12 Ways to Achieve an OnlyFans Success Mindset

Success on OnlyFans is less about creating content and more about having the right mindset

OnlyFans Success Guide – OnlyFans Success Mindset – Last Updated: December 4, 2021 Reading Time: 15 Minutes

So recently a new creator contacted me wanting to know how to succeed on the site and why I recommend going at it on your own for a while before getting an OnlyFans manager or someone to run your OnlyFans account. It started me thinking in my response to her that perhaps success on OnlyFans is more than just posting pictures and promos in the right places (although those things are very important) and perhaps it’s more of a Mindset that sees certain creators succeed while others fail. I am going to go over that success mindset and how to achieve it.

What is a Success Mindset?

You’ll often here expressions like ‘that’s what separates the winners from the losers’ and ‘they had the willpower to succeed’ when people talk about successful people. Rarely does anyone say ‘Cindy was just smarter than everyone else so she’s a winner’ or “Randal showed up to work every day earlier than everyone else so they are a winner.” People know deep down that in the end there is a certain mindset that helps people achieve regardless of the amount of work they put in or even their intelligence level. So what is it that separates the winners from the losers on OnlyFans or any business really?  It’s a mindset that allows someone to achieve while someone else who might have a lot more natural gifts fail. So what is the success mindset when it comes to a Site like OnlyFans? I am going to go over the 12 keys to starting and keeping a success mindset.

1. My Success Will Come in the Future

Here is the hardest lesson anyone will have to learn when it comes to business and success on OnlyFans. You are going to need to be patient and build towards you success not right now but in the future. That future could be a month from now or even a year from now but you absolutely cannot start an OnlyFans page and think that you will be successful on day one or even month one. Honestly it is likely best if you aren’t successful that fast because you will not have a solid foundation to build anything on. When you hear about rappers who get one big hit song and then fade into obscurity or a business that blows up super fast and blows away into the wind it is because they did not prepare themselves ahead of time for success. If success hits you too fast you have no way of scaling growth and you aren’t going to be aware of all the challenges you are going to face. If success comes to you slowly you will have time to adjust to each challenge along the way. There is a scene in the widely popular Netflix series Squid Game in which the contestant have to jump across a bridge of tempered and un-tempered glass. If they step on the un tempered glass they fall to their death. One contestant notices that the light reflects differently off the tempered glass while the others just blindly jump to their deaths. This is an example that shows you that those who take the time to see where they are going while finding and overcoming challenges will succeed. You also should be preparing yourself for your future success by how you promote and market your page. If you take short term short cuts on pricing and content you will pay for it in the future.

2. My Struggles Now Will Pay Dividends One Day

People with a success mindset realize that struggles and setbacks are inevitable and part of the path towards achieving your goals. Each time you hit a road block you should celebrate and not despair because you have identified one less obstacle to your success. You just need to figure a way around it and move on. Each struggle you overcome becomes a tool in your tool-belt that you will easily move past when you see it again because now you have the skills to overcome it. Not only that but the fact that you will take the time to figure out the obstacle and someone else will decide to give up at that point means you have one less competitor to deal with. Remember that business is not a test where you get an A or you fail, business is a game of survival where you either sink or swim – and then after you swim you realize you are swimming with sharks. Don’t let anyone but you decide when you have failed. Don’t let your competitors get into your head because they just want to kick you out of the game. Don’t let customers pull you down with complaints or other issues because there will always be people who will complain and be negative. All that you go through now will help you succeed in the future and if you give up too soon you won’t be able to use all those tools in your toolbelt you worked so hard to get in the first place.

3. I am not working for your enjoyment but for mine

People who are successful do not work for other peoples enjoyment but for their own. What I mean by this is the a sure fire way to fail is to start doing something just because it is popular or pays more money than something else. Once you start creating content you hate or dealing with fans you don’t enjoy you are digging your own grave when it comes to success on OnlyFans. It will be only a matter of time until you just burn out or give up. The reasons is because you can’t sustain any business or venture long term based off of false gratification. If you are someone who is truly motivated by making as much money as possible thant that is your enjoyment. But you can’t make yourself become like that just to make more money. If you are artistic in nature and you have to spend a few hours more than other making your content ‘sparkle’ and ‘shine’ it is not a waste of time to do so because it is bringing you enjoyment. The amount of time ‘lost’ to doing what you enjoy isn’t real at all because it will motivate you to continue long after other creators have burnt out from doing what they think people will buy or pay attention to. Be true to your passions and you will always have the will to succeed.

