OnlyFans Cosplay Guide – Adding Costumes to Your Content

Costumes can be a great way to build fan loyalty and make you more money on OnlyFans

OnlyFans Tips and Tricks – Costumes and Cosplay Guide – Last Updated: October 8, 2021 Reading Time: 15 Minutes

Cosplay or ‘Costume Play’ is a great way to enhance your OnlyFans subscribers experience and improve your brand image. Many Fan Site creators realize that adding a bit of a fantasy element to their content not only makes them more interesting but can trigger buyers instincts to spend more money on their page. It’s pretty easy to buy a costume online even outside of the Halloween season and add that costume to your picture and video content. In this guide I am going to go over the origins of cosplay, the benefits of buying outfits for your OnlyFans content as well as how to pick the outfits and costumes that fit best with your brand image

What is Cosplay?



the art or practice of wearing costumes to portray characters from fiction, especially from manga, animation, and science fiction.

a skit featuring these costumed characters.

verb (used with object)

to portray (a fictional character) by dressing in costume.

verb (used without object)

to take part in cosplay:

He cosplayed as a Jedi from Star Wars.

Cosplaying is a term that encompasses a wide range of dress up and costume play. There are even semi-professional cosplayers who dress up and attend conventions throughout the country and the world. At BlizzCon each year there is a Cosplay contest that is streamed live to over a million people on YouTube. Sadly with Covid-19 interrupting live conventions some cosplayers have had to sit on the sidelines for a awhile. But the demand and interest in Cosplay has not waned at all and people still love to see people dressing up as their favorite fictional characters. Cosplay is an important part of creating an interesting character online and can enhance the content you produce on OnlyFans.

What is a FanBoy?


An extreme fan or follower of a particular medium or concept, whether it be sports, television, film directors, video games (the most common usage), etc.

Known for a complete lack of objectivity in relation to their preferred focus. Usually argue with circular logic that they refuse to acknowledge. Arguments or debates with such are usually futile. Every flaw is spun into semi-virtues and everything else, blown to comedic, complimentary proportions.

Known for using the phrase

“Object of affection = Best Ever”

However, while people only really say that as hyperbole, fanboys truly believe it.

Urban dictionary

One concept that is important to understand in order to maximize your Cosplay effort on OnlyFans is the concept of a Fanboy. While most people will appreciate seeing you in a particular costume a FanBoy will actually associate you to the concept they most love and that will create a great opportunity for you to cash in. To put it another way the object of someones affection isn’t a real person but you can embody that person for them. So Cosplay has the power of allowing you to co-op a popular character in movies, video games and anime and profit from it for yourself. Fan Boys will be happy to hand over their money for the chance of interacting with a character that they are absolutely obsessed with.

Halloween All Year

It’s hard to imagine now but there was a time when costumes were only worn on Halloween and by children. There might have been the occasional masquerade ball or office Halloween party where adults would dress up but costuming was not super wide spread and confined itself to Halloween and Mardi Gras celebrations. Then in the mid to late 1990s the Internet and e-commerce allowed anyone to buy costumes year round. One of the big things I feel set this off was discount Halloween costumes on November 1st. In the late 1990s and other retailers would sell costumes up until the week of Halloween and then put them on incredible discount the days after. People then bought up these costumes especially adults who knew their sizes weren’t going to change in one year like many children’s do. Once Adults had these costumes they decided to wear them more often and in more interesting ways. Then the ‘sexy adult’ costume became very popular and it became normal for adults to wear costumes even when it wasn’t Halloween. So at this point no one bats and eye if they see someone in a costume as an adult.

What are the Benefits of Wearing Costumes?

I am going to review several benefits that you will receive from wearing costumes in your OnlyFans content. Keep in mind that costumes can be both affordable and highly expensive. If you are planning on wearing a costume once and never using it again you want to look for one that is cheap as it doesn’t have to be very sturdy. Don’t go over budget on a costume but keep in mind that more expensive costumes made out of better material will photograph better. With that being said, here are the top reasons you should be using costumes in your content.

Erotic Content

A great way to enhance your erotic content is with sexy and revealing clothing. You can’t just post nude pictures all the time without it getting a bit stale. Making sure that you wear specific outfits or costumes that cover up certain areas of your body will make your body and pictures seem all that more appealing. If you look particularly good in certain colors you’ll want to make sure that your costumes or outfits feature that color prominently. You can also use costumes to subtly reveal sexy aspects of your body that might otherwise be hidden in other pictures. Utilizing clothing and costumes will keep your erotic content fresh and you fans checking back again and again to see what you are wearing.


