11 Easy Ways to Make Money on OnlyFans Right Now

OnlyFans is a great way to earn revenue on the Internet with little to no upfront cost.

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OnlyFans is one of the best sites on the Internet to make money with right now. For most gig economy jobs you need to either leave your home to deliver something or own something you are then expected to rent out or keep up for others. Even when it comes to online gigs, most require upfront startup costs or a large marketing budget to get off the ground and running. When it comes to online content creation as well, you typically have to find an under served interest to create content around like on YouTube, which is becoming harder and harder to do by the day. Luckily OnlyFans exists and is a lot easier to get started with and maintain than many other gigs.

So How Can You Make Money on OnlyFans?

Luckily there is not just one way of making money on the site OnlyFans as a Content creator but a number of ways. Many people just think of OnlyFans as a subscription based service but creators have learned to make money from the site in a numbers of ways. Below I will discuss the top 11 ways that OnlyFans creators are making money right now!

1. Selling Subscriptions on OnlyFans

At it’s heart OnlyFans is a subscription service and setup so that users can subscribe to your page. When you create a Paid OnyFans Page, you can set your subscription price from $5 all the way to $50 per month. When someone comes to your page, your content exists behind a Paywall. In order for them to get behind the paywall and see the content they will need to pay whatever fee you have setup for them beforehand. There are ways for you to offer a certain percentage off your page that people will see when they go to subscribe to your page as well. There is also a way for you to bundle several months of a subscription together for a reduced cost. In most cases you are looking to get as many subscribers as possible who will keep their ‘re-bill’ on. This is the best way to be able to estimate your future earnings on the website and be able to measure your success. For those who are able to get a large core of dedicated subscribers they can find the site to be highly profitable and lucrative.

2. Creating Content You get Tipped for on Your Subscriber Page

Once you’ve created a subscription page another way to receive even more revenue is to create content and then request a tip for that content. You can post content and let your subscribers know that the person who tips the most will receive something special in the DM’s. Many posts are tipped on even without you having to ask for the tip because the subscriber is particularly fond of you or the post that you created. It is a great way to encourage interaction on your page if you mention that you appreciate and respond well to tips. You can also let subscribers know the more tips you receive on certain types of content that more of that type of content you will create for them in the future.

3. Creating PPV (Pay Per View) Content on Your Subscriber Page

Another good way of earning additional income from your OnlyFans page is to create specific content that even on your subscriber page remains behind a Paywall. You can think of this content almost like a double paywall item or something so exclusive only those who are truly willing to pay a premium will get to view. One thing to note about this technique is that many subscribers will shy away from pages that have too much PPV content. They feel they’ve already paid once so why should they pay once again. So try to be as careful as possible that you don’t put too much Pay Per View items on your subscriber page. It is a good idea to make specific ‘reveal’ content PPV as it will get the most attention and you can certainly hint that this content is coming to your subscribers for a few weeks or days before you post it on your account.

4. Creating a Free, Tip only OnlyFans Page

Many creators skip the whole concept of subscriptions altogether and just rely on a free page that encourages those who are on the page to tip. With a Free page you can sometimes end up with thousands of people who are following you which increases your odds of additional income. You also can create this sort of page in addition to your paid subscription page where you can put some of the additional pictures from your photo and video shoots you don’t feel are worthy of your paid page. Either way with a Free Page you can post content and encourage those who can view it to tip well so that you will continue to post even more Free content on your free OnlyFans page. With so many additional eyeballs you can likely get some additional revenue from this technique.

5. Creating a Free PPV (Pay Per View) Page on OnlyFans

Another popular way of setting up a OnlyFans page is to make it free for all to view but make it almost exclusively PPV (Pay Per View) for those who are on it. Typically you would do this by posting a free picture or video from time to time so people viewing will see who you are and what you might have to offer in your PPV Content. Then the majority of the page is simply Paywal content that you charge for them to unlock and see. If you set this up right you can have thousands of additional viewers who might be willing to unlock content but don’t like to feel ‘subscribed’ to a creator long term. This can be a great way to earn additional income from videos that are more exclusive than the ones you post on your paid OnlyFans page or are not appropriate for other Social Media sites like TikTok or Instagram. Certainly if those sites reject that content it is worth trying to profit from on OnlyFans.

