How to Choose the Best OnlyFans Alternative For You

OnlyFans is not as stable as many creators had hoped for, so evaluating alternative sites is more important than ever

JustForFans, AdmireMe, IsMyGirl, Fansly, AVN Stars, Unlockd, PocketStars, FanCentro, LoyalFans and Frisk are all vying for OnlyFans massive audience.

OnlyFans Competitors – Choosing a Backup Fan Site : Last Updated: August 28, 2021 Reading Time: 10 Minutes

Choosing Your OnlyFans BackUp Site

Content Creators have learned to find new safe places for their content in the wake of OnlyFans wavering loyalty to them

There was the Fan Site space before the third week of August 2021 and now there is a totally different space emerging after it. No one is concerned about the life jackets or the lifeboats as long as the ship is going full speed ahead. But when it looks like the ship is about to go down people scramble to find something, anything that will float. In some cases creators jumped on a passing ship and have decided it’s better than the one they were on. In other cases creators gained a new perspective that the HMS ONLYFANS isn’t unsinkable and that one day it might decide to take everyone down with it. So now creators are deciding to jump ship from OnlyFans or maybe just buy themselves some sinking ship insurance on other platforms. I outlined how creators can now Promote Their Fansly in a recent article and I plan to devote more time now to looking at other platforms and how they can benefit content creators. I wanted to create a list of Factors that creators can look for when determining where to make a second home. Keep in mind that these are the factors for the site not your personal factors like the kind of content you want to create. Different sites allow different types of content so that is certainly a factor but this list is more about how to evaluate any Content Creation site you may decide to try out.

A full 54% of OnlyFan creators in our poll say they are making a move to at least one other platform

Decisive Factors for Your Next Content Creation Site

1. Site Security for Your Content

The fact that this factor comes in first above all others in my list is not a coincidence. Millions of free images are now all over the Internet because of OnlyFans general negligence when it comes to protecting creator content. If OnlyFans ever does become a public company I expect they will need to settle a class action lawsuit in regards to this before they are able to move forward. Their negligence should not be accepted as the norm and for most content creation platforms they are now seeing the need to develop a deep level of commitment to fight content leaks from both inside their platform and without. When choosing a good OnlyFans backup site you want to pay close attention to the structure of the site and how easy it is to breach As I mentioned when discussing the rise of Fansly, content creators banded together to check the security of a number of Fan sites and were able to determine the ease at which users and content creators accounts could be accessed. It’s not only just the security of the page but also how willing the site is to fight outside forces. I’ve mentioned that site scrapers make it easy for OnlyFans content to be leaked on Discord servers among other places. So if the site is not active in helping enforce your DMCA rights and taking down apps or servers that violate those rights then they are likely not good enough to move your business to. Most sites will also have the most basic protections in place like prevention of screenshots or downloads but don’t take that for granted either. Look for all issues that could arise from your privacy, to leaked content when joining a Fan site platform.

2. Respect for the Work Creators Produce

The max exodus from OnlyFans in August 2021 after their initial announcement of ending adult content (which they reversed less than a week later) was not entirely due to the changing of their rules but from a long simmering sense that OnlyFans didn’t appreciate the core of their creator community or what they produce. OnlyFans embraced and then distanced itself once it got big enough from the very creators that had made the site successful to begin with. It’s hard to feel comfortable on a platform that doesn’t promote you or acknowledge your existence. Respect is a very important factor when it comes to where you decide to work and who you decide to work with. If your cheerleading coach came into practice every day and told you that he was only doing this for a paycheck and doesn’t feel like cheerleading is even a sport, how motivated would you be to go home and practice every day? So when looking at a good Fan Site to work with you want to make sure that no matter what kind of content you are producing there are outlets for promotion for you on that site. You want to make sure that other creators like you are on the platform and are thriving and feel respected. At the end of the day it’s going to matter and make a difference on your success and productivity.

