How to Advertise Your OnlyFans Successfully – 13 Step Guide

Advertising Your OnlyFans Page correctly is key to long term success on the site

OnlyFans Promotion – OnlyFans Advertising Guide : Last Updated: September 4, 2021 Reading Time: 15 Minutes

As you may know OnlyFans leaves most creators on their own to find an audience and become successful. For many creators, they promote their OnlyFans on a daily basis in order to build up their fan base. There is a unique difference though between Marketing, Promoting and Advertising your OnlyFans page. For many people they see all of these as similar endeavors but they are actually all separate. I am going to explain the difference in this article on how to advertise your OnlyFans in the correct manner.

What is OnlyFans Advertising?

The activity or profession of producing advertisements for commercial products or services.

Advertising definition –

For many of us when we hear the term ‘advertising’ we think of an Advertising Agency and most recently someone like Don Draper, the lead character in the show ‘Mad Men’. Advertising is portrayed in television and movies as a cutthroat business where only the most clever and wise ‘Ad Men” are able to survive. There is some truth to that as most Ad people are only as good as their last great ‘Ad Idea” so to speak.

But Advertising also conjures up the ideas of billboards and magazine ads that hit you with a specific message and hammer it home. Two of the most impactful Advertising messages ever were Volkswagon’s ‘Lemon” ad and Apple’s ‘Think Different” ad. These two ads encapsulate the often simplistic nature of advertising whereas less can sometimes be more.

So What is the Difference between OnlyFans Promotion and OnlyFans Advertising? 

At it’s core promotion is anything you do to get the word out about a product or service. So any activity you do from sending an e-mail to a friend letting them know about your new OnlyFans page to posting a message on a discord server letting people know about your page is promotion. Advertising falls under the category of promotion but focuses not so much on what you are doing but on the message that you are sending out to the world about yourself and your page. Advertising is what helps set you apart from other creators and helps define your brand.

Keys to Effective OnlyFans Advertising

Volkswagon’s Lemon Ad

Advertisers focus primarily on two things, that being the ad copy and the images that they associate to the copy. Those two things are able to combine together in a potential client or customers mind. As most OnlyFans creators are consistently advertising themselves online in this way, it’s important to know how to combine your images and your copy in a way that is effective towards your end goal , which is getting more people to follow and subscribe to your OnlyFans page. Whether you are posting on Reddit, Twitter, Instagram or others you are always in need of effective advertising.

The 13 Keys to Successful OnlyFans Advertising

The following are the 13 points that you want to try to hit on with your OnlyFans Ads. Keep in mind that it is hard to get every ad to accomplish all of these goals. You should try to hit on several of these in each ad you produce with the end goal of having a more effective ad than your competitors.

1. Use a Powerful Headline

Depending on where your advertisement is being placed, the headline can be a very important factor in gaining attention for it. If you are promoting on a subreddit you are likely competing with hundreds of other posts even within the first hour after you’ve posted. As I discussed when talking about the best places on Reddit to promote your OnlyFans, the type of audience you are appealing to should play into the type of Headline Ad Copy you produce. Let’s say you are posting to a community that is particularly into Tattoos. They are likely going to be seeing very similar headlines time and time again. You want to analyze what headlines are getting the most upvotes as well as what types of Headlines aren’t being tried or utilized. When a Headline asks a question in that subreddit does it get more comments or not? The type of Headline you post must always take into account where it is being posted. If you are tweeting on Twitter while including your OnlyFans link or pictures keep in mind that your Tweet text itself can be considered a headline. Are you making sure that the Headline/Tweet aligns with what is in the picture? Making sure that headlines and Ad Copy work together are essential when it comes to an effective ad.

Remember that much like professional Ad Copy sometimes more is less. If your headline is short and to the point it may resonate more with people. Keep in mind that people tend to read the first two words and last two words of a headline and sometimes ignore the middle. So put your most powerful Headline keywords at the front and the end of your text. Your Headline should also contain Power and Emotional type keywords to draw people into your message and your brand.

2. Choose Your Pictures Wisely

After running thousands of Promos on OnlyFansHero for OnlyFans creators I can tell you one area that can frustrate me is the pictures that creators choose to use for promotion. I have talked about the importance of setting aside some pictures specifically for marketing and Ad purposes previously. I feel this is important because you want people to associate these specific pictures with your brand message. Often times OnlyFans creators will send pictures that look quickly taken, are of low quality or are their ‘throwaway’ pictures from photo shoots in order to promote. This often happens because the mentality holds that they want to save their best pictures for their paid clients on OnlyFans. People won’t assume that the quality on OnlyFans will improve, they will just think that the pictures you are using for promotion are the best you have. So if that is the thought process when advertising your OnlyFans make sure that you use your best pictures.

