How to Get Followers on OnlyFans – Gain More Fans

Getting More Followers on OnlyFans is the main way to increase your popularity on the site and earn more money.

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The art of getting followers on OnlyFans is unique because it can sometimes be confused with gaining subscribers on OnlyFans. Much like on other Social Media platforms users can follow your OnlyFans account without necessarily coughing up any money. If you are looking specifically for how to get more subscribers on OnlyFans please check out my article on Getting OnlyFans subscribers. I am going to concentrate specifically in this article on the best ways to gain followers to your OnlyFans Page.

What is the difference between a Follower and a Subscriber?

For those who have a subscription only OnlyFan page there is really no difference between the two in a practical sense. When someone subscribers to your OnlyFans page that they will be counted as a follower of your page. If you have a Free OnlyFans page or a page that does not have a subscription option than all those who click on your page to follow it are considered ‘followers’. In that case the follower is not giving you any of their money but they are able to see what you post on your OnlyFans page similar to Instagram or Tiktok. You can still solicit tips and sell PPV content to these followers but they are not subscribers.

How Do you Build Followers on OnlyFans?

For the remainder of this article I am going to assume that your OnlyFan page is set at Free or a cost of $0. You can apply these techniques to a paid subscription page as well but it will be harder to get people to follow your account because there will be a price attached to it. I have often recommended that OnlyFans creators have both a paid and free OnlyFans page to maximize the number of people you can market and sell to.

How to Get OnlyFans Followers on Your OnlyFans Page

There are many distinct ways to attract people onto your OnlyFans page and then get them to click on the button to follow you. As mentioned it’s easier to do so if your OnlyFans page is set to Free because you only need people to give your page a chance. Remember there are multiple benefits to having someone following your page.

Benefits of OnlyFans Followers

Here are some key benefits to having a good amount of followers on your OnlyFans page. Keep in mind that you are looking to attract quality followers as much as possible. It’s great to have high volumes of followers but if they are the kind to not take action on your page it will just crowd out those who you do want to give attention to.

You Can Sell them PPV

No one can buy your PPV if they aren’t already following your page. If you are planning on having a successful OnlyFans page you will need a certain amount of income coming from Pay Per View content. You can include PPV content on Free or Paid OnlyFans pages where you can offer exclusive content for a fee. 

They Can Tip Your Content

Once you have someone following your OnlyFans page they will be able to tip you on any post that you make. If you plan on making a good amount of money from tips on your page, the more people following your page the more likely you are to receive random tips. More specifically you can have expectations when you post something that it will earn more tips which will encourage you to make more quality content.

They Can Watch You Go Live on OnlyFans

If you ever wanted to go Live on OnlyFans similarly to how you can go live on Instagram and TikTok then having a large amount of followers can make it worthwhile. Much like other aspects of OnlyFans you can limit who views the Live session to those who tip a certain amount or your top spenders. If you have followers they can make going live on OnlyFans once a week or mont worthwhile.

You Can Get them Familiar with your Brand and Content

Many people just like to think of success on OnlyFans in terms of subscribers or money earned each month. But there is something to be said for status and clout on the site itself. If you have a large amount of people following you, you are able to move those fans along to other platforms or other places you may be creating content. Each new person who follows you will also start to get familiar with your brand and what you are all about. Familiarity and connection are very important on OnlyFans and it will lead to the long term stability of your business.

It Helps Make Your Page Seem More Popular

As I’ve discussed when going over how to optimize your OnlyFans page for success potential subscribers will be able to see (if you let them) the number of followers that your page has. This will make your page seem more popular and could lead to more people following and subscribing to it. People tend to like pages and things that are popular, no one wants to be at a party with only one or two other people.

You Can DM Followers

One good thing about having people following your account is that you will be able to Direct Message your fans. Mass DM’s are a very popular way of contacting multiple fans all at once with a particular offer. This is a great way of increasing revenue quickly by making your fans know about a piece of content or event that they can pay for. Although a lot of DM’s are ignored, having someone as a follower still gives you the opportunity to message them directly on OnlyFans and attempt to get their attention.

