15 Reasons OnlyFans is Better Than Sugar Daddy-Baby Dating

OnlyFans Has Taken Over Sugar Dates as the Best Way to Be Spoiled and Earn Money from Your Admirers

OnlyFans and Sugar Dating: Last Updated: July 20, 2021 Reading Time: 15 Minutes

A lot of OnlyFans success has to do with, in my opinion, the death of one thing and the rise of another. The death was that of print adult material like Playboy, which mass-marketed nudity, but kept in the hands of a few publishers and away from mass participation. Playboy and other “Skin” Mags, as they were known, only had so many pages and could only feature a few models each week in their pages. Being the Playboy Centerfold or Playmate of the Month could sometimes lead to celebrity status like in the case of Anna Nicole Smith and Jenny McCarthy. This system allowed for certain people to bare all and be seen by millions of readers monthly. Once print publications became a more niche market due to the widespread use of the Internet, Playboy’s days were numbered. This didn’t mean that there all the sudden was a complete drop in demand of seeing models baring it all. This is an area that OnlyFans has been able to fill and has now democratized the process so that there are no more publisher gatekeepers that prevent you from being seen by millions of people. The second main factor to OnlyFans success in my opinion was the large scale participation of young women in the process of Sugar Dating online. Although from the looks of the leader in Sugar Dating, Seeking Arrangement’s social media pages you would think no one was interested in this concept at all. It was discreet and hush/hush but millions of young women had been out on a ‘Sugar Date’ by the time OnlyFans rolled around. This has made a lot of males into ‘consumers’ of female sexuality long before OnlyFans and was a liberating factor to the acceptance of people baring it all online behind the OnlyFans paywall.

Playboy Magazine hasn’t gone away it’s just been democratized in the form of OnlyFans

In this article I am going to discuss why OnlyFans is a superior way to earn money with a multiple number of ‘micr-Sugar Daddies/Momma’s. Before I start I’d like to point out that I made an episode of the OnlyFans Secrets Podcast in January 2021 on the concept of Promoting Yourself on Seeking Arrangement. I was very clear to never actually promote your OnlyFans link on the site itself as that can get you banned. So at no time should you send your link to someone on the site (It is pointless anyway as the site forbids hyperlink text and very few people are going to be copy and paste your link from a conversation).

Advantages of OnlyFans to Sugar Dating

So how do you tap into the large market of possible consumers of your OnlyFans on Sugar Dating platforms or turn your Sugar Daddies into consumers of your OnlyFans material? This is certainly possible and I don’t discount that it does not hurt to have a Sugar Profile out there and move those interested along to your OnlyFans page. I am going to say though that your OnlyFans page should be utilized as a Sugar Making platform. So let’s go into the ways that OnlyFans is superior to Sugar Dating and why you should pay a lot of attention to it.

1. Your OnyFans Subscribers and Tippers are Just Micro Sugar Daddies/Momma’s Anyway

One thing that very few people think about is that the subscribers of their OnlyFans page are basically practicing sugaring but on a very small scale. With small money comes small rewards but for many on OnlyFans they are not looking to actually take you on extravagant vacations or even want to meet you. While before the Covid Pandemic of 2020, Seeking had strict rules against Online relationships they had to yield to the impossibility of meeting in person and changed their rules to allow online only Sugar Dating. In essence Seeking became a much less effective version of OnlyFans. You end up having to move someone along from their website to another place to actually make any money from them. This is similar to the OnlyFans TikTok Money Funnel that we discussed in a previous article. For most Sugar Babies they are attempting to move their customer along to a premium snapchat or have a paypal payment made to them. To me this is just a hassle when you can let someone know that you can provide them content on OnlyFans safely and securely and you get paid for it.