As I’ve talked about previously in making more money with your free OnyFans page, having content that is meant to tease people up until the ‘payoff’ picture or video is very important in getting fans to give you their money. Utilizing cosplay and costumes to do this is very easy and will give you another way to tease your fans. You can do this in several ways with the most obvious being slowly removing certain items from a costume until there are only one or two items left on your body. You can also make it so that only those who tip or subscribe will be able to see you in certain outfits or costumes. You can even buy a premium and basic costume and only wear the basic one for those who aren’t subscribed but hint at an even better one for those who are willing to pay for it. The amount of ways you can tease your fans with costume play is as endless as your imagination.

Higher Tips

Tips are a great way to increase the amount of money you make on OnlyFans without having to do a lot of additional work. If you are willing to invest in costumes that you feel your audience will respond well to you will see higher tip amounts. A great way to do this would be to take a poll among your fans of what costume and outfits they would want to see you in. You can then choose the one that gets the most response. You could also do a fundraiser for a particular outfit if it is very expensive and once you reach your tip goal everyone who tips would be able to see the costume first or get exclusive pictures in the costume. Creators like Amouranth spend a lot of time in their costumes on sites like Twitch and Twitter to build up awareness that they have these sort of outfits they can put on for their fans. Utilizing costumes is a great way to get more tips on OnlyFans.

Loyal Fans

As mentioned ‘FanBoys” are obsessed with certain fictional characters, game series or anime and they will reward those creators who share that passion. Many of the things they are fans of are not popular with the opposite sex so seeing that an OnlyFans creator is also into the concept will make them more loyal to you. It always helps if you are actually into the specific things that your fans are when wearing the costumes but that doesn’t always have to be the case right away. You might find that a majority of your fans are into something and once you start wearing the costumes you take the time to learn about it afterwards. You may start actually enjoying it while making a lot more money from the experience. You will attract much more loyal fans if you are into something that not a lot of other creators on OnlyFans are.


The word appropriation can have a negative connotation these days due to the term ‘cultural appropriation’, but the concept in regards to OnlyFans is a good one. It basically means that you can leverage a bigger concept or property and have people start to associate you with it. As I mentioned Amouranth does cosplay including ‘Black Widow’, in doing so she associates herself not only to the Avengers and Marvel Super Heroes but also Scarlett Johansson who plays Black Widow. Now her brand is appropriating both concepts in the minds of her fans and she gains all the benefit from it. There won’t be any competition from the real Scarlett Johansson starting an OnlyFans page and Marvel will likely not be coming out with an Erotic comic book about the Avengers either. So you as a creator have that space all to yourself and can maximize the profits from it because the bigger entity you are appropriating won’t be coming into the space to compete with you.

Celebrate Events

Another great thing about Cosplaying specific fictional characters or series is that it gives you a never ending amount of ‘Events’ to celebrate. Is a new season of a popular series coming out? Time to have an event celebrating it where you dress up as one of the characters. Is a Game having a re-master of an original version? You can dress up as one of the characters and play the game along with your fans. Is a popular movie having it’s 20th anniversary of it’s release? You can have a watch party with fans and dress up as a character from the movie. You get my point here in that associating yourself to fictional characters and worlds gives you an endless amount of event and things to celebrate. Everyone loves a party and a reason to get together and Cosplay will give you tons of events to plan and make happen.

Make Your Content Stand Out

One thing that a lot of creators on OnlyFans have an issue with is standing out in a crowded marketplace. Whether you feel like the one millionth tiny cute girl on OnlyFans or the ten millionth college girl trying to get ahead on the platform , you can often feel like nothing makes you stand out from everyone else. Cosplaying and wearing costumes will always get you attention and set you apart from other creators. The fact that there are so many different costumes, movies, anime and other concepts to work with means you’ll rarely be doing the same thing another creator is even if they are cosplaying as well. So if you are looking for a way to stand out from the herd wearing costumes that fit your vibe is a great place to start.

