13 Shockingly False OnlyFans Misconceptions

There are a lot of false assumptions about OnlyFans that need to be cleared up

OnlyFans Tips and Tricks – OnlyFans Misconceptions – Last Updated: November 20, 2021 Reading Time: 15 Minutes

With OnlyFans quick rise to popularity their have also been a lot of misnomers about what it takes to succeed on the site. I wanted to write this article to clear up some of the most common misconceptions that both creators and the general public have about the site. I went ahead and wrote the false opinion (some of which if you are a creator on the site you have likely heard dozens of times) and then after that I give the actual facts refuting the claims being made.

1. OnlyFans is an Easy Place to Make a Lot of Money Quickly

False Opinion: Everyone should just jump on OnlyFans especially if they are ‘hot’ or ‘attractive’ because it’s just easy money. Guys are just waiting around to Simp for anyone who jumps on the site. My sister’s cousin’s best friend niece got on the site and made 10K in a day. 

Fact: OnlyFans is not a get rich quick scheme and most people find out that it requires hard work and dedication shortly after joining the site. Sadly there are very few resources for creators with OnlyFans having a sink or swim policy that rarely helps creators succeed. So it makes it even harder to make money on the site because you have to pretty much do everything on your own. One of the reasons I created the OnlyFans Secrets Podcast and OnlyFans Marketing Blog is to provide those kind of resources. You can of course make money on OnlyFans and many people have made a lot of money from the platform but it usually happens to them after months and months of hard work slowly building their page up to critical mass. The same way that it is hard to get a business off the ground it can be hard to do with an OnlyFans page. Typically we only see those businesses in the real world who have succeeded and not the thousands that have failed so we are left with a false assumption that success in business is easy.

2. OnlyFans is just a porn site

False Opinion: OnlyFans is just a site for people who like to ‘pay to get off’ and it’s like paying for PornHub. It’s just a site where you can look at naked people and a lot of dirty videos and pictures you can just get for free by searching ‘boobs’ on Google.

Fact: While OnlyFans does contain a great deal of adult content it is not a Porn site, it is in fact a Fan Club site with thousands of fan clubs you can join and subscribe to. If it was just a porn site then it would be competing with the likes of PornHub for eyeballs and in fact it is actually sites like those that have gotten in trouble for publishing OnlyFans content, not the other way around. To me OnlyFans is a natural replacement for Playboy Magazine combined with the ability to actually interact with the people you follow and admire. OnlyFans is also not set up just for adult material and many pages are used for specific genres like Podcasts, Cooking and Health and fitness. The site can be used to promote and monetize a lot of different types of content and allows anyone who is over 18 to actually profit from the content they are creating without having to impress big Social Media overlords like Facebook or Google.

3. OnlyFans Takes a lot of your money so it’s better just to Sell Content On Your Own

False OpinionWhy would anyone want to give OnlyFans 20% when they can just sell their content on Snapchat or directly on Twitter and keep 100%? No one should let ‘the man’ take 20% of your income, and it’s highway robbery for them to take 20%!

Fact: OnlyFans provides a safe middle ground for both buyers and sellers to interact with one another. The cost of 20% is like a protection fee that you pay because you are pretty positive you will be paid for your content on the site. When you sell your content yourself you have no protection from being ripped off and your sellers also have no protection from being scammed. You will be able to sell a lot more by volume on a site like OnlyFans because of this fact. You also run the risk using sites like Paypal of being banned for selling adult content because that is not allowed on their site or most other payment processors. OnlyFans 20% helps cover the large fees they have to pay as a company selling ‘Vice” to the credit card processors. This fee is due to the high amount of chargebacks attempted by buyers on adult goods. In the end OnyFans only makes a small percentage from your content even much lower than the 20% that they charge. They also cover all the hosting fees as well as exposure your content to an audience of 130 million plus users of the site.

4. OnlyFans is banning Adult Content 

False OpinionI heard OnlyFans is going to ban adult content next month or in December or at some point in the future. So all those people you subscribe to are just going to take your money and run so I wouldn’t even bother with the site anymore.

Fact: OnlyFans did shoot itself in the foot this year with a knee jerk reaction brought on by the aforementioned credit card processors and credit card companies by stating they would be banning adult content on the site. You can read here about the backlash to that announcement which I have talked about in length. They quickly reversed their position on the matter and decided not to ban adult content on the site. The announcement that they were banning the content got a lot more attention in the media than their announcement that they had reversed their decision on that and would continue to provide adult content on the site, in what I call the Richard Jewell effect. So as of right now there is no ban on adult content on OnlyFans and OnlyFans has no plan to ban adult content in the future.

