OnlyFans Content Guide – What is Banned on OnlyFans?

Staying abreast of OnlyFans content bans is important as the site continues to evolve and grow.

OnlyFans Content Guides – What Content is Banned on OnlyFans? – Last Updated: September 23, 2021 Reading Time: 10 Minutes

As a content creator on OnlyFans it’s important to know what kind of content is allowed on the site and what isn’t. Although OnlyFans states pretty clearly what content is allowed on the site inside of it’s terms of use, very few creators are going to read through the long documents to find out what can and cannot be posted on the site. OnlyFans is also always changing what is allowed on the site including an April 2021 update banning other non verified adults in your content and the infamous August 2021 update that was intent on banning most adult content before being scrapped before it could be implemented. So I am going to outline in this article everything you cannot post on OnlyFans on your page as of now. I will update this article if OnlyFans adds any new restrictions in the future as well.

What Content is Allowed on OnlyFans?

Before going into what content isn’t allowed on OnlyFans, I thought I would summarize what content you can post on OnlyFans. In general you are allowed to post the following content on OnlyFans.

After Being Verified as Being Over 18 years old (an adult) you are able to post the following content:

  1. Pictures and Videos of Yourself Clothed in Public
  2. Pictures and Videos of Yourself in Lingerie and Bikini in Public
  3. Pictures and Videos of Yourself Naked in Private
  4. Pictures and Videos of Yourself Naked in Public – Only if it is in ‘Nature’ without the expectation of other people being around.
  5. Pictures and Videos of Yourself Clothed with another verified creator
  6. Pictures and Videos of Yourself Naked with another verified creator
  7. Pictures and Videos of Yourself with erotic toys
  8. Pictures and Videos of Yourself engaged in physical activity with another verified OnlyFans creator
  9. Pictures and Videos of all your body parts naked or otherwise
  10. Pictures and Videos that contain some bodily fluids (saliva and semen)
  11. Text Posts that do Not Contain Harassment or Hate Speech
  12. Audio messages that do not contain hate speech or harassment

So as of September 2021 creators are allowed to film any part of their body naked or otherwise in private and post it onto OnlyFans. You are also allowed to post anything you want on OnlyFans clothed as long as no other people are in the pictures you are posting. If you plan on being nude in pictures and be in public, you can’t be anywhere with the expectation that other people might be able to see you. You can be in your backyard naked for instance as long as your backyard is gated and private. You are free to post videos and pictures of yourself once you are verified and you are allowed to post with other verified OnlyFans creators as long as you have their permission to post.

What Content is Banned on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans when it first emerged had a pretty standard list of things that could not be posted on it’s site similar to many other Social Media Platforms. As it grew in popularity though there were several investigations primarily by the BBC that revealed that it’s policy were lax in many ways and allowing minors and possible revenge porn issues. So OnlyFans began to tighten it’s policies especially around having other non verified individuals in creators pictures and videos. As you can imagine that causes a large amount of liability for OnlyFans if they allow others to be in your pictures and videos especially on paid accounts. Should that other person in the account also get paid for the material you are posting? Is the person you are posting over 18? This is why OnlyFans moved to make everyone appearing in pictures or videos on their site verified. OnlyFans also has to comply with rules setup by Mastercard and Visa, which have high standards on what content is allowed to be purchased through them. This means sites that allow so called ‘extreme porn’ wouldn’t be able to use Mastercard or Visa to process payments. So you will find that while you can find some videos online of ‘extreme porn’ even on Google for Free, you can’t find very many places to actually pay for it.

I am going to break down what is banned on OnlyFans into three categories below. The first is the ‘extreme’ content that is banned on OnlyFans that you might find on a ‘porn site’. The second is standard content bans you will find on most Social Media sites and the third is OnlyFans specific bans that are in place to stop exploitation of minors and to allow OnlyFans to stay within the law while allowing adult content on their platform.