They can participate in Polls

One positive of having a good amount of followers is you can take polls of your fans. These polls can be used strategically to determine what kind of content you should create on your site as well as to learn more about your followers. Being able to take polls is a great way to keep your followers and fans informed about you and your brand.

You Can Follow them back

Although you may want to follow a lot of users on OnlyFans, most of their profiles are generally hidden. Once someone follows you on on your OnlyFans you can follow them back. Even if someone stops subscribing or following you, you’ll be able to still follow them and continue to market your content to them. This may even allow you to bring someone back to follow or subscribe to you again.

You Can Advertise Your Paid Page to Them

If someone follows your free OnlyFans page or a Free Trial for 30 days, you now have the opportunity to promote your Paid Page to them. Yes, they might end up seeing some free content but this is a good way of posting promotion for your VIP or paid page. You can do this either through your own graphics you create in programs like Canva or via banner promotion the same way you’d promote another creators account. If they are looking at your page already they are going to be more likely to take action on your paid page.

You Can Market your Wish List

If you have specific items you are hoping to get from your fans from Wish Lists on Amazon or other pages the more followers you have the higher percentage that one of them will decide to buy your wish list items. You can also post Wish List item information on your OnlyFans page as well.

You Can inform them about other website links

If you have a lot of OnlyFans followers they can help you build up your followers on other less popular Fan Sites like Fansly or PocketStars. This is a good way of buying some insurance in case of future OnlyFans content changes. Utilizing OnlyFans as another Social Media platform is a good strategy for overall growth.

5 Best Ways to Gain Followers on an OnlyFans Page

So what are the best ways to gain OnlyFans followers to your page? I am going to review the five best ways that you can get followers that are both effective and very time efficient.

1. Ask and You Shall Receive

When you are attempting to build up your OnlyFans followers don’t forget that the easiest way to get someone to follow you is to ask. You can research other creators on Social Media and their followers. If you see someone commenting or liking a creator similar to yourself send them a message letting them know about your OnlyFans page and that you’re looking for new followers. Since you aren’t really selling them anything at this point, you just want to let them know about you and your page. You can even A/B test to see if including a picture with your message helps or if promising a picture once they subscribe is more effective. Keep in mind that people’s attention is short and that you likely want to send as much information to them as possible when you are talking to them on Social Media. I am always amazed that even with my presence online how few people stop and ask if I’ll follow their OnlyFans page for free. If you are looking for a way to interject the page in a conversation, simply come up with a logical excuse why you need to go for a few minutes in the middle of the conversation. Anything from you needing to go make dinner, watch a child in another room or run out to the store for something you forgot all work well. Leave your OnlyFans page link and let them know they can follow for free and you’ll be right back. Some people think that everything about OnlyFans is going to be automatic and that they don’t need to do any manual work. This is not true, all businesses and successful people realize that they need to hustle to get to critical mass. How many stories have you heard of rappers carrying around their singles to sell on the street until they made it? Do you think anyone was going to beating a path to their door before that? If you’re selling something worth while you need to set goals for yourself daily. You’ll need to make contact with a certain number of people and work to build up your followers. This is the secret sauce no one will discuss once they hit it big but it’s what you need to do to get followers on OnlyFans.

Post Consistently on Reddit

It isn’t always automatic but I will bet that people who post on Reddit consistently end up with more followers than any other social platform. This is because Reddit is very visual in nature and also has a high concentration of most OnlyFans creators target audience, men. There are a lot of different OnlyFans subreddits you can post to without any issues of being removed from the subreddit. There are also thousands of individual subreddits that are dedicated to a number of topics OnlyFans models would find a hospitable environment to post on. It is a good idea to setup a schedule as I’ve outlined in your OnlyFans One Hour a Day Marketing plan to post on multiple different subreddits each week to test the results. This allows you to determine which subreddits work best for you and maximizes your posting time. While many creators use auto-posting software which I feel is a bad idea, you can be posting and interacting on just the subreddits that are most effective and maximizing your reach and exposure. You won’t become complacent just posting to the same subreddits all the time and not noticing new emerging subreddits that are gaining in popularity.

