What Does A Good OnlyFans Manager Do Exactly?

Having an OnlyFans Management Company Can Be a Big Positive For Your Page But You Have to Trust that they will manage your image and brand with care.

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With the rise of popularity in Fan Sites and OnlyFans in particular, it has opened up the field of OnlyFans Management greatly. There are often as many horror stories as success stories when it comes to that field of work. Many creators have left management up to significant others who have left the relationship with their logins and passwords. Others have trusted big name Agencies to handle their management only to find that their pictures and likeness have been mismanaged for greed and profit. It creates a scary situation for OnlyFans creators who just want to produce content and leave the every day management of their account to others. 

 So in this article I am going to go over what an OnlyFans manager does, what the benefits of having a manager are as well as what to look for when hiring or bringing on a manager for your Fan Site Content.

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What is OnlyFans Management?

OnlyFans Management is when someone who is not the primary content creator is paid to run or operate your OnlyFans page with your approval. This can also extend to management of your OnlyFans off-page promotion including Reddit, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and more. This can be done by a single individual as the ‘Manager’ or a company that handles many OnlyFans clients and models.

What is an OnlyFans Manager?

An OnlyFans Manager can be a single person who runs and posts content on your OnlyFans page for you. They can also be in charge of commenting and setting up your PPV (Pay Per View) content as well as scheduling your posts in advance on the site. An OnlyFans Manager can be a whole team of managers under the umbrella of a management company.

What is an OnlyFans Agency?

Typically an Agency has many different OnlyFans models ‘under contract’ and represents them in a similar way a Modeling Agency would manage many different models careers. An Agency typically will handle all of the aspects of a Fan Site Models online presence from her OnlyFans page being managed itself to also promoting the model’s content and possibly posting it on sites like Instagram and Twitter. An Agency typically has more assets than a company does and is able to utilize these to the benefits of their clients.

What are the Benefits You Gain From Having an OnlyFans Manager?

As an OnlyFans Manager typically gets a percentage of your income you want to make sure they are providing value for what they are being paid. In the same way that an agent takes a certain percentage of a sports or acting contract an OnlyFans Manager takes their percent only from the proceeds that you earn via your OnlyFans page. This can create many of the same issues that arise from management of any account where the amount of money made is the determinant of what the manager gets paid. These issues arise when money and sales become the only focus of your page. This kind of approach can be a huge turn off for potential clients on Fan Sites as you don’t want them to feel milked or taken advantage of. That’s why it’s important that you hire someone to manage your OnlyFans page who understands the industry and how OnlyFans itself works.

When you Have a Quality OnlyFans Manager They Will Be able to Help you with the Following

Optimizing Your Account for Success

OnlyFans is not built in a way that is easy to optimize for most creators. I have written about the importance of Optimizing your Page for Google to get free traffic and how you have to balance the different people coming into your page and make sure that the page is welcoming for all of them. An OnlyFans Manager will be able to look at your page and start to fix some of the little things you may not have noticed that could be hindering your ability to get subscribers and make more money.

Page Conversion Improvement

A good OnlyFans Management Company will be looking at conversion on your page and making sure that your posts as well as the page itself is setup to succeed. If your page is not setup with conversion in mind then you are likely going to be leaving a lot of sales on the table. A good OnlyFans manager will go in and fix any issues they see when it comes to putting a barrier between you and higher sales and subscription rates.

Scheduling Your Posts to Maximize Sales

A good OnlyFans manager will get a feel for your account and when your fans are most likely to be on and interact with you. This means A/B Testing different times to post your content and making sure that content is posted on a consistent basis. While you may never have had the time to really study when your page is having the most success your OnlyFans Manager will make this a top priority knowing that well timed posts will get the most interaction and sales.