5. OnlyFans Steals Your Money

False Opinion: I end up selling content on the site and then someone disputes it through there credit card and they take the money back. I bet OnlyFans keeps that money any way and they just end up stealing money from creators. How can they just give someone their money back when they’ve already seen my content? That is theft!

Facts: OnlyFans is a business that relies on Credit Card processors to make any money. Much like you have to wait for your bank deposit from OnlyFans, the company has to wait for the money to clear through the credit card processor before they see a dime of it. That means that when someone buys your content or subscription on OnlyFans no one has been paid yet. The credit card company hasn’t been paid, the processor hasn’t been paid and OnlyFans has not been paid. The person using the credit card could have stolen it, been using it falsely or be under age and using an adults card without permission. There are a number of reasons that the person could make a valid chargeback claim to the credit card company about the purchase they just made. Yes, as the OnlyFans creator you have been screwed over when this happens because your content has been viewed and you have provided the service you promised as part of your end of the contract with OnlyFans. But since OnyFans can’t get paid until the credit card company pays the processor and the processor pays OnlyFans, you will not get paid by OnlyFans if there is a chargeback made.

6. Promoting Your OnlyFans on ‘Name the Site” is a Waste of Time

False Opinion:  Anyone who posts pictures on Twitter is totally wasting their time because no one uses Twitter, everyone is on Instagram. Why would you post lewds for free on Reddit all the time, everyone just looks at them and leaves. What a waste of time! Are you seriously building a following on Tiktok, why when it will just be dead in a few weeks?

Fact: Every time you promote yourself on a Social Media site there will be someone who will be out there to tell you that it ‘doesn’t work’. The reason is because that site didn’t work for them and because we tend to make the false assumption about things that if they don’t work for us they are trash, you should listen to their advice with a grain of salt. Every site has it’s positives and negatives and those change depending on the person and what they are selling. If you are someone who takes amazing videos than TikTok is going to be a big hit for you where someone who is shy about acting on camera will find it useless. If you enjoy commenting and retweeting posts and interacting your DM’s Twitter is going to be a great place for you, but if you find the site dull and tedious you likely won’t succeed on it. You get the point I am making here, you have to find the site that works best for you and drown out the noise from all the people who say it doesn’t work. The same as Taylor Swift is either the best music you heard today or something that belongs to be played on a slow elevator ride to Hell, everyone has their own opinions and experiences that make one Social Media network gold or trash for them.

7. You Have to Show your Face to Succeed on OnlyFans

False Opinion:  No one who makes any REAL money is a faceless creator, all people want to see on the site is your face and how attractive you are. There is no way anyone is making money on the site who isn’t also showing their face.

Fact: Although it makes sense to show your face on OnlyFans in order to gain more connection with your fans, there are plenty of creators who just show off certain aspects of their body and make plenty of money on the site. You can be a creator who never shows your face simply by using proper editing tools and cropping your photos. If you have a very attractive body many people might not even notice that you aren’t showing your face or never do. Many creators promote their OnlyFans without ever showing their face and just hint at the kind of content that will be on their page. You can also specialize your page around certain body parts like your feet or your chest and not have to worry about ever showing your face. Not showing your face on OnlyFans can also give you the opportunity to spend more time connecting with your fans on an emotional or friendly level. If you enjoy posting messages and writing your fans back you can likely succeed and make plenty of money on OnlyFans while never showing your face.

8. Only Celebrities Make any real money on OnlyFans

False Opinion: Why are you even on OnlyFans when everyone knows like 99% of the money is made by big time celebrities? I read that most creators make like less than $50 a month? You’re going to do all that work and expose yourself for that little? What a waste.

Fact: So there is always this sense that ‘most creators’ only make $50 a month on OnlyFans that seems to be out in the world. It’s as if people have never heard of averages? So let’s say that you give a Standard Math Quiz with 50 questions and 100 students take that quiz. A certain number of people will get 100s on the quiz, some will get in the 90s, the majority will get in the 70s and 80s and some people will get in the 60s or even lower and fail the quiz. Now let’s say that the second quiz is very hard and there are only 10 questions on the quiz. Now that will change the grades drastically because if you get one question wrong you are already down to 90% and even getting 5 out of 10 of the very hard questions right will lead you to failing. This second quiz is what OnlyFans and starting a business is like. There are no gimme questions and no points for filling out your name. So many creators will join OnlyFans and basically answer one question right or do one thing right to get a few subs and then quit. A few exceptional people will master OnlyFans and do everything right and get 8 or even 10 questions right. Now when things are harder you get a lot fewer success stories so if the same 100 students take the second harder quiz the average grade due to people answering 1 or 2 questions right will plummet way down. This is the same thing that happens when someone says the average creator doesn’t make anything on the site. Of course the average user doesn’t make very much money, this is a business and that means survival of the fittest.