2. You Are Protected from Fraud on OnlyFans and So is Your Customer

There is an argument to be made that you will need to give OnlyFans your personal information, that they take 20% and that you need a bank account to get onto the site. These are all accurate along with OnlyFans declaring your income and you having to pay taxes upon what you make. These can seem like large issues but they are made up for the fact that you have a partner in OnlyFans against fraud. Say that you are primarily planning on utilizing Sugar Daddy websites for possible income. The person you meet up with can of course stiff you on the amount of money they have promised to pay you. OnlyFans makes sure to get the money up front and while you keep 80% as opposed to 100%, it is money in hand. Another thing to remember is the customer themselves and how comfortable they feel handing you money and interacting with you. When you rely on Payments via Paypal, Venmo, Cashapp or even taking cash itself, your customer feels no security that you won’t just take the money and run. With OnlyFans both parties know what they are going to get and if either party is fraudulent than OnlyFans and its Credit Card processors will come in to be a fair arbiter in the situation. This puts both parties on an even playing field where money is concerned and you don’t have to worry about the random whims of a Sugar Daddy or Momma’s income stream.

3. You Typically Have to Meet Sugar Daddies in Person

There is nothing wrong with meeting people in person and for some people this can be a rewarding experience. While there have been recent health concerns due to meeting people in person with Covid-19 those issues may be going away. Although overall there is a lot of expense, time and effort to meeting and spending time with someone in person. If you plan to meet a Sugar Daddy weekly for instance that might take away at least one day of your free time each week. For many people who are balancing school work, a job and other concerns they might not have time for both a Sugar relationship and other friendships outside of that. Not to mention that you may want to have romantic involvements of your own either new or current. Sugar Dating can be very time consuming on your free time while OnlyFans is much more easily managed. You can plan what times you will be making content, when you plan to go onto the site for Live streams and when you do your marketing efforts. All of this is on your own time frame and not anyone else’s. Plus you can be stood up in real life by a Sugar Date, that is not going to happen on OnlyFans, again because you set your own schedule with it.

4. No One Ever Caught a Disease from OnlyFans

I’m not being glib here but health issues are a real factor in the Sugar Dating world. Most people who are involved in Sugar Dating are doing so with multiple partners all at the same time. The whole concept revolves around non-monogamy with multiple people being involved. While you have the ability to catch something from a Sugar Daddy in real life this is impossible on OnlyFans. OnlyFans expressly forbids anyone from meeting in real life on their platform and makes sure this is stated in the terms and services. You won’t be expected to meet up and you can continue to live your own life and take care of your own sexual health without the worries of a Sugar Dating relationship.

5. You Control the Interaction at All times

On OnlyFans you make the rules not your Sugar Partner.

When it comes to Sugar Dating and Sugar Relationships the person paying typically controls the relationship almost entirely. While some people enjoy not having control, many prefer to be able to make their own decisions on what they wear, where they go and what will be happening while they are out. When it comes to OnlyFans you get to decide everything from when and where to how you interact with your subscribers and fans on the platform. The only time they will be able to tell you what to do is if you decide to make custom content for them and even you get to decide in what way you will provide that to them. You also get to decide fully what the price of your content is and if someone becomes too annoying on your OnlyFans page you can mute them or block them completely. While this can happen with a Sugar Daddy in real life as well, it often involves feelings and awkward interactions when it is time for you to move along to other relationships. With OnlyFans you can decide when and where a subscriber is cut off or if you want to continue giving them attention.

6. OnlyFans allows you to Slow Drain a Wallet

It’s probably an odd concept to think about but with a Sugar Daddy they are holding onto their big wallet like a worm on a hook and daring you to grab onto it. Once you do you can get addicted to the higher end lifestyle or the perks that come along with being with someone wealthy. Once they pull that wallet back though, they can decide to move onto the next Sugar Baby and leave you high and dry. Meanwhile when it comes to OnlyFans you don’t have that issue because you can slowly drip feed content to your fan for more and more money. So it almost works in reverse where you get a large amount of money up front from a Sugar Relationship and then that money can slowly dwindle, to an OnlyFans subscriber who may start with small tips but eventually be buying everything you post. This is a lot better of a system because you don’t always have to be chasing one big fish who can give you the money you need, instead you can have several medium sized fish who’s wallet you are slowly draining over a larger period of time. Plus it’s going to be very apparent to a Sugar Daddy that he has given you a lot of his money up front while on OnlyFans with small amounts it harder for them to realize just how much of his wallet you have slowly drained.