4. My Customers Come First

Successful people know that once they throw themselves into a business arena they must have the mantra that the customer comes first. The customer is also always right even when they are wrong. The amount of people who will take advantage of your kindness is small and you can always afford to make a few exceptions for these people. For if you end up angering them in the slightest they can cause a storm online that will be seen by hundreds if not thousands more people hurting your business and bottom line. So the best way to make sure that your customers are always happy on OnlyFans is to put them first. It is true that you can’t choose who will subscribe to your OnlyFans page, but you do get to decide whom you sell custom content to or interact with on Social Media. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that all your customers are not equal even the ones that spend the least amount can have high expectations of you. Do your absolute best in every way to put your customers and fans first and you will always have a successful business.

5. I Will Not Work Until Burnout

In the past people felt that they should always push through and try to work more hours than the other person does and that will make them a big success. Now that we understand more about how the human brain works and how our bodies function in general we know that is not the case at all. When you work to the point of exhaustion or choose work constantly over sleep and exercise you are not at your peak performance in any way when working. Successful people know that keeping a healthy balance of work, exercise and leisure is the real key to success. So if you are working on your OnlyFans promotion or content and you start to feel burned out take a break. It sound like a very logical thing to do but for many people they feel guilty for not working or feel like they will end up blaming themselves if their page or promotion fails. Just think about the times when you were most productive, you likely were at the greatest balance at the time.

6. I work Until I tire of Work and then I start Learning

As I just mentioned you should never work until the point of burnout but what is the alternative when you just don’t feel like working? Well successful people know that when you’re not feeling in the mood to write that paper or take photos that the world of learning is open to you. The world of learning can be active like reading a book or following a tutorial or passive like listening to a podcast or watching an educational video. You should always be looking for opportunities to grow in your knowledge of the goals you are trying to accomplish. If you don’t feel in the mood to take pictures one day than take that day to learn more about photo lighting or video editing. If you’re trying to market your OnlyFans on reddit but not getting anywhere, do research on subreddits or read posting advice from those who are successful. Your brain might burnout in one area of work and be a sponge in the area of learning at the same time, don’t waste the opportunity to learn more or pick up a new skill that could help you succeed on OnlyFans.

7. I hit the Wall and I Stopped and Found the Walls Weak Spot

Successful people know that the wall is always going to be there eventually. What I mean by that is that you are always working to achieve specific goals in business and in life and at some point you reach them. Sometimes they were closer than you thought and other times very far away. But what if you reach a wall before the goal you were trying to achieve that you just can’t get through or around it? Do you move onto the next goal and come back to that one? For successful people they take stock of the situation and try to find the walls weak spot. They read and try to learn how others have tackled what may seem like an insurmountable goal and they come back at the wall with a new approach. It could mean climbing or flying over it when before you were just looking to smash through it like the incredible Hulk. Whatever happens don’t give up on your goals just because you feel like you’ve hit a wall you can’t get past, there is always a way just sometimes it takes a bit of ingenuity and courage to get past it.

8. Success is Not a Stopping Point It’s Just the Beginning

It is pretty typical for people to set goals for themselves and then once they achieve them take their foot off the gas and start to glide. Yes, when you achieve goals you should certainly take a little time to celebrate and even slow down your pace for a little while. You have certainly earned that but success is not a race that when you cross the finish line you have won. Success is an ongoing process and once you have reached one goal it’s time to create a whole new set of goals based on where you are now. For instance when you started your OnlyFans you were at an early stage and your actions reflected that stage but once you have hundreds of fans you should be transitioning your actions so that they reflect these new realities. If you continue promoting and creating content like you did in the beginning you are unlikely to grow but to begin to either shrink slightly or stay at about the same earnings rate. Now for some people this is their version of success and they don’t want to grow any bigger. If that is you, that is fine as you don’t want to overwhelm yourself but for the vast majority of creators they want to make more money and become more successful on the site. So that means adjusting your marketing plan as events change and you grow. This is the best way to continue to find real success on OnlyFans.

