How to Make Money on OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face

OnlyFans is a great way to earn money but not everyone wants to show their face on the site

Anonymous on OnlyFans – How to Be Successful Without Showing Your Face – Last Updated: September 15, 2021 Reading Time: 10 Minutes

Although OnlyFans seems like a pretty straight forward site many people still want to know exactly how OnlyFans creators make money on the platform and especially if they want to do so incognito. When you see headlines of famous celebrities like Cardi B, Blac Chyna and Bella Thorne on the site raking in thousands sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars it’s hard not to be awed by the site’s ability to sometimes make people rich overnight. The basics of how to make money on OnlyFans have not changed much since it first emerged on the scene as a 2020 pandemic caused sensation. In this article I am going to review the basics on how to make money on OnlyFans without showing your face or revealing your identity.

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How to Stay Anonymous on OnlyFans

Only OnlyFans needs to know who you really are for age verification, banking and tax purposes. The public never needs to know your real identity and there are many ways to accomplish this. I am going to review important steps you need to take in order to protect your identity while still finding success on the site.

The Right Camera Angles

One of the keys to successfully keeping your identity safe on OnlyFans is to make sure that the camera angles you use don’t reveal your face or too much of it. Most people would be hard pressed to identify someone from their face below their nose, so make sure that your photos are either taken below your nose or are cropped later with an editor when doing so. There are a million different pictures you can take that won’t reveal your face but will reveal the rest of your body. It’s a better idea to take the pictures with it in mind that you will be taking pictures below your face rather than to edit them later because you will get the hang of taking pictures that are still high quality but without revealing too much of your identity.

Watch Your Background Images

Many people tend to forget that the background of their images can be just as revealing about them as their own pictures. They can forget that they have private pictures of themselves or family members hanging on their walls or sitting on nightstand picture frames. You don’t want to go to all the effort of covering up your face just for someone to see it clearly in your background. This means you want to try to use a background that is of an empty wall as much as possible when taking your pictures. Or at least make sure your backgrounds are devoid of anything identifiable, even your pets!

Come up with a Totally Unrelated Name on OnlyFans

If you are trying to stay anonymous and keep your face hidden on the site you want to assist this effort by making sure that your OnlyFans username doesn’t have anything identifiable about you in it. As much as you might like your real name or a nickname that your friends gave you, you might want to avoid using them in your screen name. Pick a screen name that is fun and relatable but not so relatable that people you know will pick right up on the fact that it’s you. Leave off locations, first or middle names and even pet names from your user name. You don’t want a friend or ex stumbling onto your profile and putting two and two together that it’s you based on your username.

Watch for Geo Location Tags on Your Photos

Many people promote their OnlyFans off of the site itself, which is a very smart thing to do. Unfortunately many camera phones have settings that geo tag the location of your pictures on them. This is the last thing you want for both safety and security reasons as well as for trying to stay anonymous on OnlyFans. So make sure that whatever pictures you post on your Social Media for OnlyFans promotion doesn’t have any geo or meta data that could be associated directly to you.

Don’t Post Photos Outdoors

OnlyFans has a lot of rules when it comes to what content you can post from pictures and videos outdoors. This is not your concern here though, what is your concern is making sure that the pictures you take are not easily tracked back to where you live or where you are. In the Netflix Documentary ‘Don’t F**k with Cats’ they were able to track down the location of an individual by the angle of a gas station from his balcony window several stories up and figure out he was located in a particular city in Canada on a particular day. When you post pictures of yourself outdoors whether it’s from a balcony or sitting on a beach you could be giving people info on your location without even knowing it. If your goal is to stay anonymous on OnlyFans, you don’t want to give people any location information by mistake.

Use Masks or Costumes

Another great way to stay anonymous on the site is to simply wear a mask or costume most of the time in your content. While some masks can be a bit of a mood killer, others are actually fun and can enhance the quality of the content that you are creating. If you are worried that you won’t be able to properly crop your pictures later on, you can wear a mask during all of your filming so you are 100% sure that no part of your face will be seen. You can also wear costumes or face paint in your pictures as well, just be sure that the costume or paint fully covers up any features that people might be able to recognize you by.

Avoid Any Distinguishing Scars or Tattoos

This is where you start to feel like you are on the run from the authorities and not just trying to make some anonymous content online to pay some bills. But it’s important to hide any scars that you might have in your photos on OnlyFans that people might be able to identify from burn marks, surgery scars or just long term injuries. You also want to be sure that you aren’t showing multiple tattoos in your pictures especially if they are unique or custom tattoos that someone might clue in on that they remember you getting. Any sort of unique markings that you have on your body should either be covered or edited out later.

