their actual website
  5. It’s not verified by outside sources or websites

This site falls into all of those categories. Especially the reviews coming in bunches (two on 5/4/21, two on 4/30/21).

The Only Identifiable ‘OnlyFans Creator” on the site is someone named ‘Samantha Ava’. This is where I started getting suspicious of exactly what was being sold because when I went to her OnlyFans profile originally she claimed to be in the top .04% (Perhaps one of the people they’ve personally helped make 10K or 50K?) but what was suspicious was her profile only had 11K likes. Now that might seem like a lot but if you go to any profile actually in the top 1% and making 10K-50K these creators have 100K or more likes. Usually hundreds of thousands of likes.

So they have packages on their site ‘selling profile visits’. The top one being $6,479.00 for 20,000 visits (yes that real money, and yes someone in the ‘reviews’ claimed their boyfriend bought this for them as a gift… REALLY?) If someone has that kind of money what are they doing on OnlyFans selling $10/month subscriptions unless they are Tyga?

My favorite thing here is the ‘SOLD OUT” packages of 100, 250 and 500 profile visits. How exactly can you ‘Sell out” of the lower tier packages? I imagine they want people to think “Oh, I need this!” the other packages are so hot they are selling out! So a big question is, What is everyone being sold here? According to the site they will send you 1,000 profile visits to 20,000 profile visits from the Best OnlyFans accounts. But when you click on that link you are taken to a page with Samantha Ava at the top and then other people who possibly paid to be featured there. Along with their own OnlyFans Pages (@readysetcam101). Another account with 11K likes (wait I’ve seen that number before!). What’s strange is that they don’t display how many actual Fans this page has (which you can choose to feature). Certainly if they had a hundred thousand followers (which could account for say 20,000 profile visits) they’d be showing it. They even named if after r/OnlyFans101, the page that I mentioned on the OnlyFans Secrets Podcast when I talked about the top 10 non celebrity OnlyFans accounts. The OnlyFans 101 account is and they do list how many fans they have at 204.8K. So under the logic of ReadySetCam anyone listed on this page should start making 10K to 50K a month right? But see that’s not how OnlyFans Marketing works, and sadly I am not sure that Max Anderson understands that.

I have not seen anything having to do with Max Anderson in the OnlyFans community other than the site I see him on. What he may understand is how to promote web cam activity (Person thinks Cam Girl is attractive—> goes to cam site —> spends money) OnlyFans Marketing is (Build Solid Brand Online —> put in hard work creating content —> display the right content for promotion —> interact with clients — build fan base —> get subscribers consistently —> get more new subscribers than ones you lose). You cannot do what ReadySetCam is trying to say you can do.

I also saw a friend of the Podcast ‘Whatever Amy” (135K likes on OnlyFans , 113K Followers on Twitter) on the Readsetcam OnlyFans page when I visited it. So I reached out directly to her about her experience with the company ReadySetCam. Here experience was not ideal, in her words “I just didn’t see any movement, not even one person and that’s odd to me” After discussing some of my concerns about the company with her she let me know that she requested a refund and they were very professional about it. I have included her direct quotes about her initial impressions with the company below.

Now I mentioned I’d wind back around on Max Anderson and the rather interesting character that he is. According to LinkedIn he has a Degree in Engineering from the University of Washington and his credentials to ‘sell’ OnlyFans accounts is that he ran SEO and Product Marketing at The Porch Group. The thing is that the Porch Group has to do with housing services. I am not a believer that having a degree in an unrelated field means you can’t teach yourself how Online Marketing works (full disclosure, I have a degree in History) but I’m not seeing a person who is dedicated to understanding how Online Marketing works for OnlyFans creators. Even more interesting is Max Anderson’s travel itinerary during Covid. It doesn’t look like Max Anderson is doing much for the Porch Group or for his numerous companies. He has mainly been traveling the world according to his Instagram.

  • In Guatamala – March 2021
  • Machu Pichu – December 2020
  • Yucatan – May 2020
  • Tulum – December 2019

I’m a full supporter that you should be able to blow off steam and live an exciting life and certainly if he has been successful more power to him. But what I do feel is that the packages being sold to OnlyFans creators on this site are an outreach of something that is inauthentic and possibly a scam. The only way this business makes money is by selling what seems to be snake oil on “Profile visits” and for many creators who have not studied how Fan Site Marketing works they may believe this works. Sadly from the looks of this company it will not.

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