9. I Worked While others Slept

Now you might be thinking does that mean that you have to work 24 hour a day in order to be successful on OnlyFans. This is not what I mean at all, what I do mean is that you need to find the work schedule that fits best with your life. Some people work best in the morning while others find success working late at night when the world is quiet. Other people have to work on their OnlyFans during odd hours because of work or family responsibilities. Overall if you plan on being successful on OnlyFans you can’t just put in a little bit of work and expect it to grow on it’s own. You need to evaluate your time and figure out when it will be best for you to work on your OnlyFans page and promotion. You also want to work when opportunities present themselves even if that is in the middle of the night. What I mean here is that many people are able to seize opportunities as they arise because they are not set to specific work schedule, ideally you want to be one of these people in order to succeed.

10. My First Dollars Spent are worth More Than All My Future Dollars Spent

One tried and true fact of success is that the resources you have in the beginning are limited. These resources can be time, money or energy to expend on a particular project. Why do so many people fail at OnlyFans and on businesses in general? Mainly because they don’t alot these limited resources correctly. These resources are the equivalent of food for your business if you don’t get enough food after a few weeks you will die, this is the same with a business. So this means that when you are first starting out your resources need to be used to the maximum effect. Once you become successful the money you have to buy additional promotion or marketing will be vast, but in the beginning even a few dollars could mean the success or failure of your endeavors. Don’t waste any of these resources on foolish ventures that take you away from your main goal which is success.

11. I Admire those who are Succeeding Around Me

One big thing that will absolutely kill your willpower and make you a generally disliked creator is envy. Yes there will always be people who are doing better than you on OnlyFans and you’ll look at them and say ‘Buy I’m prettier, or I’m more worthy of this attention’ but people succeed for a number of reasons and most of it revolves around sheer willpower. Before you decide to have envy for a successful OnlyFans creator have respect for them and have an inquisitive mind on how they were able to succeed. If you are able to admire a competitor you will find that you will learn from them. Envy closes off your mind to someone and makes you not want to be around them or study their success techniques. It also gives you a false sense about how success is achieved because you will focus on outside appearances and not the process by which the OnlyFans creator was able to be make more money and gain more subscribers. Use admiration as a secret tool to not only study a creator but possibly get on their good side and become someone they’d want to help to promote themselves.

12. I grew my Brand so that no one Brand controlled Me

Right now on the Internet there are major brands, apps and sites that control most of traffic you will be receiving. No matter what you do you will likely need companies like Facebook (Meta), Google (Alphabet) , Apple, TikTok, Twitter, Reddit etc to succeed. But you don’t want any one of them to have too much control over your long term success. The way that you do that is by growing your own brand big enough that none of these brands can really control you. This included OnlyFans itself as well because if OnyFans decides to make a Terms of Use change and your brand is scattered across the Internet on dozens of platforms you will be able to easily move your content to another site and sell it. Successful people realize that they need to control their own fate and have as few other people as possible controlling anything. The stronger your brand becomes the less any one Social Media site has control over it. So if you want to truly be successful you need to always be working to build your brand up and become important with or without a particular App or Website.

The Right Mindset will Lead to Success on OnlyFans

So that was a few of the keys to the OnlyFans Success Mindset. You want to always be setting new goals for yourself that are achievable over time in order to have long term success on the platform. Most people who are successful accept failure and setbacks as part of the process and don’t give up easily. They work towards their goals and not work towards a possible burn out. They know that if they build up their brand big enough that no one can have any real control over it but themselves. True success on OnlyFans is not about the number of subscribers you have or the money you are making but having a successful process in place that you know will last you in the long run.

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