Responding to Fans and Keeping Up to Date with Them

If you don’t have time to interact with fans as much as you would like, a good OnlyFans Management Company will be able to take the time to message and interact with them. This will be part of their daily tasks to keep your fans informed of everything going on with you and your content. When you are able to go Live on OnlyFans or have a new important piece of content you won’t have to drum up support for it as your OnlyFans manager will already have been alerting and keeping your fans informed.

Keeping Your Page Up To Date with Fresh Posts

Much like other Social Media type sites your OnlyFans page can grow stale if you aren’t posting consistently on it. This means not just posting when you have content but also posting friendly text message posts to keep your fans and community coming back for more. Your OnlyFans manager should have it as a goal to create a community within your page by constantly posting updates about you but also taking the pulse of your community through posts and polls.

Managing your Direct Messages

DM’s can be hard to maximize although I’ve pointed out time and again how important they are to your success especially as a new content creator. Your OnlyFans Manager would be in charge of responding to DM’s as well as sending out DM’s on your behalf. Although too many Mass DM’s can come off as spammy, not using this feature enough can also be an issue. That’s why much like e-mail you want to create a message that you can send out to your fans via Direct message on a constant basis. This isn’t just when you have new content to sell but you can certainly send DM’s then as well to your most consistent buyers.

How Much Should an OnlyFans Management Company get?

Typically management companies charge anywhere from 10-30% for their services. You really should be looking for what you are getting for that percentage, more than how much it costs. Remember that if the company is worth anything they will be looking to grow your account and make it more successful. Typically growth comes from outside the page but selling to people who already buy from you is super important as well. Since OnyFans already takes 20% your margins begin to get pretty thin if you are giving a company another 30%. But if you are just looking to create content and not have to do anything else at all it’s actually a pretty reasonable amount for them to ask for. Some companies also ask for a flat fee each month similar to running any other Social Media Platform. It’s actually more of a standard in the Internet Marketing industry to pay a flat fee each month for a site to be managed. If you are a smaller creator who isn’t earning very much yet, it might be easier to get someone with experience to manage your account with a flat fee and not a percentage.

Do OnlyFans Agencies Handle Your Marketing as Well?

This is a tough question because most OnlyFans Management Companies are not Marketing Companies at heart. They typically originate from a demand from their current model clientele to manage their Fan Site Properties. We personally handle Marketing and Promotion because we are a Marketing Company who focuses on that while only handling a small amount of clients in regards to OnlyFans management. Likely in the future companies will handle both or they will outsource their Marketing to a company like ours who specializes in Fan Site Marketing.

What are the Dangers of OnlyFans Management?

As mentioned OnlyFans management is handing over your brand and identity to another company and hoping they do their best with it. For many companies this isn’t an issue because they have integrity and a moral business model. Sadly some companies get into OnlyFans management and treat it like it’s the same as Managing an Adult Model or a Runway Model. They are not specialists in OnlyFans or Fan Site Marketing and just are looking to maximize profit for their Agency. This is where problems can arise because they are not looking after your best interest but just using you and your brand as a commodity to be sold. Long term this kind of relationship can hurt your brand and your ability to sell your content. Also if you are selling explicit material on your OnlyFans you also have to trust the agency to keep your content private and safe. Some companies are not aware of how eager online audiences are to leak content and will not protect your copyrighted material properly. So when it comes to OnlyFans Management make sure that whatever company you work with has integrity and an understanding of what your wants and needs are.

So Should You Have an OnlyFans Manager?

For most new creators the answer is no. For OnlyFans creators who are more experienced the answer is likely yes. If you are making thousands of dollars each month with the site and feel that you’ve just hit the tip of the iceberg of what you could be making if you had more time to devote to it then OnlyFans Management is likely something you should look into. The key is whether the money you invest in management will yield increased profit. If you feel that is the case than you just have to make sure that who you turn your brand and content over to will handle it in a professional manner and that they can represent you correctly. Most managers will work with you to find the right price point and if they see you are motivated to become more successful will be excited to help make that a reality.

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