Is Paid OnlyFans Promotion the Best Way to Promote?

Paid OnlyFans Promotion is becoming more common as the site gains in popularity and competition becomes more fierce.

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If you are new to OnlyFans or even an established veteran of the site it’s often hard to gauge how much promotion you should be doing to get your page out there. For many creators they are able to find Free Marketing avenues and slowly grow their pages into a big success. For others they find it hard to even get off the ground. Both types of OnlyFans creators are in different positions but both might be correct to pay to promote their OnlyFans to increase their number of followers or subscribers.

The Advantages of Paid OnlyFans Promotion Vs. Free Promotion

When I was a new pup on the block on OnlyFans Twitter in July 2020 I encountered a Twitter Account that had a lot of followers and was created to sell an ebook about OnlyFans Marketing. The owner of this Twitter handle was strongly against paid OnlyFans promotion going as far as to say all OnlyFans Paid Promotion was a scam. I responded back that all OnlyFans promotion was not a scam and had a lot of distinct advantages. After that I set out to create the best Paid Promotion that I possibly could on Twitter for OnlyFans. That’s how the OnlyFans Hero Promotion came about and I spent 7 months working on it before I made it available as a paid promotion. Of course the irony is that the person who didn’t believe in Paid Promotion is now a small voice on Twitter while by building a Promotion my voice grew louder and louder. So I am going to go over the benefits of Paid Promotion first before I delve into who should utilize it and when.

Why Paid OnlyFans Promotions Have Benefits For Creators

Free Promotion Spaces like Reddit’s OnlyFans101 subreddit has 1391 posts per day, that’s a post every minute of the day. Making it hard to be noticed. Picture courtesy –

Speed and Timing

One things that is great about paying for an OnlyFans Promotion is that it can go out right away or at the time of your choosing. If you figure out when your audience is taking action on your content you can pay for promotion that will go out just at that time. Not only that, but you can get your message and name out in the marketplace quickly without having to wait behind more established creators who may be dominating some of the Free OnlyFans Marketing spaces. Timing can be everything when it comes to the success of your page and promotion.

The Exact Promo Message You Want Out there

When you’re promoting for free you often have to follow the rules of whatever site or space you are promoting in and jump through hoops to get any message or pictures of yours seen. Since it’s free you really can’t expect anyone to tailor your message as you’d like it so you pretty much just take whatever you can get. This is not the case with a Paid Promotion because you can have the text and pictures you want displayed. You can put your best foot forward and that will end up leading to a lot more success for the promo.

This Free OnlyFans Promo account on Twitter gives daily free shoutouts. This post on 7/31/2021 doesn’t include a picture, an OnlyFans link and also fails to put the twitter handle in correctly so it can be linked to. You always get what you pay for when something is free.


When you are just relying on Free OnlyFans Promotion you are just another person in an endless stream of content creators. You are hoping that somehow your content will go viral or you will rise to the top. This can be very tiring especially if you are not someone who’s attributes lend yourself to ending up being voted ‘most popular’. Perhaps you are in a smaller niche space that never seems to do well in Free Promotional spaces. This is where a Paid Promotion can really shine because it will allow you to stand out in a large crowd without the need of a popularity contest. You will get all the eye balls looking at you and giving you the shot that you need. You can’t expect that in Free Promotional spaces because the only people who will likely succeed are those who are succeeding anyway due to having popular content or popular looks.

Dominance of Your Niche or Space

Paid Promotion can really be helpful if you are in a niche space that isn’t often seen or served by others. I had a recent creator who specializes in ‘bellybutton fetishes” and not only is she trying to sell her content she is also wanting to expose more people to the concept. If you are in a niche space, paid promotion can allow you to dominate it and perhaps even bring new people into the space because they see you. As mentioned most free OnlyFans spaces survive on the ‘most popular’ concept and for many niches they just don’t have large communities to promote themselves to begin with even for free. So when you’re looking at your niche and it doesn’t give you a lot of places to promote you may want to consider paid OnlyFans promotion

Creating Familiarity Through Consistency

One of the best ways to get into the mind of your potential client is by being seen consistently in a way that they can’t miss that you exist. After they’ve seen you several times they are a lot more likely to take action and do what you want them to do which is follow or subscribe to your OnlyFans page. If you are constantly being lost in the crowd with free promotion how will they know of you? They might see you once out of the 100 times you’ve put yourself out there on free websites. But what if they could see you every day for a month or more? With paid promotion they can do just that because you will be able to be front and center for a long period of time in a lot less crowded spaces.