Post Consistently on Twitter

Twitter is my favorite platform for OnlyFans Promotion for a numbers of reasons and posting on it consistently will help gain you followers both on OnlyFans and on Twitter itself. This is where Twitter shines over Reddit in that the more followers you gain on your OnlyFans Twitter Promotion page the more likely it will be to attract more and more followers due to re-tweeting. If someone sees your picture on Reddit all they can do is upvote it and possibly follow your profile (of which you cannot see in reddit who is following you). On Twitter once someone follows you , you are able to DM them and bring them into you web of influence and move them along to becoming a follower on OnlyFans as well. If you post a good amount of popular pictures and videos your currently followers will retweet those images on their own pages casting a huge net of potential new followers for you. This can have an explosive effect in driving new fans to your OnlyFans page to become followers. It’s important that you manage your Media tab as well and delete old tweets over time so that your Twitter page doesn’t become filled with too many spicy pictures or people will not take the time to move over to OnlyFans to follow you. You want to give the right kind of bait on Twitter that will lure in people to click on your OnlyFans link and follow you.

Build a Following Through Streaming

I recently touched on the power of Twitch as a great way to build up an audience in a SFW environment and bring them over to OnlyFans from the links you provide on Twitch itself in your graphics. There are also a number of other streaming platforms from Adult Cam sites to interactive streaming sites that will allow you to bring new fans onto your OnlyFans who might be looking for more intimate content from you. Streaming and video sites have millions of users daily and they are a rich environment to expose yourself to a broad audience. You want to make sure that you are known for your personality or talents in some way on these sites so that people will want to engage with you as much as possible on your other Social Media including OnlyFans. The more you can build up solid popularity on Streaming sites the more likely you are to find some of those same fans following you on OnlyFans as well.

Share for Shares with Other OnlyFans Creators

A great way to build followers while growing your fan base and networking skills is to work with other OnlyFans creators to expose each other to your own unique audiences. Share for Share is a concept by which one OnlyFans creator shares the link and images of another OnlyFans creator and vice versa. Now both creators are more likely to grow because they are being seen by more and more potential fans. There are a number of share for share groups that exist on sites like Twitter and you can ask to be involved in them yourself. You also can contact other creators especially ones with an audience you believe would be interested in your content as well and ask them if they would share your page. There are also instances where some creators sell promotion on their pages to other creators because of the very high number of followers or fans that they have. Most of those paid promotions can be found in Telegram groups or on Reddit with a search. Keep in mind that this is a good way to build followers but if you do it too much it can come off as spammy and end up cluttering your page. So the best way to do share for share to gain more followers is to do it strategically with creators who have pages that are followed by your ideal customers and who don’t spam their pages often with other creators links and images.

So How Do you Get More OnlyFans Followers?

The best way to attract more followers to your OnlyFans page is to make sure that the barrier to entry is as light as you can possibly make it. If all someone has to do is click ‘follow’ as they would on any typical Social Media site you are going to be able to get them onto your page and begin working to convert them into a paying customer. There will always be people who will follow or subscribe for one month and then leave, these are not the kind of clients who will spend a lot of money and you shouldn’t concern yourself too much with them. You want to concentrate on trying to get a wide amount of targeted followers to your OnlyFans page because that will lead to a scenario where you will get sales and make money. It’s great to have followers but if they aren’t spending any money they are just wasting your time in the end. You want to concentrate on the areas that will yield you the highest returns on your time, that being Streaming Sites, Social Media Sites, Twitter and Reddit. If you build out a solid strategy for high volume sites you will be in a position to always be gaining more new OnlyFans followers.

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