OnlyFans Extreme Content Bans

Although many of these things may seem ‘crazy’ to most content creators there are a lot of sites and pages dedicated to ‘extreme’ content. OnlyFans has no interest in these categories and states so in their terms of use. Anyone posting on featuring any of the following would have their account removed or banned. The following content is not allowed:

Violent Erotic Content –  This includes all violence, rape, sexual assault, lack of consent, sadomasochistic abuse or hardcore bondage, torture,extreme fisting, or genital mutilation

Drugged Erotic Content – This includes both hypnosis and intoxication of any sort.

Illegal Erotic Content – This includes incest, bestiality, and necrophilia

Banned Bodily Fluids – These include urine, scatological, or excrement-related materials.

Illegal Erotic Services – These include escort services, prostitution and sex trafficking.

Revenge Porn – OnlyFans defines Revenge Porn as  (being any sexually explicit material featuring any individual who has not given prior, express and fully informed consent to that material (a) being taken, captured, or otherwise memorialized, or (b) being posted and shared on OnlyFans);

DeepFakes and Non Consensual Objectification – You cannot post degrading language or imagery that is not consented to by the person in the pictures or video or display ‘DeepFakes” or content that is digitally altered to look like an individual without their consent.

OnlyFans Standard Content Bans

There are universal content bans that almost all major sites and social media platforms implement to protect those on their platform. Most of these bans revolve around preventing violence or hate speech from having a place of their sites. OnlyFans is no exception in maintaining these practices. Here is the kind of content that is banned on OnlyFans in those regards.

Illegal or Fraudulent Content – OnlyFans does not allow you to post anything that would be considered Illegal in any way. You also cannot post fraudulent material which would constitute posting content of other people and citing it as your own.

Hateful or Discriminatory Content – This would be any content that is deemed offensive to a particular group of people based on their race, identity, religion or other social status. This would include hate speech as well as hateful imagery.

Threatening or Harassing Content – OnlyFans prohibits you from posting content either via text posts or imagery that would be considered a threat to another person. You also cannot post harassing messages or visual content against others on your page.

Promoting Violence – OnlyFans prohibits any visual acts of violence in your content as well as any content that may be perceived to promote violence or violent acts against other people or groups.

Firearms Content – OnlyFans prohibits all content that is in regards to weapons and firearms. That means you cannot post imagery on OnlyFans holding a gun, knife or any other perceived weapon.

Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia Content – You may not post images of yourself smoking drugs, using drugs or even holding up something like a bong in a picture regardless if it is just a prop and you are not actually using the drug in it. All pictures and videos or this sort will be removed if found on your OnlyFans Page.

Self Harm and Suicide Content – OnlyFans prohibits content that in any way mentions or visualizes self harm or suidical imagery or words. You want to avoid writing any posts that might mention suicidal thoughts or actions on your OnlyFans page.

Protecting Minors From Harm on OnlyFans

OnlyFans is very clear in it’s terms of use that it’s goal is to protect minors from accessing or being exposed to it’s site. They state:

Do not use OnlyFans in any way which may exploit, harm, or attempt to exploit or harm any individual under 18 years old, for example by exposing them to inappropriate Content.

OnlyFans Terms of Use

OnlyFans states that you may not post, upload, display or content that shows or even refers to any individual who is under 18 years old. This means that you cannot mention juveniles on the site in any way.

Due to issues cited by the BBC in several articles ,OnlyFans is very serious about the protection of minors and keeping them from accessing OnlyFans or the content that is produced on their site.

Staying Within OnlyFans Rules

As mentioned OnlyFans is a growing company and constantly changing and updating their content rules. This is meant to be a guide to avoiding any issues with OnlyFans and keeping the content that you make within their rules. There are a lot of different types of content that is banned on OnlyFans but most of it is not the kind of content you would accidentally make on the site. If you do violate OnlyFans rules by mistake you can likely contact them and let know the error that you made. Consistent violations of their content policies will most certainly get you removed from the site. 

Staying within OnlyFans content rules are important and if you need help with your promotion you can check out our Guide to OnlyFans Promotion as well as reach out to me directly @OnlyFansHero on Twitter or email

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