Breaking Out of the Box in a Crowded Space

Perhaps even harder than finding fans in a very niche space is being the hundredth person that day someone has seen in a crowded space. You might be blessed by being a buxom tall ebony woman or a short curvy blonde but you know that potential fans might have seen hundreds of that type each day in a free marketing space. How can you still stand out and be noticed? With a paid OnlyFans promo you can be the only person in that crowded space that potential fans are seeing and you can hit them with the right pictures and content that will make them want to take action. No matter how crowded a space is if you can find a way to be featured or more prominent you can stand out. Remember the crowded space is crowded for a reason, it has high popularity and someone is getting paid big bucks at the top, so that person might as well be you.

Jump Start Your Promo Progress

As OnlyFans has gotten more popular it has also gotten more crowded. I’ve spoken a lot in the past about high supply never being a good thing in marketing or in any business. Demand can rarely keep up and that will cause everyone to make less money. In a market like that it makes it even harder to get any new venture going. With Paid OnlyFans Promotion you can grease the wheel so to speak, so you can get off the ground faster. Even if there is a crowd you will still almost always see the person in it who is seven feet tall first. This is the same concept as OnlyFans paid promos because it will allow you to be the one person people notice even in a very crowded market.

Great Way to Promote Free OnlyFans Pages

Lastly, I feel that Paid Promotion is like nitro for Free OnlyFans Pages. As I went over when talking about creating a Free OnlyFans Page Money Making Machine, your only goal is to get people following you on OnlyFans. This means you want them inside your world and the more of them the better. With OnlyFans promotion that is paid you can put yourself in front of a large group of potential followers quickly. This means that all you need to do is convince them you are interesting enough to check out on your page. A Paid Promotion puts your line in a lake filled with potential fish and makes it a lot easier for you to catch one of them.

Who Should Be Using Paid OnlyFans Promotion?

There are obviously different types of creators both when it comes to the type of content they produce and their experience on OnlyFans itself. For this information I am going to focus just on the amount of time or experience a creator has based on their experience on the website. In this instance a ‘new OnlyFans creator‘ could be well known outside of the site or this could be their first attempt at branding and marketing themselves online. In the same way I will be referring to an experienced creator as someone who has been on OnlyFans for several months or years even if OnlyFans is the only platform they have found success on.

When New OnlyFans Creators Should Buy Promotion

Typically when you are a new creator you don’t know yet what you don’t know as the saying goes. That doesn’t mean that this might not be the right time for paid promotion.

Here is a Checklist Before Your Buy Promotion for Your OnlyFans:

1. You Have an Offer on Your OnlyFans Page – When you are a new creator to the site you are not going to have the volume of content that others have. This means you want to make sure to have an Offer on your Page that will entice someone to check out your page. This could be a limited time offer or a free trial offer to your page. Remember you need to have some sort of hook to attract people to your page.

2. You Have a Decent Amount of Content on Your OnlyFans Page To Promote– You really don’t want to run a promotion on your account if the page is basically blank. Yes this means posting pictures, videos and even comments where no one is giving you feedback. That’s alright to do as long as there’s something there for people to see. Think of it like walking into a store and the shelves are empty, how long would you stick around?

3. Your OnlyFans subscription Rate is Reasonable – If you are brand new and you run a promotion with a subscription price that is too high, it is likely to not get much attention. Again you are new to the site and don’t have as much to offer as many other creators yet. When you put out a high subscription price it can scare people away because you haven’t built up the reputation that makes that page worth a high price yet.

4. You have Promotion Pictures – Remember that you want to have pictures you have set out just for promotion. These shouldn’t be pictures they will also be seeing on your OnlyFans Page. They can be quality pictures from other Social Media accounts like Instagram or Snapchat. You want to make sure you have two types of pictures as well. Professional stylized pictures and amateur type pictures. Since you are posting on OnlyFans and it has an amateur type tilt looking too polished can actually be a detriment. So you want to have both types of pictures available depending on where you are advertising your Onlyfans.

5. You Have the Money to Put Into Marketing – You should never invest your last dime on Marketing or expect it to pay for itself right away. This is one mistake that new Marketers make is that they think that every dollar invested should come back to them. Most marketing in the beginning is a loss proposition as you’re getting yourself established. You should certainly market in places where you will have success but you shouldn’t put money into promotion that you can’t afford and that you won’t miss when the rent is due at the end of the month.