9. OnlyFans isn’t a lot of work

False OpinionWhy don’t you get a real job? The only people who are on OnlyFans are lazy people who just want to get naked and make money. I mean that’s all you do is take pictures and dumb guys pay for that, that’s so lazy. I work hard every day at my job and make one tenth what some OnlyFans person does. That’s not fair.

Fact: I have tried with my Podcast and Blog to show that success of OnlyFans is a lot of work. It is a lot of work on the front end of creating content and a page that people will be interested in subscribing to. It is a lot of work to post and create promotions that will be effective and grow your page. It is a lot of work to keep those OnlyFans subscribers you have continuing to subscribe. It is also a lot of work to do all of this on your own with very few resources from the company you are working with. Not to mention it’s a lot of work to stay consistent and continue to post and be enthusiastic about your work day in and day out. Very few people who say that OnlyFans isn’t a lot of work could survive on the site as a content creator.

10. The Only option OnlyFans creators have for work is McDonalds

False Opinion:  OnlyFans creators are lucky the site doesn’t ban explicit content or there will be a rush on applications at McDonalds. I bet that’s why we have a waiter shortage in the country as well. Guess you will have to get a real job like Fast Food soon.

Fact: This was a big running ‘joke’ online when OnlyFans looked like it might get rid of adult content in August. The assumption out in the world is that most people succeeding and making real money on OnlyFans have no real options for making money outside of the site. This is false because most creators on OnlyFans have multiple stream of income based on their content with OnlyFans being a large portion only because it has captured the largest audience for the content that they are selling. The demand will continue with or without OnlyFans as a company or concept and many of the creators on the site were making money on other platforms selling their content via sites or live cam experiences. It also is degrading to say that the people on the site are not educated as most creators have a good amount of education in a particular field they just choose to do OnlyFans because it is more lucrative.

11. Porn Stars and Strippers Make Great OnlyFans Creators

False Opinion: People who are used to taking their clothes off like Strippers and Porn Stars must make so much money on OnlyFans. They don’t even have to do much work, just take pictures of yourself like at work and boom you’re rich!

Fact: There is an irony that those who are closest to the old ways of doing things rarely adapt as well or as fast as those native to the new ways. This is the case for many Adult Stars and Strippers who while successful on the site are often not the most successful. One of the obvious reasons is simply time. For many strippers and adult performers they are used to specific time that they are ‘working’ and the rest of the time being off work. They put in countless hours at work interacting with people and many of them do not want to come back home and log onto OnlyFans and do the same thing again. Meanwhile many amateurs who were used to spending 24/7 online on new apps made the transition seamlessly because it was just an extension of the routine they were used to. So while strippers and adult stars would seem to be the ones that would benefit most from the site they often don’t have the time or inclination to truly succeed on the platform.

12. OnlyFans is a Fad that will soon fade from memory like MySpace

False Opinion: OnlyFans is only popular because of the Pandemic and as soon as people can go out and live their normal lives it will fade away into obscurity like other failed social networks.

Fact: OnlyFans is one of the fastest growing Social Media Platforms ever and has not shown any sign of falling off. Even after the shakeup with adult content there has not been any significant drop in users on OnlyFans or it’s traffic. OnyFans has captured the market making it difficult for even worthy competitors like Fansly to steal much of the market share from it. As long as the Internet continues to function in the same way (we are likely years away from Web 3.0 and the metaverse/NFT reality) OnlyFans will continue to be the leader in Fan Sites.

13. You Can Get Fired from Your Job for Having an OnlyFans

False Opinion: Anyone who has a job can get fired from it for having an OnlyFans. Nurses and School teachers have been fired so it’s best to avoid the site.

Fact: Sadly most states in the United States you can be fired from your job for just about any reason the employer likes except for reasons pertaining to a violation of your Civil Rights. That being said if your employer decides to fire you over having an OnlyFans page in our current economy where workers are in super high demand they will likely be the ones missing out. There are so many people now who have OnlyFans pages or participate in some way with similar types of work that it would be a waste of time for most employers to fire you from your job over that. Keep in mind that it can be a reason for termination but so can just about anything else someone may thing up and do you really want to work for a bigoted company like that anyway?

So those were a few of the common misconceptions currently out there about OnlyFans. I am sure I just scratched the surface on them and if you have any additional ones you’d like me to cover feel free to reach out to me. With a site as new as OnlyFans there are always going to be misconceptions about the site but I don’t want those misconceptions to be taken as fact by creators and keeping them from using or creating content on the platform.

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