3. Members Who Spend Money

One huge factor is whether or not the Fan site that you choose has actual members on it who subscribe, tip and spend money. I have made analogies before to Strip Clubs on the OnlyFans Secrets Podcast but how many dancers are going to work in a place where the clientele never tips? It doesn’t matter how many people are inside an establishment if they are all just there to look and never cough up any money you might as well be spending your time elsewhere. This is the same concept for a fan site. This is why I am not saying to look at ‘traffic stats’ or any random revenue numbers that a fan site might throw at you. What good is earning 100% of nothing? The one important factor that set OnlyFans apart is that people actually ponied up their money on the site. Right now some people are accusing ‘Fansly’ of being an OnlyFans clone, but structuring your site in the same way as something that works isn’t a bad idea. No matter how much of a head start FanCentro or IsmyGirl had on OnlyFans, they weren’t able to get people to spend their money in big ways on their sites. This matters because it will take you a while to front load your content onto a platform and you don’t want to do all of that for nothing. So talk to other creators about what they are making on a platform before you make the jump.

4. Ease of Integration For Your Current Fans and Content

Everyone hates change, everyone. If your fans have been subscribing and seeing your content on one platform like OnlyFans and then you tell them you’re moving somewhere else they will be hesitant. Once they arrive at the new place they might enjoy it a lot more but if it’s a struggle to get them there and that’s a problem. They will need to signup, provide a credit card or payment method to the next place and settle in. Not everyone is a genius with websites and the Internet and if you have older fans who just basically know how to setup a Twitter or login to their email that can be an even bigger struggle. So you want to make sure that this new platform makes it as easy as possible to migrate. Do they have a simple authentication e-mail system that actually works? Is the site going down sometimes possibly causing your fans frustration? Do you have a good link that they can easy find you with? These are all important factors you have to take into consideration before moving.  Besides just moving your fans you may need to integrate your content as well. Sites like PocketStars have integration packages you can buy for file transfers, while others require a more manual approach. Many creators have to use some of the same evil scrapers that hackers use to get their own content off their own pages to use for their next site. That can be a mess and quite tricky if you haven’t been backing up your content somewhere the whole time. So again the site you move to needs to step up and make it as easy as possible for you to transfer content.

5. Percentage of Payout

Finally we’re talking about money in a serious way. What will your percent and cut be when moving to a new site? One thing that I’ve noticed is the 100% for a month lure that a lot of sites are using just to get creators to give them a try. Now there is nothing wrong with this but unless you’re already a big name online how much money will you really make on a new site when you first sign up? It’s going to take some time to get those legs moving and to get your bearings. So you want to really be looking at the long term percentage that you will be taking in. OnlyFans has pretty much established 80% as the standard for how much you should earn. As I’ve mentioned previously Fan Sites that allow adult content are treated differently by credit card processors as high risk. This means that companies like CCBill charge high percentages to process payments that scale as these companies bring in more and more money. So small companies have a hard time giving you any more than 80%. So if a company comes around offering 90% or 100% , it is unlikely that this is sustainable long term. You always want to make sure that the company is giving you a good percentage for your content.

6. Receiving Your Money in a Timely Manner

What good is your money if it’s sitting in someone else’s account earning interest?  So it’s very important to know how often you’ll be getting paid. Honestly the faster you can get it the better. You also want to know what the payout limit is. For most sites it’s around $20 but it’s possible for it to be less. Sites payout either every week or every two weeks when you hit a certain threshold. Also don’t be confused by the terms, bi-weekly and bi-monthly they can mean either twice a week, or twice a month, so make sure to get clarity on which one it is. Don’t let your lack of knowledge here cost you important money you need to pay rent or bills. It’s also an issue if you spread yourself out across a lot of different sites and none of them reach the payment thresholds. This can be a factor in deciding on only one or two sites to work with in total, especially if you are a small creator and are doing this mainly to pay some extra bills each month.