Summary of Benefits of OnlyFans Paid Promotion for New Creators

The highlights for a new creator in regards to buying paid promotion is that you will be able to get your message in front of a large audience quickly. There is a lot of noise online and as I’ve mentioned previously people are being hit with hundreds of marketing messages each day. You want to give Paid OnlyFans promotion a chance to let you succeed. Often new OnyFans creators stop too soon because of lack of attention for their pages. By utilizing a paid promotion you can give yourself in the beginning something to make your time and energy worth it. Also Paid Promotion can allow you to test out your content and ad copy in the beginning before you take it to other areas to promote. All testing of ads and pictures give you data on what works and what doesn’t. If you compare yourself to other paid promos and see that they got more interaction than yours you can make needed adjustments to improve.

When Experienced OnlyFans Creators Should Buy Promotion

If you have been on OnlyFans for months or even years you know that it’s important to always be adding new fans to your page. If you stay complacent for too long in your marketing and promotion efforts your number of subscribers and income each month from the platform are likely to suffer. I am going to go over the benefits of Paid OnlyFans Promotion for more established creators.

Benefits of Paid OnlyFans Promotion for Established Creators

Reinvesting OnlyFans Profits

In the world of stock market trading you’ll often hear about individuals who take profits from a stock to buy even more of the same stock. This then gives them even more stock with very little extra cost to them and if the stock continues to gain in value it will be all profit. In the same way if you as an OnlyFans creator have been profiting for months or years on your OnlyFans with very little cost, it makes sense to invest some of that back into yourself through promotion. Whatever gains you make will be coming from your profit and decrease your taxable revenue at the same time. 

Keeping Yourself Relevant

For many creators they come out of the gates blazing with lots of new content and a lot of effort and zeal for their OnlyFans page. Over time though that zeal can fade and it can be more about keeping your fan base consistently happy month after month. But there will always be some fans who will leave and you’ll want to keep yourself relevant in an ever competitive OnlyFans marketplace. The best way to do this is through a paid promotion where you can keep front in center to OnlyFans subscribers and remind them how great the content you are producing on the site is month after month.

Exposure to those New to OnlyFans

One thing that Paid Promotion does is get you in front of new customers to OnlyFans or even those who have not joined the site before. People joining OnlyFans pages on Social Media are typically those brand new to the site or most curious about finding someone to subscribe to or support. Those new clients are sitting on Social Media sites looking to subscribe and they might only be seeing new OnlyFans creators. You want to utilize paid promotion to get at these new subscribers which will allow you to always have a fresh crop of subs to your OnlyFans Page.

Use Your Monetary Advantage Over New Creators To Promote Yourself

All is fair in love, war and business and if you have an advantage in business you should always capitalize on it. If new creators don’t have the money yet to promote and you do, you should be utilizing that key advantage as much as possible. While they are toiling away in free OnlyFans spaces, you can be capitalizing on getting your images and ads out in spaces that only a decent amount of money can buy. This is a distinct advantage that newer creators will find hard to match.

Utilize Your Wealth of Content on OnlyFans

One big advantage that established creators have is that they have a ton of content. This content can range from exclusive content on their OnlyFans to a lot of promotional pictures and videos as well. Every time you do a professional photo shoot you are able to create promotional material that other less established creators will find hard to compete with. Not only that but your Paid OnlyFans promos can feature just how much content your fans can expect to get from day one when they subscribe to your OnlyFans page. People will likely not realize just how much they will be getting over your competition unless you inform them through promotion.

Who Should Be Paying for OnlyFans Promotion?

In the end there are distinct advantages for both types of OnlyFans Creators both new and established for putting money into promotional efforts. Just make sure as a new creator that your page is ready before you promote with an enticing offer and a decent amount of content for your potential subscribers to be lured in by. For more experienced OnlyFans creators Paid Promotion can be great for highlighting the advantages your potential subscribers have in choosing you over your less experienced competitors. For all OnlyFans creators Paid Promos offer exposure, increases your ability to grow your page, gives you the ability to control your marketing message and allows you to get your promotional message out fast and effectively. Just as always make sure that the promotion is legitimate and that you will actually be seen by an audience that is interested in your OnlyFans page.

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