Promotion Material

Lastly when you are out promoting yourself and your OnlyFans, having costumes in your pictures is almost always going to get someone to take notice. With so much OnlyFans promotion out there even the slightest edge over other creators can make a world of difference. Whether you are looking to promote in free OnlyFans spaces like Reddit or broaden out to streaming or video sites like Twitch and Tiktok, utilizing cosplay is a great way to get noticed and get more upvotes and likes on your content. You can also post your content in more places because there will always be groups for the particular fandom that your cosplay is geared towards and you can post there as well. Your paid OnlyFans promotion will also get more attention as well especially if you are in a particular attractive outfit.

How to Buy Costumes Easily and Affordably

As mentioned there are stores online where you can buy costumes and cosplay items online. You may also want to consider slightly used costumes as well if you are on a budget. Typically there are sales for costumes a month before Halloween and right afterwards as stores are trying to get rid of inventory. You also may consider visiting pop up Halloween stores at the end of the Halloween season to look for any bargains they may have on costume items. If you are looking at erotic costumes there are a lot of options for those too but they typically come at a premium because how they fit is very important. When looking for premium costumes you want to look at specialty costume sellers or even look into people who cosplay for a living to help you design the perfect outfit.

Bargain Shopping Options:

LetGo (Google Play App) OfferUp (Apple App)

How to Pick the Best Cosplay Outfits for You

As an OnlyFans creator it is important that you pick the right Cosplay and costumes for you and your audience. Since there is an added expense to purchasing costumes and outfits you want to make sure you get your money’s worth out of this investment. Here are a few factors to consider before purchasing cosplay outfits.


If you are trying to attract fanboys and fans of a particular character or series you want to make sure that you pick a character that you look like. You will have to factor in things like the age, height, size and ethnicity of the character you want to portray. Keep in mind some cultural sensitivities when playing a character of another race or gender and make sure that you are respectful of that. If your fans can identify visually with you and the character you are portraying it will be an escape from reality for them. You can always portray a character in a new light even if you don’t look like that person but make sure that you are respecting the character itself when you do that or you could put off more people than you attract.


You want to make sure that the costumes and outfits that you buy fit your body well. I am sure we have all seen someone wearing something that was either way too big or way too small for them and it’s really the only thing anyone will notice. You’ll be wanting people to see you as being the character you are portraying and not staring at how your shirt or pants are too tight. Making sure that your cosplay outfit fits can be hard especially when ordering online so make sure that you pay attention to the sizing charts on the site. You also want to read reviews of other people who have bought the costume because they will comment on whether the outfit fit them well or not depending on their age or body type. Ideally you’ll be able to try on the items you want to buy and look at them in a mirror before you purchase. Making sure that your items fit can go a long way in making the outfit appealing to your OnlyFans fans.

Your Vibe

One big factor in choosing the right Cosplay outfits to wear is your personal vibe and brand as a creator. Will people look at you wearing a particular outfit and feel like you are part of their community or will it give you inauthentic poser vibes? This is important because a bad outfit choice can alienate some people from your brand especially if they only see you one way. I have discussed this before in regards to establishing your attractive character and how you have to guard the kind of content that you make due to your reputation. The same can be said for the outfits and costumes that you wear. Make sure that whatever characters you decide to portray in your OnlyFans content matches with your fans’ perception of you that you’ve built up over time.

Your Audience

You should make sure to cater your costume choices around what you feel your audience is going to be most interested in seeing you in. Remember you are buying these costumes in order to get more fans and make more money. You of course you want to wear outfits you enjoy as well but you want to make your audience the starting point in any decision you make on what outfits to buy. You should ask yourself ‘If I wear this outfit will I likely get more tips on my content?’ If the answer is yes than you should move forward with putting a cosplay outfit together and starting to use it in your OnlyFans Marketing and Promotion.

Can You Use Cosplay to Make More Money on OnlyFans?

I absolutely feel that costumes and cosplay when done right can be a boon to your OnlyFans page and business. You want to make sure before you spend additional money on costumes that you will be able to make that money back in subscriptions and tips. As I mentioned you can even get your fans to chip in and pay for specific outfits they may want to see you in. Costumes also establish you as a fun creator and help you appeal to a large set of fanboys or fans of a particular series or character. By tapping into something that is already very popular, some of that popularity will rub off on you and you can cash in on it to make your OnlyFans page more popular and get more loyal consistent followers.

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