6. Creating a Free Live Cam Tips Only Page on OnlyFans

Another way of making additional income from OnlyFans is to setup a Free Page on the site and simply utilize the Live Streaming features. Although many popular social sites like Twitch, Instagram and TikTok have live streaming their rules prohibit certain activities that are acceptable on OnlyFans. You can setup your live stream so that it can only be viewed by those who tip a certain amount beforehand or during the stream in order to keep viewing. This can allow you to host a Live Stream on OnlyFans that is not only as fun as on the other platforms but also highly profitable as well. You can also do ‘after parties’ on OnlyFans while letting those who are watching you know where you’ll be streaming once you get off the more restrictive platforms.

7. Setting up Your Amazon Wish List to Get Paid

OnlyFans has a link specifically dedicated to your Amazon Wish List, where you can put hundreds of items that you desire to be purchased for you. What is nice is that you don’t need to give a percent back to OnlyFans so you will keep every bit of the gifts given to you by fans on the site. Making sure that you mention your Amazon gift wish list in your posts is important as well so people will know you are keeping it up to date. You can also categorize it specifically for your OnlyFans fans so they know what items you are most hoping someone on the platform will purchase for you. Don’t forget to include the link in your profile and keep it up to date with items you desire as you never know who might prefer giving you gifts to money as everyone is different.

8. Referring Others to Use OnlyFans via a Referral Code

Although this was a much more lucrative concept in previous years when OnlyFans was new and still growing, the referral link is still pretty powerful in earning you extra money and it costs you nothing. You will still earn 5% for 12 months after a new user signs up via your link. It used to be unlimited but a year of time is still a long time to be earning income. You can place this referral link in your Social Media or wherever you promote your OnlyFans page itself. It is an extra way to earn a bit more income from your OnlyFans page without additional effort.

9. Using Your OnlyFans profile Link to Promote Your Products Off-Site

OnlyFans allows one link for you to put into your OnlyFans profile itself. Most content creators use something like a linktree or allmylinks type link to promote everything else they are doing. You can also include any other link that could possibly earn you additional income off the site. I would suggest using a link that can sell merchandise, other wish lists you have or a link where you will earn additional income for doing nothing (like a referral link). Again you know what your subscribers are most into so you’ll want to tailor the link around what you feel you will be most likely to be able to profit from.

10. Promoting Other Creators on Your OnlyFans Page for a Fee

Another recent development has been the amount of Creator for Creator promoting that has been going on with OnlyFans. This became so rampant that OnlyFans had to adjust their terms or service in April to address too many Share for Shares among creator accounts. Although this is now a more limited system, it is still something that can be highly lucrative for OnlyFans creators who have thousands of followers either on their Paid or Free Pages. New creators enjoy the exposure they can get immediately on a high traffic OnlyFans page and will often pay a premium to be featured on such pages. Places like Telegram Groups are popular in negotiating these sort of agreements between creators. Just be careful when paying creators that they are selling ad space accounts that belong to them and that they can actually come through with what they are promising.

11. Teaming up with another Verified User to Produce Content on their OnlyFans Page

Another recent development in OnlyFans terms of service is making sure that all creators in all pictures and videos are verified through the site. This can now bring a premium to those creators who can team up to create content together as you can now only work with other creators on the site. You can certainly earn additional income by creating cross-content and promoting and selling it to each creators audience. So if you have an audience separate from another creators’ you could both profit not only from the exposure but splitting the profits on PPV Content. This is yet another way to increase your profit potential on the content that you create.

So How Can You Earn Money on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans offers a lot more ways to earn money than just the subscription model it is known for. If you are creative and enjoy setting up multiple pages you can utilize all of the ways OnlyFans offers to make money. From Live Cam shows, pictures,videos, ppv, referrals, tips and advertising you can earn more money on OnlyFans than other creators who simply earn money from the site in the most conventional ways.

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