7. You Never Lose your initial Wow Factor on OnlyFans

Much like any other type of relationship when you first start a Sugar Dating dynamic your Sugar Daddy or Momma is totally enthralled by you. You may be the first person of your class, style and sophistication that they have been with and they shower you with lots and lots of attention. But eventually the bloom comes off the rose and you become just another person who they have now wooed. This is a totally different situation on OnlyFans because the fan will never be able to actually ‘have’ or ‘attain’ you in real life. They will never see you waking up at 7 am with no makeup on or see those sweatpants you wear around your apartment. You are always able to present the very best of yourself in your videos and pictures on OnlyFans and you can consistently wow them. You don’t have to worry as much about losing their interest because they have never actually ‘had you’ in any significant way. You remain elusive and enigmatic and you get their full desire every time they see or interact with you. Also familiarity tends to breed boredom and you can always stay exciting to your OnlyFans subscribers with a bit of work and dress up.

8. You Don’t Need to be Chosen or Vetted

A big part of the Sugar Dating dynamic is that a Sugar Daddy decides on whom he wants to be with and typically there is a lengthy vetting process. This is after all a type of relationship and the Daddy is investing his money and time into his protege sugar baby. The sugar baby sometimes gains mentor and life experience benefits from her Sugar Daddy and he in turn provides her a more extravagant lifestyle. This means that the Sugar Daddy is typically very involved in making this an all or nothing proposition. Meaning that you will either be blessed with a large amount of money or nothing. This obviously isn’t ideal for the sugar baby because you will end up putting in a good amount of time for no reward. On OnlyFans you are able to gain the reward right away either in the form of money for a subscription or tips. The only thing one of your fans needs to do is like you enough to put down a small amount of money to subscribe. Your ‘vetting’ process is almost next to nothing, it is just visual satisfaction for the subscriber and if he likes you more he will continue to tip or move along to someone else. Again there is very little sunk cost on a potential fan compared to a potential Sugar Daddy. Also typically once you are chosen by one Sugar Daddy they don’t like you to have other sugar sources. Many even will forbid you from speaking to other men or even having other deep meaningful relationships. This is never a problem with OnlyFans as there is no exclusivity with your subscribers and fans.

9. Sugar Sites like Seeking.com Are Hard to Stay on Long Term

Seeking Arrangement is a Popular Sugar Dating Website

One thing anyone who has ever been on a Sugar Dating website can attest to is that they are exhausting. You have to go through so many fake people and time wasters. After a few weeks many Sugar Babies just give up because the pool of actual real Sugar Daddy’s is so small. The pool is also shrinking as well as more Sugar Daddies move to sites like OnlyFans where they can get instant gratification for their money. This creates a mental strain and drain on potential Sugar Babies and they typically leave these sites with next to nothing. This isn’t even mentioning sites like Seeking are notorious for removing users for even the slightest infraction. Since the sites are free to use for Sugar Babies, they have no safe guard on their profile because these sites gain no monetary value from you being on their platform. Compare this to OnlyFans where you are in a business relationship with their site and you both depend on each other for income. As long as you don’t violate OnlyFans basic rules they will keep you on their website and want you to be on there to continue making money so that they can make their cut as well. So it is a lot easier to stay on OnlyFans long term and build up a solid fan base than a Sugar Site where you can’t even add followers or gain popularity from the platform long term.

10. You don’t need to change yourself to gain someones approval, you can be yourself

For many people on Sugar Dating sites, they act as yet another Tinder like experience where you are judged constantly by those on the site. You feel a need to fit into certain molds and conform to the standards of what a rich Sugar Daddy is looking for. This doesn’t allow you to be yourself and thus can be very stifling for you both mentally and physically. Compare that to OnlyFans where a creators scars can sometimes be their greatest asset. With people looking for unique content the more out there you are the better. You are able to express yourself fully on the platform and be as much of your true self as possible. You know that only your true fans have subscribed and therefore you can create for them the kind of content that makes both of you happy. Being your true self helps with your self esteem and earning money from it feels great too.

11. You Can Have multiple Micro-Sugar Daddies

As mentioned many Sugar Daddy’s prefer an exclusive relationship with their Sugar Babies. This creates a codependent relationship where you are relying on one person for a large source of your income. If this one person becomes displeased with you they can pull back the money. This in turn causes you to have fear and possibly even resentment for them. There is a different situation when it comes to OnlyFans because you can have as many micro sugar daddies as you like and they can come from all over the world. If you displease one of your micro sugar daddies , oh well.. their loss, you have more time for others. It is a lot healthier for you because you are not being controlled by anyone else and neither is your ability to make money. You and your effort decides how much money you will make each month on OnlyFans and no one else.