I have also mentioned previously that you want to have both amateur and professional pictures to use for OnlyFans adverts. This is because you want to be able to appeal to fans who enjoy both an experienced and inexperienced model. You also want to make sure to post pictures that fit with whatever audience you are hitting with your promotions. If the audience is looking for blondes don’t post pictures when you dyed your hair pink for a few months. Your pictures are likely what is going to get the most attention initially in the advertisements so you want to make sure they are of the highest quality possible. 

3. Stand Out From the Crowd

The competition for eyeballs is fierce when it comes to Fan Sites and the creators on them. So when you go to the effort of promoting your page make sure that your efforts make you stand out in some way from your competitors. This can be accomplished in several different ways. If you are in a particular niche you’ll want to study the advertisements of the other creators in your niche. If they are turning right, you want to turn left, especially if you are a new creator. No one ever became popular by following the crowd and doing what everyone else is doing. Another way to stand out is to be more consistent than other creators. If your competition runs 5 promos a day run 20, if they promote just on Fridays, post all week. If you are able to blanket the market with your ads the competition will start to seem less and less relevant. One other way to stand out is the most obvious way which is to have a better offer than everyone else. If you are competing with a similar creator and you both have about the same content and the same look, then you need to stand out with the offer that you provide. Your advertisement should key in on this difference and talk about how much more value or content that a fan receives from you than from your competitors. It can be hard to stand out visually from other OnlyFans creators but you can always stand out when it comes to a value proposition.

4. Combine Your Ad Copy and Pictures Effectively

Are your pictures and AdCopy (text, headlines etc.) in sync with one another? Oftentimes creators forget the power of a combined message and just hope that their pictures will do the trick on their own. Or they combine words into an image and it comes off as tacky or salesy. There is a fine line between the two and that is where you should work to inhabit. You can utilize free Apps’s like Canva to create effective Word/Picture combinations for your ads. If you are in a space that only allows pictures utilizing these kinds of tools is essential. So how do you combine images and words in a way that is effective and visually appealing? First you want to make sure that the words flow naturally with the image itself. You can create frames around your pictures so that the Ad Copy isn’t covering up parts of the picture. When pictures are coveted up with Ad Copy it can sometimes have the reverse effect you are desiring which is to actually decrease attention and conversion. Think about being at a concert with a pole right in front of you when you’re trying to see a band on stage. Even though that pole is a visual irritant it is affecting your ability to enjoy the music right? Keep this is mind when you are creating visual Ad Copy, are you throwing poles in the middle of your pictures or are you creating a concert stage that is easy to see but has a really cool name of the band emblazoned at the top? You can enhance someones enjoyment of your pictures with Ad Copy, you just have to be careful how you do it.

5. Sell Them Before They Make It To Your Page With an Offer

Don’t leave your potential customer guessing on what will be happening once they get to your OnlyFans page. Most ads for OnlyFans creators are a picture of them in an outfit or out of an outfit and that’s it. Say a potential fan really is into one particular thing and they are very attracted to your picture but have no idea whether or not that kind of content will be on your page. So they end up looking at your advertisement, perhaps liking or upvoting it and then moving on. The best way to prevent this from happening is to include what is on your OnlyFans page at the bottom of all your pictures or in the text of your ad. This isn’t hard to do and it won’t block the picture. Simply take your picture into a graphics app and create a box at the bottom that includes your link and all the type of content you provide on your page. You can even use the collage function on most graphics apps to make a picture like this easily. You make one picture that includes all that information and simply combine the two images before posting it. An OnlyFans link is just another link without the information about what is on the page to back it up.

6. Mention the Benefits They’ll Get

Remember that your Ad has a purpose and that is to get someone to buy something from you or to follow your page. They can’t do that on the site they are on, so they will need to click onto your OnlyFans link and head over there to take that action. Ask yourself ‘Why would they do that?”. If you mention the benefits to the potential customer when you are creating your advertising then you will likely convert a lot more people to take the action you want. Benefits can include anything from a Limited Time Offer, to bonuses when they follow or sign up to just listing the amount of content they will receive when they subscribe. The more benefits you can put into the mind of your potential subscriber the more likely they will subscribe. You can list these sort of benefits in the text that accompanies your ad or imbed it directly into your pictures as well. 

7. Remove Their Hesitancy To Take Action

There are over 130 million OnlyFans users at this point so most of the people you are advertising to likely already have an OnlyFans account. There will be the occasional person who you will need to persuade to jump onto the site just to see you but you shouldn’t focus your effort in that direction. You should target those who have an OnlyFans account and just ask the simple question ‘How can I convince them to take this action?”. Most people are hesitant to try anything new so you have to build into your advertising words that will persuade them and alleviate their fears. Many creators mention no PPV or no locked content. They also mention ‘You will get X number of pics and videos’ as soon as you follow. The more information you can give them about how following you will benefit them the better. Don’t lose a potential fan because they think that you aren’t providing the service and content that they want.