Use Photo Editing Tools to Blur Pictures

Don’t forget that photo editing tools like Canva can be a great help in keeping yourself anonymous on OnlyFans. These sort of tools can help you crop images to keep your face secret. They can also help blur your face or distinguishing marks on your body while keeping the pictures still of high quality. You can even use them to create new backgrounds for your pictures if the ones that you used before could compromise your location or identity. Don’t be afraid to edit your pictures and play around with quality photo editors.

Use Emojis Sparingly

One thing you can always do is take pictures and then drop emojis all over the pictures to cover up anything you don’t want the general public to see. While some emojis are cute they can seriously take away from the appeal of a picture. In most cases you want to use editing software to crop and fix pictures rather than use emojis. You should utilize emojis as the last wall of defense of your identity if all other techniques have failed.

How To Be Successful on OnlyFans While Staying Anonymous

Don’t forget that you may be anonymous but you’re still a person of interest to people and you can create an interesting persona on the site. Don’t feel like being anonymous can keep you from making good money and finding success on OnlyFans. Here are a few tips for making money and being successful on OnlyFans incognito.

How to Make Money on OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face

Create a Fun an Exciting Persona

Remember that it is best to create a new persona on OnlyFans to begin with that is separate from your normal life. This means that even if you decide to stay anonymous or not show your face on the site you can still create this attractive character that your audience will enjoy. Not showing your face could allow you to be even more creative with your content and spur you on to interact in ways you might not otherwise act if your full identity was revealed.

Create High Quality Pictures and Videos

Since you won’t be showing your face in your pictures and videos you will want to make sure that the media and content you do produce is of the highest quality. It will be harder to get people to pay attention to you in your promotion so you’ll want to produce the absolute best photos and videos that you can. If your pictures stand out for quality and accentuate your best features it is possible that potential subscribers might not even notice that you aren’t showing your face or identity.

Highlight Particular Niches or Fetishes

There are several niches and fetishes that really don’t require you showing your identity to participate in them. This can be anything from photographing your feet for foot fetishes to acting out particular fantasies in custom content. If you are into one particular area like bondage or cosplay just concentrate on creating content revolving around that. There are many niches where your face really isn’t even in most of the pictures. Look for those kind of niches to start out with and promote.

Make Your Page About a Topic and Not About You

Another way to succeed on OnlyFans while staying anonymous is to pick a particular topic or theme and cater to the audience for it. There is nothing that says an OnlyFans page has to be all about you as a model, it can be about a particular topic or theme as well. Just make sure that if you do pick a theme or topic and you include other people in your content that they are also verified OnlyFans creators as well. You can still make quite a bit of money from custom content on a themed OnlyFans page.

Feature Specific Services

Not everyone is purely looking for visual entertainment on OnlyFans. If you are looking to stay anonymous on the platform you may want to look for those who are looking for erotic texting (sometimes called Sexting), auditory stimulation (like ASMR) or other non visual based services that you can provide. People have been making a living for years simply by talking ‘dirty’ to people on “900” numbers or services. You can utilize an OnlyFans page for these kinds of services as well and stay totally anonymous.

Specialize in Custom Content

There are a lot of under served very small niches on OnlyFans and you can highlight that you offer many of them on your page. In this way you will have a page that is less about what you look like and more about the kind of custom content you can provide to your fans. Basically make a page that offers the kind of custom content that is rare or hard to find for most fans and be willing to create that kind of content in order to maximize your profits.

Promote Your Best Physical Attribute

If you are going to be on OnlyFans and be a Faceless creator than you want to find whatever your other best physical attribute is and highlight it on the site and in your promotion. As I’ve gone over in regards to all the niche OnlyFans subreddits you can promote on, there are fans of just about every type of body big, small and in between. No matter if you’ve been blessed with a big butt, a tiny butt or an bubble butt there are people online who want nothing more than to stare at it. That means figuring out your best attribute and making it more of the focus of your OnlyFans promotion and likely people won’t notice that you’re keeping your face hidden as much.

So Can You Make an OnlyFans Anonymously?

You absolutely can make an OnlyFans incognito and still manage to have great success on the site. You just have to have a set plan beforehand on what kind of content you plan to highlight since your face won’t be being shown. You also have to take every precaution necessary to keep your identity a secret from the public. OnlyFans will be the only one to know your real identity so they know where to send the money. So as an anonymous creator you will just have to work a little harder to be successful on the platform, but once you find your footing you can have as much success as those who are public about their OnlyFans pages.

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