12. Location is Not an Issue, You Can Make Money from Anyone, Anywhere

On OnlyFans you can earn money from almost anyone in the world.

As mentioned, you can make money from anyone anywhere as long as they have an OnlyFans account. Typically in a Sugar Relationship you are limited to those in your particular area and if you live in a large city within maybe only a mile or two. Not only that, but in certain large cities the competition is so fierce for the few eligible Sugar Daddies that it becomes impossible to find one. When it comes to OnlyFans people from all over the world can spoil you and it won’t matter to the majority of them where you live. It could even be more exciting for them that you are exotic and don’t live very close to them. This also opens up the pool for potential suitors to anyone, anywhere increasing your chances of taking home larger and larger amounts of money. This is how the top creators on OnlyFans can make a hundred thousand dollars a month or more in some cases.

13. Falling in Love Ruins Your Ability to Make Money

Let’s be honest, emotions always get in the way when it comes to a Sugar Dating relationship. Someone is always more involved than the other person and in a lot of cases both parties sought this type of relationship from loneliness and not having the romantic relationship of their dreams when they signed up. Whether it is the Sugar Daddy catching feelings for a much more attractive women or a sugar baby falling in love with a dashing Sugar Daddy who was only looking for fun, this type of relationship can end in disaster emotionally. This can never be the case when it comes to OnlyFans because both parties realize that it is a fun escape and that you will both be going back to your normal lives after the conversation or live stream is over. There are rare instances where an OnlyFans subscriber will catch feelings but it will never happen in reverse allowing you as a creator to distance yourself from that fan. The actual physical distance and safe guards of OnlyFans itself makes that a known reality.

14. You Can Make Money While you Sleep

Never underestimate the power of making money as you sleep. I say this because those people who are able to take two week vacations also have figured out the power of leverage when it comes to making money. In a Sugar Baby relationship you will be the ‘product’ being sold and only your ability to give up hours of your life for the dynamic will make you any income or money at all. As I mentioned earlier you only have so many hours in a day right? So if you only have so much time each week to devote to being a Sugar Baby you’ll only be able to make as much money as your free time allows you. Not the case when it comes to OnlyFans because the Internet never sleeps, but you do. So on OnlyFans you can wake up to new subscribers and tips because your content will have been working for you as you slept. This means that income is not tied to the amount of hours in your day so you can make an unlimited amount of money on OnlyFans.

15. There are many places to promote your OnlyFans While Very Few sites ‘Control’ Sugar Dating

Have you ever seen anyone tell you go check out their Seeking Arrangement Profile in a Tweet or post? I know I haven’t and it’s because it would be downright odd to ‘promote’ what is basically a dating profile. This isn’t the case when it comes to your OnlyFans page. No one will think it odd if you let them know you have an OnlyFans page and people will even hunt out your page on other Social Media Platforms as well. While there are many restrictions to promoting your OnlyFans and you need to do so carefully on some platforms it is a page you can promote and let people know about. This is because it is something everyone can enjoy while only a select few people would be able to check out a Sugar Dating page because they are very expensive to join for Sugar Daddies (typically around $100 a month). So this makes it more of a niche business while OnlyFans now boasts 100 Million plus members and growing. So it is a lot easier to promote and get people interested in giving you their money on OnlyFans as a whole.

So Why is OnlyFans Better Than Sugar Dating?

One last point to make is that no ones ever been murdered on OnlyFans by a customer, I don’t say that lightly but as a fact. OnlyFans is just a lot safer both physically and emotionally than Sugar Dating and it has a much greater level of income generation as well. You can rely on a multiple number of people to spoil you on OnlyFans and it is a platform where you can congregate your fans overall. Sugar Dating is also still pretty taboo and exclusive for those who are millionaire’s or can afford to be on a site with a high subscription price each month. Overall OnlyFans is a much better solution long term for making money and being spoiled by those who appreciate you.

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