7. Stability of the Platform

When you’re talking about stability it can mean everything from how well the site is coded, how reliable the server is to keeping the site up as well as whether the business model will just fold in on itself one day. These are all things to keep in mind when signing up to a fan site. When it comes to reliability most sites are now built on pretty strong servers and can take a lot of uploading and downloading. This was proved at the end of August when neither Fansly or PocketStars fully buckled under the pressure of both new creators singing up and new fans signing on. Coding and design are also a factor in stability as poor coding can cause glitches and security issues. If someone decides they want to hack one of these sites or take them down for a few hours will they be able to do so? Not everyone is a fan of the fansite industry and there are a lot of hackers in the world looking to get credit card and financial information. Lastly is the business and the business model secure and likely to last? Sadly with so much money at stake there will be a lot of unscrupulous sites that will pop up trying to lure creators and fans in. With the glut will come the inevitable business shutdowns. There is a lot of business to go around now but what if things slow down? Look for the companies that are in the industry for the right reasons not just greed and profit. 

8. Chargeback Protections

Nothing is more frustrating than providing a service or product to someone and then having them ask for their money back. For most creators this process is way out of their control and they have to rely on third parties to decide these things for them. That means that a site that has your back as a creator becomes a lot more valuable long term. Do they always side with the buyer, or do they have a system put in place that is fair to creators as well? Some sites are pledging to always pay creators or use ‘crypto currency’ so chargebacks are no longer something creators will need to worry about. Either way you want to make sure you are aware of a site chargeback policy before you end up selling content that you don’t even end up getting paid for.

9. Site Usability in the Creators Area

You’ll be spending all your time on a site that you use in the creators area, not on the front end user experience. That means that a site that has a bomb creators area that allow quick uploads, has a good layout and makes it easy for you to get your posts out quickly is essential. A site that devotes all of it’s time and energy to the front end for fans and has a so-so creators area is going to find it hard to find content creators who will be willing to sludge through bad design and processes. Many times this area won’t become available to you until after you’ve signed up as most sites load you to a universal interface first. If after your application is accepted you jump into a creators area that is sub-par, hard to navigate or upload in, you may want to just move on or wait until the creator area is better. Remember this is the part of the site you’ll be spending your time on and as you build up you’ll be interacting with fans in as well. Make sure that it’s an area you want to grow with.

10. Owner and Company Values

Yes, the owner of a company matters as does the core values of that company. If someone who owns the company has been working in fan site marketing or in the adult industry for years they are likely going to have more insight and empathy for you as a creator. If they are someone who jumped in because the market is hot to make a lot of money but know next to nothing about the marketplace , it’s going to factor into everything about the site and the company. The company also should have values that align with yours. If you aren’t sure what those values are, read their about us page or information sections of their website. If there is nothing in those areas that could be a red flag. If you want to dig even deeper do a few Google searches on the company name and the owner’s name. If there is no Internet footprint that is something you should know as well before making a decision. Most companies worth anything will have Social Media History and a good About Us page that will allow you to learn more about the company and business you are about to work with. If their core values don’t align with yours keep hunting for a site that does.

11. Public Image of the Platform

Lastly, what is the public image of this platform and what will it say to people about you that you use this platform? I know you might just think that all sites are the same and that people won’t make assumptions but just think about a person who uses Facebook 5 hours a day as opposed to someone who uses TikTok for that same amount of time each day. Do you see these two people in your mind? Do they seem at all a like to you? I doubt it and so when you say to someone I am on ‘OnlyFans’ or I am on’ AVN Stars” or “Fansly’ people will make assumptions about you based on that. So just keep that in mind when you are choosing a site you will end up attaching your name and brand to. 

Do you Need More Than One Fan Site?

For many creators they will be giving other sites a chance in the coming months and deciding for themselves how many is too many to handle. As I mentioned the most important thing is that you feel safe and secure with your business and what sites you work with. If you are the sort of person who can handle three or four different platforms at once, then great. If you are not that sort of person than make a concerted effort to weigh all the different aspects that I’ve laid out here and determine which site is a good fit for your content. Either way it never hurts to have a backup plan in case one site makes a major turn in the wrong direction again.

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