8. Call To Action

I speak a lot about not forgetting to include a Call to Action in every advertisement that you make for OnlyFans. Your OnlyFans link is not a Call to Action but it is what is included in almost every post or promo without any other information. People don’t know what is behind the curtain of your OnlyFans page unless you tell them. When it comes to displaying a Call to Action, you want to give people something worth clicking on. Examples of Call to Actions are:

Sign Up Now for An Exclusive Video

Subscribe Now for 90% off

Find My Exclusive Content Only on OnlyFans

Only 20 Spots Left for a Free 30 Days of My OnlyFans

All of the above provide a reason for someone to take action on your link and to click through. If you give people a reason to do something they are a lot more likely to do it.

9. Remind Them of the Limited Time Offer

It’s Sales 101 that people tend to buy when they think they are getting a deal or that time is running out for them to save on something. I mention the importance of Limited Time Offers for Optimizing Your OnlyFans Page for Google but having this kind of offer is also important in getting people to subscribe more often. In your advertisements for OnlyFans you want to make sure to draw as much attention as possible to the offer that you are selling and that it only be around for a short time. I also notice that a lot of OnlyFans creators set up 100 or more spots for a limited time offer, this in my opinion is too many. You want to limit it to a max of 20 so that people feel like they have to act right now. If you saw something and it said ‘for the next 100 people’ unless Taylor Swift was selling it, you’d be pretty sure you had plenty of time to wait. Once someone looks your ad over ad moves on, they rarely remember to double back around to buy it at a later date. You want the sense of urgency around your offer to be as high as possible and you want to include this in all your OnyFans advertising.

10. Throw in Testimonials

Yes, everyone cares that other people are happy with the content you provide. Even if you think that this might make your other fans and clients jealous, it is still very beneficial. If people write that your content is amazing or a great value screen shot that and include it in your ads. Honestly a lot of people are under the impression that most OnlyFans pages are scams. For those who work tirelessly on theirs it’s hard to imagine that some people drag a lot of subscribers in and then consistently fail to post. This happens quite often and it makes many people scared to subscribe to random OnlyFans accounts. Providing testimonials or even screenshots of you commenting back and forth with satisfied subscribers will go a long way in alleviating those concerns. There are a lot of ways to show that your page is worth an investment and it can’t hurt to put it in your advertisements as well.

11. Tell Your Story

Don’t forget that one of the biggest selling points for fans is the story you have to tell them. People’s minds love stories because we tend to place ourselves in the situation and think about how we would react. Once you connect with someone in that way it becomes a lot easier to connect with them in other ways as well. So when you are creating your OnlyFans Ads, keep this in mind when crafting them. Your pictures can work to tell a story in them that requires someone to go to your OnlyFans page to complete that story. You also can tell more about yourself and your life journey or story when promoting yourself. Everything from what hobbies you have to what clothing you are wearing will form a story in your potential buyers mind. Keep in mind that you have the power with your advertising to tell whatever story you desire.

12. Make Them an Offer They Can’t refuse

Create offers and an OnlyFans page that no one could possibly refuse and you’ll always feel like you’ve done your job when it comes to advertising. What I mean by this is that if you are providing a high quality experience on your OnlyFans Page and marketing it correctly with a great offer than the only people who aren’t going to follow you, Never Will! You can’t worry about those people who never will follow or subscribe to you, all you can do with you advertising is to focus on the majority of people who will at least give your content a chance. That means just focusing on providing a quality user experience and then creating a great offer that is documented well in your advertising.

13. Don’t Forget Your Links

Lastly, this might seem like a no-brainer but don’t forget to include your hyper text links. This means that having your OnlyFans address on an image is not enough to be considered an effective ad. No one is going to type the information in from a link on an image that you display with a ton of competitive images. So you have to put the extra effort in to make sure your link is available as a hyper link for potential fans to click through on. I’ve gone over making your OnlyFans username as simple as possible but also make sure not to type it in wrong. If you are promoting somewhere that allows you to have a profile make sure the link is available there too as a hyperlink. Making sure your link is correct in all your OnlyFans advertising is absolutely vital.

Can You Improve Your Success with Good OnlyFans Advertising?

Yes, your advertising is another tool you have in your arsenal to find success on OnlyFans. Advertising is about making sure that your message comes across in the way you want it to. Every time you place an ad for your OnlyFans whether it is on a free website or a Paid OnlyFans Promotion it is key that your message is on point and that it contains all the important information that will turn curiosity into a subscription or follow. Remember that most people advertising their OnlyFans are going to do so in a shoddy, sloppy and unprofessional manner which leaves a big opportunity for you to do it the right way. Potential fans will notice that you are providing them the information they need to make an informed decision about whether to subscribe to your OnlyFans page.

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