The OnlyFans Cheat Sheet

The Best Tips and Tricks for OnlyFans Content Creators

The OnlyFans Cheat Sheet: Exclusive to SEO Bounty Email subscribers. A Living Updated Document Of All the Best Shortcuts and tricks from the OnlyFans Secrets Podcast.

By Richard A. Lewis

  1. You Can Have Up to Two accounts on OnlyFans and you should use them both! – There is absolutely zero downside to having a second OnlyFans account and all the upside in the world. OnlyFans will host your pictures, videos and other material on a Free page for FREE. Take everything you post on Instagram and post it on your Free OnlyFans page and let people know they can follow you there. When you’ve built up a sizeable audience you can use your Thirst Trap OnlyFans account to either drop an exclusive PPV video or picture on the account or advertise your paid VIP page to that audience. These are people who already have an OnlyFans page, you don’t need to go through 2 steps like with the people on your Instagram or TikTok to get them to sign up to the site and then sign up to your page.
  2. Google is overwhelmed by Instagram and tend to ignore their images but loves Pinterest! – Have you ever done a search on Google or Google images, have you noticed that all you ever see is Pinterest images? You need to have a Pinterest page. Make sure you name yourself and your boards on Pinterest after your niche! As long as your niche isn’t explicit Pinterest will have no issue with it. Are you a busy red head, name yourself redheadgirl19 and create boards of pictures of yourself and pin them Pin them all with a ink to your Linkree or AllMyLinks to avoid any issues Pinterest might have with OnlyFans links now or in the future. Make sure to take the time to name your pictures like this busty-redhead-19.jpg and name the picture Busty Redhead 19 Teen. Not only will you be found when people make a pinterest search but when Google is returning images back to people making searches with safe search on you’ll come up. That will lead to curiosity and over to your OnlyFans
  3. People love fundraisers, use them on your OnlyFans page and provide rewards to the highest tippers – Nothing is more boring than someone posting a picture and expecting tips on it. You are likely going to find no one is interested. But people are always interested in a ‘Story!’. As I’ve gone over in my Podcast, your story is what makes people open up their wallets and pocketbooks to you. Doing a fundraiser for an item you need makes your tippers feel like a ‘hero’, and the better the story and the more fun it is the more likely people are to participate. Don’t do a fundraiser for a ‘downer’ topic though. No one wants to be reminded that the world is cruel by talking about someone in your family being sick. your dog having been run over or how much your college debt is crushing you. Even if this might be the real reason why you’re on OnlyFans, thats not something anyone but your best friend wants to hear about. Give people positive goals and they will be more likely to respond.
  4. Start with Social Media before you jump into your OnlyFans – Did you just start an OnlyFans and have no one on social media who even knows who you are? Please start again at the beginning, do not pass Go, do not collect $200. I cannot stress enough how bad an idea it is to just start and OnlyFans with no momentum behind you. A Sail without wind will not go anywhere! If you did just get approved for an OnlyFans and you have no social media presence, start now building yourself up and just state OnlyFans coming soon. Or start a Free OnlyFans page and let people go follow you that way. Some people can get things going by posting 18+ pictures or Twitter or Reddit but now you have given the whole thing away for free defeating the purpose of the whole thing. As I advise on the Podcast get known for something other than OnlyFans, your passion for singing, cooking, gaming, gymnastics, yoga… then start your OnlyFans page.
  5. If you are going to sell explicit pictures of yourself on OnlyFans, do it slowly– Like a slow drip out of a faucet you want to slowly wet the appetite of your audience. Unless you’re body is sculpted like Venus and you’re positive that just one look at you naked is going to roll the money in, please slowly reveal what you have to offer. Amoraunth makes thousands of dollars a month on OnlyFans and has never been naked on the platform. Her fans know her as a cosplayer, gamer and for having crazy big cleavage and that’s enough for them to pay month after month. If you show too much nudity too fast you’ll just get the leapfrog buyers, who buy a different content creators page every month just to see the naked and never return. Is that better than nothing? Yes, but it’s not sustainable. Make your reveals events. Limit them to Live Shows for exclusive tippers. Milk what you have and you’re profits will be higher.
  6. .Speaking of money.. Never buy a promotion on Instagram – This can be common knowledge for those who have been marketing their OnlyFans for a while now but for those not as in the know they will see that sites like Fiverr openly support Instagram OnlyFans scams and think oh it must be legit. The structure of Instagram is a promotion nightmare for OnlyFans Creators. I can’t imagine anyone has ever bought an OnlyFans from a random accounts Instagram story, ever! You can’t include links in your post, so someone would need to see your picture, click on your Profile, then click to your Linktree (since Instagram is very unfriendly to OnlyFans links in your profile) and then get to your OnlyFans page and decide to buy with little interaction. That by the way is the ideal situation because most Instagram accounts that have millions of followers are from countries where Adult Material is illegal and they just follow accounts in hopes of seeing some form of veiled nudity. Never buy a promo on Instagram.
  7. You Should be Optimizing your OnlyFans Profile for Google – Over 20% of all inbound traffic coming into OnlyFans comes from Google and that means a huge opportunity that most content creators are leaving on the table. Realizing that your ‘Display Name’ acts as your Meta Title for Google is important. You want to optimize it like you would any other meta title with your Username and then keywords that potential clients could be looking for. OnlyFans Search engines also have their own search functions that rely on your display name to rank you. You also want to look at your ‘Bio” as the content of your web pages when it comes to search. This page acts as both a meta description and content to Google search. Make sure it is also full of appropriate keywords you want to be associated for in search results not just text about your latest offers.